Allah Cannot Stop the Islamic Reformation

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Using Jihad-Reversal to Forever Alter the Interpretation of the Muhammadan Law

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Over multiple centuries the Christian faith went through periods of change which forever altered the religions context and interpretation. From the Lutheran Reformation to the onset of the Enlightenment, the Christian religion and Catholic Church transformed from its regimented and structured past to establish the framework which carried it into the modern world.

It can be reasonably argued that the advancement in technology which the Gutenberg Printing Press represented was one of the causative factors which set the Lutheran (Protestant) Reformation in motion. These advancements continued throughout the Age of Enlightenment, or Reason, and brought the Western world into the 20th Century.

Changes which are taking place in the world today are also causative factors in the transformation of the Islamic faith, though this may not be as obvious as one would expect. The first hint of this Islamic Reformation is the wide disbursement of Muslims around the world. Comparing this Islamic migration to previous migrations which contributed to the Holy Crusades would be a mistake as the world is a fundamentally different place than it was 9 centuries ago.

Whereas the instinctual reaction from those in the West to this large Islamic migration brings about images of an allegorical Trojan horse which will release a horde of Muslim invaders from inside Mosques throughout the land, the more probable outcome will be that Muslim migrants will be swallowed up by Western culture.

There are various contributors to such an outcome. The most obvious is the insidious nature of Western culture itself. During the build up to the crusades Christendom was more disciplined and provided a clear oppositional contrast to the Islamic faith. The divide was well defined and when the momentum built the turnaround came with little resistance.

The Islamic migration which the Western world is encountering today is one where boundaries and limitations are not as well defined. Islam cannot be blamed for misconstruing this as weakness, as on first glance that is what most would conclude. But the ever moving cultural norms, flexibilities and allowances will inevitably cause fractures within those migrating to the West.

Consider that instead of an Islamic Trojan horse the West has left the gates open to draw as many in as possible with the intent of remoulding the religion through an incremental process of cultural and socioeconomic interception. This process would leverage the Islamic predisposition for Jihad against the very structure which Jihad is meant to protect and expand, being the Muhammadan law.

The decades of Islamic terrorism which have taken place have set the stage for this Jihad reversal, or backfire, against the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism. Anti-Islamophobia arguments and laws, like the M103 motion which just passed in Canada, are setting the stage for the framework of this reversal.

Though this may sound like a contradiction upon first consideration, we need to delve deeper into the cultural engineering strategies which have been implemented in the past and reflect upon their ultimate outcomes. Running parallel to the increasing Islamic migration to the Western world is the rise of a new modern nationalism, or populist movements, within Western nations, which are leveraging against the very same Islamic migration in order to capture the cultural tension and ride the pendulum swing into positions of power.

This new modern nationalism and populist movements have arrived with relative suddenness upon the Western political landscape. One year ago a large percentage of the population who considered themselves’ right leaning politically would have thought that the collapse of the liberal-left would never happen. Yet, here we are, after decades of political correctness and leftist cultural engineering through entertainment, education, and media, witnessing a complete rebirth of the political right across the Western world, from America through France and into Germany.

It has been speculated that the liberal-left attempted to push civilization too far left and is now experiencing the inevitable pushback from a culture which has in fact been pushed too far. It first started as low vibration rumblings from down to earth conservatives with staged traditionalist organizations appearing on television talk shows to prove themselves backwards and bumbling fools who shouldn’t be taken serious.

This pushback continued to grow in the hearts and minds of the people and culminated in the election of Trump and now continues with the ongoing emergence of the new modern nationalism. It is in essence the overthrow of the existing power structure, much like it was during the Lutheran Reformation and revolutions of the Enlightenment.

The regressive and receding left has been encouraging the importation of Islamic culture into the West as a last act of cultural transformation. It will be the nail in the coffin of the liberal-left international agenda, as Joe Biden called it, and will be the spark that ignites the long-awaited Islamic Reformation.

The origins and sources of the Muhammadan laws are as speculative as those of other faiths. The historical lineages which preceded the emergence of Allah from the pagan gods of the ancient world have been well documented but not publicized with effectiveness. The rock worship which had taken place in the region which is now referred to as Mecca can still be seen in the Islamic faith as millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca and worship at the Grand mosque called the Kaaba.

As each Muslim orbits the Kaaba, or Black Cube (a black cube is symbolic of Saturn) they are pulled closer to the Black Stone at the Eastern corner of the Kaaba. Once at the Black Stone each Muslim will kiss the stone. The Black Stone is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.

The pagan gods of pre-Islamic Arabia worshiped idols such as the Black Stone, which were handed down to the Muhammadan’s in the religious transference which took place. Much like the rituals and aspects of Christianity were handed down to the modern manifestations of these twilight language belief systems.

The very origin of the Islamic faith has idol worship and pagan gods as a part of its lineage. Just like other religions. In fact, just like other religions, Islam still practices idol worship, as can be attested to by the worship over the Black Stone which takes place at Kaaba.

The international liberal-left strategy is in the process of failing, at least from the perspective which has been promoted to us, and will take all ancillary movements with it, including anti-Islamophobia propaganda and mass migration. Those of the Islamic faith who have been “abandoned” in the West will begin to self-identify as moderate-Western Muslims who become embarrassed at the thought of the traditionalist methods of those from the host nations.

This will follow the same path which the Christian traditionalists took and will eventually lead to the full on reformation of Islam as those in the West encourage and promote a Jihad-reversal at home as well as in the predominantly Islamic countries. Western culture will betray the followers of Muhammadan laws in the same manner which it has betrayed its own lineage and those nations who have previously made arrangements for protection and integration.

None of the gods of the world’s religions can stand in the face the engineered cultural transformations which have taken place, such as the Lutheran Reformation and Enlightenment, and those which are in the process of taking place, such as the Islamic Reformation, which is still in its pre-transformation stage. No matter what fundamentalist Islamists think and promote, Allah is no more resistant to the human force of cultural change as were other god.

Allah, the youngest of the neo-pantheon of monotheistic gods, is only now beginning his transformation and journey from darkness to light. The template is in place and nothing can stop it. Not even Allah himself. The more Islamic fundamentalist fight to maintain the traditionalist structure the more they are digging out the ground from beneath their own feet.

For its part, whether planned or unplanned, the liberal-left is providing the shovels and encouraging the Islamic traditionalists to dig deeper and harder. The current transition-stage we find ourselves in right now as a culture will not last forever. The enhanced risk of open cultural conflict between the opposing positions is too great. Expect something, such as an event or unfolding sequence of minor events, to ignite the transformation powder which has already been spread across the Western landscape and throughout the Middle East. – JC

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