A Nationalist and a Globalist

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Time to Improve SDR Market Infrastructure

During the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington this past weekend the Vice Governor of the People’s Bank of China called for an improvement to the existing SDR market infrastructure.

Yi Gang stated that the new SDR bond market still lacked liquidity and suggested that market institutions could increase the use of the SDR as a unit of account. This would encourage further participation in the SDR market and would further build on the advances which were made last year when the World Bank started selling three year SDR bonds. This was followed by Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong issuing one year SDR denominated bonds.

The use of the Special Drawing Right as a unit of account has benefits which will contribute to the rebalancing of the international monetary system. The existing framework of the system has inherited deficiencies from the broad use of the US dollar as the primary unit of account, or international reserve currency.

China has been pushing for a broader use of the SDR since 2009 as a response to the financial crisis.

Since that time China has been incrementally opening up its financial markets and internationalizing the renminbi. Last year the inclusion of the renminbi alongside the USD, pound, euro, and yen in the SDR basket became a reality, which provides more reason for Beijing to push for a broader use of the SDR.

The SDR will assist with further and deeper internationalization of the RMB which will further the objective of elevating the Chinese currency alongside the dollar in a multi-currency reserve system. Such a system is becoming a reality whether it is admitted or not. Those who chose not to understand the fundamentals of this emerging framework will be unable to interpret data and make accurate analysis.

As Xi Gang pointed out in Washington, the international role of the dollar will not be removed any time soon. But what he doesn’t mention is that the RMB will rise to a parallel position with the dollar as the SDR slowly and incrementally takes over more liquidity responsibilities in the international system.

It should be considered that the SDR and RMB represent a dual attack upon the dollar. This attack is not meant to destroy the dollar but is meant to defang the American foreign policy and “exorbitant privilege” which has been an advantage of the unchallenged role of the international dollar.

The SDR bond moves by the IMF, World Bank and Standard Chartered last year were the first major moves by the international banking interests to restructure the framework and put Anglo-American interests on notice of the impending change. There is nothing which those interests can do to stop this transformation. Those who thought that Trump would in fact put America first have now been hammered with an endless list of flip-flops and roundabouts which prove that the new American administration is in fact implementing the strategy of the international banking interests.

This should have been apparent before now but most wanted to believe that Trump would be the hero he sold himself as. There may even be some benefits to the American people and others around the world as the system rebalances. Trump may even make things better inside the nation with domestic policies and job growth. But these things would have happened regardless.

The battle between the dual left/right American establishment and the Trump establishment was never about just the American people. Insomuch that the Trump strategy was meant to get the American people to accept non-nationalism policy changes which were dressed up as a new modern nationalism.

This is becoming more obvious with each passing week and month. The Trump establishment will be the prime beneficiary of the geopolitical and socioeconomic transformation while the old guard Bush, Clinton, etc. establishment are left scavenging on the sides of the road for whatever scraps and leftovers they can collect.

There are also the growing ideological divisions which are developing in America, and for the most part Western civilization as a whole. This is worrisome because the left and right are being set up for a massive civil disturbance with neither side willing to back down.

Such a national emergency could also contribute to the diminishing role of the USD as the international monetary world demands stability. The Anglo-American strategy, with the assistance of the Trump establishment, may be implementing a destabilization plan meant to cause uncertainty on Asia and Eastern Europe.

The longer the implementation of the Eurasian Union can be prolonged the more time America has to secure access to resources and ensure influence over maritime trade routes. It’s not a coincidence that China is pushing for the broader use of the SDR and the growth of its liquidity market.

The connection between the Eurasian Union and the SDR should be relatable to most POM readers, as the region specific monetary institutions in Asia are structured to work within the larger IMF framework. It would do Trump good to saddle up with the IMF and other global institutions to promote and encourage delays with the multilateral framework.

