An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Multilateral

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QAnon, Commodities Booming, Dollar Depreciating, QE Shrinking, and the Mighty Trump Agenda

As a part of the multilateral monetary and geopolitical transition from the USD dominated unipolar American world, POM has consistently made some fundamental predictions on what would need to happen to make a multilateral world possible.

One of these predictions was the inclusion of the Chinese currency in the basket composition of the Special Drawing Right (SDR). Check. Old news now. Another was the ending of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve, and eventually other central banks. Check. Old news on the Fed, and other banks have followed. Not only has QE ended, but the balance sheets are being reduced without the cataclysmic fallout so many have been promoting for years. Just look at Japan’s balance sheet. Who would have thought it possible?

POM has also been predicting that interest rates would increase in spite of almost everyone stating that it was impossible without, once again, collapsing the whole house of cards. Wrong. Horribly wrong in fact. Maybe I should change careers from open pit mining and work in some investment firm or disgusting think-tank. Nah! Fuggedaboutit……!

The obvious big prediction which POM made that almost no one thought was possible was the one about Trump winning the election. I stated matter-of-factly when Trump announced his candidacy that he would win because his campaign platform of MAGA was fully aligned with the points of transition on the multilateral transformation. Big check. Big time.

POM also was the first site to write about, and promote the idea, of the self-regulation of rent seeking from within. The whole QAnon craze and investigations, not to mention arrests which are quietly being made around corruption and child sex trafficking and pedophilia rings, are tell-tale signs of exactly this, with much more to come. So many thought the Anglo-American Establishment elite would be impossible to eliminate. The fact that it is happening, and not just in America, but around the world, is heartwarming to say the least.

This self-regulation of rent seeking, and ending of corruption, has also spanned over to Saudi Arabia. This also aligns with another POM prediction on the coming Islamic Reformation. It is happening. Doubt it not. Women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Women removing hijabs during large protests in Iran. Wild. It will grow, spread and reach back into the Western nations which have been subjected to large Islamic migration. Islam will never take over the West. It’ll be chewed up and digested by the power of freedom.

POM was also the first site to suggest that North Korea was an asset of the Anglo-American deep-state. The fact that Trump has been moving on the North while the establishment media attack him for it, would strongly suggest that I have been correct. The deep-state can’t stand to lose its North Korean asset which it has used justify a military presence on the Korean peninsula. Just about a check. Time will tell.

We also reviewed how both Iran and Saudi Arabia cannot exist in their current forms in a multilateral world. I suggested that one or the other would be fundamentally changed, with Iran being the hinge on Middle East peace and progress. The change would either happen through a revolution in Saudi Arabia or a revolution in Iran. It’s looking like Iran is in for some interesting times.

The development of multilateral investment banks and the internationalization of the Chinese renminbi has also been a big topic on POM over the last 4 years. Guess what? Massive internationalization of the RMB which correlates to a reduction in the accumulation of USD around the world.

This is why the much misunderstood “de-dollarization” doesn’t concern me. Those promoting de-dollarization as another doom-and-gloom situation are the same clowns who promoted increasing interest rates and the ending of QE as apocalyptic events. Is calling them clowns to mean? Who cares. They are now a part of the old world which has been left behind.

De-dollarization is the core action of the multilateral transition. It will decrease international demand for the dollar, which will in turn allow the dollar to depreciate. Depreciation of the dollar will make American made goods more affordable to the rest of the world, which will in turn increase American exports and bring back jobs. It’ll make America great again. Or something like that.

The AI and Robot Revolution, and its impact on jobs, is a topic for another time. I know someone is going to ask, no names mentioned…cough, cough….Ozymandias….cough, cough……Pieter…..cough, cough. I’m thinking an organic solution to this will develop from the blockchain technology which is taking over the world. We need blockchain capitalism.

Anyway, back on task.

Increasing exports means more economic GDP growth, and we know this means a reduction in the debt-to-GDP ratio, which is, for all those “the debt is the end of the world” folks, really, what matters the most. All things in balance. Oh, and this is also happening as POM predicted it would.

Another big topic on POM which we have reviewed over the last few years was the coming commodities boom. Guess what, commodities are now seeing one of the largest surges in history, and the winning streak will continue. What’s feeding this? Large infrastructure development being funded by the growing multilateral development banks. It will continue.

The one area where POM hasn’t gotten it right is on gold. The prediction was that as the RMB liquidity expanded and USD liquidity decreased, investments would flow more into renminbi denominated financial products as opposed to gold. As such, gold would decrease in value. This may still happen at some point when the dollar/gold inverse relationship is fully broken. But maybe it won’t either. Perhaps even the cryptocurrency craze is offsetting some of this for the time being. We will see.

There are many more accurate predictions made here on POM, but that’s enough bragging for one year. I usually do a post like this at the end of the year (okay, I did do a smaller version of this on New Years Eve, but was delayed somewhat this time around because I’ve been working on the first POM YouTube videos. (Second one will hopefully be posted sometime today. It’s labor intensive because I want to put out a quality product.)

2018 is sure to bring more awesome developments. Trump is pulling America back from its expensive role in the fading unipolar world, while ensuring it has a strong bargaining position in the new multilateral world. That is the name of the game. Those who don’t understand it will be doomed to repeat their history of horrible predictions.

POM will continue to provide accurate and timely articles on all of these subjects, as well as producing videos which will open up more markets for those interested in the message presented here. I will continue the research and writing into the double-headed eagle symbolism and the strategies of the international banking interests, as this Crown Beast force once again shifts the monetary and geopolitical world, as it has done before when previous empires passed the torch to a new engineered power structure.

And of course, the centuries long war between the Protestant Reformers and Jesuit Counter-Reformers will continue to be a topic of immense interest to me. Through this filter the last 500 years make a lot more sense, especially when we consider that multiculturalism targets western Protestant majority nations and poverty and genocides target non-western Protestant majority nations, such as the slaughter in Rwanda which was supported by the Catholic Church.

There is an undeniable pattern here.

