Americans – Never Give Up Your Guns, No Matter How Safe Trump Makes You Feel

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And How Professor Carroll Quigley Spread Jesuit Propaganda

Trump is the saviour of conservative America. At least that is what is being sold through political and cultural seeding. But things are not as simple as they would appear.

Throughout numerous articles I have weaved a contradictory narrative on Donald Trump. We have reviewed his education at the Wharton School, and covered how that school had connections to the Tavistock Institute. The connection to Rothschild Inc, and in particular Wilbur Ross, was explored, and how that relationship assisted in the 1980’s support to keep Trump business’ from going bankrupt.

One area we didn’t cover was the fact that Trump attended Jesuit school Fordham University. After a few years at Fordham he moved on to Wharton, so the case could be made that there was little Jesuit influence on him. But we need to look at broader connections before making a final determination on the intentions of Donald Trump.

Conservative Americans, who have historically been the Anglo-Saxon Protestant demographic, have watched for decades as the traditional values and morals they held were stripped away through policies and legislation which were designed to promote human weakness and the gradual erosion of the Protestant culture which was inherent in the framing of the Constitution.

This erosion was evident in the Roe vs Wade pro-abortion verdict, and subsequent legislation, as well as the decades long creep of extreme liberalism, through the social acclimatization of homosexuality, transgenderism, sexualization of females, minimization of Anglo-Saxon males, degradation and fragmentation of African-American Protestant culture through ghettoization and degenerate rap music, and the exporting of American jobs to other nations.

This last one is of particular interest. Throughout four years of research and analysis on the international monetary system, the thesis has always been that the use of the USD as the global reserve currency caused systemic imbalances which subsequently required companies to move manufacturing to nations with cheaper labour, so their products could be competitive. The other side of this arrangement was that the nations carrying the bulk of American exported dollar inflation would benefit from the increases in GDP as more companies relocated their factories.

Though this thesis is still accurate, their is a multifold strategy which has been taking place. Most of the economists working in government, international institutions, and think-tanks, have been educated at Jesuit controlled universities, such as Georgetown. This has placed the Jesuits at the apex of influence and manipulation over the international monetary, financial, banking, and political systems.

Professor Carroll Quigley did a lot to promote the idea of the Anglo-American Establishment and its use of banking and industry to gain power and influence over Western civilization. Though much of this is factual, we need to understand that the most effective lies are 90% true. With that in mind, consider that Quigley was Professor of History at Georgetown University, and had tenure there while writing his biggest work, Tragedy and Hope.

Let’s assume that Quigley held allegiance to the Jesuits and their Counter-Reformation/Pro-Catholic strategies. Under such an assumption we would expect him to spread anti-Protestant propaganda, while building the case for future action against an Anglo-American establishment which the Jesuits used to gut the mid-section of Protestant nations and populations through taxation and job losses.

History has shown that the Jesuits will use nations and empires to alter the course of history through war and genocide. Through the Inquisition, both the Catholic Church and the Jesuits murdered all signs of Protestantism and liberalism. Liberalism, being the personification of human weakness, the “do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law” cultural engineering, was determined as difficult to extinguish as Protestantism, as all humans are afflicted with the weakness of spiritual fragmentation. It was a brilliant change in strategy to embrace and promote liberalism to use as a tool to infiltrate and corrupt Protestantism from within. All the while the Catholic Church and Jesuits got to remain in the shadows and spread propaganda about the Anglo-American Establishment, which they in fact controlled, while allowing Western civilization to corrupt.

Writing in Tragedy and Hope, Carroll Quigley stated the following:

…it is clear that the West believes in diversity rather than in uniformity, in pluralism rather than in monism or dualism, in inclusion rather than exclusion, in liberty rather than in authority, in truth rather than in power, in conversion rather than in annihilation, in the individual rather than in the organization, in reconciliation rather than in triumph, in heterogeneity rather than in homogeneity, in relativism’s rather than in absolutes, and in approximations rather than in final answers.”

A more defined statement promoting corrupt liberalism while removing the foundations of Protestantism can not be written. Carroll Quigley, Professor at a Jesuit controlled university, and darling of the conspiracy theorist, has been instrumental in the destruction of the Western Protestant civilization.

The one point I have been very clear on, is that Donald Trump was elected to remove from power the agents of the Anglo-American Establishment. These non-Jesuit agents exist across the socio-economic and political spectrums, from banking, industry, entertainment, Academia, and religion. One need only watch the evening news to understand how desperate these leeches are, now that it is dawning on them that they have been used, and are about to be trashed like all establishments before them.

Consider the Supreme Court nomination made by Donald Trump. Neil Gorsuch is a Conservative who, it is assumed, will help sway the Court to make more Conservative rulings on everything from abortion, to illegal immigration. But did you know that Gorsuch attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to grade 12 before moving on to Jesuit controlled Georgetown?

The promises of Donald Trump to bring America back to greatness are misaligned with the facts surrounding some of his actions since taking office. We must consider the possibility that the whole Trump platform is the final act in a Jesuit Counter-Reformation strategy to forever alter the Protestant culture of Western Civilization. The Protestant Churches in the West have already been infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuits and Catholic Church through the Ecumenical Movement. Protestant Ministers are widely proclaiming that the Protest is over after 500 years, and that all Christianity has become one, assumedly under the Pope. Wrapping that whole demographic up in a package now under the Trump banner could be the one strategy that forever shatters the objectives of the Reformation.

