Alliance of the Double-Headed Eagle

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Russia Supported the Union During the American Civil War

The more research into this thesis, the more evidence I find to support it.

In the post the Confederates Were Democrats we learned that before the Civil War the Masonic lodges in America were predominantly of the York Rite orientation. After the war these lodges were converted and replaced with Scottish Rite lodges. This is interesting for a few different reasons.

First, as previously reviewed, the Scottish Rite uses the double-headed eagle as one of its main symbols. This same double-headed eagle was used by the House of Romanov in Russia. The importance of this commonality is found in the fact that Russian naval forces spent a good portion of the Civil War either floating off the Virginian and Washington state coasts, or further out to seas where they could cut off British and French access to the continent.

Though Russia was protecting its own interests from the alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire, which had defeated them in the Crimean War, it was also beneficial for Russia to keep the alliance from establishing a strong foothold on the North American continent as it attempted to reverse an uprising, and potential revolution, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which was under Russian influence at the time.

This should be considered along the same lines as the NATO Eastern European encroachment of Russia which is taking place now. Russia has forever been fighting back this encroachment, and the war front has been moved back and forth on a consistent basis for centuries.

Two years before the start of open hostilities which marked the beginning of the American Civil War, Tsar Alexander II had ended serfdom in Russia in 1861. The political motives to end slavery in America were understood by the Russians, which is one of the moral reasons for their involvement across the oceans.

The Russian naval command sent 7 warships to the Eastern coast of America, and 6 warships to the Western coast. The intent was to provide support to the American forces fighting the secession movement by the Confederate states in the South. The Russian enemies of Britain and France were supporting the Confederates, and even considered supporting them with military forces.

It is probable that the presence of the Russian warships discouraged British and French involvement in the Civil War. Moving forces towards the American continent also exposed them to Russian naval power, and could weaken the war strategies being implemented against Russia back on the Eurasian continent.

Some readers have commented on previous posts stating that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, and I agree. But slavery, and the economic benefits it provided to the Confederate Democrats, and in turn the Anglo-Franco establishment, which was aligned with the Catholic Church, were threatened by the changing socioeconomic mandates which were being implemented through the Lincoln and Republican platforms.

A similar threat exists today in the Trump platform.

Abraham Lincoln did run on a platform of anti-slavery, but that was not the sole argument. Lincoln was obviously a threat to the Anglo-Franco establishment, and the comfortable relationship he had with Tsar Alexander II served to compound the threat for the British and French, and the larger forces they represented.

Though America itself, and Lincoln, did not use a double-headed eagle emblem, there was an issuance of Lincoln coins which had a double eagle on one side. Instead of two heads on one bird, it was a mirrored reflection of an eagle, one on top of the other, much like a reflection when looking in a pool of water.

It is accepted historical fact that Lincoln was not a freemason, but he did submit an application for admittance to the Scottish Rite Tyrian Lodge before he became President. For the honour of the lodge, Lincoln retracted his application because he didn’t want to create the perception that he was becoming a mason for the purpose of getting votes and winning an election. This in and of itself is interesting, and is an example of Lincoln’s character and right-minded moral conditioning.

As a side line to this post, it has always been considered that the Knights Templar took their hidden treasure to Scotland. But there is evidence to suggest that another group of Templars fled to the East and found welcome in Russia. The war which the Catholic Church and France waged on the Templars shifted eastward, and the Protestant Reformation was a strategy by the alliance of the double-headed eagle to fragment the influence and power of the Church in the East, and create a beachhead from which a cultural and socioeconomic counter-offensive could be implemented.

The pattern is visible for us to consider. The Knights Templar flew the double-headed eagle emblem. Russia used the double-headed eagle emblem. The Holy Roman Empire, which replaced the Catholic Church in the East, also used the double-headed eagle emblem. The Scottish Rite used the double-headed eagle as its core symbol. The Scottish Rite was created as an extension of the Templar migration into Scotland as they escaped from land controlled by the Catholic Church and France.

Russia, America, and Scotland all supported anti-slavery movements, while the Church and Britain, along with France during periods of autonomous political control, all support the continuation of slavery. Scotland, in fact, was were some of the first court cases against slavery took place, and as such, was instrumental in building momentum for the eventual ending of slavery throughout the Western world.

This pattern of right-minded morality is aligned with the double-headed eagle symbolism throughout history. Almost without fail. While those attempting to overthrow and rule those of the double-headed eagle alliance have always supported slavery and other tools of suppression and manipulation of mass populations.

After the civil war the Anglo forces aligned with their American brethren and implemented policies and strategies to take back control of the nation through banking structures and the engineering of further cultural conflict. As these forces incrementally took control of the levers of government all attempts to strengthen a new alliance with Russia were attacked.

We see the same pattern emerging now as Donald Trump fights this very same establishment to heal America’s relationship with Russia. This will not be allowed to happen. The pattern repeats as well, as Russia, under Putin, has brought back the Romanov double-headed eagle, and Trump has reclaimed his families Scottish crest. This crest has a double-headed eagle.

