A Transcontinental Civil War?

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Removing Political, Business and Academic Establishments in Western Nations

First there was the United Kingdom. This empire used the British pound to spread corporations, such as the East India Trading Company, around the world, and setup central banks which would create demand for the pound. The Bank of England was an instrumental part of this phase.

Second, there was the United States. This empire used the American dollar to spread Western consumerism around the world and build up the largest military force this world had ever seen. This military was used to hammer all nations which didn’t accept the central bank system, and the terms of admittance into the international monetary system. The Federal Reserve was an instrumental part of this phase.

Third, came the United Nations. This empire used Anglo-American hegemonic dominance to establish the concepts of international relations, economic sanctions, as well as the development of legal frameworks for a future global governance structure. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund, along with the World Trade Organization, were instrumental parts of this phase.

All three of these phases allowed for the creation of political, business, and academic establishments throughout the Western world. Each of these establishments, in their respective nations, interacted with the establishments of other Western nations. The web which developed from this interaction was insidious and all-encompassing.

These cross-border establishments became so corrupt that the task of infiltrating their networks and taking control of the wealth that built up around them (once their purpose had been served) required complex and intricate strategies. Borders no longer mattered, and the movement of wealth and people from the third world into Western culture would only compound the future problems which were engineered to foment civil unrest.

Massive African migration into Europe began to escalate after the removal of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Libya and Syria served as the gatekeepers of this migration. The water canal projects, and other modernization paths of Libya, and Syria’s alliance with Russia and Iran, had to be removed in order to create the demand for migration. If people had an ever improving lifestyle, the inclination to migrate North into Europe would not exist. The situation would have to be hopeless.

A similar pattern unfolded on America’s Southern border with Mexico over previous decades. The people’s of Central and South America flooded across the border into America seeking a better life. The traditional conservative Christian culture of America was undermined and fault lines of division began to form across the land.

In recent years these cultural divisions have been spread to every other Western culture through even broader immigration programs. This has happened from Canada to Australia. The cultural fragmentation is so large now that a massive transcontinental civil war is beginning to emerge.

This transcontinental civil war will take place in all Western nations as larger and harder wedges are hammered deeper and deeper into the cultural and racial fault lines which have been manufactured over generations.

The establishments which have built up around the prominence of each nation are in the process of self-implosion. Each are at varying stages of this cannibalistic sacrifice. The reliability of human nature has been leveraged within each to ensure a specific course of destruction is followed. Nothing has been left to chance. Everything is unfolding as designed.

As the transcontinental civil war spreads and intensifies, a new international force will emerge. The evolution of the United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organization, and International Monetary Fund will be born within their ineffectiveness to address the imbalances which caused the divisions to begin with.

World War Three, in essence, will be a large-scale transcontinental civil war which engulfs all Western nations. Each respective establishment will become so burdened with fighting this internal war, that the prospects of waging and winning an external war in the Middle East, or Eastern Europe and South Pacific, will become questionable.

The transformation of Western demographics through identity manipulation will accommodate and compliment the development of a global governance and monetary structure. This is the exact same script and strategy which has been used throughout the centuries, as one empire was replaced with another. Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, all were used in similar fashion under the massive migration of people and transference of wealth.

Some of the establishment people and wealth will find roads and paths to this new world. As they always have. Wealthy Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, and English, found their way into the business and banking halls of the emerging and foreign empires. America, for all its purpose, was the consolidation of all which came before it. Some of those same interest will now find their way into the grand chambers of the new global frameworks.

Violent transformations can be found throughout human history. Revolutions and civil wars are as constant and frequent as periods of peace. Both war and peace serve the purpose of transformation. How violent this transcontinental civil war becomes is not known. But rest assured, no opportunity will be wasted to reach the ultimate objective. – JC

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26 Comments on “A Transcontinental Civil War?”

  1. Guten Morgen JC,

    I`m somewhat confused.

    Wasn`t the message of POM over the years that countries/regions utilizing SDR currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, YEN, RMB) will be spared from major conflicts, unrest, depletion of production base? Aren`t the facts speaking in favor of this reasoning?