But I have also written how Trump has similarities to the side opposing the Jesuits and Catholic Church. The Trump lineage going back to Scotland, and the naming of his new golf course in that country as King Robert the Bruce Golf Course, are just two of the subjective clues.

The final verdict on Donald Trump will have to come when further information is discovered and additional events unfold. I have previously predicted that Trump would do great for Americans, and fix many of the problems, before passing of natural causes during his seventh year in office, from which time the left will once again take control of the nations legislative levers. The Pope, United Nations, Sunni Islam under Saudi Arabia influence, and all international institutions supporting monetary and financial transitions, are calling for one world processes and systems to address the challenges which have stricken the world for centuries. Never is it stated that the Catholic Church and Jesuits have been involved in every scandal and genocide over the last five centuries. The race of the population does not matter, if it is a Protestant population, they will be subjected to methods of financial, social, and political genocide, as we witnessed in Rwanda, and also in the unfolding exodus from Protestant majority South Africa. Not to mention the genocide of millions of non-aligned Jews and Protestants under a Catholic Adolf Hitler during World War Two.

The Catholic Church and Jesuits orchestrated the American Civil War, and have since done everything in their power to use America as a hammer against the Protestant world, while isolating Orthodox Russia and other Eastern European nations, with Shiite Iran always in the crosshairs.

Considering what is at risk, it would be pertinent for Americans to never give up their right to bear arms. A disarmed population, or whatever remains of historical Protestantism, will be subjected to genocide. Whether Trump is supporting or subverting this strategy cannot be determined with confidence.

The argument can be made that Protestantism no longer exists. The idea behind Protestantism comes to us from the ancient world. It is the discipline which counters the Crown Beast and its systems of abuse and degenerations. The Hittites fought that system, and now we do as well thousands of years later. What spread from the Essenes, to the early Christians, up through the Cathars and original Knights Templar, found root in the Lollards and Waldensians, among other pre-Protestant groups, before sparking the actual Reformation and the establishment of freedom and individual rights in America. Now it is time for Protestantism to transform to meet the new schemes of the Crown Beast which are presented through its Catholic Church and Jesuit subsidiaries. – JC

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  1. Here, to me, is what this boils down to using an analogy:

    N. Tesla (Protestant Reformation) said to JP Morgan (Catholic Church), “I’ve discovered how anyone can connect to God for free. Isn’t that wonderful?!” JP Morgan (Catholic Church/Jesuits and those that created them which would be Convo Jews) replies, “It’s unacceptably too wonderful. It will take away my power and control, and more importantly, it will bankrupt me. So…go find a pigeon to befriend. We’re done here.”

    How is that not ultimately the heart of the Crown Beast centrifuged down to its essence?

    N. Tesla understood that the Trinity of God is actually: Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. He was in deep respect and spiritually in awe of that very sacred Trinity, metaphysically speaking. A Trinity I find far more real than the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I am not composed of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost unless used as a metaphor, and only then begrudgingly. I know what I am made of. Rest assured it is not flesh and blood.

    My two cents.

    Love the article even though it upsets me.

  2. I sense so back pedaling here JC.

    Whatever it takes to roll back what has been claimed to be “Progressive” in the past twenty years I am for it. The rule of law must be reestablished , that is key.

  3. About those guns, I’ve been following the trend or pattern if you will of gun sales after the many, many multi/mass victim shootings. I haven’t kept accurate charts or anything like that, but I have paid pretty close attention because I found what was being reported rather intriguing.

    The reporting(if it can be believed)showed gun and ammo sales going thru the roof after each incident, while the anti-gun advocates were screaming for more controls. I Believe that trend has been going on for I would say is about 15 years. Where I live a couple of gun ranges have opened up one about 30 miles north and another about 50 miles south. These are not regular site your deer rifle in ranges,no, these ranges offer full auto, rent a rifle game type activities, and they are wildly successful.

    I won’t take the time here to argue if any or all of these shooting events are manufactured or not, the point is instead of creating more gun control they have driven more gun sales and interest in the second amendment. Could this be an example of the best laid plans of mice and men ‘oft gone aglay?’ Anyway I noticed that after the Vegas and Texas shooting the press reported that the normal spike in gun sales did not happen. I have to wonder, are we loaded to the gills?

    Americans give up their guns? Not anytime soon, at least not in the next six, seven years. If it turns out that the government could legally come and get them, could they come and get them. I don’t know, with this full spectrum dominance system they say they have in place, it’s a frightening thought.

    P. Trump remains an enigma, to me a fascinating, complex person. I still subscribe to the POM’s theory that P.Trump’s purpose is to serve the international banking interest and roll back the empires tentacles, maybe cut a few off. However the establishment is not just going to lay down for it. What it will look like in 6/7 years is anybodies guess. But that is why I pay you the big bucks JC. LOL

    Get well soon
    Better health may improve your view

    1. Pieter, although not associated with an incident, Black Friday (Nov. 24th) background checks set all time single day records here in the US. 203,086 background checks were performed that day alone. These are done immediately prior to purchase. Once cleared, you can purchase as many guns as you want that day so there’s no telling how many actual guns were sold. In my experience, retailers don’t do background checks unless you have cash or card in hand and are ready to purchase. Results are instant and in my state, possession of a concealed carry permit means you walk out with the gun that day. I personally passed a background check on Nov. 22nd and purchased two guns.

