Philosophy of Metrics (POM) is the art of understanding the history of the world through the combination of observable patterns and esoteric awareness.  Hidden knowledge has been passed down through the generations across various cultural practices and arcane interpretations of the ancient mystery schools.  These patterns stretch across time and the spheres of socioeconomics and geopolitics. The symbolism used in our culture strongly supports the existence of this hidden knowledge and its application across the spheres.

All human externalization can be reduced to the fragmentation within Man himself and the quest for reconciliation between the worlds of matter and spirit.  The core principle of our existence is built around our ability to balance the forces moving us towards material and spiritual evolution and those forces pulling us away.  Only by following the path which has remained hidden in front of us can we travel inward toward balance and self-realization.

Understanding the world through such a lens brings a new enlightenment to human interaction and a deeper awareness of the living history of empires.  The movement of world wealth takes place within the spheres of socioeconomics and geopolitics.  World wealth is the accumulation of all individual human wealth, both material and spiritual. Fragmentation of this wealth represents the nature of our challenge.  Balancing ourselves towards material and spiritual evolution is the path towards de-fragmentation, or the return to wholeness. was created on December 31, 2013.  It documents the inward journey of one man towards self-realization and spiritual evolution through reflections on the history of material and spiritual fragmentation.  This history is alive now in the world as we stumble blindly through our material existence and into each tomorrow. On the inward path, there are no tomorrows.

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  1. FYI
    JC...I stumbled upon this website called the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) catchy huh? I placed it here not wanting to scare off any first time visitors to your blog. 😉

    I thought you might find it useful as a resource/reference. Frankly, it bored me to tears; but that's just me.

    The featured story is about leaked records of Chinese financial elites; yummy....enjoy, I think?

      1. Thanks dane,,,you managed to turned my boredom into mild intrigue; no easy task.

        I'm perplexed by the public rhetoric by known conspirators such as Cameron, Obama etc. to tackle this issue, knowing full well that they are complicit in the scam to hide this knowledge. It may just be them whistling in the dark or perhaps they are under some pressure to respond to an enlightened citizens investigation about complaints of their malfeasance?

        Should the investigations result in more rats jumping their respective ships then I say more power to them.

  2. From my experience work and life so far, I did not find many real ignorant people. What i found was indolent people and the worst was that these indolent people were most of them intelligent.

    I really like your blog.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ina-Luminitza,

      You're right there are many intelligent people but comfortable. Not likes to think, meditate, analyze and draw conclusions.
      That is the reason why manipulate us so easy that system, and always in the past.

      (Credeam ca sunt singurul roman pe acest site.) Cel mai mult ma intereseaza evolutia SDR).

  3. JC,

    Bravo to you on your website! Nice work. I discovered your blog through another sites link which I can't even remember after reading through your posts! Keep working, keep the posts rolling, keep up with the good fight! Thanks.


  4. Dear JC,

    I have been following your blog lately which I came across by luck and can't get enough of your posts,particularly those regarding SDR. Since you mentioned the Dutch origin of Bank Of England and its central banking practices,how about posting about the Venetian origins of the short-lasting Dutch Empire?Adding one more layer would help us understand the virus that has infected us all. Cheers and keep up the good work,


    1. I don't know what the post was so I couldn't honestly say. That particular site often re-posts what I write but I never post anything there myself, or any other site except my own.

  5. JC,
    Words to make sense of the killing of so many Pakistani children would be comforting. Last June I hit a benchmark of 30 years of military service and this loss breaks my heart. Suffering is becoming much too commonplace in the world. If these events are all by design, the architechs are pure evil.

    1. I think there are multiple reasons and purposes for attacks such as what took place in Pakistan. First, and unbearable to contemplate, it serves as a distraction from the economic machinations taking place. Second, it is the continuation of the Malala script, which is intended to promote the western school system in the region, with private investors, including Malala's own father, making huge profits as the schools are constructed and populated.