    War, unrest, stock market failures play out in the economic periphery (South America, Middle East, South Africa). And now a “transcontinental civil war” which is nothing else than WW III without nukes and short of tank armies? The adversary forces putting their production base at risk?

    You latest article “$33K Gold” adds to my confusion. I`m not sure if I fully grasp your message of that piece: sarcasm vs. projection vs. reflection of individual enlightening?

    What I remember from earlier POM articles is “Gold might fall well below §1.000/oz” in a managed countermove to the ongoing FIAT/SDR scheme (keep the trust in FIAT etc.) Please help me out here when you have a minute.

    The rise of cryptocurrencies to the “ultimate god mode level” of FIAT speak against a significant role of gold in the foreseeable future. But again, I might limit my focus to the material role of gold only as opposed to the spiritual dimension.


    1. Hi Steffan. A part of the POM thesis has always been built around some volatility in both the monetary and geopolitical worlds. You are correct in stating that I have suggested no all-out world war would happen. I still hold this position. Though I have stated that there will be regional conflicts and civil unrest in different places. This particular post is asking the question about a transcontinental civil war. This would be the people of each nation against each other and their governments. Not so much about governments against governments. Such a scenario could be used for its transformative qualities.

      I did produce a chart a few years back where I classified and quantified the periods of elevated risk regarding the multilateral monetary transition. I believe we are now in one of those periods of elevated tension and risk. Right on cue with my chart. Just luck I guess.

      I’ve resisted writing about cryptocurrencies for the time being because I don’t trust the flow of information. As an example, people are pouring into cryptocurrencies, of which some are now crashing and being outlawed. The wild west of cryptocurrencies will be the exact pretext used by some international institution, probably the IMF, to take control and manage the code for such currencies. This will eventually be merged with the larger SDR development, which is something I have previously mentioned cryptocurrencies would be working towards.

      Hope this helps clarify some stuff for you.

      1. How would people fight each other within a nation? How do you know who to fight? I live in the rural south where almost everyone is white and generally conservative (but not haters usually). And Christian or at least comfortable with other people living the Christian faith. These people don’t want to kill each other.

        There certainly are strong differences between the left-liberal and right-conservative points of view. But generally the left-liberal live in cities and the right-conservatives live in the country. Would left-liberals go to the country, or right-conservatives go to cities to kill? People where I live will defend their homes but I don’t see them forming mini-armies to go somewhere else to kill…

        1. Here in the states we may have seen an example of this in Charlotteville. I recall three dozen armed militiamen on site…to keep peace. Hmm to keep peace for whom? The armed police were there to do the same right? So two historically apposing sides are armed and both keeping peace for someone. Are they keeping the same peace or each their own peace?

          But ultimately couldn’t hired mercenaries act as an opposing force to one side or another?

          I believe Mr. William Walker from Tennessee did just that after the civil war. He was hired by one side of a civil war down in Nicaragua. Problem there was that he didn’t stop at that dispute he ended up taking control of the whole country until the original disputing sides joined forces and eradicated him and his mercenaries.


          1. I can see a USA Civil War happening if there are paid mercenaries…one side or both sides. And it would make more sense to me if these mercenaries were paid for by either the American Establishment or by the International Banking Establishment as a way to get their agenda enforced. For most Americans it would be a Civil War they do not want.

  2. Understand how this piece fits into your wider thesis of transformation with respect to the global monetary framework (at least, somewhat dimly perhaps), however, a (or two) question and a corollary.

    Isn’t violence and barbarism, tribalism, man’s nature? Which makes me wonder how this part of the ongoing spiritual and systemic corruption and fragmentation even when this transformation is materially complete?

    Lastly, if this fragmentation continues does it not by virtue of its own corruption the law of entropy ensure all become one once again? Similar to death, this fragmentation and corruption is natural. It is interesting to wonder how this manifests in the spiritual realm both during this transition and post-material transformation. Taken in conjunction with man’s tribal nature, this is an extraordinary path to explore and walk.