The recent statement by Trump that he is both a nationalist and a globalist has surprised many. The “America First” mantra does not align with the globalist mandates. At least not as its being promoted and packaged. Nothing is left to chance and everything is scripted for a specific purpose. This statement is not an accident, nor was it misspoken. It was intentional and meant to push the subtle message that something larger is in process.
The fact that it aligns in time frame with the PBoC statement on the SDR and the meeting between Ivanka Trump, Angela Merkel and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at the Women 20 Summit should also not be considered a coincidence. – JC

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29 Comments on “A Nationalist and a Globalist”

  1. “Those who chose not to understand the fundamentals of this emerging framework will be able to interpret data and make accurate analysis.”

    Did you mean “Those who chose to understand….”?

  2. Just wondering, how does Le Pen’s potential election fit in with the IMF SDR legislation delays you mention?

    Equally, would a destabilised European Union puts further pressure on the IMF, or, would the time required for the EU to dissolve be long enough for the securing of resources?

  3. Maybe the engineered Hegelian reaction of populist nationalism is meant to evoke a renewed drive for globalism, but rebranded to socialist-capitalist memes, carrying words like “equality”, “stability”, “global prosperity”, “fairness” and “durable growth”.

    Watch for the memes the “reasonable” voice of Macron will use to oppose the “unreasonable” voice of Le Pen.

    1. That is accurate.
      Populist nationalism sets the table for everything you mention in the upcoming 20’s
      That will coincide with the massive Job losses due to AI and the required support network for the masses.
      Observe the narative changing, as the support network has to be established ahead of time

  4. Mr. Collins:

    Is “the geopolitical and socioeconomic transformation” just another grand pissing match and turf war between the agents of the Rockefeller Clan (Bush & Clinton) and the Rothschild Clan with the plebs as disposable pawns?

    The globalists never stop. If “new modern nationalism” were real, then it is only a matter of time before the elite usurp it and control it.


    1. In some ways even the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s are pawns. It’s hard to imagine, but I would suggest that the Rothschild’s are a front for even more powerful interests. Everyone is allowed to play within a specific boundary but the end objective must remain. This objective is to always maintain a workable level of adversity in the world. It goes back to the article “The Ends of the Earth” where we ask the question “what is the Earth and where is it?”. Elite’s serve a very specific purpose which most of them may not even be fully aware of.

      1. “Elite’s serve a very specific purpose which most of them may not even be fully aware of.”
        I am thinking of a very very expensive and high maintenance kind of Virus. That is what the super elites really are, in the grand scheme of things. They are the destroyers of civilization and nucleus of it’s building blocks, that is the family which they have been trying relentlessly to destroy. A Virus does exactly that, it invades the host in this case planet earth that is similar to a human or animal body. Its sole aim is destruction and fragmentation. The only difference is a Virus is not a conscious or even a living being and the super elite are living and conscious beings with a dogma!

        I gravitate towards a virus and I see these beings with far more respect since they are programed to act in this manner, in the original scheme of creation by a supreme being, unlike a living virus!

        On the other hand, is it possible to consider that the living and conscious viruses are not actually alive and are a kind of automaton?!

  5. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you for your quick and thoughtful response.

    The deeper ones travels and attempts to see down the rabbit hole, the darker it gets.

    I absolutely agree that the, “objective is to always maintain a workable level of adversity in the world”. Ephesians 6:12

    Do the elites have “choice”?

    Do the elites get to “chose” to turn off their consciousness or blacken their souls?


  6. I hope Merkel gets voted out next year. I get the feeling that this “Populists” movement is losing momentum. Things are not going as I had hoped. I simply want justice .

  7. Carpe Diem:

    The example of a virus is very interesting and familiar concept.

    I have always employed the example of a parasite.

    I have strong suspicions that there are specific genetics components and trained behaviors involved.

    I am also supposing that the “super elite are living and conscious beings” in some type of humanoid form. My question is exactly what types of creatures are they that so greatly profit from death, destruction, poverty, and war? It is also hard to respect something or someone who is intent on harvesting humans for their pleasure and profit.