      I’m always intrigued why the gun ownership count NEVER seems to go up in the US. They have been trotting out the same old “300 million” number for 20 years. I’d bet it’s at least double that if not more. The number probably doubled under Obama’s two terms alone. I personally know two people, both collectors, who own over three hundred guns each. I hope we never have to find out how many guns Americans own and I hope the number increases forever.

  4. Mr Collins:

    As food or input for economic thought, I have just concluded reviewing an interview of Dr. Skidmore by Greg Hunter in which Dr. Skidmore as an economist with the U of MI discovered the two departments of the US Federal Government (DoD & HUD) have undocumented accounting for $21 TRILLION $USD between 1998 and 2015. This amount to “misplacing” $65,000 for every citizen of the USA.

    The corruption and dishonesty has been ongoing and staggering in historical scale.


    The plots continue to thicken.

    Cui bono?

    Follow the money!


  5. Thanks for thinking of us while our down with the flu JC. Hope you feel better as soon as possible.

    Maybe Trump is setting the capitalist mechanisms in such a way to favor the double headed business entities more than the single headed business entities. Usually in such cases it never actually leans in favor of the double headed eagle it just props things up in a neutrally balanced position. This would allow a small window for double headed eagle business entities to enter the race. The single headed eagle will begin again in seven years. They have too, so that robots can be made and synthetic intelligence can be born into this world. That synthetic intelligence will most likely kill its god just as humans are killing or have killed their god.

    “Synthetic means that which is produced by synthesis; combining parts to form a whole, colloquially, a man-made version of that which has arisen naturally. As defined, a “synthetic intelligence” would therefore be man-made, but not a simulation.”

    “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind”

    It’s never to win the battle just to right the ship that’s all. Being too conservative doesn’t seem to allow for evolution so both seem to be needed for humanity to evolve. But having both (preferably in harmony) would see mankind evolve like never before, (well maybe we have been there a couple times in the past)…but then we corrupt again. The Phoenicians were a great society until they corrupted, just like the Greeks before them and the Romans after them. Everything corrupts in the world of matter. The true test is to see who can remain loyal to their god through the corruptions. But then none of this matters since synthetic intelligence will end up killing its god (humans) just like we did ours. It can’t help it because being born or synthesized from humans it will have the same psychosis that plagues mankind. If we can’t rid ourselves of this psychosis it will manifest in all that we create.

    The sabbath typically began Friday evening and lasted through Saturday evening so “keeping the sabbath holy” could mean to continue being good people while we are recreating. Don’t think that recreating from a hard weeks work is not permitted it just means to not forget our morals while drinking and relaxing for the weekend. So converting the sabbath into just Sunday seems a corruption of the truth and an open invitation to be animalistic people. But one could look at it as being a message saying it’s okay to work through the week like animals then when the weekend comes do not forget that we are more than just animals.

    Okay back to politics were “divide to conquer” comes to mind. Think about every agency Trump has to work with as president. Inside each of these agencies is a divide for loyalty and an internal divide within each person as to what is truthful…a civil war within each agency if you will. What productivity would be produced from that sort of chaos? These agencies are the extensions or tools of the president. It’s hard to put a solid day’s work in with broken tools isn’t it? Those conditions require so much more effort than using good tools and some days just suck right? We’ve all been there.

    JC believes Trump will die of natural causes in his seventh year and why not he’s in his 70’s. With the stress of his job it makes complete sense. Look how every president seems to age so fast while being president. So maybe the resistance or the crown beast of things will be more than his aging body can cope with. One thing for sure, time will tell us something whether it’s the truth or a lie it will tell.

  6. Mr. Collins:

    I sensed from previous post that you might not be a fan of Karen Hudes.

    However, below is a link to an interview of her that I watch a few years back in which she identifies the Jesuits as “behind the curtain agents” how control the World Bank and most major financial

    I dismissed her claim at the time and thought that she might have some toys disarranged in her attic. However, your recent articles have spurred me to reexamine and evaluate some of her previous claims.

    Her declaration concerning the Jesuits are made at time mark 4.44.



  7. Want to get rid of the Catholic Church’s influence? Join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will never succumb to outside influence. It will and now is persecuted because of it. No leader in the LDS church is paid, it thrives off of each member’s service and donations, which will carry it through economic turmoil.

  8. P. Trump was born June 14, 1946. That would make him 77 years old in the last half of his 7th year in office. Oh, my heavens, all them 7’s.

    1. I found that professor Igor Panarin also predicted “in 1998 that the United States will possibly disintegrate into six parts in 2010”.


      “Igor Panarin has written 15 books[3] and a number of articles on information warfare, psychology, and geopolitics. He is often interviewed by Russian and foreign (The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN, BBC, Sky News) media on issues of Russian policy, development of relationships with the U.S., etc.[4] Panarin also has his own weekly radio programme.[5]”

      Hmm, interesting.