There is so much more to research and write about that the time required is daunting. We have left the old POM and USD worlds behind, and have entered a new world of change and challenges. As we begin to understand the real history of the world, and the structure of the battle we are in fact fighting, it will become even more important for POM to serve as a source of information and gathering place for those who seek truth and understanding. – JC

Note: Here are a few pictures I sent to the Mighty Dane last night while working on the next POM video. That’s my Saturday night now. I wasn’t drinking the Crown Beast poison until Dane sent me a picture of what he was drinking. Damn you Ackerman! You know I’m weak with the murky drink.  By the way, I hate the sound of my recorded voice.  It’ll get better everyone.


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84 Comments on “An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Multilateral”

  1. “Islam will never take over the West. It’ll be chewed up and digested by the power of freedom.”

    Man, I want to put this on T-Shirts and sell it along with popcorn and drinks the day judgment will be carried out publically on the pedo’s and international criminal gangsters, hopefully soon!

    On a more serious note, Islam was weaponized by the Deep State for the promotion of its own dark Babylon worshipping nonsesnse.

    Love this Quote JC, just Brilliant.

  2. Thank you for POM! It always sets my mind free from fearmongers that truly believe the world is coming to an end. It is tough to live free with so much fear.
    Your research is excellent as I agree you have accurately predicted the events. It’s a lot of work which we all truly appreciate.

  3. Thanks JC. That is an excellent summary of some of the major themes from the past few years. Congratulations on your ability to analyze and synthesize divergent fields of thought into a coherent whole. Hopefully your Youtube videos will enable these topics to reach a much larger audience, and dare I say it – even go mainstream!
    In 2018 I would love you to comment more on Blockchain technology – I think it will bring dignity and integrity back to many fields, including finance, media, the intelligence agencies & politics. I can even envision a political platform where constituents get input into writing better laws for society with much better accountability for politicians (particularly those taking bribes from large corporations).
    One area I think I see slightly differently from you (and it comes from working as a finance broker for the past 20 years) is the debt based monetary system (meaning 95% of money is newly created as it is lent into existence). It is taking more and more lending to generate the same amount of GDP growth, and eventually (as G Edward Griffin says in his epic about the US Federal Reserve – “The Creature from Jekyll Island”) the Fed can either default or hyperinflate. I see eventual hyperinflation, while I think your overall thesis envisages a middle path transition to this new multilateral financial / geopolitical system. In my world, the hyperinflation would clear the debt from the system, then allow for a reset to a more stable gold based SDR cryptocurrency for international trade settlement between governments. Then each government could issue its own stable gold based blockchain cryptocurrency. Your thoughts?
    All your writing is much appreciated.

  4. Damn, did anybody get the license plate on that bus that just ran over me? Hahaha.

    Way to work that crown beast brother! As long as you didn’t let that ice melt first because that’s sooo 2017. Lol.

    Hahaha, you have balanced it out well with some good writing pal.

    We all seem to dislike hearing our recorded voices. Maybe because we are hearing it from an outward sense instead of an inward vibration resonating in our skull. Hmm not too far off.

    I’m so looking forward to 2018! Onward and upward. POM is the ticket!

  5. JC thank you for tireless efforts to help educate us on what has, what is and what will transpire.
    What would be some things to think about as we plan our future?

  6. Undoubtedly one of the best big picture sites around.

    I’d just like to suggest one thing. I’ve linked to a presentation by Michael Maloney, first about his history with blockchain and his discovery of the next big thing – Hashgraph… all the advantages of the former and none of the disadvantages. If the world is going to change, Hashgraph will be the instigator.

        1. Wow. I wish you luck sir! I would not know where to begin.

          I’ve just hit a roadblock Dane – admittedly I am not up to speed. Can you please offer me your thoughts/understanding on this matter. I’ve understood bitcoin to be the cryptocurrency created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto – but he/she/they also created the very first blockchain tecnology? Or did SN use blockchain to implement the first cryptocurrency aka bitcoin?

          Here’s my clearer question: is it official that SN created blockchain before SN created bitcoin?

          1. Not sure Darren. So far it seems the logic came to mind or minds and they wrote a white paper on it. That’s on the Bitcoin website like its a beginning point. So if I were to venture a guess I would say blockchain came first as it seems to be the underlying logical structure behind the cryptocurrency revolution.

            You showed us how the military is adopting blockchain technology. To me this could support the blockchain foundation.

            Oh, thanks. I just got the mining rig to mine….hours of config and reconfiguring the machine only to find out it was a router problem. I still have a lot to work out but it will be easier knowing the equipment is working for me towards retirement 🙂 can it be considered a bot? If so I think I better find a name for it. Maybe NOISY is a good name. lol.

          2. haha noisy is good, rowdy? lol

            Do you have access to a clamp meter? It would be a good test if you have access to a clamp meter – read the amperage before and after startup of your Rig. It would be very interesting to monitor.

        2. Thats a good idea Darren. The rig has 5 GPU’s together they are hashing at about 82Mh/s and they currently drawing a sum of 466W plus whatever the motherboard is pulling. I’ve passed the 24 hour break in period so now I can begin overclocking so they hash faster.

      1. Hello Darren,

        Many Thanks for this interesting short explanation between the two protocols/technologies. The example the gentleman in the clip gives about the 10million “Likes” on Facebook and how fast all these Likes must be consolidated almost instantly is a problem that may have much to do with “Routing” Algorithms within the Network on which the FB Nodes are processing. This problem whether on FB or even any other data processing that requires a fast consolidation is resolved, at least in any traditional data network with giving “Priority” to either the protocols used within the TCP/IP as in Sockets of the protocols used or even through a QoS (Quality of Service) for these particular and time-sensitive applications. I am certain that the BTC or other applications must follow these rules and to operate over a “Network” with many nodes that each will act as the routing for the entire network and I am assuming here that these “Mining machines” must also do some level of routing as well as disseminating the ledger system before sending out the registered data to all other Nodes via a routing protocol. Otherwise, each Mining machine is a router of a kind. Fascinating stuff, thank you for again and I appreciate any comments by your good self or our own Dane. Wish you great Sunday evening Gents.

        1. Hello Carpe Diem. See the comment I just put for Darren. Sorry guys my brain is mush right now. Hey did I mention the mining rig is working? lol.

          1. Hi Dane and Thank you for letting us know about your new enterprise,

            However, I sincerely hope you are not using any Microsoft or Apple products 🙂 All thanks to a US Republican Senator who is questioning how Apple have conspired up and all with literally slowing their machines, all so that they can sell us the next model! Microsoft has been in on this scam from the beginning. I am hearing of a possible break up of all these corporations as Google, FB, Twitter etc. with Anti-trust being amongst the reasons, but there’s more.