    Appreciate your analysis and sharing, JC. It has a sense of purpose and action.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The animal and spirit are attempting to come together and evolve something new. The pull of the material world, and in turn the animal part of us, is strong. Spirit has come into matter to assist and encourage an evolution of both. This new thing will not be of the material world or the spirit world. It will be the transformation of both. I’ve struggled in my efforts to explain this over the years, and I’m still learning, but to me at least, the pattern and reality of this process is obvious. Understanding it and attempting to share that understanding is difficult though. Add in the preconditioning of religious protectionism which has built up in this world, and the task becomes almost an impossible one. But I don’t know how not to do it.

  3. Surely non-terrestrials influence events on Earth, just as the French were active in the Revolutionary War. How active they are is a question I can’t answer. Are we a laboratory experiment? A reality show? Both? Or just a host to parasites? I don’t share your idealism, JC. The duality platform for consciousness is a poor one. Things get worse, things get better. Repeat, ad infinitum. Artificial desire pulls us along in a sine wave that’s akin to the movement of a drunk driver on a gravel road. At the bottom of the sine wave we have chaos and disharmony. As the desire for order and harmony develops our species zooms upward and reaches the top of the wave. But all too soon we tire of the constrictions of order and harmony and begin to crave the freedom of chaos and disharmony, and down to the bottom we go.
    I was once idealistic. The foolishness of youth and the misplaced pragmatism of middle age are behind me now. The survival of the desire cycle depends on endless pep rallies. They were absurd, surreal events in high school and they remain so today.

    1. Are you suggesting idealism, in its philosophical context, is foolish and a product of youth? The wise old sage searches for scapegoats in the stars instead of turning inwards upon the monster of internal madness. Do you deny the existence of the you inside? If you do, the words you present to us externally are the totality of you. If you do not deny the existence of the you inside, then you are an idealist. Your mind, your heart, and all the strings which attach them to one another, make up the inner world of chaos and order inside of you.

      1. I appreciate that the world I perceive and experience is the reflection of my inner self, but that does not interest me. I have two modes in duality: doing and being. In being I experience my self and my soul through a meditative trance. It’s wordless and indescribable. I enter it once or twice a day. I find it rejuvenating and akin to a probe getting recalibrated by the mother ship (soul). Doing is everything that is not this trance state.
        All isms are fragmentary, including idealism. It’s laughable that so many Humans take pride in their minds. On a cosmic scale our minds are C- quality, and yet so many worship at the altar of the Human mind. Our only strengths, cosmically speaking, is our emotions and our will.
        We are not here to change the world, but rather to be changed by the world. However, I have changed my mind and no longer wish to be trapped between a selfish soul and a selfish gene. Most think we either succeed or fail, but there is a third option: we can bow out.

  4. “Everything is unfolding as designed.”

    As designed by ___?___. Recent articles have highlighted the World Adversarial Force. But as I’ve considered more of your writing, I began to perceive this adversarial force as less of an organized “them” and more of a spiritual part of all of us. But here again in this article we find another reference to a design, which naturally implies a designer.

    I remember early PoM offered the Century of the Self videos. Very powerful and enlightening, they brought forth this notion that there is a “they” who are the guiding hand turning the pages, if not actually writing the unfolding pages of history.

    Never quite a J’accuse! Am I wrong to perceive that you’re implying the York Rite represent the World Adversarial Force and the Scottish Rite represents, I’m not sure what to call it, the beneficial force, in this tale of history? The single-headed eagle is the symbol of the bad guys and the dual-headed eagle the symbol of the good guys? The UK and US are the bad guys and Russia and Iran are the good guys?

    I’m trying to tie the pieces together, guessing really, while my muddled mind fails to remember all the prior details, hints, suggestions and innuendos, much as I did (poorly) while watching the TV series LOST. Well named, if you ask me.

    1. Hello jnottingham, excellent idea. If an adversarial force is “a spiritual part of all of us” it may well be in both York and Scottish rites and these rites are systems of knowledge as to how to handle our adversarial forces. One keeps us in ignorance in order to keep order the other promotes self learning, self actualization, ways of being that naturally bring order with them as a side product of simply being.