All of this is taking place at the same time that America is once again embroiled in racial tension and talk of a second civil war is increasing. The establishment is doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Trump and Putin as well. These things are not a coincidence, and should be considered as an extension of the same pattern which has been taking place for not just centuries, but thousands of years.

So much more to come. – JC

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  1. JC:

    Pope Francis comes from the “Society of Jesus” (Jesuits).
    Along 500 years since the founding of the Society, he was the first Jesuit elected as Pope.

    As it is known, the Jesuits were expelled from South America in 1767 (by then they were also expelled from all the Spanish Empire) by King Carlos III of Spain, from the French house of Bourbon; ref.

    Where did the Jesuits exile then?

    “Jesuits were supported by Empress Catherine the Great, a patron of learning, who welcomed exiled Jesuits to Russia in 1773 after their expulsion from other parts of Europe”.; ref.

    Reading your post, I’ve also remembered that during February 2016 – just over a year ago – Pope Francis met Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia… after 10 centuries of schism between the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church; ref.

    ¿ Same pattern ?

    1. It is the same pattern.

      When you consider the full history of Catherine there are some clear trends which can also be related to the events of today.

      First, Catherine was not Russian. She was German with Dutch on her mothers side. The remnants of the Dutch empire, and its economic reserve status, was distributed amongst other nations and regions, much like is happening in the US now, as its Empire begins the process of fragmentation. This happened to all empires which held some form of reserve currency. The adversarial force seeks new lands and opportunities for its insidious growth and expansion.

      Second, Catherine married a weak Russian Peter. It was accepted fact that she was more powerful than him, and in fact eventually imprisoned Peter and took full control of Russia. From that point she began a liberalization process where she changed the system of law which Russia had used for centuries, altered the educational system, and allowed massive migration from Europe into Russia. This was early cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

      She started multiple wars with Turkey and claimed new land through war for Russia. One area was Crimea and its Black Sea ports. This opened Russia to foreign seafaring traders and the nation was flooded with the goods of foreign interests. It also represents one of the only times in history when England was aligned with Russia on war interests. This was after the fall of the House of Stuart in England, and when the nation fell back into the hands of insidious interests.

      These are all similar policies which we see happening today in Western civilization.

      At her end, Catherine attempted to prevent the children of Peter from ascending to power after her death, but failed as she died before anything could be stopped.

      As such, the period of Catherine could be considered a period were outside forces attempted to infiltrate and transform the demographics of Russia. Though she brought some good and modernization to the country, the core of her policies changed Russia for generations, and likely laid the cultural seeds for the Bolshevik revolution which happened a century and a half later.

      As I’ve stated, there is a vast and deep history to all of this. I’m only scratching the surface and warming up the readers for the complex and mind numbing history which has been kept hidden from us.

      Regarding the meeting between the Pope and Kirill, we have no knowledge of what they discussed. Future patterns and events could provide some clues.

  2. I fully agree with the post.
    Trump and Putin are trying their best to work together against TPTB, and it´s gonna be a long, tough battle in deed.
    Because I agree with their ideas and projects way more than with the other guys (in other words, I´m more aligned with the double headed defenders than with the one headed ones), I will go and put my little grain of sand to help them out in this battle.
    JC I´ll be “in the field” during the first half of September.
    These are exciting times in deed 🙂

  3. Mr. Collins:

    I have been keenly aware of the Russian influence in The War of Northern Aggression, The Great Rebellion, The War Between the States, or The American Civil War. Bring it on and bring it forward! By, “it”, I mean any and all information and instructions that provides TRUTH. In short, as I have aged I have grown extremely tired and increasingly angry at the continuing depths of deceptions and lies in all level of the American culture and economy.

    I discover long ago exactly how much I had been lied to from an expensive “education” in economic, historical, and political sciences. I realized to my dissatisfaction in the late 1960’s through the mid 1970’s that the colleges and universities that I attended were nothing more than indoctrination centers and well oil and organized fleeting operations. Subsequently, the deceptions, lies, and expenses in those same colleges and universities have only dramatically increased.

    I have been and still am a student of economics, history, and science despite my senior years. Anything close to truthful economics and history are no longer taught in any high school, college, or university. I have witness the deceptions and lies as I have lectured and taught at four separate colleges and universities as well and in various US industries for nearly forty years.

    The things or people that are absolutely NOT allowed to be mentioned, discussed, or examined are prevalence of the same cabal or tribe of pernicious and predacious miscreants, or as you call them “adversarial forces” that “seeks new lands and opportunities for its insidious growth and expansion”. Although, Carpe Diem identifies these “adversarial forces” as viruses, I identify these same “adversarial forces” as parasites. These same “adversarial forces” are conscious beings that care not if they have any “awareness of their evil”. They existing and thrive by feeding on and ultimately destroying their host or victims.

    I firmly believe in education and truth as the first steps in health of any culture, society, community, State, or Nation. However, TRUTH, is in diminishing supply these days. I recall that you once wrote that “ignorance ceases to be an option for difference people as different times”. What is need more than ever are a plethora or TRUTH Bombs that explode, enhance, and recreate by exposing the evils of the parasitic miscreants and their ilk rather than MIC Bombs that are only intended to destroy.

