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The Surprising Strategy for Middle Eastern Peace

Sometimes the oddest observations are made.  One such observation is that ISIS has not intentionally attacked Israel.  An accidental attack a few months ago was even accompanied with an apology from the terrorist organization to the Jewish nation.  Strange that a group with the stated mandate of establishing an international Islamic Caliphate would orchestrate attacks against Muslim nations in the region but not attack Israel itself, and even say sorry when it did so by accident.

Another observation which can be made is that ISIS is only operating in regions which are of strategic importance to the Anglo-American establishment and its goals of hampering a Eurasian Union and of creating a Greater Israel in the Middle East.

The benefits of a Greater Israel have been misconstrued by many analysts.  First, no Greater Israel Project is possible without the agreement and involvement of Arabic and Islamic banking and corporate interests.  Second, a Greater Israel, though beneficial to the Jewish population, has more to do with influencing Eurasia through control mechanisms around the Sinai Canal and the resource rich Middle East, which spans from Northern Africa to the borders of Iran, than it does about solely accommodating the Jewish population.

Though keep in mind that Jewish interest groups in the region are pushing settlements and making land claims in advance of the Greater Israel negotiations. This should be considered the manufacture of a position of strength, in much the same way that the macro Anglo-American establishment are geopolitically setting themselves up for Eurasian trade negotiations by controlling and influencing as much of the “arc” region as possible before the larger monetary shift takes place.

When Donald Trump made the statement that Middle Eastern peace would come about through a strategy which no one had previously discussed or considered, he was referencing a much broader agreement which, as he said, would “involve other players in the region”.

Outside of a complete genocide, a “multicultural” Greater Israel with a government which represents all ethnic and religious demographics in the region is the only viable path forward.  It is even possible that the mass migration which has been taking place from Islamic nations to Western nations could be a part of the larger agreement.

Such a strategy would align with the larger one world consolidation which is being implemented across religious and socioeconomic boundaries. This strategy is incrementally moving and shifting all aspects of human existence towards a single point of consolidation which will serve as a new focal point for future advancement and evolution.

There are examples of parliamentary governments in the region which are based on multiple demographics and religious groups.  Lebanon has one such government which ensures that the President is a Christian and the Prime Minister and Parliament positions are made up of Islamic representatives and other groups.  There is a relationship between the Lebanese President Aoun and the Trump administration, which I have previously pointed out in the article Is This the Path to Trump’s Middle Eastern Peace.

Another perspective to consider is the Islamic Reformation and how the mass migration into the Western world could very well set off such a reformation.  There is constant news about how Islam is becoming more moderate, such as the recent gay Muslim scene in a television show.  This is positioned opposite from the threat which the Islamic invasion is presenting to Western culture.  The support shown by the liberal-left for Islamic acceptance and the opposition to Islam as represented by the conservative-right is manufacturing the cognitive dissonance which will be required for a larger cultural and religious consolidation to take place down the road.

The Greater Israel project will be the cornerstone from which a broader world consolidation is built.  It will be the showcase example of how differing groups went from the threshold of war to a true consolidated existence through a process of reconciliation and acceptance.

We should also expect that a Greater Israel will exist alongside a New Persia which will develop from the borders of Greater Israel up through Iran and into Kazakhstan. This process could take decades and will not happen overnight.  Patience and constant adjustments to strategy and desired outcome will be the ongoing challenge for all interests.  The gradual response to terrorism will align with a New Persia as the true Islamic representation in the world.

Both Greater Israel and New Persia could very well be major members of any Eurasian Union which develops down the road.  The existence of both will assist in the balancing of access to world resources as the Middle East and the Caspian Sea Basin are allocated to the major powers involved.

Whether large demographics can be conditioned to accommodate one another and get along will have to be seen.  But when we consider that the war and violence which exists in the world has been the results of massive cultural and socioeconomic engineering, it would stand to reason that similar engineering could reverse the trend and lead the world to peace.

The big question comes when we consider whether peace or war is more beneficial to those banking and corporate interests who seem to control the flow of history.  What can replace war?  – JC

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  1. WOW! JC this is all too profound for my comprehension!

    By Greater Israel and New Persian, I am assuming you are implicating a block of nations or a Union of cultural/economic/security arrangement that may be similar to a federation, am I right on this assumption? If so, this sounds like a return to 500 BCE, that worked then so there’s no reason why it won’t in the 21st century!