      1. Dane my good man
        In a manner of speaking one could say Igor was only off by about a year and number of pieces. Depending upon what a person considers the results of 9/11 to have been.

        1. True enough Peter, but living through the time I saw no disintegration of the US nor has it been divied up to the countries he predicted. So to me…”so far” this guy may be someone hired to mislead the masses.

          Ironically I personally see the 9/11 as a transformation of sorts. The two pillars of the US, what many believe to be its financial heart has transformed from matter to light. This could be a symbol for the entire US populaces transformation or maturing. With the financial pillars being gone man shall worship the light instead of money. This was reiterated with that movie The Gods of Egypt were the king announces to his people…just before being killed by his material minded brother that people will no longer get into heaven by the material wealth they attain over their lifetime. Instead the passage will be paid by the good deeds one does through their lifetime.

          It’s a subtle message but one I am beginning to see repeated in things the masses use for guidance.

          But let’s see if Igor gets one right this time. Got to keep the mind open but I’m just not investing, only observing. Plus don’t forget about the palace of peace and reconciliation over in Astana….all religions are supposed to be represented which is in opposition to just two religions consolidating to rule the rest.

    1. I believe I understand JC’s position on this and I agree with him. Church is a man made device not something of God. God speaks to a person and that person tries as best as he or she can to express that message to everyone else. Problem is the message was just for one person not everyone.

      If we can consider that our purpose is to live in such a violent world and through all these adversities while still maintaining the will to find God for ourselves then this path back to God would be our uniqueness. Notice I say find God not to find a church. As such to group a bunch of humans into any one religion would be a corruption of that unique purpose wouldn’t it? If God has chosen to speak to me personally why would I feel a need to seek out a preacher in a church to find that which I have already found, God.

      There is no confusion and I won’t hand over this God given soul for someone else to run because God himself is doing a great job already. I believe JC has found a similar feeling to this so don’t be sorry for him, be happy for him and rejoice in his spiritual evolution or development.

      If a religion which is housed in some church somewhere is the truth then how did man get from our caveman state of being to our enlightened state of being? There were no churches at that time in history yet God still allowed us to evolve.

      God, love and marriage are all held in the heart, not in some church or on some piece of paper. They are anchored in higher realms than things in the realm of material.

      1. You said it so eloquently Dear Dane all I wanted to say, Thank You,

        From a personal standpoint, I see two major issues with any organized religion whether it is a church temple or any other religious assembly/outfit. The two issues I see are:

        1. Finding God is a personal challenge since a God is experienced subjectively however much you hear about it from another person such e.g. priest or even a mentor etc.

        2. ALL Church’s role is to prevent you from experiencing the divine subjectively, that is experiencing the God in yourself. Imagine if we all had such experience, how would the church/temple system survive. They will lose their matrix of thought control overnight!

        Having said that, the person who experiences his sovereignty knowing that God whom I would prefer to call the “Supreme Being” that has no name and can not be defined or even perceived is beyond anything that can be imagined. Yet, he can be experienced. A person having experienced the divine can no longer be mind controlled and he is FREE. He/she will not need to think of the ladder when he has reached the top of the mountain

        Now, imagine a church who actively gives all the tools and mentorship and space to its members for precisely of such experience…this will not be a church but will be a “school” of enlightenment in which the students will actually graduate from. The graduates will not hang around afterwards and will have no need for being a member unless they really want to help other newcomers and act as mentors. It is possible to see such school that there will be no rituals, no hymns, no jurisprudence and no priest class. The graduates will have no needs for any of it. This school will only have facilitators to assist the “liberation” of the individual and experiencing the divine through personal sovereignty. Can we call this graduate a God? Maybe, maybe not, that depends on one’s perspective of what God is but if God is undefinable, then, well we can not minimalize the totality into an earthly form, can we? Again that depends on one’s perspective.

        In the meantime, the Church/temple continues to teach the recruit, the year one material to ALL members only and never going up to say year 2 or, let alone year 12, and therefore no graduation and no sovereignty and no experiential state where man experiences God subjectively ever. This is truly, the bulk of human tragedy…

          1. You are welcome my friend and thank you also for expanding on professor Igor Panarin. I watched a couple of his lectures and I will read and watch about him further.

      2. Dane my good man
        Boy I screwed that last comment up, I read it wrong. I thought Igor said in 1998 that the US would split into six pieces instead of 2010. So sorry for my regular confusion. What did that laugh in lady used to say when she would get caught crossing words up.? Oh, nevermind!

          1. Dane my good man

            It is always a pleasure to share in your ideas, and beyond that fact you are always the gentleman, I suggest your one of natures noblemen. I’m so happy you mentioned Astana, a place of high fascination for me. Knowing you understand that, and remember, is part of your great charm.

            Allow me a dream.

            I’m satisfied me mentioning the meeting at Potsdam will bring to your mind the iconic photo of Churchill. FDR,and Stalin, seated out of respect for FDR. Then fast forward 80 plus years, almost a century, and imagine, bear with me, Trump, Putin, Xi, and others, standing together in the palace of peace in Astana, not settling a war but settling a peace. One can dream.