      This age old struggle has waged for many years and now runs through most if not all countries. Rome fell physically but the energy of that way of thinking survived and is now global in US, UK, Russia, N. Korea, China, etc…. since we are a global people the transcontinental aspect of this is understandable. If its in the spirit of the people themselves it can be wherever people are, like terrorism itself. Heck if we look at terrorist acts and why they do what they do (religious extremism) forcing one’s perception of a religion onto others sounds much like a world adversarial force born of a York rite. If we were to theorize on what would represent a world adversarial force born of a Scottish rite what might it look like? I’m having trouble imagining any since they teach a way of becoming that is self actualizing.

      I’m watching a series on the Protestant reformation and its really sickening to see the way these men Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, etc. were treated and suppressed by the church and for what reasoning the church used. These mens ideals seem to be were the reformation ideas began.


      ““Everything is unfolding as designed.”

      As designed by ___?___.”….Life itself? God?

    2. We all have the capacity to contribute to the world adversarial force, as well as right-minded thought-forms. The masonic division between York and Scottish Rites is the division which takes place between all human creations. It is visible in the division between Catholicism and Protestantism. It is the operative mechanism of all fragmentation. Each has a role to play. The world adversarial force, for all its efforts, serves the same purpose as right-minded thought and action. This purpose is the evolution of spirit and matter. Adversity leads to learning. Learning creates new adversity. Existence is pushed forward.

  5. Not so fast now with this transcontinental civil war. I can see it happening it many parts of the west. The parts of the west that have been inundated with a flood of immigration for the last 20 years, i.e. Europe, not that Europe hasn’t accepted immigrants for eons. It’s the recent flood I speak to. Yes, I agree that can happen there. I just do not see any civil war in Russia, China, India, all of Asia, or South America. etc, etc,. Revolution, strife, battle and conflict, I see those going on at the same time of the European civil war, sure the world is waking up, going on fire and more than willing to do battle for itself. Africa, the middle east, eh, who knows. those civil wars and revolutions have been going on in Africa for 50/60 years since the decolonization, the middle east, anybodies guess.

    Civil war in the United States of America, not so much, a revolution, You God damn right!!

    You have to understand this, your talking about the United States of America!! But for the Blacks, and I’m going to get to them in minute, oh boy am I going to get to them. The USA much to our shame is a nation of immigrants built off the genocide of the native population and the enslavement of the black race. Hey Baby it is cold outside. Not the first, and perhaps not the last nation or empire to be built in this way. JC, points to the new empire of the UN, and a future empire on the horizon ready to step in after they promote the exhaustion of one half of the poor killing the other half and in the process, killing half or more of themselves. FUCK THAT!!

    Join the Black Panthers!! These guys and gals were the dudes, dudettes, of their day. True revolutionaries, proud of their race and community connected. Strong minded, powerfully built, proud, and well armed, black men and women, demanding their rights and willing to fight and die for them. They were so threatening, the F.B.I. jumped up and through assassination, incarceration, intimidation, blackmail and bribe, destroyed the movement. Still and for the sake of a Christ type, and an always, a remnant survived. The Honorable Louis Farrakhan’s nation of Islam. Due to fortune(not un, miss, or great) the remnant does not have the appeal of the red blooded American blacks, because it embraces a religion foreign to the natural soul of the evangelical/African church. Man if you ever get the opportunity to attend a big or small, what I respectfully call a black mass, do it. The soul, full of powerful singing, and celebration during the worship of the spirit of the morning will get you rocking. Can I get an amen.

    Point being and I have to get to it before I miss it. This U.S.A. is different than any other place on earth, this US.A. is still a shinning light on a hill. The more or less original immigrants, the WASP’s, and the Black Slaves, the indentured Irish Catholics, come the Italians, Germans, Poles, the Chinese, the Vietnamese and more and more and more of all the rest, we love it here. The Mexicans are just coming home, the Muslims are huddled in their mosque’s for the time being. The Indies, the Pakies, the Hackies, the Sackies, the Canucks, check it, we all love it here. But for a few new boys on the block and some spoiled rotten punks, the history of the immigration to this U.S.A. runs deep. This is a history of a shining light on a hill.

    Are we aggrieved? You damned right we are. Whose fault is that? In days gone by I would say some kind of force, an adversary. Today not so much. We may not be able to read all with total comprehension or understand all that is going on, but, thanks for this, that and whatever, more people today can at least read and or get information/knowledge/wisdom thru emoji, if we must, to realize that we must struggle, fight, battle, to become men. Man.