    Warmly yours and best regards,


    1. Mr Ozy, I’m more than intrigued, if I may quote your quote within a quote.

      “The things or people that are absolutely NOT mentioned, discussed , or examined are prevalence of the same cabal or tribe of pernicious and predacious miscreants, or as you say”adverserial forces’ that “seeks” new lands and opportunities for it’s insidious growth and expansion.”

      If I may be so bold to ask, Mr Ozy( may I call you Mr Ozy?) why is it you think all or at least most all will not call them out by name or even by tribe? My mind harken’s back to the famous quote by Woodrow Wilson, please allow me to paraphrase,’There’s a bad sum’ a’ bitch out there that even the toughest men in America best not speak above a whisper when they call them the sum’ a’ bitch’s that they are. If that was true then, and I believe it was, then the evidence points to the proof that it is still true today.

      Mr Ozy, why do you reckon that is? I mean even in today’s world no one, or few are courageous enough to call them out by name. Oh sure we hear names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Juan Carlos, and Elizabeth tossed about, I particularly like krupp. But are these the ‘the one’s?’ I subscribe to the theory, if you know their names they are not “the one’s.”

      Point being, is it because nobody knows what they are talking about and these forces, viruses, parasites are like some kind of unknowable God? Or is the fear they instill so powerful we quake like cowardly little children at the idea of the merely mentioning their names? I believe it is the rich and like to think they are powerful that fear them, the poor ain’t a ‘feared’ of shit, and are ready and willing at this point in whatever time it is to rise up and call them out by name. Let’ get er done!!

  4. To what extent this ties into the material here I don’t know but I found it quite interesting enough to share. While searching through google for relationships between the Double-Headed Eagle, the American Civil War and Russia I was struck by the idea that at one point Russia considered itself the “Third Rome”.

    Quoting from Moscow the Third Rome: Genesis and Significance of a Politico-Religious Idea

    By the end of the fifteenth century, a door was shut upon the past when Constantinople fell, and others opened on to the future with the discovery of America and the rise of Muscovite Russia. On her way toward becoming a great power, Muscovy evolved a politico-religious ideology of her own which marked her coming of age and her emancipation from foreign tutelage. This ideology was grounded in the claim that Moscow was the “Third Rome” and, as such, a successor to the political and religious position both of Constantinople, the “Second Rome,” and of true Rome

  5. The abolition of slavery was surely just the cover issue around the civil war. It was clearly an inferior system to the current wage slavery and would have petered out even in the south (where it had begun to lose sway already). The issue of state power was real issue at stake. The title The United States of America changed from the original plural meaning to the singular. To me, Lincoln is part of the gang of modern day tyrants: FDR, Stalin and Mao.

      1. Lincoln stopped the south from seceding at a huge cost of turmoil, pain and death. 625,000 men died in that war, which is equivalent to 6 million dying today. Bigger is not better except for the minority insiders who are parasitic to the majority outsiders. I favor the balkanization of the USA both then and today. I favor people I know in the UK, Germany, Bahrain and elsewhere over strangers in Arkansas, Maine and Washington. I would no more wave the US flag than I would support a pro sports team. Each are owned, temporarily, by multi-billionaires, take money at gunpoint, and change year after year with only a logo and a name as a pretense to constancy.

      2. “… Lincoln’s character and right-minded moral conditioning.”

        For an in-depth argument that offers a different view, read “The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War” by Thomas J. Dilorenzo.

        1. After all the debate about Lincoln’s reasons, or true intent (and there is much debate and argument from both sides), one fact remains undeniable. Lincoln did, in fact, issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on Sept 22, 1862. This was the beginning of the end for slavery. Lincoln called it “the central act of my administration, and the greatest event of the 19th century.”

          Also remember that Lincoln felt the best way to deal with slavery was to reverse the massive migration which took place under the Dutch slave trade, and send them all back to Africa. These are not necessarily racists views. Much like Albert Pike’s view that races shouldn’t mix wasn’t racist. Asians predominantly believe in not mixing races still today, and you hear very little talk about them being racist.

          America has suffered massive migration engineering for centuries. Our views in the West on race and racism are so conditioned that we can hardly even determine what is normal, or what our real history even means.

          I’ve been fairly quiet about most of the Lincoln comments which my position has prompted, but facts matter. He began the process of ending slavery. He wanted to reverse the demographic bomb which had been set off in America, and he was killed for attempting to keep America from being fragmented. The same pattern is repeating now with massive immigration and Donald Trump.

          I stand by my thesis 100%, as I have with the monetary thesis. Time will prove I’m 100% right on all fronts.

          Be very careful about what you read. Patterns repeat. Facts are facts. And everything else is just spin and opinions pushing an agenda.

          Also remember the Tower of Babel story and how we were divided to keep us from rebelling against God. Most readers know what the Tower of Babel stands for in the modern world. Babylon is an adversarial force. Lincoln and Pike held the same view – we should not mix and become one.

          1. One thing that seems to be in line with Lincoln, Pike and the Chinese people is mother earth.

            She began as one land mass that we have named Pangaea. Through time though she shifted her tectonic plates to divide Pangaea into separate land masses.