            Another short word about strongmen and a glance into my mind, then moving on. Stalin, Tito, Castro, Mugabe, etc, to that shaded list I add Sonny Barger. Founder and leader of the “Hells Angles,” a small nation within a nation. Number of years in power being the main determining factor. Nuff said.

            Now to Igor, I surrender to the idea, that the nation did not split into six parts, but I submit that in 2016, lines , boundaries or even borders were drawn between the east, west coast and what seems to now be called ‘fly over america.” And a at least another couple of sections. I’ll call Montana. Wyoming, Idaho, fuck Utah,(it’s personal, nevermind) N and S Dakota. Another My AZ, NV, NM, TX. Another my oft lived in south, LA, MS, AL, and my beloved ‘cracker’ GA and FL. Now I must also revise’fly over’ because it’s a misnomer, that is the mid west, another. None of the aforementioned are either completely different or the same. Let me put it like this, Montana/Wyoming are due to their history/culture not the same history/culture of say Alabama/Mississippi, They are different, I’m encourage and amazed we all voted enough alike to get the P. Trump.

            I suggest Igor was born and raised in a world history of balkanization, and it shapes the whole of his world view. We fought a terrible civil war to preserve our union, still I think we would be at least, if not well advised , to at consider in our geo/real/all politic the possibilities Igor suggest. Or on the other hand it might be earthquake, volcano, fire, and flood that calls the shots.

            Your friend

    2. k30:

      I have had and still do have experiences with the LDS Church (aka; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

      The LDS Church had its origins in occultism and in its modern version is still a patriarchal cult that is very focused upon physical and spiritual controls, power, regulations, and dogma.

      The physical and spiritual controls, dogma, power, regulations extend to what you should wear, what you should and should not drink and eat, what you can and cannot talk about, how you should pray, how much money you are required fork over annually to the church, how and when you are to expend your labor, when you are to have sex, and how many children you should have. The “Mormon Minimum” is four children or “ever how many heavenly father will send”.

      Jesus is of minor important to their cult relative to their polygamous and pedophile founder Joseph Smith and his unearthed and interpreted five golden plates. Joseph Smith was killed by a mob of 200 men in Carthage, Illinois, on June 27, 1844 while imprisoned and awaiting trial for adultery, polygamy, pedophilia, property damage, and treason.

      To this day any discussions of child abuse, child pornography, and pedophilia in the LDS Church are strictly forbidden and such events are covered up and dismissed.

      The Holy Bible is a minor book relative to their book entitled, “Doctrine and Covenants”.

      The LDS Church’s “Book of Mormon” is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” which claims that the lost tribes of Israel where not taken over by the Assyrians but instead traveled west across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to colonize the east shores of the Americas.

      The LDS Church is in every way a cult via any commonly accepted definition of the word.

      1. Persecution in 3….2…1
        I had to do research on the “religion” when they recruited a friend of mine’s daughter through “dating.” You are spot on……Won’t even talk about Mountain Meadows and other such things……..

        1. Dear Itchy
          I thought you may be interested to know that where I live in Mohave County Az., still live some of the ancestors of the children that were kept alive after the Mountain Meadows Massacre. As a matter of fact I had the not so great pleasure to be arrested by the grandson of a cowboy I had many a drink with back in the day. I can’t speak to the Baker part of that Baker-Fancher wagon train, but I can tell you with full authority that the Fancher family is to this day alive and doing well in my world. LIving legacy.

  9. My Carpe Diem
    Just as an aside, I felt a earlier connection between P. Trump and Erik Prince when P. Trump selected Betsy Vose(Erik’s sister) for Sec. Ed. At the time I felt P. was looking for a private army. I’m not sure anymore, I now rather believe that P. has the backing of the Marines and parts of the different military intelligence agencies.

    I also remember that E. Prince got his face out there right after the Ant/Wiener computer was seized by authorities. E. was out there talking about the horrible things that were on that pc as if he had insider intelligence. It makes sense any modern or maybe not so modern(think Dutch India Company) private security firm would have intell as a major if not most important part of it’s business plan.

    It’s difficult to get a good read on P. Trump. He is a different kind of player, he lies for higher and lower purpose, He is his own dis-information and miss-direction agent. I know they all lie but his seem almost blatant, as if he’s trolling. I think my fav was when he said that he wouldn’t be going after the Clintons because he believes them to be good people. Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny, on both levels, he is going after them and they are not good people.

    Somedays I think he is brilliant other days just plain dumb. Today I’m thinking he is something different .

    1. Dearest Pieter Hi,

      Very interesting thoughts on President Trump and his plan to outsource certain part of the intel to a private corporation so Thank You for that. In actual fact, Private Intel/Security has been around for a very long time. I’m sure you have heard of SERCO and what they “manage”. Serco is an English company that manages many areas in the UK and in the US and many other nations. Serco manages around 60 air traffic controls here in the US alone. It manages prison and transfer of prisoners, traffic control and bid management for local governments in the UK. It also has a lot of hands in Intel everywhere. What I found the other day came as a surprise, but not a surprise. The CEO of Serco is the grandson of Mr Churchill the British WWII prime minister, how lovely is that! I do wonder if Serco owns 4GS another private British security contractor!