    There is another contender which is relatively a new in the block, that is Turkey and the various Turkic tribes scattered in central Asia, northern Levant and the Turkish Republic with an organized and highly militant undertones that is known as the Pan-Turks movement. Pan-Turkism can be classed under the control of Israel and it’s lobbies in the anglo-American world. The infamous Fethullah Gulen, in exile in the US is both and Islamist and a Pan-Turk (Ottomans version II). Letting him and his ilk loose in the region will mean a total war, so any Pan-movements must be prevented, unless the idea is to create more chaos.


    However, Iran, otherwise known as Persia was the largest world empire that had the largest population under its rule for many centuries (around 44% of the known world) during the Achaemenid empire. Therefore, the ancient world to this day follows much of the Persian cultural and administrative rules and systems in place. The designation of the nations of the ancient world including China and Korea, India, Sri Lanka (Serendip) and many others in Eastern Europe are of Iranian origin! I appreciate this information may come as a surprise to many but these are facts which defines Iran, to this day into the fabric of every religious idea, every Kingship, the occult, Magic, etc.


    The greater Israel project, will not be an easy one to sell since imho, there has never been an empire of significance by either Arabs or the Israelites in history. The Jewish people were a Satrapy of the Persians and this is the period when their laws, the Talmud and their jurisprudence as well their temples was built by the Persians. In return, the Jews and their fierce warring disposition served the Achaemenids well.

    The biblical term, “the rule of the Persians and the Medes”, is a testament that their rule was just and fair and logical where they ruled, so even during the Roman occupation, this rule was respected by the local Roman governor at the request of the Jews.

    We have a problem at present with a wild and unruly as well as super corrupt Islamic Republic which is not in a shape to accept anything other than it’s own unruly interpretations of Islam, that is Shia ISlam, which is not even acceptable to the majority of muslims. Shia’s are 10 percent of the Islamic world! This new construct as you said will take decades but I am doubtful if it will be a success, and without bloodshed!

    I am grateful JC, for this out-of-the-box vision and for sure, this planet needs more of such radical and novel ideas as you have eloquently presented here, Thank you…

  2. “What can replace war?”

    Considering that all wars have been and still are bankers’ wars since the Bank of England was chartered, I submit the following for starters;

    1. Openness

    2. Honesty

    3. Integrity

    4. The public trial and hanging of most international banksters along with all of their ilk and minions. The trees of liberty need exercising and refreshing.

    5. The end of usury

    6. The end of all debt based fiat currencies and central banks.

    7. Invade the BIS by force, arrest and publicly try all of its officers, then raze the BIS to the ground.

    8. Invade all central banks, arrest and publicly try all of its officers, then covert the buildings for public use.

    9. The quarantine of all Zionists

    10. Remove ALL Israelis and, their agents, their supporters, and their control officials from every department of finance, government, intelligence agencies, and the MIC in the USA.

    11. Expose all pedophiles in government, finance, and the media. Open and expose their respective control files. Try anyone associated with pedophilia as well as their controllers in open public.

    12. All those hung must swing in public for a minimum of 72 hours for all to see.

    13. Dramatic reductions in the MIC. Close most overseas military bases.

    14. Return of all $11T missing from the Pentagram budgets since Pappy Bush was POTUSA.

    15. Destroy all of the poppy fields except those necessary for medicines.

    16. Close and seal all DUMBs

    1. Items 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 would be considered violent acts of war. So it wouldn’t be replacing war but continuing what man has done for thousands of years. But our cause is just. Or so says everyone who commits to acts of war. Some of those points would even weaken the West to violent takeover from other cultures if they were so inclined.

  3. Carpe Diem:

    Please provide me, as well as the other POM subscribers, with a brief comparison and contrast analysis of Sunni and Shia Islam. I believe myself to be misinformed and uniformed on these subjects. I would be most intrigued to read your post on these subjects and to provide me with respected references to add to my studies.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Dear Oz,

      I am not an expert on Islam but I will try and make a short summary and how Shia became the state relegion of Persia during the Safavids dynasty 15 century(Persian had been invaded in 7 century and had already become nominally Sunni Muslim by 15 century!). Although I hate using Wikipedia as reference for anything because it often contains incorrect as well as very often biased information, but this should provide some information:


      The following is fairly simple table of comparison of the two Islamic sects:


      I have an issue with at least two items in the chart however. First is that the “original languages”, the addition of “Farsi” is absolutely wrong, Islam is an Arab relegion and Iranians had nothing to do with its creation, but their contribution is immense in at least the written codes and jurisprudence. many argue that the Persians contained the Arab desert mindset and beleif system as they had their own beleif system and rituals in Zoroastrianism and a long history of city dwelling and court rituals and written philosophy etc. , in contrast to the the Arabs who were desert dwellers living harsh in an inhospitable setting with no expressive art forms, architecture or a philosophy.

