A Savage Desperation

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How the Establishment Media is Committing Suicide & Why Clinton Cannot Win

By JC Collins

With each passing day the desperation coming from the establishment media in the west is becoming more obvious.  The constant hit pieces on Donald Trump roll from one to the other with little interruption. News is beginning to leak out that the orders to stop Trump from becoming president have been issued from the very top of the American establishment.

The ongoing WikiLeaks documents are taking a toll on the Clinton campaign and the response of the establishment is to hit back with fabricated stories and coming at Trump from every possible angle.  After the “pussy grabbing” video the establishment media pushed the script of Trump dropping out of the campaign.

This was a clear act of desperation.  If Clinton was truly ahead and Trump didn’t stand a chance of winning there would be no calls for him to drop out.  They need Donald to drop out for the simple fact that Clinton cannot win against him.

The other tactic included pushing the Republican establishment to force him off the ticket.  This has not gained traction either and Trump continues to steamroll forward to November 8th and victory.

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy I have been suggesting that he represents the international banking interest.  These interests are now concerned with balancing the global monetary system and shifting some power away from the American establishment.  There is a segment of the American establishment which does not wish to willingly relinquish the power which they have had for almost a century.

The alignment between Trump and Russia is not a coincidence, or an accident.  Russia, alongside BRICS members China and India, are positioning geopolitically for this global realignment.  The US military movements in the world are reflective of the establishments desire to hang on to their control and hegemony.

This stubbornness and greediness has pushed the world to the brink of war.  The American establishment is beginning to crash into the wall of multilateral interests.  This is taking place in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, as well as the South China Sea.  This represents a multi-front war which the US cannot win.  Further acts of desperation could lead to nuclear exchanges.

Donald Trump has expressed his understanding of the situation and has openly suggested that Russia is not behind the Democratic email hacks.  The amount of western propaganda directed at Putin and Russia has reached insane levels.

A Russian government official stated today that the election of Trump means peace in the world and the election of Clinton will mean nuclear war.  Such a statement should not be taken lightly.  Especially taken with other events and news stories which are breaking, such as Russia calling home students of officials who are studying abroad and running nuclear drills in Moscow.

It has always been my contention that war will be avoided during this monetary transition.  It still is, but we may go to the very brink before saner minds get control and pull us back from the edge of destruction.

There is no doubt that we are in the danger zone between now and the election.  Even after the election a Trump victory could be derailed if war breaks out.  Between now and January we are under increased risk of a larger war globally.

The establishment media is complicit in this movement towards war.  Their twisting and distortion of real world events is one of the greatest tragedies of the modern world.  The bias and misrepresentation has become so obvious that even the younger generations are waking to the fraud.

The availability of alternative news sources and social media have provided the masses another method of gaining access to knowledge.  This is not an accident. The internet serves as the base for this new source.  Interestingly enough, on the day that the new SDR basket currency became effective (including the Chinese currency), control of the internet passed from the American establishment to an international body represented within the United Nations.

The very tools which the American establishment have used on the international community to spread and maintain hegemony will now be used against it.  The international banking interest which have allowed the US to gain so much power implanted the means to take away that power within the very framework of the establishments’ construction.

The implicit bias being openly expressed and promoted by the establishment media will forever destroy the trust of the masses.  This will leave an opening which will be filled by new sources of information which will be provided by the international banking interests.  Seeds of this have already been planted.

Clinton represents the old American political world which is no longer required.  Trump represents the role which America will take on in the multilateral monetary framework.  Will the establishment recognize their position and act accordingly?  Or will it take a massive war to remove the American machine from the hegemonic halls of global power?

I would encourage readers to revisit the post titled Brexit – The New Modern-Nationalism is Global Governance.  Global government is shifting its image and will be repacked as a new modern-nationalism.  Don’t be fooled by the calls for America first.  The benefits to the American masses under the multilateral monetary system just so happen to align with those of the international banking interests.  These will be increased jobs and wealth.  This is what Trump is calling for.  The script playing out has been engineered over decades with nothing left to chance.

There will be no room in this new world for the bias media which represents the old US micro-establishment.  – JC