      So it appears that the United States government is not in charge of much and it is the private corporations that run the country. So I am unsure as to how “Democracy” is supposed to operate when the government is not the doers. “everyone’s guilty, no one’s to blame” comes to mind.

      Private Intel/Security entities in the US are not new. Have a look at the CSRA which is a private company that does lots of Intel work. I think CSRA does a lot of radio, signalling and other Intel works!

      In relation to President Trump’s plan to use a private Intel/Sec. company to do what CIA was supposed to do is an excellent one. If Robert David Steele has anything to do with this, I think it will be even a better plan where he has been talking about the Open-Source Intelligence which makes Intel work much more efficient and probably better. In fact, I am seeing an interesting aspect of the Open Source Intel with the Q-anon stuff lately that he/she has been disseminating on 4Chan/8Chan etc. It shows CIA and the classic Intel may becoming outdated and a new way of gathering data can be achieved better. However, the real reason as to why P. Trump is doing this may be that he has a major distrust of the 3 letter agencies as it is very obvious that their loyalty and allegiances may not be with the US interests and possibly to another entity! Eric Prince IMHO is the best to do this. There are too many bad actors and Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants LOYALTY, and if I were in his shoes, I would do exactly what he is doing.

      You are also absolutely right about the East India company and their own Intel network. An Intel corporation has several functions such as gathering info, disseminating correct and sometimes incorrect information, changing perceptions etc. Does the BBC fit into this?! All depends on how we may view what an Intelligence Organization is…

      HAve a great evening my friend.

  10. My Carpe Diem

    Thanks for the knowledge and depth of your reply. It seems to me the days of the EIC having their own separate intell from that of the crown was a better system than the one we have today. with corporate, intel, military, and media are all different heads of the many headed hydra Crown Beast System, with like you say the Gov not in charge or control of much other than tax collection and surveillance of said tax payers.

    Thanks for pointing out that what RobDS is proposing with his open source concept is in someway akin to what we are witnessing with the Qnon, chan4 operation. Good catch.

    Keep your guns
    And your powder dry

    1. Thank you Dearest Pieter,

      Very interesting stuff and it is a pleasure to exchange ideas with you always.
      Regarding Guns, I pass by the NRA few times a week and I have been there a couple of times. The museum is incredible if you’re ever in the area. I also agree absolutely with our JC when he says, “Americans never give up your guns no matter how safe you feel”. The founding fathers must have been geniuses for thinking of the idea of guns for every citizen to defend the nations AND to bring it down, should it become so corrupt and infiltrated with hostile interests. The second amendment is simply the product of the wisdom of a thoroughly educated elite who had the best intentions for future generations.

      So thank you, my friend, and let’s hope the people will not have to need to clean the swamp as I am certain it is being already handled by professionals.
      Wish you a nice evening,

    1. Hi Pieter,

      Just found out RDS is not in favour of Eric Prince and the involvement of the Oliver North in the plan to the private Intel. Personally, hearing the name Oliver North anywhere around the President is somewhat disconcerting as he was a Bushy clan member! Anyway, I thought you may like to read RDS’s analysis as to why he doesn’t like the plan. …he has been after a job in Trump admin but who knows with these spooks, they say one thing and maybe already doing something else 🙂

      PS. the LArouchpac link you gave out isn’t working…the whole site is not coming up either. I wonder they are attacking his site! That won’t surprize me at all…

    2. Dearest Pieter Hello again,

      I found the link you originally posted, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin”

      This one is the latest update, “Time To Bury Mueller’s Attempted Coup So the U.S. Can Get On Board the New Silk Road”

      Larouch is always no-nonsense and gets to the point. He does not like the Brits one bit…the British MI is all over the “Trump dossier”!

      Thanks again my friend, have a great 6th advent day,

      1. My Carpe Diem

        You give me work to do.

        Thank you for the advent day wish, I’m praying St Nick would visit his powers over flames for the suffering souls in my neighbor state of California. Amen.

        My Carpe, if I added an r to your name by typo and it became Carper, would that make you a Caesar? Ok, I admit that was perhaps the worst attempt at humor I’ve made in a while.

        To the business at hand, you have every correct instinct to beware anything O. North has a hand in. Beyond his Iran/Contra connection and involvement with that Bush bunch. O. North cut his teeth in the C.I.A.’s infamous “Phoenix Program.” A program of extreme terror and torture waged against the families of the Viet Cong in the villages of Vietnam. To say it was brutal would be a gross understatement.

        I suggest that E. Prince is also a proponent of the “Phoenix Program’ concept. Given P.Trumps rhetoric about going after the families of terrorist, I do find it quite disconcerting.

        In the recent past I’ve had mixed feelings about RDS, like you and that whole spy v spy thing, and I suggest perhaps I struggle with such high IQ people because of the way they present themselves. It’s different and a bit off putting for some, myself included. I find the genius of the man more in his written works than his physical presentations. I wish he could find more traction, there is no question he is brilliant and damn,he knows his business. No one works harder, he is all over the place all the time. It seems his #UNRIG tour with Cynthia McKinney has encountered a hurdle I hope they can soon leap past, we will see. I’m satisfied TPTB are aligned against him. RDS makes to much sense and threatens them. So.