            “Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown drama, will offer $29 battery replacements for a year”

            Apple Admits Slowing Down Older Phones, a No-Win Situation for Us All

            And if you can spare 16 minutes watching this clip, I am sure you won’t be disappointed:

            …just heard an FB executive and Twitter resigned!

            Good luck with your mining and getting that pesky router to work properly 🙂

  7. Thanks for the review of the last year, we are certainly in for some interesting times ahead. Hopefully your thoughts on the moderation of Islam are correct but it seems there is a program in the western societies to dumb down its citizens through education,vaccines, poor food,floride etc. I was astounded reading a Canadian grade 8 curriculum from 1904 , l doubt our high school graduates today are this advanced. Your thoughts are appreciated during this time of great change.

      1. Dane My Man
        Patterns indeed my friend, patterns indeed. JC always gets me and my Ouija keyboard flowing, since he mentioned A.I., I just let my fingers go, lo and behold.

        It looks to me that the Q question might be coming to light. These kids today, they are just everywhere, all over the damned place, running amok in their cyper universes. If you will follow the link I will attempt to provide you to 1:40 you will notice what I believe is a piece of Q script almost perfect.

        The secret is there is no secret
        For that mystery is the enemy of truth



        #Tyler, is an A.I. Computer that sounds alot like Q to me. Patterns.

        A.I.PROGRAM #Tyler-PROOF OF #Tyler-#Tyler RUNS ANONYMOUS! WHO RUNS #Tyler

        #Tyler has been running Anonymous since 2012. WHO RUNS Q?

  8. Hey Carpe Diem check this out.

    “3,700 people were arrested during Iran protests, lawmaker says”

    “(CNN)Roughly 3,700 people were arrested during recent anti-government protests in Iran, one of the country’s lawmakers claimed on Tuesday.”

    Now if the government they are protesting is Islam this article could be positioned against a protestant minded group of people.

    1. Hi Dane and Thank you for this interesting article by the globalist CNN.

      There are several elements that the western MSM and their paid agents are either totally ignoring or putting their own spin on the ongoing anti-Islamic Republic uprising.

      The first one is that Iranians as a whole are fed up with Isalm, Shia Islam and generally any form of theology that tells them how to live and think. Therefore, Iranians do not wish for a Reformation at all, but more want a complete removal of Islam lock, stock, and barrel from Iran. Iranians hate of anything Islamic is due to their collective experience since 1979 of being ruled by a maniacal Marxist-Islamist mob since 1979. Prior to 1979, Iranians were free to choose how to live but perhaps not so free to speak politically. Iranians are generally speaking an emotional people (as you may have noticed of me being somewhat of a kind!). This is also historically true and this attitude towards the source of power has been to their benefit as well as a source of downfall. What is true, however, is that Iranian as a whole are very patriotic and aware of their ancient history and legacy. This sense of patriotism is never overt but remains as a deep substrate of their character. In this sense, Iranians have behaved in a passive-aggressive way to their rulership throughout their long history rendering their rulers to be manipulated when the masses decide to rise up and bring in another form of governance, regime or dynasty. What I am stating here is from a personal experience of how I view the world from an Iranian perspective.

      Having said the above, Iran has been geopolitically perhaps the most important locations on the map. This is due to the cultural history of Iran and it’s absolute domination of all the world theology and belief systems. You can say, Mani and his Manichiansm. Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and Buddhism who were all classed as Aryan philosophy and how they have influenced the contemporary world theology that is to the majority of Abrahamic or Semitic domination. Iran, therefore, is the actual location where the two world battle for the domination of the inhabitants of this planet. In the words of the late Joseph Campbel, “Iran is the battleground of the Aryan versus the Semitic belief systems of this planet” (paraphrasing). This implies that, whatever happens to Iran anytime in history, will have a major impact everywhere else. This may sound like a hefty claim, but the battle for reformation of Islam MUST first happen in Iran. So to confirm what you stated, which I agree completely:

      “Now if the government they are protesting is Islam this article could be positioned against a protestant minded group of people.”,

      What Mr. Boris Johnson the British foreign minister is of interest when he says:

      “it is vital that the people of Iran and government of Iran should understand that we in this country support right to peaceful demo within the law.” He also urged the UK’s “friends in the White House not to throw away” a nuclear deal with Iran that Trump has pledged to decertify.

      Mr. Johnson is sending a message to President Trump that does not even think about regime change, all under the pretext of a highly secretive Agreement” that no one knows what it contains, but we know that Obama sent “CASH” in several planes via Switzerland to Tehran which some say it also contained “Stuff” for NK. If the term “Deep State” comes to mind, you are not wrong! Clearly, it seems the “agreement” is extremely valuable to some people. Has this ever happened before in modern history when a US presdient authorises sending few Billion Dollars in cash to any country that it has no diplomatic relations! Who’s money was it and WHY it was sent to Tehran? Lots of questions but no, the A”Greement” must remain at all cost!

      What is important to bear in mind is that there was an International Security Conference which was attended by two lifelong supporters of the Islamic Republic namely a Mr. Jack Straw the Foreign Secretary of the previous Labour government and with the attendance of the Lord Norman Lamont the Treasury Secretary of Mrs. Thatcher (Conservative). Both these gentlemen represent the British government’s intention of keeping the Islamic Republic firmly on the map without any change to it’s mandated task of benefitting the City of London. Lord Lamont is also associated with Chamber of commerce of Anglo-Iranian affairs and it is not his first time in Tehran. It is said that Mr. Jack Straw visited Tehran and staggering 50 times to meet his Iranian counterpart to “discuss” things! As such, you can clearly see the Islamic Republic enjoys an extraordinary great relationship with the British Gov.

      At the same time, the American press MSM or otherwise are filled with articles on how much Israel and Saudis want to bring down the regime in Tehran and how Iran was screwed by the CIA in 1953 and how the Shah was nasty and his Savak etc. etc. In so many ways, one can ask the question as to why anytime, there is an uprising in Iran, the whole world takes the side of 1953, Mossadegh, the Shah in an attempt to ensure the people’s uprising goes nowhere and the regime remains intact in the hand of the globalist Marxist-Islamist mullahs that can continue the great relationship with Lord Lamont and Mr. Straw and his friends! Why do the MSM worries about the nasty CIA now, and never for the atrocities it has committed worldwide since it’s inception after WWII? All this is to dissuade the Western public from actually seeing the reality of the Islamic Republic and its absolute brutality over 70 million Iranians.