      1. just a moment to reflect, ponder, digest the enormity of such an orchestrated act of deliberate violence.... yet here we are again religated to commentary from the periphery. Rendering aide seems ridiculous if not pathetically disingenuous. Your contributions and those of your readers often give me reason to think about higher things. Thank you. I would/will/am extending a hand to humanity.

  6. Hi JC,
    It's been awhile since checking in last. Last thurs i got a call from my dad saying my moms health has fallen dramatically. Short story is an aggressive form of cancer that has intertwined with the spine at the base of her neck and grown towards her right shoulder wrapping itself around nerves and other things. Treatment is to manage the pain after some sessions of low dosed, concentrated radiation. Dad and i will get her mom afterwards then go from there. I share this here with you one for selfish thearapy and two with the sincerest wishes that with you and your mature, kind, intellectual band of travelers and explorers that an enlightenment for any may emerge. Ive seen the death of Soldier as we were getting him out of his gear, a mom break away from her husband and throw herself on the casket of her son as it was removed from an airplane, now it looks like the death experience is coming. As i told you i will help in a previous post- if i can help my fellow travelers make sense of their own burdens, i offer what i can.

    1. Sorry to hear this Thomas, and thank you for sharing such a personal matter. We all suffer the same joy and pain in this world. Strength is often found in the bonds we form with others. We're here for you brother.

  7. "Any new comers to Philosophy of Metrics would do well to review all the material on the site in order to grasp the totality of the shift which is happening in the monetary architecture. Most of what is currently happening internationally has already been reviewed and thoroughly discussed in the posts and comment sections. To review all material in every new post would be futile and unreadable."
    I've just been sent a link to your site from a friend.
    I'd find it really handy if you wrote a page in chronological order as a sort of "Dummies Guide To..." with just a few lines on what you see as significant world events over the last few years, and then add links to your own relavent articles.

  8. Hi JC,

    I've been combing through your material, and have been delighted in the caliber of consciousness that goes into your posts. You clearly have a gift for discerning patterns. I have known for a while now that the strings of society are pulled by a relatively few who continuously seek to manipulate and use humanity to their own ends.

    It has seemed likely to me that the powers that have been conducting these CSI have been fighting a losing battle for a while now. I see the ability of the US to wage large scale war greatly diminished. I also see information about what was previously occult(hidden) knowledge come into the light of awareness for any who have access to the internet, and a willingness to question/seek.

    It seems that you think much of what I had pointed to as good news is more CSI. It makes sense that the US being weakened, and damning information coming out could be helpful to the overall CSI. I find this logic to be only partly true from my current perspective.

    I find it convenient and quite accurate to view all this CSI as a form of parasitic consciousness. They(people, parents), mostly unknowingly, indoctrinate(inoculate) us with these thought patterns from birth because they have been infected with them themselves. Then the state gets us in school and so on and so on until we finally fully accept those thought patterns as our own and even punish ourselves to keep them in control. At this point it is a self healing program that is running. It effectively keeps the host depleted of awareness and energy to the point where we/they don't have access to enough of these resources to effectively question the thoughts themselves. This is the unpleasant state of most of humanity, and we in the US have had more than our share of CSI.

    The success of the parasitic mind pattern is in keeping our awareness lower than our ability to perceive it clearly. Humans lack of awareness is IMO the biggest factor in our continued control. My point is that I see humans awareness rising sharply in recent history due in large part to technological advancement. I know it could be said that it equally allows the use of CSI as well, but let's look at a more macro pattern.

    Around the 1960's, information that had been hidden and preserved by tiny groups of people for thousands of years suddenly became available to anyone who wished to ingest it. The world was ready technologically to share it, but I also see it as a deep impulse in people to raise our level of awareness. Before this time much of the information was kept occult-ed(hidden) in order to preserve it, and in many cases the lives of the practitioners.

    The core of much of these revealed teachings were techniques to raise our level of awareness, which is the largest threat to the current control structures. What I see is a still relatively small. but exponential increase in the number and quality of people who are seeking truth behind the smoke screen of CSI. Of course disinformation will also be increased, but once someone reaches a certain level of awareness their own ability to discern truth from falsehood increases.

