Philosophy of Metrics (POM) is the art of understanding the history of the world through the combination of observable patterns and esoteric awareness.  Hidden knowledge has been passed down through the generations across various cultural practices and arcane interpretations of the ancient mystery schools.  These patterns stretch across time and the spheres of socioeconomics and geopolitics. The symbolism used in our culture strongly supports the existence of this hidden knowledge and its application across the spheres.

All human externalization can be reduced to the fragmentation within Man himself and the quest for reconciliation between the worlds of matter and spirit.  The core principle of our existence is built around our ability to balance the forces moving us towards material and spiritual evolution and those forces pulling us away.  Only by following the path which has remained hidden in front of us can we travel inward toward balance and self-realization.

Understanding the world through such a lens brings new enlightenment to human interaction and a deeper awareness of the living history of empires.  The movement of world wealth takes place within the spheres of socioeconomics and geopolitics.  World wealth is the accumulation of all individual human wealth, both material and spiritual. Fragmentation of this wealth represents the nature of our challenge.  Balancing ourselves towards material and spiritual evolution is the path towards de-fragmentation or the return to wholeness. was created on December 31, 2013.  Contact