      The same tactic in scaring the Iranian people inside Iran is being used quite effectively by the regime. There is a systematic attempt to occasionally and particularly during such uprising that the Azari, Kurdish, Baluchi and Kuzistani separatist might declare an independent government should the control of the central government in Tehran become ineffective if the people manage to subdue the paramilitary and the parallel Army (Pasdaran) IRGC whose sole purpose is to defend the Islamic Republic against internal forces!

      The purpose of so much protection of the Islamic Republic is that Islam never ever leaves Iran and to return to their Semitic owners in Saudi Arabia in the first place all so that Islam remains in its 7th-century format to benefit the City of London and its franchise in DC for the total domination of the Global world system. After all, any world Empire needs an ideology, for us, the 7 Billion people who are alive right now, it is Islam, the ideology of choice, because it has all the elements of control, oppression and a God which beats Marxism in that regards.

      Unless Iran is allowed to break free from the Arab/Semitic colonization of 1400 years, there will be NO REFORMATION and should that reformation to happen, Globalism will be its first victim!

  9. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you and others for assisting me in changing some of my perspectives and understandings concerning the membership and origins of the “Crown Beast” and the merry bands of nefarious miscreants.

    Linked below are a series of charts and diagrams that may help some understand the interconnections of corruptions.


    Bless and peace to all as we past through multiple layers of transitions.


  10. “CIA’s “Operation Gladio” with Paul Williams”

    I would like to recommend this excellent interview regarding the relationship between, Islamism in the US and worldwide, Vatican and the efforts of the Anglo-American and ultimately the Crown Beast system to dominate the Caspian Sea region. The theory of the “World Pivot” in geopolitical designation predominantly over the Caspian Sea region, that is the “Stan-lands”, which is the Persianate world of Eurasia has not changed in over 100 years! Hence, no Reformation for Islam, no peace and no end to the continual spin by MSM of our mind UNLESS this US President is successful in closing the Anglo-American Crown beast shop for good.

    The material discussed in this 30 mins interview is mind-blowing indeed.

      1. Hello Darren and Thank you for the links you sent,

        I must admit I had not heard of this gentleman, Mr. Paul L Williams but if he made lots of money selling the books he sent, I wish him luck and all is well, deserved. He is like an old uncle I never had but would have really been indebted to, had I had been so fortunate. You can see that he knows so so much about these subjects and he does not meet any serious person to appreciate his knowledge. Fortunately, Sean Stone is a real wise and highly informed and educated young man so the admiration of the two is very obvious. I think the book, “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia” must be a fantastic one to read.

        I had a question, Darren, I noticed you use Italic and Highlighted letters in your postings. How do you do that? it’s very cool. Whatever I write here ends up as all one font and nothing fancy!
        Wish you a great day

          1. Page Title

            How about this
            This thing makes me cry, so many codes.
            Reminds me of Wordperfect.
            Thanks fir showing it, hope it looks as I see it here!

          2. Sorry Carpe Diem, I don’t know how else to convey this info. I would love to help you get this. BTW I remember WordPerfect 🙂

        1. I think the book, “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia” must be a fantastic one to read.

          This is something I consider. We have the capacity to search googles search engine and google provides the means by which we can optimize that experience:

          As a consumer of the google product/search engine I use those tools to research and find results that would, in any other situation, breach copyright rules and regs:

          Simply by using googles tools:

          Anyways, CD, the book you offered up in your comments post is available as a PDF online.

          1. Hi Darren,

            Not a worry about HTML. I will need to play with it to become proficient…just like everything else in life 🙂

            I agree with you about searching things on the internet and how powerful it is. Thanks also for the PDF book being available for the book. I will check it out. Great!

            Wish a good day,

          2. Carpe Diem, this is the most interesting read I’ve had in awhile. Maybe, I find it so interesting because it correlates with the POM thesis w/regards to the Crown Beast series.

          3. Hey guys, I’m only in chapter 7 but WOW! One thing that keeps poking me in the skull while listening to the audiobook is the authors reference to masonry. He doesn’t differentiate between the two masonic rites Scottish and York.

            Starting from a foundation of knowing the Scottish rite being the protestant leg of masonry and the York rite being of the British and Catholic empires leg of masonry I begin with this author being catholic and the way he is speaking about the Jesuits/catholic churches infiltration into masonry is telling of either his ignorance to the separation or his part of the counter reformation and the tainting of true masonry. If the book is truly telling the world of the misdeeds of the pope, jesuits, CIA, the mafia and masonry why wouldn’t the author have made it clear which rite of masonry he is identifying with? So far its as if the book is to give masonry a bad name by tying it with the illegal scheming of the Vatican, CIA, etc.. I’ll keep listening maybe he will clear it up in later chapters.

            Thank you for showing us the difference between rites JC.



            and some interesting comments here.


  11. Good review of POMs greatest hits. Interesting times.

    I have hesitated to make this observation out of patience, curiosity, and skepticism of the MSM’s coverage of Trump, but at this point it seems appropriate to draw a stark line between Trump and Trumpism/MAGA/The Trump Agenda, etc. His consistently contradictory statements (especially at the recently televised meeting with Dems about the DACA legislation) can no longer be interpreted as his idiosyncratic effort to keep the MSM chasing its tail.

    Trump is best understood as a vessel for a policy agenda, nothing more. It may even be accurate to say that, at times, Trump gets in the way of the Trump Agenda. Everything POM has written about Trumpism has been based in sound reasoning and evidence-based analysis. Donald Trump, as JC has pointed out, is a simulacrum. I would go one step further and say that Trump is a pretender in every sense of the word vis-a-vis the American presidency.