    1. Thank you Oz,

      I think the question as to “what type of creatures are they that so greatly profit from death” must be the next best question after what is the meaning of life at least in the 21st century!

      I use the example of a Virus when I was comparing the super elites to them. My reason for using Viruses is that strictly speaking a Virus is not regarded as a living organism. Any, organism that does not follow the following from a biological standpoint is not regarded as living.


      I used this example as a comparison to indicate that a virus in the grand scheme of things only does one thing very well and I would imagine that it is programed for destruction of a living cell such as human blood cells and other living organisms. What if this destructive tendency is also an element of a more advanced being?

      The elite and their deadly purpose I compared to the viruses, since they are also involved in the same act of destruction of any happily living society, culture and it’s smaller components by coercion and violence. It attacks the victim and sucks the living life blood and goes on to the next victim so it survives alone, and it moves on to the next victim!

      The way I conceptualize the elite as well as Viruses, is that I put them under the authority of a power (Lesser god, energy or spirit) that it is in charge of destruction. In the Hindu philosophy the deity of Shiva ( Shiva the Destroyer) is responsible for destruction.

      I also put the cult of Marxism in the same category and Leftists in general tend to criticize any given system of governance but never put forward any constructive method or alternative. The left is also governed by the same system of destroyer deity. Every nation this destructive ideology (virtual being!) has ruled, it has done nothing but murder, violence and destruction! The Chinese may be the only people who figured out and did a U-Turn and they are doing well because of that.

      The constant battle of Darkness vs Light and the constant state of equilibrium possibly necessitates the darkness to coexist so that there is movement and interchange, i.e. a constant life,rebirth and newness from a creation standpoint. I therefore think destruction is an element of creation.

      Having said this rather long preamble, I personally think something at the highest orders (Spiritual realms) happened before WWI that made this realm somewhat afflicted, negative and sick! This event or opening of the darkness has resulted in an increase rate of progress of technology but also a decrease in human consciousness to a level that I feel this era we are living in, is the new dark ages. There are many examples for this claim and vulgarity of the art and general degradation of any form of real high culture tendencies are only examples of this dark era.

      The end purpose of anyone (any entity!) who is/are involved in directing the darkness in our time is destruction only. I am certain that equilibrium shall prevail eventually in one form or another. I also see people are fed up with the way things are going and a movement may have started already but time will tell…

  8. “I would suggest that the Rothschild’s are a front for even more powerful interests. ”
    Boy oh boy, I would love for you to dig deeper into that statement

    1. Griff, I believe one could consider that Rockefeller fortune is relatively new money in the scheme of things. And that the Rothschild fortune as vast as it appears is but a part of a banking system for even much older money, fortunes almost ancient.

      1. Hey Peter, here are some links. To me it would seem there were riches even older than this (past fallen kingdoms and such) but they could have been the benefactor of this early consolidation of riches and wealth. I think “the sell” back then was money, land, art, etc. for getting into heaven or some such nonsense.

        “A history of the Vatican Bank”


        “Institute for the Works of Religion”

        “The Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR) was founded on 27 June 1942 by Pope Pius XII. It absorbed the Amministrazione per le Opere di Religione (Administration of the Works of Religion), which had originated in the Commission for Works of Charity (Commissione ad pias causas) established by Pope Leo XIII on 11 February 1887.[11][12] The IOR is not a department of the Roman Curia, the central administrative structure of the Roman Catholic Church.[13] Nor is it a central bank.[note 2] With the creation of the Secretariat for the Economy on 24 February 2014, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See’s role as the central bank of the Vatican was consolidated.[14]

        The purpose of the IOR is “to provide for the safekeeping and administration of movable and immovable property transferred or entrusted to it by physical or juridical persons and intended for works of religion or charity”.[11][12] The Institute does not use deposits to lend money and does not issue securities for resale or other financial products.[15] The IOR’s surplus is at the disposal of the Holy See, to which the Institute in 2012 made a contribution of €50 million.[16]

        In 2014, the Vatican officially confirmed the IOR’s mission as provider of “specialized financial services to the Catholic Church worldwide.” Furthermore, it was affirmed by the Vatican that the “valuable services that can be offered by the Institute assist the Holy Father in his mission as universal pastor and also aid those institutions and individuals who collaborate with him in his ministry”.”