            This seems to be a survival instinct in that it creates diversity in the living things that reside on the separated continents. In this fashion an epidemic virus, bacteria, etc. Won’t wipe out all of life in one fell swoop.

            We found this mistake out when the Panama banana epidemic nearly wiped out the French banana that was globally dominant.

          2. I agree with the points you outlined above. And absolutely, facts matter. Lincoln deserves credit for helping to end slavery in America.

            However, his motives, a separate but important aspect of history, are worth interrogating, which the book I referenced explores.

            Additionally, many of the methods Lincoln employed to save the Union were ironically unconstitutional in the extreme.

            Parenthetically, I have never been able to fully understand the caution, “Be careful what you read.” I am careful to weigh the arguments presented in everything I read, but I have to read the things everyone maligns (the author of the book I referenced writes books that defend the actions and aims of the Confederacy) in order to find out what all the fuss is about.

            As always, your work is appreciated.

          3. It is his motives which are widely debated. Who do you believe? “Be careful what you read” could be better stated as be careful when you read, because selfish agendas are embedded in human study and action. I know you understand that. With each passing year I become less inclined to spend valuable time reading material which I have determined, for my own reasons, to be the false narrative of someones agenda. It is up to each of us to decide that for ourselves. I’m sure there are many who feel I have an agenda. And you know what? I do have an agenda. It’s been spelled out in many posts. It’s to empower people to look inward and seek their own truth within. It’s not so bad I guess.

  6. Here’s another little tidbit I found to curry the relationship between the Double-Headed Eagle and America in a somewhat controversial flavor.

    Palaeologus Family Crest

    Quoting a Google Book footnote:
    Mrs. Ruth Durlacher-Wolper has done extensive research in order to uncover the identity of Christopher Columbus. Her study concludes that the explorer was Byzantine from the island of Chios, Greece, that he was a memeber of the Royal Palaeologus family, and that Columbus’s origin had
    been concealed by Peter Martyr for political and religious reasons. In 1929 the Borromeo letter, written in 1494, was discovered. In it, Peter Martyr makes a secret declaration of Columbus’s real identity. Columbus sailed twenty-three years with his kinsmen George Palaeologus who was known as “Colon the Younger.” The island of Chios was under Genoese rule from 1346-1566 during which time Genoese fashion and architecture influenced Greek culture there. Columbus wrote his secret log in Greek leagues. The two headed eagle appearing in the Palaeologus family crest is found in the crest of Las Casas which may explain why Las Casas had possession of Columbus’s original journal.

    Mrs. Wolper’s book is titled:
    A New Theory Clarifying The Identity Of Christophoros Columbus: A Byzantine Prince From Chios, Greece

      1. JC,
        I just wanna ask…
        If the Santa Maria had the double headed eagle (what about the Ninha and the Pinta?) and it represented what you´ve been describing in your latest posts…
        that would mean that the “infamous” black legends against the Spanish Empire are not true.
        It would cancel all the lies about slavery and mistreatment re the local “tribes”.
        Wouldn´t it? I guess it could be included into one of those contradictory things of how history makes History (with a capital H) happen. I guess, I don´t know…
        Does that mean that what the British and the “Hollanders” (from nowadays Holland, the “Dutch” Empire back then) have been selling to the rest of the world is not true?
        As I said, just asking.

        It seems to me, as an irreconciliable contradiction, that once again History proofs itself to be totally impossible to figure out, to believe or to follow through.
        Reality can´t be apprehended in a global way ; everything (economy, sociology, political science) are only partial, and can only reflect a small bit of the entire social complexity.
        History is arbitrary; it´s impossible to talk about objective History.
        And the same applies to physics. Quantum mechanics proofs it. There´s no way that any “Objective History” exists.
        In other words, we are all slaves to freedom. Or to non-objectivity, however we want to put it.

        So sometimes things, or symbols, represent one thing.
        Other times, a different thing.
        So, when it comes to human history (same as with the Universe history, or astronomy/cosmology), nothing is written in stone.
        Ie, Russia (or ex-Soviet Union), back in the 40´s, under the terrible communist dictatorship that destroyed its society back then, has nothing to do with nowadays Russia´s double headed eagle that JC is describing in his posts.
        Thanks to life, or luck, or whatever it might be… it´s much better now.

        Thanks in advance.


  7. It is all a bit confounding, considering that the majority of lodges can transmute themselves from York to Scot to who knows what. Lapping and over lapping themselves much as the fortunes of war are in a constant state of flux and lapping and overlapping themselves with treaty, treaty, treaty. The lines between who, what, when, and why one eagle can grow a extra head or a royal can lose one as by guillotine, blur out of focus as the history told by the victors tells it’s tale.

    That being said I am finding the trends based historical account that JC is attempting to explain to us, and himself at the same time, beginning to burn through the fogs of war, propaganda, and somebodies history.

    If indeed the Scot Rites Lodges became the dominant force in the US after the civil war, how long did that last? I ask because it seems to me that the US has been more under the influence of the York Rite lodges since, oh, I don’t know, how about 1913.

    I’m somewhat concerned about Trump’s back to Afghanistan speech. Four thousand additional troops can be construed as but a token meant to appease the stupid old fools in Washington and stupider yet old generals( and by God they are stupid). Still I wonder is Dear Donald a double headed genius or a dunder headed tool?

