America’s Berlin Wall Moment

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Predicting the Implosion of Western Culture

What is now happening in America was predicted back in 2014 in the post The Implosion of American Culture.   The pattern and trend of ideological unrest, and growing division between the political left and political right, has now taken on new dimensions of propaganda and violence.  The wedge has been driven so deep that it is difficult to ascertain whether workable solutions and compromises can be implemented before all out cultural war takes root and joins with other civil conflicts which are developing in Europe.

Back in December of 2014 I stated the following:

This implosion of culture can be seen in the recent racial and political divide which has been given focus in the riots and protests across the country.  The media is doing its part to push the CSI (Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception) engineering into the homes and minds of the disorganized masses.  Many speculate that the riots have failed to spread as desired, but I reckon that they were extremely successful in that they leveled up the tension and pre-prejudice for a continuation of the slow motion implosion and transition to the international mindset collective.

Reflecting back upon those words we can observe the obvious trend which has continued from that period.  The “slow motion implosion” continued for the last three years and experienced an increase in both desperation and intensity after the election of Donald Trump.

As I have written about extensively, the Trump campaign platform, and now political agenda, is promoting the policies and mechanisms which will shift the American hegemonic power from its traditional Anglo-American establishment orientation to a more aligned multilateral orientation which is based on the mandates of an ancient consortium of international banking interests.

The financial and monetary aspects of this transition have been well covered in hundreds of POM posts which have delved into the morphing architecture of the global institutions, and emerging alliances between those institutions, across the political and economic spectrums.  These predictions and supporting analysis have proved extremely accurate, and have served as the functional base of understanding, and decision making, for both POM readers and enterprises around the world, including non-Anglo-American think tanks, defense contractors, mining companies, and investment funds.

The focus and direction of POM has been to explain the intrinsic characteristics of the emerging multilateral framework with that of the receding hegemonic framework, while building an understanding and awareness about self-realization and the inherent human predisposition to corrupt all monetary systems and structures of governance.  Our talking points about the transformation of monetary structures and human consciousness are now appearing in the writing and analysis of others.

There is nothing more rewarding and flattering than the realization that our small corner of the internet has penetrated so far into the evolving nature of the right-minded man.  POM has quietly become the place to learn and reflect on the methodologies and mandates of this new world mindset.  There are so many who incorporate the information presented here into their own works and audiences.  It has not gone unnoticed, or unappreciated.

New POM readers can also reference the following posts for further confirmation and clarification of the pattern which we are discussing here:



The removal of historical statues and symbols represents the next phase of the re-shaping of America which will take place.  Both political parties will fragment and eventually champion the emergence of a new form of politics which will represent the merging of all previous ideological platforms and socioeconomic theories.

The fall of the Berlin Wall heralded a transformation which allowed the Anglo-American establishment to consolidate control and force a liberal-socialist and left-fascist agenda around the world and at home. But all transformations become the predecessor of future transformations, and the world is once again experiencing a period of enhanced transformation.

There is a power in this world which is far greater than that of the Anglo-American establishment.  Trump represents this power and will serve in the role as Pied Piper to both parent and child, as a New Town emerges from the burnt and fractured structure of the old.

As I stated in 2014:

“They will say no one saw it coming.  But there are those of us across the internet, on blogs just like this one, who have seen it coming and have been talking about it for a long time.  The exact details of every point of transition, and interception, are not easily discerned, but the overall macro trend is clear and there are a few moments of sudden adjustments coming.  The sad reality is that the disorganized masses will remain ignorant to the whole process as they become consumed with television news drama that hides the structural truth behind the engineered cultural implosion of the American identity.”

We are on the cusp of multiple and sudden adjustments.  – JC

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12 Comments on “America’s Berlin Wall Moment”

  1. “Both political parties will fragment and eventually champion the emergence of a new form of politics which will represent the merging of all previous ideological platforms and socioeconomic ”

    That description of the political process and merging of ideologies perfectly matches the theory of spiral dynamics and the current transition to the integrated stage of consciousness which will incorporate all the previous ‘nested’ (fragmented) hierarchies into an overall holoarchy and eventually lead into an holistic stage.

  2. “There is a power in this world which is far greater than that of the Anglo-American establishment. Trump represents this power and will serve in the role as Pied Piper to both parent and child, as a New Town emerges from the burnt and fractured structure of the old.” Here here, great words my friend.

    This is great news JC! It would mean that the explosion has already occurred and now the implosion will draw back inward to be born a second time through the seed that it began as which means the circle will be complete.

    The seed explodes into a tree. That tree lives, then implodes back into the seed that it has produced. Then that seed will explode again and the circle is complete.

    It is said the first seed lives in darkness and the second seed lives in light so this could really be a good thing.

  3. An element of Donald Trumps Lion logo exhibits part of a Red Lion. An interesting observation that could be made here is that the Red Lion is considered an aspect of the Philosopher’s Stone, it is associated with the Kundalini and is also an alchemical term that refers to the Elixir of Life.

  4. This is an intelligence news regarding the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) which is apparently ONLY monitoring the activities of far-right activists and obviously never concerned with the Marxist, Maoist, Trotskyites, Anarchists and other gangsters in Charlottesville. Orwellian News at its most obvious.