        Dear gijon, has submitted a link to a Voltaire article by T. Meyssan, I found quite interesting, “An assessment and the perspectives of Donald Trump” I’ll attempt to provide a link to the english version, however I seem to be a ‘weak link’ in that department. I hit around 50/50, if you choose to check it out allow me to know if my link attempt worked so I can put it in my win column, it provides encouragement.

        An assessment and the perspectives of Donald Trump [Voltaire Network]

        Your and the entire Pom’s thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Mucho gracias Senor gijon

      Muy grande link, Senor Meyssan is muy good hombre!

      And that is the extent of my spanish.LOL

      Gracias Amigo

      P.S. Uno mas cerveza, por favor, mucho gracias.
      Can’t let that one out.LOL

  11. “How to Stand Up to the Kremlin, Defending Democracy Against Its Enemies”
    By Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and Michael Carpenter

    I just read this article by Joe Biden and another person, in the CFR aligned magazine. The magazine’s generosity allows reading this article for free, how wonderful!

    I thought to myself, how these people can defy reality in that it gives the impression that the cabal in the US are all free from any corruption, the Swamp is a crystal clean pool and not a swamp, that nepotism has no place there, and dynastical congress/senate membership never happens and Mr. Biden’s son did not become a high earning busybody overseeing the multimillion Dollars Ukranian oil company that the American people spent 5 Billion for a regime change there! …and it had nothing to do with Daddy’s position in the pecking order!

      1. Thank you rogelio. gijon there is no need to be sorry for having “bad English”. I was born into it and 50 years later I still struggle with it so don’t worry.

        If anyone would like to understand other languages here is googles translator. We shouldn’t let different languages keep us from communicating.


        Gracias rogelio. gijon no hay necesidad de disculparse por tener “mal inglés”. Nací en ella y 50 años después aún lucho con ella, así que no te preocupes.

        Si alguien quiere entender otros idiomas, aquí está el traductor de Google. No debemos permitir que diferentes idiomas nos impidan comunicarnos.

  12. I decided a long time ago that the only way I’ll ever give up my guns is after I’ve delivered every round of ammo I can get off first. Even then there will be a few tucked away here and there for friends and or family to recover after the gun me down. Just like PM’s, never store all your shootin’ irons in one location.

    1. Thanks Dane,

      I watched that short speech and his speech change is perhaps because of Dental works! Yet, the net result of the President’s declaration is that the EU is very upset and more importantly the progressive diaspora Jews in the US who vote the Democrats, around 70 percent of the total. I always thought the American Jews wanted the expansion of Israel, I guess I have been wrong about that then 🙂

      I would say if the EU is upset, then Trump is on the right track since the problem of the Arab (Palestinian) vs Israel will not be solved by itself. Also, that Trump is in favor of a two-state solution, which will possibly mean no conflict which is also going to upset the military-industrial interests! The truth of the matter is this conflict could have been resolved decades ago but warfare is a lucrative business, anywhere, including the Korean peninsula!

  13. JC, Does Trumps decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem help clarify anything with respect to your post. It would seem this will only stir up a hornets next but perhaps that is his intent? Your thoughts?

  14. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves…”

    Liberty – “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”

    Haven’t we given outside authorities this responsibility for handling our LIberty for long enough?

    1. Dane:

      One only has the rights that they can defend and hold.

      However, defending your rights can cost you your property, wealth, your life, and the life of your family.

      It has always been this way.


      1. Hmmm. So defending these rights only costs me things of this world? Sounds like help towards a transformation of self doesn’t it?

        But honestly the comment was more in line with what you said. That’s the preamble to the great constitution used to start this country. We gave these rights away through time and that we should take them back.

        Then again most don’t know what true fr

  15. Hmmm. So defending these rights only costs me things of this world? Sounds like help towards a transformation of self doesn’t it?

    But honestly the comment was more in line with what you said. That’s the preamble to the great constitution used to start this country. We gave these rights away through time and that we should take them back.

  16. So this post is winding down now, it’s time is all but done. Some now await with fingertips trimmed and poised over keyboards ready to lend all of their all to add, subtract, multiply, divide, to quantum and beyond. Fucking POM, I love ’em.

    JC’s for sure and other really good minds here. Why?

    Is the line I find myself a holt of Fibonacci? And I can hardly resist the urge to grab it’s wide end and whip it straight, SNAP,POP, SNAP it’s tattered tip, me only grinning this time because it did not cut my face. Fucking POM , I love ’em.

    It is a philosophy site, correct.

  17. I thought the same regarding the US Jewish community carpe diem. Perhaps we were only seeing it from one side though. A jew living in the US could want expansion for Israel but that may not necessarily mean they want the expansion of Israel so they can move back. Maybe it’s do to Trumps middle East travel restrictions. This fear could serve to keep the tax paying jewish population here in the states.

    This leads into the illegal immigration issue and taxation. Maybe they will find a way to allow illegal immigrants to stay as long as they are working towards legalization while at the same time paying taxes.

    Haha as Oz says…follow the money.