  8. Pieter Segar:

    I am not offended if you prefer to address me as “Mr. Ozy”. I am only partially offended if any address to me is intentionally acerbic, disrespectfully, or condescending. However, be assured that I do not sense any of these feelings or thoughts in your request.

    It is ironic that you ask your question concerning the reluctant or restraint that most people employ to NOT call “them” out by name. I will attempt to answer your question in a much abbreviated response or summary below. However, I must first declare that parts of me have been driven to labor, research, and struggled to answer some basic questions derived from within myself since I was a very young child.
    • What is God?
    • What is evil?
    • What are the defining and specific differences between “good” and “bad”?
    • What are the defining and specific differences between “good” and “evil”?
    • Why are certain behaviors, people, and things declared or determined to be “bad”, “evil”, or “good”?
    • What are the identifiable characteristics of evil?
    • How is evil manifested?
    • Are there varying degrees of evil?
    • Why does evil exist?
    • How should I respond to evil when I encounter it?
    • How do I best recover from evil when I have been affected or inflicted by it?
    • Are some humans inherently or more evil?
    • And most important of all, why does evil exist?

    I must be honest and acknowledge that I believe that some if not most of my questions listed above likely derived from the deprivations and injuries that I experienced in my youth. However, I cannot recall a time when I did not have a drive and passion for knowledge and understanding concerning the questions I listed above. My desires for answers and understandings concerning the characteristics and nature of evil were dramatically intensified from my experiences with combat and war. I witnessed much evil while “serving” in the US military and while encountering multiple areas of Southeast Asia.

    To summarize, my discoveries and finding are thus;

    • On this planet “evil” is an ever present negative and reactive energy or force. From a physical nature perspective evil can be partially explained much in the way of the negative polarity charges associated with atoms and molecules or particular energy fields. As such, evil can and does oscillate at different frequencies and can be and is multidimensional and interdimensional.

    • Evil can fluctuate in intensity and can be concentrated.

    • Some living creatures and things are more prone to be an example of the concentration of evil than others. For example, reptiles. Hence, the historical physical representations of evil in many cultures have been dragons or serpents.

    • The potential for evil exist in all human forms. Evil can be concentrated in a human form.

    • Evil cannot create any net positive energy. As such, it can only exist by reacting with and literally consuming positive energies.

    • Evil attempts to react with, consume, reduce, alter, and ultimately destroy anything and everything with which it makes contact. Consuming and destroying is evil’s base nature.

    • Evil always attempts to control anything and everything with which is ultimately plans to consume and destroy. Much as humans control and corral plants and animals for harvesting and consumption.

    • Concealment, deception, secrecy, untruthfulness, and lying are evils’ greatest tools for perpetuation and weapons for destruction. Therefore, evil abhors and cannot tolerate being identified, mocked, ridiculed, or “made fun of”.

    • Evil will always rapidly and violently strike out at and attempt to quickly destroy anything or anyone who directly identifies it or call it by name.

    • Evil is very rarely as monstrous and ugly as it is alluring and subtle.

    • Relative to percentages, only very few human can understand and acknowledge that evil can dwell, grow, and prosper in any or in all of us if allowed. As such, most humans purposely choose to ignore any potential for evil within themselves.

    • Some humans are more inherently evil than others. For example, psychopaths, sociopaths, and schizophrenics. [For example, some banksters (and specifically international banksters), government “officials”, intelligent operatives and directors, agents, managers, and directors of “law enforcement” agencies, CEOs and directors of certain large corporations, the military/industrial/congressional complex (aka; MICC), and leaders in “religious institutions” and cults because by their inherent nature and actions they can be easily be identified psychopaths, sociopaths, and schizophrenics. As such, these agencies, businesses, corporations, and organizations are natural attractants for psychopaths, sociopaths, and schizophrenics.]

    Relative to my previous declaration of “the things or people that are absolutely NOT mentioned, discussed, or examined are prevalence of the same cabal or tribe of pernicious and predacious miscreants”, these creatures and parasites are the banksters and specifically the international banksters, “Neocons” influencing governments, those bribing and controlling politicians, and media executives. No one is allowed to have an open and honest dialog and discussions concerning the high concentration (relative to the general population) of member the specific tribe, cult, moneyed interests, and followers of the Saturnalian Brotherhood behind the destruction of monarchs in Europe, the creation of international banking, the funding wars and the profiting from wars for the past 400 years, and their enjoyment and wealthy lives from controlling and destroy other lives as they deem fit, proper, and profitable. Again, Cui Bono, and follow the money and you will find the same cast of characters are are in control. What or whom you are not allowed to criticize is often what or whom is in control.

    Oz (aka; Mr Ozy)

    1. Good Morning Dear Oz,

      I loved what you wrote about the nature of evil and I think your description is excellent.

      In the Iranian mythology (Zoroastrianism), there is a concept of Devine Glory (Farr) that explains how a person whether a King or not can lose his divine glory by consciously choosing the negative or the wrong path. This concept influenced other belief systems, including Judaism and Christianity.