    “Speaking to the Canadian online newspaper The National Observer, the CSIS declined to comment specifically about the events in Charlottesville. It also did not respond to a question about whether it monitors the international travels of Canadian far-right activists. A CSIS spokeswoman, Tahera Mufti, told the newspaper that the agency was unable to discuss details about its ongoing investigations into Charlottesville “due to national security reasons”. But she added that CSIS was working “with its Canadian and international partners” to combat the activities of “those who support right-wing extremism”.”

  5. Good Morning Dear JC,

    Ever since I read the following in this fantastic posting, my mind tried hard to find the meaning of it and I am now going to share what I think. I apologize in advance for anything that may come across as nonsense but we need to think out of the box on this a bit!

    “There is a power in this world which is far greater than that of the Anglo-American establishment. Trump represents this power and will serve in the role as Pied Piper to both parent and child, as a New Town emerges from the burnt and fractured structure of the old.”

    I am thinking that there is something extra ordinary going on around Trump, that is paranormal, metaphysical or what you may decide to call it. President Trump’s paternal uncle, John G. Trump was possibly the most distinguished Ameican physicist specializing in “Radar” technology. John G Trump was given the entire written material of Dr. Nikola Tesla and Tesla was a total genius and absolutely esoteric minded, meaning that he was thinking about dimensional time travel and other seemingly mysterious research. Tesla apparently had mystical experiences when he somehow understood that time is an illusion and past, present and future are all one space in different “time”. His death alone in NYC hotel room IMHO is highly suspect. Yet, the FBI sealed the room and his entire papers and gave the Trump’s uncle the task of deciphering Tesla’s papers.


    I conclude that what you so eloquently wrote, “There is a power in this world which is far greater than that of the Anglo-American establishment.” is extremely significant in understanding how Trump came out of nowhere! The significance of Trump’s uncle in this regard is possibly a method of manipulating time and creating “glitches” to use the movie, Matrix’s expression, in a way to allow a change of reality or the outcome of all actions in that reality by the forces behind globalism. Therefore the usage of the term “Hack” by Trump’s opposition is the term used for Hacking the “time” but they have no proof and for that matter, nobody has that proof either, myself included! The fact that the MSM is controlled by Trump’s opposition may be a powerful tool, but of the Hack is a hack, then we are witnessing the meltdown of the Globalists only tool of mass propaganda. The comment sections of any Youtube or online web site is a testament to the meltdown of MSM.

    In any case, here it is my thoughts on Trump and his super powers.

    Wish you a great day JC and to all the noble POM contributors

  6. An attempt was made on February 02, 2017 to start a Whitehouse petition to Officially declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization. It failed to achieve the 100,000 signatures required for a response from the Whitehouse only securing 6,915 signatures. However, on August 17, 2017 another Whitehouse petition was started to Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization and as of today 334,451 people have signed.

    From the Government website:
    …When the White House responds, everyone who has signed the petition will get email from the White House to let you know that we’ve reviewed and responded to the petition.
    …We will do our best to respond to petitions that cross the signature threshold within 60 days

    From the State of New Jersey Office of Homeland Security website:
    Anarchist Extremists: Antifa
    June 12, 2017
    …Violent confrontations between Antifa members and white supremacists – as well as militia groups –
    will likely continue because of ideological differences and Antifa’s ability to organize on social media. In the past year, Antifa groups have become active across the United States, employing a variety of methods to disrupt demonstrations.

    Politico writes today:
    FBI, Homeland Security warn of more ‘antifa’ attacks
    …Confidential documents call the anarchists that seek to counter white supremacists ‘domestic terrorists.’

    Those documents sure are confidential. I’ve visited all the mainstream media websites and there is no mention of this FBI or DHS warning except from the Fox News outlets from the multinational mass media News Corporation.

    I’ve visited the FBI, DHS and .gov websites and the only mention of any warning in the last year comes from the link I gave above –

    Anyways, Politico must have some really good resources and its pretty clear that the mainstream medias reporting is nonpoliticized and unbiased.

    I do find it amazing that there is no official public notice or warning about Antifa on the FBI and DHS or government websites to give credence to Politico’s publication. I’m not saying that the article has been created to play to a particular narrative, I’m just saying the lack of official support for the article is interesting.

    From the Politico article:
    …Previously unreported documents disclose that by April 2016, authorities believed that “anarchist extremists” were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies against a range of targets.

    Where are these documents now, are they publicly available? I signed the petition.

  7. On the topic of Whitehouse petitions;

    ‘Petition to declare George Soros a ‘terrorist’ & seize his assets gains required 100k signatures’

    A 100k may have already signed this one but US citizens still have time to add weight and put further pressure on gorgeous George.

    ‘In less than a fortnight, more than 100,000 people have signed a petition accusing billionaire investor George Soros of sedition against the US, demanding that he and his affiliates be declared “domestic terrorists” and that his assets be seized.

    The petition was initially launched on August 20 by “E.B.” on the White House petitions website. Since it reached the threshold of 100,000 signatures before the September 19 deadline, the White House will now have to provide a formal response.’

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