A New American Moment

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How POM Nailed the Future Pattern in the Past

During the State of the Union Address President Trump called this time period a “New American Moment”. No big surprise for us here on POM. This is exactly what we have been expecting for years.

Back on April 9, 2014, almost 4 years ago, and over a year before Trump announced he would be running for President, an article was published on POM titled “The New Industrialization of America – End Game Strategies and Infrastructure Investment”. The fact that President Trump has been extremely successful at bringing factories and jobs back to America, as well as announcing a huge infrastructure investment plan at the SOTU, brings more credibility to past articles such as this one.

From that post:

The people of the United States need not fear a devaluation of the dollar or its removal as the worlds primary reserve currency.  Nor do we need to fear a so-called World War Three scenario.  All the central banks and their associated countries, as well as industrial cross-border investments, and sociological centralization, has not occurred only to throw it all away on needless war.”

”America will roar back to life with a re-industrialization program that will see exports explode as the exchange rate of the dollar will be in line with the rest of world.”

Since Trump took office the dollar has been depreciating, tax cuts have commenced, and jobs are returning to America. The article did get some timeline issues wrong around the SDR and sovereign debt re-structuring, but those things could still come, but in a different format than we were anticipating.

On February 9, 2016, just about 2 years ago, another article was published on POM called “A New American Century – How a reduction in China’s reserves will create US Jobs”. That title is curiously close to the phrase A New American Moment used by Trump.

From that post:

The more we learn about this monetary transition the more we can begin to see that the US monetary and geopolitical strategists have been busy positioning American interests.  A reduction of USD denominated foreign exchange reserves will allow America to depreciate the dollar and increase exports.  It will also allow them to once again put domestic needs before international needs.”

“This monetary transition does not signal the end of American prominence.  In all probability, it could signal the beginning of a new American century of growth and prosperity.  A prosperity which will be shared around the world as the imbalances in global wealth are corrected.  This is the framework which will see the world model encompass new technologies and bridge new roads into the future.”

Throughout 2017 Chinese holdings of US Treasury bonds did decrease and had an uptick again near the end of the year. Alignment and timing aside, the process of reducing USD foreign exchange reserves while increasing the interest rate and incrementally depreciating the dollar against the renminbi, yen, euro, and pound, will only continue to bring jobs back to America.

Tariffs that may be targeted by Trump against China will only provide the monetary authorities in Beijing with the pretext to reduce US bonds even further. It all plays out as planned.

Both of the above referenced articles, not to mention numerous others on POM over the years, clearly show that the trend was known, with but minor fluctuations in the timeline and micro events.

There is a pattern of introvert cycles which I am stricken with. It comes and goes at 3 to 6 month intervals. It’s been like that my whole life. Though I’m somewhat use to it, there is always a longing for a reliable baseline. It always helps to go back over the years and read the previous articles. We have all come so far in our understanding of the systems of the world, but the fundamental understanding of this system, and the need for change within that system, is what attracted most of us to POM, and has kept many of us here through the ups and downs of the changing world narrative.

At the end of the day, the foundation we have all built here is as good, or better, than most others out there. My promise has always been to research a lot, write the truth based on facts, and shine the philosophical light of self-awareness on our dark regions of self-denial and self-worship.

It will be up to all of you to determine how successful POM has been at this objective.

Expanding now with videos of varying subjects and style, and broadening our understanding of the emerging world of blockchain technology, will only enrich the POM experience. Just please bare with me as I sludge my way through work, life, research, writing, video editing, and the downward inner spiral of introvert madness. The different JC’s are always around somewhere, fighting the Crown Beast and deciphering the new manifestations of fragmentation.   – JC

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4 Comments on “A New American Moment”

  1. Hi JC (and all the regular POM readers),

    Many thanks for the always welcome brain candy. Hard to believe it comes from a bar room brawler! 🙂

    I’ve spent far more time here reading than commenting because it’s generally easier to learn when my mouth is shut or when I’m not tapping on a keyboard.

    I found both the articles and comments here to be very enlightening and grounded. Those in my regular haunts seem to disagree but hey, I march to the beat of my own drummer and have been pretty pleased with the results so far.

    I’m not a big Trump supporter. Didn’t vote for him. I actually cancelled my voter registration last year after concluding that the US political system was hopelessly corrupt. Since before my birth, regardless of who controlled Congress and the WH, very little has gone in favor of the citizenry and the overall trajectory of the country has been sewer bound. Lately though, I’ve noticed that things, lots of things, are going on behind the scenes and just under the surface that indicate a monumental shift is about to take place. Could be my own drum telling me that but other, more visible things are indeed going on that do seem to be turning the tide here in the formerly great USA. So much so that I now believe the USA will be great again.