      It also seems we are born with a navigation system which we call our “Conscience” which is our judgment tool. We all have it and some choose to ignore it. The following is a very basic and even crude description of Farr.

    2. No Sir, Mr. Oz did I ever in any way intent to be acerbic or insulting when referring to you as Mr. Ozy. It is just my way of attempting to establish a more personal connection with POM members. If I may suggest for short you prefer OZ, for me adding the Mr. to it is a sign of respect, so from now on if you agree it will be Mr. OZ.

      This may sound braggadocious but my truth is my use of old world romantic style address of comment has had a small but important effect on the POM. Not many but a few have adopted parts of my surfing style of opening with a MY, or Dear, etc, and closing with a, Truly Yours, Yours Truly, Respectfully Yours, ete, etc. Yeah that was me did that.

      I’m overly proud to be a mini/mini change agent, but hey it is what it is. That said.

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful and comprehensive response to my question. I was some what hesitant to ask you out, cause of your slightly different stance on issues, but I always find what you have to say interesting to say the least. And you did not disappoint with your response to my question. Except to say banksters, lawyers, the priest class, beggar man thief, are the one’s ‘NOT’ to be named does not but label a class or tribe of who these ‘sum a bitch’s’ are. Now does it? Give me a name , give me an address. No one wants to, I understand, they are either afraid to or really just do not know. The charges against these pyscho’s are immense and to hell and never ending. What’s the fear? Could it be these charges are against ourselves?

      I felt this posting of JC’s wa running sort of what I’ve grown to expect from the POM with only 14 comments. So I’m poking about.

      Respectfully Yours
      Mr. Oz

  9. Dear Carpe Diem:

    I am pleased that you liked my post. I trust that my brief and early morning draft of the results of some of my research and experiences made sense and can be helpful to you.

    Conscious beings in a human form are granted four great gifts. These are;

    • Life
    • Choice
    • Duty
    • A mate.

    Even those beings in human form who are more prone towards evil, as narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and schizophrenics, can still CHOOSE to not be evil or perform evil acts.

    For example, international banksters collectively CHOOSE to be evil by their deceit, fraud, theft, and lying to more effectively harvest the wealth and life forces from the great unorganized and unwashed masses.


    1. Thank you, Dear Oz,

      The four gifts you outlined is excellent and it makes sense. I will save this as I know I will need to review it as a reminder from time to time when I come across such gift-less people.

      In fact the negative people as banksters etc. you mentioned I believe do not seem to have any of these four true gifts and most live totally fake lives. I can also suggest another category of profession where the evilness is in high quantity and that is Lawyer classes. No disrespect to any lawyers on POM but I have not seen any genuinely nice individuals amongst this profession but I am sure there must be a few out there. What makes this profession so negative is that when they know a client is deceptive in any shape or form and they will defend it for monetary reasons only. A person with a conscience will have a dilemma in such circumstances I would imagine.

      Wish you a great weekend,

  10. Hello Oz,

    Ever since this morning when I read your posting on the nature of Evil, your words on what makes evil stayed with me and just now I found this, on Catherin Austin Fitts’s Twitter (love this lady and her wisdom!):

    “Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with Thomas Meyer”

    Very synchronistic indeed. Steiner was a fascinating and open minded thinker and his description of evil which he calls “Ahriman” is based on the Zoroastrian duality of Ahura-Mazda the supreme being and the negative entity, Ahriman.

    1. My Carpe Diem; If I may be so bold to share something that has been on my mind for awhile now, the bible. For many years I viewed it as a vast fake I.D. book, not much more than a land grab in fee simple. Not just for a little piece of rocky ass desert for a tribe of displaced persons,DP’s, wandering Jews, ‘just’a lookin’ for a home,’ but more a grab for the world as we know it. Today I view the bible more as passport, than fake I.D., with names and places changed to confound the innocent, an ancient story of man retold once again.

      As per example, without going into the God awful practice of quoting chapter and verse. Is not the first few chapters from Cain’s slaying of Able a description of a duality? Do not the listing of the generations of both Cain’s and Adam through Seth show us a mirror, with some pretty neat prose and mystery concerning some 7, 7, 7, stuff thrown in for good measure? Is the stage being set for much more to come concerning the age old battle between good and evil, evil and good? And isn’t it all drawn from the story of man from a much older age? Retold from Babylon for a new era that has now for and because of, ,language, symbols, cuneiform, phonic’s, scribes, Guttenberg, telegraph, telephone, tell somebody, radio, television, and today’s internet, find itself on a cusp of being retold once again from a ‘cloud.’

      Just wondering what you, or anybody else might think about that.


      1. Hello Dearest Pieter,

        I am now certain that through POM you, me, Dane and every other POM reader are somehow connected, at least synchronically! 🙂 The reason I say that is because I was listening to an interesting talk regarding the revisionism of history and religions in general…and I just read your posting!

        What this guy on the clip said, “Bible was about the natural law and not about religion and this is a hard thing for people to get their head around” made me think that what we know as history is all potentially fake. Jesus Christ whom I have deep respect for did not start a religion, the people did. His intentions may have been to free his people and possibly to guide them to a better life through kind acts. Starting a religion? no, I don’t think so.