    What if, because of all of this increase of awareness humans actually are throwing off the yolk of slavery/the parasite? What if, the old powers are struggling in and even loosing the battle for human awareness? I find this the most likely scenario from my own years of digging for truth. Maybe my optimism is naive, but just being able to communicate with you in this way with you, who I have never met, about such things is unprecedented in all of history.

    I have another variable I think is important, but this message is quite long enough for today. Thank you so much for all your work in discerning truth in the madness, and for taking the time to read this message. I am grateful to have such powerful mirrors available to share my passion with!

  9. @omoonmano,

    Fascinating stuff, but I wouldn’t spend so much time trying to contemplate some extreme notion of why humans don’t seem to “get it”. Yes, what humans are taught by their parents creates veins of behavior that run deep, but ancestral cultural vestiges necessarily prevail unless something larger can overturn them in future generations. On the grand scale of things, there are currently no such motivators for change, nor have there been for some time. Yes, the world is not perfect but you need not look further than the growth in human population to answer the question as to whether or not humans are currently “healthy”. Will that change? You bet, and then we will see change precipitate. My only hope is that this technological marvel you indicate can actually evolve to serve as a meaningful record. Judging by how it looks today, I would say that real information is few and far between and who knows how much of the good part will be left when the dust settles.

    JC, great blog. Rock on.

  10. thank you so much for this site. You've made geopolitics fun! Dad and myself feel like an international version of Sherlock Holmes, hahahah 🙂

    1. p.s re-reading my comment i hope i haven't been insensitive. I enjoy seeing strategies employed and applied successfully, that is all. The world is not a playground for dreamers of peace.

  11. So. Been lurking here for a while now and have just joined for at least a month... to be convinced that this whole SDR thing is not just another scam perpetrated on the masses.

    From the outside it looks like the elites needed to bump their debt fueled lifestyle (our debt, their lifestyle) up a notch. As governments run out of legitimacy as their debt(again ours) grows, they need a higher authority to foist "their" debt upon so as to maintain their position of wealth and power.

    To me it appears that the greed, deceit and corruption is endemic to all levels of government and corporate power. "They" create debt, which we the people(the ultimate creators of debt) have to pay back WITH interest which never gets created; putting us,the debt-serfs, in a position of ALWAYS scrambling for interest money that does not exist.

    That is the position the masses find themselves in, while the masters have all the power and wealth. The idea of shifting that debt to a world body and the eventual creation of a world government looks to me like just a further continuation of the master- serf relationship so beloved by the masters for all time.

    But, I'm open to being educated out of my bias.


  12. Hi JC,
    I cannot find your Nov. 4th article "Next Target" on your website. I click on the Tweet link and it does not take me to that article.

  13. JC: trouble reading your latest post (6/2/18), my login accepted but when I choose the latest article, I get logged out. Viscious circle here, please help!

    1. I just did a test login for you and everything worked good. The articles opened without issue. Are you still having the issue?

      There is a glitch happening sometimes when leaving an article and going back to the homepage. It looks like it logs out when going back to the home page but if you hit refresh everything reloads properly. It's one of the many glitches I hate with the current site.

  14. Accounting,

    I have recently signed up for a year subscription, which is billed to my credit card at $120.00.
    on June 10, 2018. Then I also was billed for an additional $60.00 on June 2, 2018. My question is the $60.00 charge for another year? My credit card company is trying to assist me in clarifying this matter
    but cannot locate a telephone #. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. You made two payments in error which you communicated to me on June 2. I responded to you on June and corrected your mistake by issuing you a credit. I sent another message just now. If you haven't received these messages you may want to check your junk folder. Thanks.

  15. Mr. Collins:

    It is not apparent to me how I may make another annual membership contribution to POM.

    Please provide me with assistance and direction is these regards.

    Also, if there is a "member's profile" established, then please advise me as to how to access it.

    Thank you.


  16. Hello
    I found my way here while doing my own curiosity research on Aldous Huxley. Your site is a wonderful resource for an active observer!
    Thank you
    Kelly Redgrove

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