    I’m confused by Trump despite seeing the good that he is bringing about as well as what seems to be waiting to break. I’m confused by Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel so if anyone can point me to a macro understanding of that I’d appreciate it. I’d also like to know what JC and the regulars here think about the role of precious metals going forward? Trump and his effects on the economy do not seem like a flash in the pan to me. He indicates a desire for the entire world to be on a level playing field which I agree with but if and when that happens what role will PM’s play. Buy, hold or sell?

    I’m also curious if anyone here suspects we might see an end to the evil of foreign owned and controlled central banking? Trumps recent executive orders seem to indicate that the assets of individuals and entities can and will be seized if certain conditions are met and eleven years of reading indicate that this could very well apply to not only the owners of the central banks but the banks themselves. Technically the fed could become property of the USA. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Indentured Servant,
      I´m gonna jump in the pool re the Jerusalem issue, even though I might not be the most qualified person here to give you a definite answer by any stretch of the imagination.
      IMO, he has taken that step in order to force the Palestinians into a negotiating table.
      IOW, he might want to force them to accept the beginning of peace negotiations with the Israelis.
      Up till now, every other strategy taken by all the previous US administrations have failed.
      So he might have considered that taken radical steps like moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might be a serious wake up call for both parts to get going, especially for the Palestinians if they really want to have their own state.
      I´m not sure how everything will finally play out, but taking a look at the trend that the Israeli society is taking (more radical right wing nationalists all over the country), and considering that the Palestinians are the weak side there, it might be a smart move from Trump to “forcing” them to negotiate now.
      I think that the more years go by without a solution, the worse the situation will get for the Palestinians.
      I´m not sure that Abbas has a long term vision for this, but I´ve got a feeling that the next PA president will have a more long term vision in mind.
      On the Israeli side, it will definitely help if Yair Lapid, instead of Netanyahu, could be the next Prime Minister.
      So I think that Trump is saying to both sides “sit down and start talking now”.
      Can you imagine what a boom that would mean for him if he could start finding a definite solution to the Israeli/Palestinian quagmire, and how he would go down in History?

      Just my two cents.

      Cheers to all.

    2. Some say the world cryptocracy consists of 5 groups. In order to become POTUS at least one of these groups must have your back. While the group in charge of the media clearly does not support Trump, the Zionists apparently do. Prophecy suggests that the new Temple must be built soon. The location at which it must be built is now home to a Muslim place of worship. Purportedly the building plans are already finalized. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital is a step in the direction of getting the Temple rebuilt. The original temple was destroyed in 70 AD. This year is the 70th year of Israel. Some think the process will start by year end.

  2. It seems the Mullahs are about to be pushed out from power and replaced by the military (IRGC) if this article can be trusted.

    This has been the old plan as I have heard many many times that the first step is to eject Mullahs back to seminary schools and mosques and strip them of any meddling and control of the political and financial system is to transfer power to Military. IRGC is a construct and was created by the CIA much like the PDRK. CIA is now fully under the control of Trump and Trump has consistently said to want the removal of ALL Pan-Islamism in any shape or form. Saudi Salafist/Wahabi Islamism is now neutralized and it is now Iran that needs to go through and exact purge. The recent sanctions on Hezbollah are in line with this move.

    Trump success in neutralizing Saudi Sunni Islamism means his next plan is to do the same in Iran. I can think that there will be a similar mass arrests to happen inside Iran with financial corruption at least under that pretext. This will upset the balance of power against the British/EU interests of course and this is a major reason why Trump is vehemently hated by London. Heavy bombing of Heroin factories in Afghanistan was one way of tightening the control of Mullahs and their European protectors, sponsors, and benefactors! A bank run in Iran is a very probable precursor and that may trigger the military to take control which will be the first step in IRGC to take control.

    One more added problem for the past few months and particularly after the demonstrations, there seems to have been much asset transfer in foreign currency by the top Mullahs and leaders of IRI. with the regime now fully aware that Trump means business, it is no longer for the regime to rely on the Brit/EU AND the Russians any longer. Therefore, it is highly probable that a transfer of power to the IRGC is to be expected and if that happens, we can expect a possible reopening of an embassy in Tehran and DC. May seem all too far-fetched right now but Khomeini’s arrival and his Pan-Islamist brand happened in less than a year!


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