        To prove that historical revisionism begins from the moment of it happening is studying the 911 and all the way to the recent Charlottesville so called “Neo-Nazis”. In fact, a Police helicopter apparently crashed with two policemen dead and I can not find any kind of funeral or burial for them! The young woman who was killed by the car driver running into the crowd also ends up as a potentially fictitious death and there are so many items on the alternative media about her double working for some think-tank etc. I did not hear the President mentioning anything about the unfortunate deaths of the two Policemen piloting the chopper!! Did that happen at all?! Not sure really.

        I have become a “news atheist” Dearest Peiter and I have lost any interest in what is on offer whether as a course in colleges or History Channel or any other collectivized institution where they disseminate “Their” stories and download them onto us. I have come to the conclusion that until something makes sense to me and my small little brain, I will not accept it whatsoever. I, therefore, do not “believe” in believing but try and “know” that thing instead, when and where I can.

        The truth of the matter for me is that as an individual parachuted into this reality with no prior agreements (my parents agreed to it on my behalf which I had no say in the matter 🙂 ) I have a choice of eating the cake made by somebody else with unknown ingredients, versus making my own cake with whatever I choose to put in it instead. I like to choose the latter.

        I also think that the Bible stories were a collection of fables and metaphors that were collected in various time periods. The Mesopotamian myths namely Gilgamesh may have contributed the creation of Bible, the ancient floods and Noah etc. have a much older history and I am certain Jesus didn’t make those up whilst writing his Bible as a creative writer. The old testament was also developed in different time-periods and has a lot of old Egyptian myths and fables rewritten by Israelites for their “own” survival. The entire purpose of these stories is to control society for the ruling class and they want to rule because they want to control the resources. The control the resources, whether food, shipping lanes, lands and natural resources, which human beings are a major asset they need a philosophy, wrapped in a belief system for the consumption of the masses. Therefore their minds must be groomed so they accept rulership with ease. As Napoleon discovered, all empires need a religion to rule the masses under their command!

        I wish you a great Sunday after noon and I hope you are nowhere near the Tornado region my dear friend.

  11. My Carpe Diem; I’m 1500 miles removed from Hurricane Harvey, still I was effected in a small way, a couple of nephews of mine had to cancel a flight into Huston to visit with their mother until labor day. They and another were to barrow my vehicle , cause their’s ain’t worth a shit, to drive the 200 mile round trip to Las Vegas. The weather in that part of Texas is on the wane , so they are going to take off this Wednesday,not by flight but by wheel.There goes my well maintained 10 year old pickup truck in the hands of two18 year old boys, oh well. I mention this for several reasons.

    Me and mine are deeply involved in building community and have been for exactly a hundred years in and around Mohave county, Az and Clark county Nv.. Using our skills as ranchers, farmers, fabricators, welders, tin men , carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concrete men, and block layers Not only people that can build a home from the ground up but put in corrals, dig wells , erect windmills, plant vegetable gardens and raise a barn in a days time. Was there a mason among us, admitted or preferred,? Yeah right like they would let a outcast, outlaw, outlier like me in on the secret.. How about a hand shake.

    So yesterday two hundred of us gathered in the Hualapiai Mountains in order to hug and express our love for each other. We drank, and danced ate side dish’s galore for sure and fifty pounds of ranch fed beef, lamb, pork and who knows a dog or two, but no children for God damned certain were consumed among us. Nor was much politics of the world
    talked about, local issue and who is fucking who was the topic of the day. I think we know what we have to do, and do it we we will.

    My Dear Carpe Diem, point and counterpoint there is a message in all the old books, from all over the world that speaks loud and clear to us of legends, myths, all the hero’s paths from wherever walk they took are meant to take us down a similar road. So no matter what religion attempts to corrupt the stories of old, they fail for the stories, legends, myths, and hero’s journey remain the same, to powerful to fail to any religion or belief system , the stories , legends, and myths stand alone and do not need the aid of a priest class, or governments to interpret or explain them to us, as I said they stand alone.

    There may not be a God or Godhead head as we have been taught to know.
    . Can’t say, ain’t been there, ain’t done that. What I can tell you is that there is a spirit not only in man but all things. It is that spirit that has brought us do the place we are today. Walking , talking, going on with our computers like it ain’t nothing. Developing a new language most of us cotton tops don’t even know a word of,except for you, my darling Novus Diem, it is emoji’s. A language of emotion, nothing new, maybe ancient as mater of fact and symbol, still a long , long , long way from replacing our Phonian word use. But coming on, like gang busters, don’t discount our babie’s.

    Back to point, what ever the hell it was, oh yeah revisionist history if it begins at a event, like 911. Could not one say like life, it begins at inception, and everyone born has a revisit of history?