        “Istituto per le Opere di Religione”


        “Managing Mammon A shake-up of Catholic finances”


        “National Catholic Reporter The Independent News Source”


        “God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican”


        1. Thanks Dane, I once played a game with myself wondering around the idea of “indulgences.” It played out that a man could purchase an indulgence for himself and get another for his wife at half price. This arrangement would allow the man, husband, to cancel his wife indulgence at will up to the time of his death, thereby giving him control of his wife’s eternity. Such a deal, and one that to my minds eye constituted a true bargain.

          If I remember correctly I was going through a divorce at the time.

          Thanks again for the links Dane. I will check them out.

          1. You’re welcome Peter. JC commented that he will give more later so I didn’t want to hinder that effort but this info was close at hand.

            Divorce has a way of bending our thought process. I came home early from work one Saturday and caught my now ex wife in bed with two other guys…that was a pinnacle moment in self control and I won that internal battle. I hope one day I will be able to put the immense calm that came over me into beautiful words to share.

            Hurricane Andrew drug the divorce out though and all the insurances were in both our names so it was a challenging course. I stayed true though and in the end it worked out. The experience even made me a better person so I’m thankful for it.

  9. The Ends of the earth and a more powerful interest references leads me to think of the great Creator and the fallen ones.

    The fallen ones are trying to prove the Creator wrong giving us freewill. Is it allegorical? Can man grow in consciousness until he lives as a Co creator where he uses a majority of his brain. Where he is connected in frequencies to his entire environment.

  10. Is it possible that our collective idea of God is wrong?

    Here we have the human race spread across the earth. Calling out for God in various languages to destroy his/our enemies. If we are honest, our written history is obscured by a range of agenda’s. It does feel like our memory is young but our existence is older.

  11. I said: “Is it possible that our collective idea of God is wrong?” my use of the word “wrong” here is ambiguous.

    If I could choose a better way to say what I wanted to say, it would be:
    Is it possible that our collective idea of God has been fragmented over time?

    That essentially hints towards what I was trying to express.

  12. Carpe Diem:

    I am keenly familiar with the Hindu deity of Shiva. However, Shiva is a destroyer of ego, unconsciousness and an agent in cycles of transformation to higher consciousness.

    What the world has been experiencing via central banksters and the increasingly massive wars of the 19th and 20th century are not cycles of transformation to higher consciousness. Instead, it has been destruction for the purpose of destruction for dark and evil forces to gain more control and power. The falsehood and evil of Marxism has been most certainly a facilitating means and methods to these destructive ends. You are correct. I sense that we are intentionally being directed towards a potential new dark age. THAT is the end game of these parasites and viruses.


    1. Thank you Dear Oz,

      Thank you for this wonderful exchange and I am energized that such a subject that is so close to my heart is also being researched by POM and the noble subscribers and excellent contributions to this exceptional gathering.

      I agree absolutely with you that the utterly destructive role that the super elite are playing and have done so for a long time, at least since the creation of the Federal Reserve perhaps. I also studied some works of Rudolf Steiner, where he said that around 1860’s (unsure of the date) an infiltration by the forces of darkness took control of this planet. I found this statement very interesting and can see evidence of this statement. As I stated before, the darkness provides technology beyond comprehension in such a fast span of time, as a means of mesmerising humankind whilst reducing their level of empathy towards each other. My claim is evident, when we notice people are so addicted to their mobile phones and the infinite games and entertainment it offers. Technology, if used with the purpose of bringing people together is a wonderful thing, but our current toys have made us separate. Our JC mentioned a while ago about how technology makes us seemingly together when fragmentation of human societies is at it’s peak, at least this was my interpretation of JC’s words and I would be grateful to be corrected if my understanding isn’t what JC intended. I also would state here publicly that I am not a luddite 🙂