    Not so long ago most man was satisfied to go to work make a buck, and go home to whatever he thought home was. And either pick up arms or send some of his sons to pick them up and go to die in trenches, for some unknown boss. Today? “The reliability of human nature,” not so much. Man is different today, outside of all the deafening noise we are bombarded with 24/7 is a man who spends quiet time with his family and more so in his own time, thinking and dreaming of a better world. Not so much for himself, but more for his children and grand ect. ect.. That is the more powerful reliability of human nature. Don’t give up on man, and never underestimate his nature.

    I don’t know. I got spirits around me in everything I do. From the air I breath, water I drink, food I eat. The spirits of the, all, the spirits of the people I meet/touch/connect with, are always not just visible, but more with mine, feeling each other.

    Is there going to be a revolution? Hell yes. Is there going to be a civil war in America?
    Not on my watch.

    1. There are few rules in history, which you actually allude to.

      A major one is this: diversity plus proximity equals war.

      You present a very pedestrian account of diversity propagandized by every mass media outlet and university in America. It’s easy to believe when you’ve heard of little else.

      But, human nature is what it is. And all of the hackies and sackies you describe couldn’t care less about you, and certainly won’t fight and die to preserve your way of life or even your life in general.

      1. Dear Mr Machus. I believe you make my point for me. They can try to throw a civil war if they want to, but nobody is going to show up. For instance who is going to fight who? I mean after all, for there to be a war don’t you have to have at least two sides?

        My point is not that the Sackies or the Hackies care about me, but that they like it here and care about themselves.

        Just like the summer of rage that was pushed and promoted by MSM didn’t happen, neither will this civil war. A few inner city skirmish’s, sure but nothing on any grand scale. Hey, that’s my opinion, if i’m wrong, I’m wrong let’s wait and see. At any rate I don’t see any reason for you to be insulting. Unless your just put off by my use of the terms Hackies and Sackies, I didn’t realize their were actually such groups.

        I had hoped that the point of my post was to show that immigration to the US has been a long drawn out affair with a couple of hundred of years for all to accept and adjust to. Versus the recent tidal wave of immigration in Europe, and in so much I thought I had a valid point believing that a civil war type scenario would have a much more likely chance of happening there than here.

        If you read my entire previous post you will notice I said “I do nor know”. I hope that this additional clarification helps, Mr. Machus.(may I call you Mr. Machus?)


        1. The difference in the latest waves of U.S. immigration is that these waves have been with the intent to plunder, rather than join and grow, the American Idea.

          I think any civil war will be short lived, and heavily concentrated in the entitlement communities of major urban centers. They demand to expropriate the value of others labor just because they want it! The great broad populations of flyover country will be relatively unscathed, because they are not in proximity to those hoards of unproductive locusts. The locusts will feed upon themselves, until the hives die off.

          The current movements to tear down the cultural symbols of posterity, from CSA generals to the Founding Fathers and Constitution themselves, is indicative of the hives stirring. Well-meaning Americans are giving them the benefit of the doubt for now, but there will come a trigger point that stiffen the backs of true Americans. They will then say, “No more!”, and the reactive violence and self-cannibalization of the hives will begin.

  6. Is civil war or civil unrest a reflection of the inward battle within? As the masses seem to be in the midst of going insane I must ask what makes them appear that way? Could it be civil unrest in the minds, a collective of adversarial forces becoming world adversary forces?

  7. Mr. Collins:

    You have more than once in your posts of late referred to “adversarial forces”.

    In your opinion, or from your perspective, exactly what or who are these “adversarial forces” to which you refer?

    Can you comfortably describe and identify these “adversarial forces”?

    I am sincerely interested in your descriptions and perspective. Please advise. Thank you.


    1. Hey Oz I believe they are the weaknesses inside all of us. Weakness to resisting what we know to be right. If we cave into them and satisfy them they become world adversarial forces.

      So how do we know what is right? I guess by listening to our hearts. I’ve just pretty much always known, whether I’ve chosed right or wrong matters not the feeling is still vibrating inside me. Like voices telling me one way or another. Just depends on how much I “want” I guess. But what if I want right really bad?