  12. Once again, the gold theme of 2018 is not going away. A CNBC article from 10th Jan 2018, confirmed that Chinese officials in Beijing have recommended the Chinese government lower — or even stop — its buying of U.S. sovereign debt. That is a big deal at a time of massive geopolitical tensions. Link below:-

    Then highly respected Bloomberg Intelligence team just released a prediction that a partial backing of the Chinese money supply with gold would require a gold price of $64,000. Link:-

    The USD empire is giving way to the new Asian century. And with 4.5 billion people in Asia (where most cultures still value gold extremely highly) that is 14 times more than the US population of 325 million. Maths will win ultimately. American greed and wanton hubris combined with lack of insight of its leaders into how others perceive US hedgemony, has been its undoing.

  13. I have been visiting this site for a long time. I was a member for awhile.

    I think what will happen as I age is that which is hidden will become known. The result of this will be nothing is desired to be hidden.

    This is not a short sighted process. I will not live long enough to see it. At least I think.

    It is apparent to me those who feel the shift of the times are compelled to place emotions in universal terms and reject social and governmental structure as a consequence. Egoistic manifestation must change to organize perception of universality. The incremental changes are in part dealing with potentiated emotional complexes. It is a multi-faceted process.

    The truth is thought must have a structure to work within. The illusory apparency of things is quite a ‘hod-podge’ serving to digest in the thanksgiving of being.

  14. Thanks Carpe Diem. No im using a Linux offshoot. It’s more a hobbie than anything else but if I can put a couple coins towards retirement in the process why not.

    1. Thank you Dane, That’s Great. Linux is the best for that and I wish you the best of luck. Hope you make more than a couple of coins 🙂

  15. Typical computers use bits that are either 0 or 1. Quantum computers use qubits that can be 0, 1 or both at the same time. Qubits are paired and when one is manipulated the other paired qubit instantaneously changes to match the manipulated qubit (like faster than the speed of light) no matter where in the universe the paired qubit is.

    Now China launched the world’s first quantum computer into space last year in their quantum computer communications satellite. They stated they wanted to experiment with teleportation. Funny teleportation is the term used when one qubit communicates with the other paired qubit.

    This is one way blockchain Ripple in this case can be used to replace SWIFT because it could potentially have instantaneous transfers of payments for trade within the quantum computing world. Until the quantum computing world is ready it will still be faster with typical supercomputers.

    1. They did it!

      “First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit
      Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above.
      by Emerging Technology from the arXiv July 10, 2017”

      This part is quite intriguing and seems to fit into some of the more esoteric topics we have discussed here on POM.

      “Today, the Micius team announced the results of its first experiments. The team created the first satellite-to-ground quantum network, in the process smashing the record for the longest distance over which entanglement has been measured. And they’ve used this quantum network to teleport the first object from the ground to orbit.

      Teleportation has become a standard operation in quantum optics labs around the world. The technique relies on the strange phenomenon of entanglement. This occurs when two quantum objects, such as photons, form at the same instant and point in space and so share the same existence. In technical terms, they are described by the same wave function.”

      For instance if a “quantum network to teleport the first object from the ground to orbit” then why can’t something teleport us to the face of the earth so we can learn through experiencing the world of matter?

      Could “strange phenomenon of entanglement. This occurs when two quantum objects, such as photons, form at the same instant and point in space and so share the same existence.” be what Manly P Hall calls the “quick” or “quicken” which could be our spiritual body that comes into us as we are being born into this world? Which I believe is our spiritual body.

      If so and the two….photons are connected through the “strange phenomenon of entanglement” could this be the umbilical cord showing us the way back to north shore road or the bridge between two worlds?

      But what if at the moment we are born somewhere in the universe another part of us is born too? And if everything is connected each fragment of us could affect the others couldn’t they? So if we are grouchy here on earth would that make the other fragments grouchy too? Is there one fragment to rule them all or is that the same mistake as having one country’s currency be the world reserve here on earth? A Triffon Paradox of sorts. So the multilateral then could be a more accurate resemblance of say our possible truness of being couldn’t it? Many parts working together as one in unity and harmony to become the hu-man we are intended to be perhaps.

      Crap too early to drink on it…maybe some orange juice and tea will allow the pearl to drop.

  16. Since we are being quite technical with this post here is a bit of a change up.

    “Oregon’s Freak-Out Over Pumping Your Own Gas…”

    “Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that ban self-service gas stations. But thanks to a new law that went into effect on January 1, customers can now pump their own gas in Oregon, though only at stand-alone gas stations in counties with fewer than 40,000 residents. Elsewhere, the ban still holds.

    But even this tiny increase in freedom was apparently too much for some Oregonians. In a Facebook post that’s now gone viral, local news station KTVL polled their fans for their thoughts about the new law. Some did not take the news well.

    Here are a few premium selections:

    “Many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards of not doing it correctly. Besides I don’t want to go to work smelling of gas when I get it on my hands or clothes. I agree Very bad idea.”

    “I don’t even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian…..I say NO THANKS! I don’t want to smell like gasoline!”

    “I’ve lived in this state all my life and I REFUSE to pump my own gas. I had to do it once in California while visiting my brother and almost died doing it. This a service only qualified people should perform. I will literally park at the pump and wait until someone pumps my gas. I can’t even””

    1. Fascinating posting Dane, Thank you,

      Also, nice that you changed the air (or gas) for us 🙂

      What this news tells us a few things about the Liberal states of America which for some strange reason are all on the ocean sides of the US. Firstly, that they do not believe in equality, for if they did, they would do the little hard labor of filling up your own can yourself. which means they are dishonest and prefer to have lots of people doing brain-numbing work and this way, they can claim they won’t make lots of jobs…that pays the minimum wage which none of them cocktail-socialist would be able to live on for even an hour. Secondly, they can employ lots of illegal aliens and pay them next to nothing, and be knowing they’d be grateful to them, hence they can feel good about themselves. Left is all about EGO, all in capital letters since they have highly inflated ones.

      I do wonder how the Eastern and Western coastal liberal states of America can survive when there is a shortage of cheap (and free) labor from America’s backyards? Will the Liberals survive the worker scarcity should Trump’s wall go up and chain and anchor babies etc. to dry up?!

      1. I hear you Carpe Diem. Maybe that mindset of not being able to do anything for themselves will make them irrelevant in the future. Like ants when the queen is taken the ants no longer know what to do.

        But on the other side of that coin maybe Opera will run for president and maybe they will find a way to get her elected.

        Either way they must be making more money out in Oregon and in Jersey because self serve is cheaper than full service. Maybe they are just more dumbed down in those states and aren’t competent enough to be able to handle pumping their own gas. This would lead me to wonder how they survive at all. Heck maybe its as simple as being an extreme of the self entitlement that has been growing within the US populous.