      The way I rationalize in an attempt to understand the elite’s motives and their ultimate game plan for this planet is as follows:

      1. I refer to the Zoroaster’s methodology in principle of creation in the way he devised as “the constant battle of the darkness vs Light”. In this scheme which is very high level, every being, conscious or otherwise falls into either light or darkness. For a conscious being, as human beings with the gift of the free will, there is a choice, that is we can be good or evil. For a non conscious being as a virus, the intention we can consider it to be under the cloak of darkness, if we consider the act of destruction to be a dark, sinister and despicable act.

      2. The elite’s action proved time and time again that they are willingly and in some ways outside of their choice, are conduction in a destructive manner. I say “outside of their choice”, since when one takes the path whether good or evil after a while, one will act unconsciously. This is why we are reminded to mind our steps constantly since after a while the act of goodness becomes our character, and similarly by taking the first wrong step, it may get harder to return to a path of good and worthy so redemption becomes a possible means to goodness.

      3. An element of the path of darkness is destruction, gluttony, greed, hate, egoism and other negative traits that seems to exist in the elites patterns of behaviour. All of these traits existing in a person, renders them to become extremely selfish and otherwise destructive to the larger group. These people assume to know more than the rest of humanity and they feel they should decide the fate of human race. An example is eugenics, in which they consider themselves superior to the rest of us and as such they show no mercy or emotion by wishing three quarters of human beings are “useless eaters”!

      4. subscribing to such negative and destructive thinking and language, puts such individual in a negatively powerful state and yet extremely lonely place when insecurity rises hence attachment to the negative tendencies increases. The more they repeat such wishes in their gatherings the more determined they get to destruction of life. The repetition of such wishes creates a philosophy that in time, we may regard as Baal worship, Satanism, witchcraft, voodoo, etc. where all of these fall under the realms of the Darkness.

      5. Glorification of Darkness, becomes a relegion in itself and it also carries with it the glorification of destruction. Satanism, witchcraft and in their older forms, Baal worship as it was practiced in Mesopotamia for many thousand years, precisely reverses the negative/dark angels which is commonly referred to as the Fallen Angels. These lesser deities assist any human who’d subscribe to them but they will demand something from the person. It almost always, works on the level of ego and the act of “wanting”, to be rich, famouse, the best etc. etc. Any deviation or not return of favour by the human subscriber means punishment but since the individuals are extremely egocentric, any redemption once involved with a negative entity becomes impossible

      6. the cycles of wars by the banking elite given their egocentric mindset, assures them that what they do is for the better good of all things. They believe they’re actually doing something useful and positive, since they consider themselves as the supreme being and force on this earth. The fact that they have access to the best of the best in terms of education and information, magnifies their will to conduct more wars and destruction. Their access to occult knowledge at least in terms of manipulating the masses and access to persons with supernatural abilities accelerates their wishes for what they think is the best course of action.

      7. As a means of their destructive behaviour, they resort to manipulation of all places when human groups gather and revere. They fund destructive but educated persons to discover the best tools in directing the masses in directions which is against their best interests. Marxism and Pan-Islamism, PAn-Turkism, Pan-Arabism, Wahhabism, Sunni and Shia Fundamentalism, Christian Zionism etc. are all the tools which allows the elite a full control over vast expanses of lands, peoples and resources, through access to the beleif system of individuals and the larger groups.

      8. Satan/Baal Worship, Blood scarifices, pedophelia, unfathomable sexual acts and others becomes rituals of such elite in glorifying the god of darkness that demands ultimately nothing but destruction in return for riches, wealth, prestige and absolute control.