      1. You’re exactly right Dane. The adversarial force exists within each of us to varying degrees. No one is immune. Some express this force to a greater extent than others, but all people express its externalizations of corruption and fragmentation.

        Hollywood and Jews are always a favourite target of this externalization, as we attempt to blame some outside force or influence for the problems in our world. Yes, Hollywood has been used to produce massive cultural engineering and propaganda, while spreading debauchery and undermining the ideals and values of Western Christian culture, but to blame one ethnic or religious group for this is absurd.

        Sure, a certain demographic may be used to develop and spread such material, but it is not inclusive. Because some Jews are involved in Hollywood doesn’t mean all Jews are involved. And keep in mind that Hollywood is also infested with all demographics and people seeking to externalize their own version of corruption. Just this morning I saw a commercial for the new Bad Moms movie, which of course is a degenerate journey into all of the things that have weakened Western culture. This movie has been made with the tools developed by Hollywood, but is being produced and financed by a Chinese company, as are more and more movies nowadays.

        This supports what we are stating about the adversarial force and its origins within each of us. The history of the world is the history of this force being manifested from within all cultures and peoples. No one, and nothing is immune. Including each one of us as individuals.

        1. Thanks JC! That is a great perspective. The same could most likely be said for many societies, organizations, religions and such. Hahaha…One bad apple spoils the barrel, but from a different angle. The entire barrel is blamed for one bad apple. All for one and one for all 🙂

          As I stare down the throat of a monster of a hurricane looking for land to devour, I ponder as to who didn’t manage their adversarial forces….She’s been a beautiful force to study but what has been amazing to understand is how even though the meteorologists repeat over and over that any prediction beyond a three day forecast is speculation at best. But so many still only focus on the five day forecast building fear upon fear, anxiety upon anxiety.

          As people wait in line to purchase supplies they begin to hear and tell fearful anxious stories. Each one building the fear in others as well as themselves based on a speculative five day forecast. Today one dude headbutted another over plywood. Guess jail will be a secure place for them to ride out the storm. Too bad for their families though. At the grocery store one guy snatched an old lady’s purse, wish I could have seen the outcome but the channel switched to the storm and cut it off. I wonder if others in line jumped the guy or just stood and watched?

          Coming home from work the gas stations were taped off because they have run out of fuel. Dang half a tank and the storm doesn’t arrive until early Saturday morning. Oh well the work truck is full so as long as I have enough to get to that I’m golden. Grocery stores are out of water but I guess people forget about tap water. Fill the bathtub, fill jugs and freeze them in case the power goes out so they can keep your meats cold, when they thaw they are drinking water.

          From the business side demand allows them to increase their prices. It’s been so bad there are actually laws against “price gouging” to excessively high rates. But some still get caught doing just that. How many got away? Too many to count. But I bet they are friends with the guys on the boat they caught with 400+ illegal lobster tails. Two guys, how can they eat so many? Probably selling them to a seafood restaurant. Damn those unmanaged adversarial forces. But how many boats didn’t get caught? Too many to count, we have so many seafood restaurants….we have so many people.

          I haven’t heard anyone expressing concern for Texas and Louisiana in their haste of self preservation. If this storm doesn’t turn north in the Atlantic Irma may continue on course right up that way. That would be a horrible second punch.

          1. Thanks redjon. Will do, she seems to be turning north so we have to keep the Bahamians in our hearts. Looks like they might get to peek right up through the eye of the storm. Man, cat 5 with sustained 175 mph winds, 15 to 25 foot high storm surge. It will be like a tsunami for them.

        2. “This movie has been made with the tools developed by Hollywood, but is being produced and financed by a Chinese company, as are more and more movies nowadays. ”

          Those commies! I might have known!! [tongue firmly in cheek]

  8. This is a fascinating short interview with Gregory Copley of International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA). He is a defense and strategy specialist. Copely explains what is going on, namely, The current war between what he calls the Urban globalists (city intellectuals, of Leftist/collectivist views) versus the Nationalists (regionalists) that is the people who believe in nation states. He has written numerous books and he predicted the rise of nationalism worldwide.


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