    ‘Nuff crazy talk
    Later Lovely Gators

    1. Good Morning to you Dearest Pieter,

      I LOVED reading this:

      “There may not be a God or Godhead head as we have been taught to know.
      . Can’t say, ain’t been there, ain’t done that. What I can tell you is that there is a spirit not only in man but all things. It is that spirit that has brought us do the place we are today. Walking, talking, going on with our computers like it ain’t nothing”

      You are a wise old sage my friend and it is my pleasure knowing you. The area you live in ( Hualapiai Mountains) looks absolutely stunning and very mystical. I feel the sacred energy of that place by just looking at the photos I searched for on the net. The landscape reminds of my own ancient land where I came from, all gorgeous mountains and rocks. Such places always make me feel so humble and in awe of the magnificence of nature and the beauty of creation. I do believe in a supreme being that has no name and can not be even imagined and what you said in your wonderful quote resonated with me that we and all the living and non-living beings have a part of that gem in us.

      Well, my dear friend, I wish you a wonderful day and I am happy to know you are not near the tornado.
      God Bless and take care, CD

  12. Dear Pieter Segar:

    The “people” to whom President Woodrow Wilson was referring were the Jewish and Zionist Banksters that chose him to run for the POTUSA, funded his presidential campaign, controlled and manipulated the press, and controlled him after he was elected.

    In fact, it was these same Jewish and Zionist Banksters and their ilk and paid agents that formulated descent in the Republican Party and flipped Theodore Roosevelt to run again for POTUSA in the November 1912 election as the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party. The banksters’ plan was to split the Republican voters and get Wilson elected. The same bunch did the same tricks again in 1992 to get Slick Willy elected POTUSA.

    Jewish and Zionist Banksters

    It was the same Jewish and Zionist Banksters (aka; Creature from Jekyll Island) who crashed the economy in 1907 to set the stage for the creation the Federal Reserve Central Bank (Third Bank of the USA). Wilson was their patsy to sign the illegal legislation which was initially intended to fund the USA’s involvement into world wars. (I strongly recommend that you obtain and thoroughly read G. Edward Griffin’s book entitled, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

    I also recommend that you read the material in the link below. I will look forward to your comments.


    IF you want to know the address of these Jewish and Zionist Banksters then locate the address of the central bank in every country on the planet with the exception of North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Hence, one of the reason that the leaders of Israel and Jewish and Zionist Banksters and their ilk wants the USA to destroy Syria and Iran. It was the same reasons that the leaders of Israel and Jewish and Zionist Banksters and their ilk directed the USA to destroy Iraq and Libya. Also, acquire the address of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

    Cui Bono! Follow the money!


  13. “Western liberals are in trouble. Perhaps too late, they have woken up to the severity of the challenge posed to their ideology by a new wave of radicals to their left and reactionaries to their right. More provocatively, they are in double trouble—well aware that they are losing control of the West’s political imagination, but not why.”

    Hmm double trouble….double headed eagle?

    “Many American liberals fear that progressive radicalism, especially on questions of identity, has provoked a right-wing backlash that hurt Democrats in the 2016 election. These liberals criticize the radicals for abandoning liberalism’s ecumenical faith in diversity and harmony and focusing instead on a conflict-driven agenda of retributive justice. Yet the attempt to shift all the blame onto the radicals reflects an incuriosity about the extent to which liberalism itself is responsible for the current crisis. For instance, John Rawls, the canonical philosopher of modern liberalism, insisted that justice requires us to put the concerns of the least well-off first. This insistence exposes liberalism to a war of all against all, as people compete to be seen as the least well-off and therefore most worthy of attention—leading directly to the identity-based radicalism that liberals reject. Rejecting this theory of justice, however, would challenge the idea that liberalism has an abstract philosophical foundation instead of depending on deeper foundations in American customs, habits, and mores—as conservatives have long insisted. Unwilling to reconsider their Rawlsian first principle, some liberals are now scrambling to reclaim it from radicals by arguing that it is most compatible not with special pleading but with the one political practice that can ostensibly belong to all: citizenship.”

  14. This is excellent read regarding the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape in the Middle-East. The demise of Zionism and its brethren, Wahhabism and Salafism is a major defeat which will mean a radical change in the international politics at large. The alliance of Russia and Iran as an ancient alliance under the Double-headed Eagle which our JC has explained to us is taking shape in the region.

    The vilification of Iran and Russia is no accident and one that has been taking place for the past 45 years. The removal of the Patriotic Imperial government of Iran by the trilateral Jimmy Carter of the Democratic party of the US and a member of the Globalist world governments was a part of the ancient warfare between the two world visions. On one side you have the builders of this world, that is the Indo-European people which Iran is its founding member. On the other side, you have the Semitic world vision which has been in nothing significant except for money and gold dealing as well as the destruction of the buildings and falsifying history. Historical revisionism is one of the major enterprises of the Semitic camp and it is going on today in the US with the demolition of the Confederate statues in the Southern US. This planet is currently in a cleansing state which we may call a “Civil War”. The Winner will be only one thing, and that is the TRUTH if we consciously allow it to be exposed.

    After this civil war which should not be for ever, this planet will enter a new phase where nothing will be as before, but that depends on each and every conscious human being to be truthful to themselves and to throw away ALL ideological filters. In time, President Trump will be the catalyst for it all. Recall he said, he does not do anything, if he knows he is not going to WIN. Viewing Trump with any other world leader will lead to confusion and illusion. It is, therefore, important to LISTEN and to WATCH to what he says and his body/hand gestures very very carefully as the real subliminal language are written in codes, only understood by those with no filters…

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