        One thing for sure is that they sure sound resolute in believing that they are not capable of pumping their own gasoline which is hard to believe in this day and age. Which could be a tell that it could be fake news and an insertion point for propaganda to mislead the populouses perception of people in these states. Sounds like a good beginning for robotic labor which can then be paid in cryptocurrencies. Hmm.

        Oh wait didn’t Tesla say they were working on self charging stations for their electric cars?

        So maybe these two states will be prime territory for implementing a robotic world…

        But Oregon, looking off the coast at that Juan de Fuca subduction zone.

        1. Hi Dane and thank you,

          “Heck maybe its as simple as being an extreme of the self entitlement that has been growing within the US populous.”

          I think the above may explain what has been going on in the US since the 1960’s and the LSD, the Beatles and the new age nonsense that was imported into this country by design and all packaged and put together by the Tavistock Institute of London. By studying films made in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, it is possible to observe the downgrading of the American culture in every aspect to a point that right now, the US is unrecognizable to the US of the 1950’s. The first thing that comes to mind is the way that the Americans of the 1950’s held themselves in public. Americans were highly respected in that era internationally wither in the Soviet Union or anywhere else. The US goods and products were the best and any person from any place on this planet would dream of living in the US. Right now, this is not the case and if people from the poorest countries in the world want to come to live here, it is because they are told that the government will provide housing and a salary etc.
          American education has collapsed drastically in such a way that an average American graduate with a degree knows more about Feminism and Social Justice that his/her own subject. In other words, Universities with tenured professors who are ALL Marxists teach nothing but Anti-Americanism whilst glorifying genocidal murderers as Stalin, Mao, Khomeini, Castro etc. The East Coast and West Coast of America have become a hotbed of these Marxist millionaires who would never live anywhere near these newly arrived immigrants but demand through their corrupt Senators and Congressmen to ensure more of these such people to be allowed in. The reasons are many, but this is aimed at ultimately to destroy the US to many pieces into Microstates all so that the International Globalist cabal who are behind this education system to come in buy up the whole thing, and to control the only obstacle in their absolute domination.

          Marxist education also creates, entitled, self-serving, mean and “Lazy” people. Yet, the Marxist system needs these Lazy and self-serving people everywhere before the actual Marxist totalitarian regime can be established. Marxist doctrine in the initial phase requires total fragmentation of any system and Lazy and entitled people do this task beautifully! I am sorry to say, but there is only one way to deal with Marxists and that is to deal with them tough in a way that they will not be able to return, at least for a very long time. There’s simply no way around it. With the Judicial system of the US under their control, the Justice system may not be trustable and unbiased.

          On a personal level, I have had dealings with such dedicated Marxists from my own country of origin as well as many from the West and I have observed all of them to have the same characteristics. That is, Selfish, closed-minded, angry, entitled and a huge appetite for Money and materialism, while they call for equality as and an end to capitalism etc. etc. The parasitic nature of a mind-controlled leftist also includes abuse of others by demanding that everything for them to be free. My apologies, if I go on about Marxism but the attitudes displayed by the Oregonians regarding the gas pumps, is IMHO totally in line with Marxist (Liberal) education.

          If you get a chance, I can recommend the great ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov and his excellent talks on how Marxism operates in the West and partcularly in the US.

  17. Here’s an update.

    Mine rig consumes 500w and will run for 24 hours per day. This gives us 12,000 watts per day which is 12Kw/day @ $.10/Kw for a cost of $1.20/day of energy consumption costs. The rig is currently mining $8.938/day.

    So $8.94 – $1.20 = Nets $7.74/day….after the equipment is paid for. I spent a little extra to experiment with some wifi options but a rig like this can be had for around $1,700. So in 219.6 days the equipment will be paid for and then the net $7.74/day will be bank.

    I’m just laying it out there in case someone is tinkering with the notion for themselves. Of course there are tons of mining configurations available as well as cloud mining and such. And the rates stated above are for ETH valued today @ $1,059.45 per coin.

  18. Hi Dane,

    The reason the author, Paul Williams does not distinguish between the Scottish or York Rite masonry is possibly, that they both have been infiltrated and have been subverted from their original ethos. At this moment in time, I do not believe a school of higher learning, or secret society is around with its original seed and intention, intact! That includes the Sufi school that the Knight’s Templars associated with and collaborated with, all with good intentions. What is left of the old man of the mountains school that was later falsely named as Hashishioun (Assasins) of Hassan Sabah who lived in the mountain regions of Taleghan near Tehran, in the Zagros mountains, is the Ismaili sect, a branch of Shia Islam. Ismaili’s are good people but are anything like what their founder had intended. They are now a cult with their own rituals but very modern and quite unlike the other Islamic sects and franchises.

    In the end, every institution, whether secret society or not MUST have a reset every now and again because corruption, nepotism and downright ignorance can set in. I am hoping that the Scottish Rite branch of Freemasonry is now involved in a reset and a new beginning, and that’s just a hope. I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not but as it currently stands, no society is innocent. Yet, the current events suggest that things are happening in the direction of a reset and the start of a new chapter. I remain optimistic and hopeful that this is the case! But, I feel Mt Williams is telling us all of a major conspiracy that has gone on behind our back.

    1. True enough Carpe Diem but since he does not distinguish he is by default marrying them together. I believe that the true intent of the Scottish rite was still in tact back in the fifties the time frame the author is discussing, albeit in small pockets.

      Today like you, I’m not sure any lodge system is without corruption to the process. If the true path is not of the material world perhaps its like being initiated not by our fellow man but by some higher inner source. I believe you call it the Godhead. When this happens within a lightswitch is turned on and the journey begins. Degree by degree we rise within our psyche gobbling up knowledge like we have been famished for a lifetime. Someone on a path like this wouldn’t fall prey to the church dogma thus the society that taught this inner wisdom needed to be removed.

      So to do this the jesuits could have formed their own masonic rite, the York rite and maybe…just maybe THEY are the ones who formed the devious secret societies that did atrocious things. Such intelligent people couldn’t have been caught unless it was on purpose. Now the populous sees masonry as a bad cult, secret society that eats people, so on and so forth.