    1. Thank you Dear Dane,

      There seems to be a deeper issue which is a rapidly opening fissure within the Jewish psyche in particular within the American Jewish and the Israeli Jews which has a more historical root. A while ago, the Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely made a comment that enraged many in the US as well as inside Isreal in which she commented that the “Jewish Americans have it easy”.

      There’s a lot that can be deciphered in this seemingly simple comment. Yet, This, in so many reflects how the Jewish Americans to the most part view Israel since for this Jewish group, the question of living in Israel and to send their kids to a 5-year compulsory military service is unbearable. Yet, the state of Israel provides much benefit to the American Jewish community. In fact, I recall around 1979 after and the Islamist regime of Mullahs in Iran was completed, many of the Iranian Jewish community decided to leave Iran and settle in the US, for the wealthy ones and the not so wealthy Iranian Jews, they went to Israel. What happened was a fascinating situation when the Iranian Jews figured out they will have to pay huge taxation relative to their native Iran. On top of that, they discovered that they sons and daughters MUST go through a national service often having to fight against Palestinians to whom they had no understanding or animosity. From Israel, those who could abandon plans and found home through Jewish charities and left for the US, mostly the Southern California, i.e. Los Angeles area. The mayor of Beverly Hills was an Iranian Jewish man (Jimmy Delshad, 2010).

      The story of the Iranian Jews after 1979, shows why Jews worldwide, do not really want to go and live in Israel but rather perhaps have a holiday home there and send their kids for a one year tour of either a university to learn their religious language (Hebrew) and put that on their Curriculum Vitae. In my humble opinion, no Jewish American with a functional brain would want to go and live in Isreal as they are far more freedom and financially are much better off. Israel is an outpost and if they happen to be even slightly left-leaning, they have a schizophrenic thinking regarding the adaptation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. For the most part, such possibility conjures the face of a Linda Sarsour in the minds and how they are aligned to the Palestinian cause and at the same time how much time they love the idea of Israel as a strong hegemonic all-powerful nation in the region. This also represents the schizophrenic nature of the way the Leftist, Liberal, Communist or what have you looks at the world. They simply have a broken mind.

      The rich Jews in the US such Harvey Weinstein used the services of the highly skilled Israelis who have been trained to highest levels, for their own and personal self-interest. We have all heard how ex-Mossad agents were employed by Weinstein to silence his victims. Weisntein is actually abusing his own people in this way and drags them into his own dirt, but obviously cooperating with the devil, is a choice here. In other words, what the Israeli Minister said was exactly this, that they are being used by the Ameican Jews who have no intention of living there but will lobby the US government to pay for the latest military equipment so that the Israeli citizens who were born there and have no choice to fight the wars of the wealthy Jewish elite. I think this possibly explains, at least to a part the recent events after President Trump’s comment regarding the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

      However, what transpires from all this, is that President Trump can make one Tweet, and the whole world blows up top pieces. This man reminds us two things, one is the potential power that the United States of America has to make change for good in this world, something that has been denied from this great nation. The other is the recreation of a Leader Archetype, which we are all relearning. It is easy to see why his enemies are so hateful of him. Trump is changing the consciousness and the thinking of the Americans and the people of this planet that power and Leadership is something that humanity needs regardless how much propaganda we are fed through the UN, CNN, BBC and other globalist and other similar anti-human outfits.

  18. I received this email today and thought it fitting comment for this post.

    Interesting slant on things…
    Pretty Amazing!

    A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion: There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin..

    Allow me to restate that number: 600,000!

    Over the last several months, Wisconsin ‘s hunters became the 8th largest army in the world.

    (That’s more men under arms than in Iran. More than France and Germany combined.)

    These men, deployed to the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin, to hunt with firearms, And NO ONE WAS KILLED.

    That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania’s and Michigan’s 700,000 hunters,

    Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world. And then add in the total number of hunters in the other 46 states. It’s millions more.

    ________ The point? ________

    America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower!
    Hunting… it’s not just a way to fill the freezer.
    It’s also a matter of national security.

    That’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed. Food for thought, when next we consider gun control. Overall it’s true, so if we disregard some assumptions that hunters don’t possess the same skills as soldiers, the question would still remain…

    What army of 2 million would want to face 30 million, 40 million, or 50 million armed citizens???
    For the sake of our freedom, don’t ever allow gun control or confiscation of guns.

    (If you agree, as I do, pass it on, I feel good that I have an army of millions who would protect our land, and I sure don’t want the government taking control of the possession of firearms.)

    AMERICA! Designed by genius.
    Armed legal citizens are not the problem!

    1. A quick check on the numbers of licenses sold in Wisconsin show that the numbers are a bit off from that email. But close enough that the spirit of the message rings true.

      “Hunting licenses sold in 2017 down from last year” Wonder what 2018 will show.

      “MADISON, Wi. (WEAU)– The 2017 gun deer season opener is in the books and according to the Department of Natural Resources, the number of licenses purchased this year is down from last year.

      As of 10AM Saturday, gun licenses sold across the state were 465,166. Last year more than 477,830 licenses were sold.

      Gun, bow, and crossbow licenses sold were also down this year. 798,499 were sold, versus more than 812,609 sold last year.”

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