      9. Mythology of the ancient Iranians cover this subject fully and it even provides a method in dealing with the negative lesser god in particular the story of “Zahak” in the 10the century book called Shahnameh (Book of Kings) by Ferdowsi where the evil king is eventually overthrown by the “farmers”. There is much wisdom in this ancient story that depicts more or less where we are in 2017. In Shahnameh, the non-Iranian and non-Indo-European king ascends the the throne and a dark entity makes him kill two young men every day and feed their brain to two snakes grown on each of his shoulders, causing a massive revolt eventually by a blacksmith called “Kaveh”. The eating of the brain of the young men by the snakes is in our modern context may mean, mind controllong the young by computer games, pornograraphy available by a click, glorification of transexualism and encouragement of homsexuality etc.

      10. Personally, I view the banksters as ignorant beings who are trapped in their huge golden castles unaware of higher realms of existence. I recall our dear JC had a brilliant piece about how the elite are also prisoners much like the rest of us (with lifetime mortgages and struggles with bosses, government and authority!), but in a different way.

      11. Ignorance, as per Buddha’s challenge to cure for mankind and it exists amongst most of mankind including the super elite is a trait of Darkness, which eventually leads to destruction. With elite having the power to destroy us all and all we consider as good and noble, also means their own destruction at least spiritually but if they continue with their senseless wars, their fall becomes inevitable through a collective destruction of life in our planet.

      I would encourage the study of the Zahak and the dark forces which may illuminate the ways, means and methods of the deity(s) of darkness and how relevant this ancient story relates to our time. Mythology in my humble opinion is the most powerful tool that works as a roadmap for generations after generations and as the world operates in a cyclical fashion, the emergence of darkness and how to neutralize it, was written for us by our ancestors as they had to deal with the same negative forces from time to time.


  13. This and the previous post, ‘The Ends of the Earth,’ and the great comments made by the POM community has left me all but stunned into silence by the profound implications therein. As I find myself thinking, contemplating and meditating in a prayer asking for a peace of mind that will allow me to recognize and define the many different feeling these post and the following comments invoke in my mind, soul, and spirit. I must admit I’m struggling.

    JC I can’t say why but for some reason while struggling for a calm mind I found myself focusing on your most intriguing logo. The green chevrons, red fire like flames, the hint of a golden crown. I also can’t say I came to any definite conclusions or even opinions about it’s meanings or symbolism’s. Still curious I found myself perusing previous postings to see if maybe I could recognize any patterns in how or in what posting the logo becomes part of the art work you choose to preview/ highlight your postings.

    What started my little search was the use of your logo in the above post, colorless and imposed almost as horns or some pan like head gear, or maybe even a crown on Frau Angela’s angelic smiling head. A further search showed me you don’t use your logo( is logo even the correct word ) in or on all your postings. Nor could I determine any discernible pattern (that is not to say they are not there) in how they were used to maybe define further the art work you always seem to so fittingly chose.

    Still the study and contemplation of the possibilities did seem to calm my mind. I’m not positive the purpose of this ramble, so I think I will just leave it there for the moment. I need to do some laundry and take 100 seedlings I brought to germination, and get them in the ground today. So for now, ‘That’s all folks.’

  14. Carpe Diem:

    I too am most pleased to participate in these wonderful exchanges .

    I am most interested in your latest post. I am too busy at present, but have quickly read it twice.

    I desire to continue the exchange on these topics later.


    1. mfox,
      excellent link!!!
      A true masterpiece, that very few people know about.
      Thanks for posting it here; I had it in my bookmarks bar, but being overseas (I´m back home now for a short while), I didn´t have proper access to POM.

      PS: JC, I´m looking veeery forward to that Rothschild´s article you say you´re gonna write :))

  15. This gentleman in 2016, accused Russia in interfering in US election process and according to the defeated candidate from his party, this was a terrible attack on “our democracy”!

    Yet, he is doing exactly the same “interfering” in another sovereign nation’s electoral system i.e. France!

    Hypocrisy sometimes appears with a lipstick, and other times in a nice suit and tie…


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