      But like I mentioned to me it’s more an esoteric path within oneself. No I can’t prove it or any of that. All I can say is that it just feels right from the inside out.

  19. “…to me it’s more an esoteric path within oneself. No I can’t prove it or any of that. All I can say is that it just feels right from the inside out.”

    Thank you Dane. You defined precisely the purpose of any secret society or esoteric school of higher learning that is to develop individuals with highest humanistic knowledge and insight to help progress humanity. Anything else outside of this relates to the EGO of the people who gather there and make up rituals, handshakes, gatherings etc. The problem with such groups is that in time, they will get infiltrated by people and groups with more influence either overt or covert and the purpose of this infiltration is to own and to divert the once noble cause of that school or society. This is inevitable and it follows the same model of fragmentation. As you so rightly cited, the entire show happens inside of the initiate and the outside events and rites are only to make the student alert and get him to initiate the process. That’s what the purpose of any ritual is, to initiate a process in our psyche towards a new path.

    So the process of steps or degrees is a kind of psychological landmarks for the initiate to appreciate the perspective through which he has developed. Also, the steps will also ensure a continuity through a level of inward/inside knowledge (often!) of the initiate.

    So your quote you eloquently explains this:

    “Degree by degree we rise within our psyche gobbling up knowledge like we have been famished for a lifetime”

    1. Thank you Carpe Diem. It’s not often one can converse on such things without the pre programmed responses that societies have engineered into the populous. That in and of itself is refreshing.

  20. I know exactly what you mean Dane and I am grateful to be able to have the opportunity to have such esoteric exchanges with your good self. Believe me, it is refreshing on this side too. Yet, esoteric, sadly means that it is understood or perhaps appreciated by a few. This knowledge is for all mankind regardless of race, sex or geographical location for every society. Graduations from the crowd is a natural result of such schooling and returning to the divine within ourselves is the source of all knowledge. But, we must survive the crowd first!

    The word for God in the Persian language is “Xoda”, which is made up of Xod (me) and Aa (returning to), so God literally means, “returning to myself”! So, in search of God, we end up or return to ourselves or our higher self.

    The same word in English and Dutch for God is also of the same Indo-European root as in Persian language that is “God”, except that the Dutch pronounce this in an almost identical way as in modern Persian since G in Dutch is pronounced as “kh”, i.e. “Khod”…just an extra info on my passion for etymology!

    Wish you a good evening.

    1. I genuinely puzzle over how we look to our ancestors for greater spiritual awareness, yet mostly extol ourselves to the skies for our scientific development – yet can’t explain the mathematical, architectural or megalithic achievements of our Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese or even European ancestors from more than a few thousand years ago.

      the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.

      Humoring this definition – I suggest we inverse the above equation. Let’s look forward towards experiencing those individuals in greater possession of spiritual awareness and freedom. And look behind us for more sustainable scientific fundamentals.

      p.s. those megalithic structures around the globe and under the current sea level do raise an eyebrow, right?

      1. Hello Darren,

        Our ancestors regardless of where we come from lived a much simpler lives in terms of gadgets, rules, and regulations of the societies they lived in. Therefore, they were much closer to the natural elements. As such, they lived in environments with very little comforts which I would consider as “buffers” between man and nature, which is his essence. Currently, we are so far removed from nature through the extensive and ever expansive Buffers. We can consider, hot running water or ever running clean water, electricity and electrical appliances we use everyday, cars and other gadgets. In a way, our ancestors had possibly daily contacts with horses, sheep, cow, chickens etc. This contact, brought their ego’s down in a way that allowed to live a down-to-earth or spiritually oriented lives. Rich folks also lived a much more simple lives albeit with more luxuries of the day but still in contact with nature. Consider, horse riding which requires the rider to be physically and spiritually in touch with his 4 legged vehicle. This reminds me of the UFO stuff we hear and how the supposed “aliens” run the craft through feelings and emotions etc, etc. As such a horse rider whether a poor man or a king will be in awe of the beast and will respect the sentient being he is riding on. This alone somehow, presses one’s ego!

        In this way our ancestors, were closer to human reality and had possibly a higher spiritual cognition than us. For one thing, the 8 PM for our ancestors meant total darkness and Zero artificial sounds (such as cars, lawn mowers, electrical drilling walls etc.), other than the natural sounds of nature, such as animals and the reassuring sound of crickets in the background. This quite time, allowed them to be more social and create different atmosphere such as story telling time, book readings, singing and other such activities.

        Our ancestors were far more Grateful before dinner time and they expected less from life. All these provided senses that we have now lost completely and as such we are out of touch with our own reality. This is so bad that we are now told of a possible messing with our reality with such nonsensical stuff as “the Mandela effect”. It is so bad that we are even told that our very own reality is not reliable. On top of this, we have now, “augmented reality apps.” that literally takes us away from the constructed reality even further. They are removing us from the nature which is our actual essence and it is the nature of our higher self i.e. the Divine.

        In short, we return to our ancestors for inspiration and guidance particularly in times of crisis, because they were closer to the divine, and sadly we are not!

        I can recommend an excellent book, Whisperers, the secret history of the spirit world”. I am sure you will find some interesting material in regards to your quest in this book.

        1. Our ancestors regardless of where we come from lived a much simpler lives in terms of gadgets, rules, and regulations of the societies they lived in.

          I’m just not so sure that that is the case. I’m not the biggest supporter of Clif High, but this story (if even remotely true) suggests a complex past, no?

          I have genuine pictures of a real Antarctic Pyramid – Clif High

          Jan 16, 2018

          1. Hi Darren and Thank you for the Cliff High link re. Antarctica pyramids.

            To be honest, I am still not convinced what the heck is going on down there and every day, there are reports of some weird stuff being discovered by various people. There is s a theory of a “Black Goo” having been discovered in one of the islands under the control of the British government (This Goo is a conscious entity and it is being used in hi-tech military tech, Allegedly!) and the entire Falkland Wars of the early 1980’s between Britain and Argentina over the island which the Argies call “Malvinas”, that relates to this substance. The Pyramids according to many alternative media folks may or may not be a true pyramid as in Giza. I have been to Egypt and had the fortune of seeing this incredible structure and I am convinced that no human being, at least our version of, were the builders of this awesome structure. It is just out of place and out of this world!

            I, therefore, do not know and am not convinced that the people/beings who made this humongous pyramids were necessarily my ancestors or for that matter our ancestors. I don’t know who built this beautiful and highly organized structure and for what purpose but the first thing that came to my mind was that no way humans could have built this and for that matter the ancient people before the discovery of Iron. The Iron age, we are told is only 3000 years ago. In any case, even with iron tools alone, this structure is way too perfect for any human society as it needs lots of other stuff other than technology, for example, Project Managing some few thousand people much like what Boeing does for making an aircraft, etc. etc.

            I am also aware that there are lots of things going on and many US universities are asking students to go for a 2-week work experience in Antarctica region for “research” in return for some units under their educational qualifications. Nevertheless, there are things going on that may be totally out of this world or maybe just a new resource for the next 500 years in terms of energy etc. If this theory is correct, therefore, there is a need for a story or “modern Mythology”, hence these weird and strange stories. That’s my take on all this Antarctica business.

          2. Actually, those links weren’t making reference to organic matter in concrete to support the longevity of ancient builds but more so to aluminous tobermorite crystals which is a reaction of seawater with volcanic ash over time which produces the vary rare crystal, that is extremely hard to reproduce today is something only recently understood. I only persist here to come full circle back to the idea that science was more complex in our past than we understand or believe.

        2. I suspect the great awakening of my physical material to the light will occur by one of the following methodologies, hahah
          – Mechanoluminescence
          – Fractoluminescence
          – Piezoluminescence

          1. Thanks Darren,

            I should apologize to all for diverting this thread. Having lived near a Roman bridge in Southern Iran in the 70’s I recall (about 15 miles from the Biblical city of Susa where the Bible Story Daniel & Lions was supposed to have happened!), the city bridge built by Roman war prisoners makes it the oldest standing bridge in the world. According to locals and local historians, the material used were animal & human hair, hey, lime and “egg white”! The story is the Roman prisoners ate the egg yolk and local bread as part of their diet. The Roman Emperor Valerian was defeated by the Sassanid King Shapur I, as seen in the stone relief within the article. So yes, old civil engineering materials were all organic and everlasting.


          2. Thanks Darren, I hear what you are trying to convey regarding our ancient ancestors and I agree with you about the durability of the materials they used. However, our differences are whether they were “simple” or “complex”, right!
            Well, what we both are saying possibly may take us to a similar conclusion, if we consider that our ancestor had a very different yet “simple “methodology or approach to solving “complex” problems such as coming up with material for their everyday needs. I think the answer may lie in that they used the NATURE to be their teachers rather than their EGO’s which the modern empirical science is all about. Empirical science is all about “peer review” which means the entire process relies on many “THEORIES”, and NOT FACTS. It also implies that our modern science in many circumstances will refuse the nature and in every way possible, our contemporary sciences is at war with nature. Modern science, in this regard, is trying to CHANGE NATURE so the esteemed scientist will arrive at his very own conclusion while totally ignoring what the nature tells him. This is the result of the reductionist Marxist materialist theories and methods of arriving at an outcome, often preconceived. One such result is the Global Warming SCAM! This science is not even based on Newton’s worldview as he was himself an Alchemist which required him to be absolutely open-minded to unexplained and to conduct his thinking in many occasions over and above the empirical results. Newton would be horrified if he finds out what his modern colleagues have done and how they have made a science that is up for sale when the rich and powerful can pay them so they will write new theories that disregard nature. The Global Warming scam represents a dark and sinister chapter of scientific manipulation of the masses for the benefit of the ruling elite. This is scandalous when a once respected profession ends up charging by the hour IMHO.
            Something that is about to happen to our sciences which I am hopeful of is that with the demise of “Foundation” businesses, most of these problems may also disappear and we may return to the art of observation of nature. Nature is our only nurturer and our only teacher and she holds the key to our happiness. Every drug we take is one way or another is either a direct extraction of a plant or it is the result of synthetic reproduction of it. Our ancient ancestors had a totally different consciousness and as I mentioned in my previous posting, they had a much higher cognition of their surroundings because of the lack of comfort buffers. As I write these lines, at 3:30 AM, all I can hear is the humming of the air condition machine and not the active fellow creatures outside who are singing sounds and are telling me to switch that damn machine off and listen to our lovely tune instead 🙂 …I am going to get some sleep now, honest LOL

          3. Carpe Diem, you are a gentlemen and a scholar, thank you for your efforts. This is such an interesting topic and I would love to offer more thoughts on the matter. Perhaps under a dedicated post one day. Thank you sir.

        1. JC or Dane, I’m wondering if Manly P. Hall and Krishnamurti ever knew each other as friends? I’m trying to find out. This is gonna blow my mind if they did, hahah

      1. Wow what a gem Darren. Have you found what the ebook is titled yet? If you find it let me know I’ll help look for it.

        On the Krishnamurti side I found the book Sweet Synchronicity: Finding Annie Besant, Discovering Krishnamurti a really good read. It is a beautiful story about the woman who adopted and raised Jiddu and his brother. She shows us “K’s” progression through the theological society and reveals his thoughts about it as only a mother can.

        1. Hi Dane, I’m sorry to be so late to reply. Christmas and New Years holidays are over and I’ve been back hard at work for a few weeks now. If I do miss anyone’s messages I apologize because I really like to engage in this space.

          I’ve been unable to discover the name of the e-book suggested in the comments section of that website that might relate to MPH’s and Krishnamurti’s friendship. What a find that would be!

          1. Lol, I just posted that comment yesterday Darren…late? hahaha. If I find it I’ll send it your way.

          2. Thanks Dane, but after looking into all the historical social media feeds of Newtopia Magazine and Ronnie Pontiac I believe the ebook never actually got produced, which is a shame. Ronnie would of been the author of that experience one would imagine. Amazon and its ilk offer no ebooks by Newtopia or Ronnie with respect to the relationship between Manly Hall and Krishnamurti, which was briefly suggested by Ronnie. All social media feeds that would have offered the ebook link had ceased by 2015, even Newtopia (which is a fascinating read) pulled up stumps late 2014.

            Ronnie Pontiac should be contacted and asked if he would still be willing to put into writing his experience of the friendship that occurred between Manly P. Hall and Krishnamurti. It would truly be unfortunate to allow that delightful story to remain untold.

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