      Second, the term for the language spoken in Iran is Persian and not Farsi! This seems to be a common mistake I come across by academia and government institutions in the US and other English speaking nations. The Germans know themselves as Deutsch but to us who happen to be non-German, we call their language as German, unless we are speaking in German when asking if they speak German for example as in, ” Sprechen sie Deutsch”

      The seeds of rivalry that resulted in the split amongst the Arab tribes happened during the lifetime of Muhammad. The Sunnis believe, that Mohammad placed Abu-Bakr as his replacement followed by Omar, Osman , Ali.

      The Shia’s dispute this and claim, that Muhammad placed Ali bin-Ali Talib as his successor ahead of the other three. The Shia’s also believe in 12 Imams which may be regarded as the successor to the prophet but the last one i.e. Imam number 12, i.e. Muhammad Mahdi or the hidden Imam apparently was only less than 5 or 6 years old that disappeared. Shias believe he is still alive and living a well for the past 13 hundred something years near Baghdad and he will return and will bring peace and justice to all believers!

      Sunnis on the other hand refute such claims vehemently and consider Shia Muslims as heretics and and subversive who have disrespected Muhammad and Islam. The feeling is mutual between the two off course and the animosity has developed possibly from a tribal dispute.

      There are Shia Arabs in Lebanon, Iraq, as well as the entire Arabian peninsula and these people have lived next to each other ever since Muhammad appeared and from time to time there has been war and peace in between. Modern Iranians, find all this with skepticism and the rule by a fanatical Shia clergy since 1979 has ensured a majority non-believers who have access to the latest information and find all this too ridiculous to contemplate. I hear the same is true in Iraq, Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia itself, but the political narrative of the Western elite is to portray the entire region as fanatical followers.

      Iran was converted again (from Sunni to Shia!) by the Safavids (15 century) and many argue it was to separate Iran from the control of the Ottomans who were the powerful and controlled much of the Arab world. Persia a non-Arab empire at the time, was in constant war with the Ottomans. Ottomans were equipped with artillery, a modern weapon of the era that caused much damage to the Safavids and two English brothers provided the necessary skills to develop artillery to withstand Ottomas superiority for the Persian Safavids:


      What is important to appreciate regarding Iran is that it was the first world empire that was invaded after the arrival of Islam as a relegion in 7th century. The Arab bedouins under Omar the first successor (Khalifa) of Muhammad invaded Persia well as the Byzantium (Syria was part of!) which was the centre of the orthodox Christianity.

      Mesopotamia which was the heart of the vast Sassanid Persian dynasty was attacked and the ancient city of Ctesiphon, the capital of the Sassanid dynasty was burnt and looted by the Arab Muslims as well as rape of women of the city and much other atrocities that ISIS has shown us a small glimpse of.


      Persia’s state religion was Zoroastrianism, although Iran had a very sizable Christian church (Nestorian Church) and a sizable Jewish, Buddhist and other faiths at the time. The Saint Thomas’s Cross also known as the Persian Cross that was later adopted by the Eastern European nobility (Boyars) as Boyar Cross.


      I know it is more than you asked for but I think, the context of the Shia and Sunni in relation to the role of Iran is important to consider. I hope what I provided is sufficient for now but should there be any other info I can assist in, I would be glad to help.

  4. Mr. Collins:

    Items No. 4, 7, & 8 are not acts of war. It is the condemnation, trial, and just punishment for the organizers and promoters of the organize criminal enterprises whose focus and intent is to steal and enslave humanity. If I were to be tried and convicted of robbing a bank of 10,000 $USD in cash at gun point, then I could be sentenced to life in prison. If I am an international banker, I can steal trillions and cause hundreds of thousands to lose their homes and livelihood, and cause them to remain in poverty, then I never come to trial and get millions in a bonus checks. Trying and hanging criminals is not war. It is justice.

    Relative to Items 9, 10, and 12 you cannot serve two masters and two nations simultaneously. Why should it be an act of war to remove and quarantine personnel from every department of finance, government, intelligence agencies, and the MIC in the USA whose primary allegiances are not for the welfare of USA and its citizenry? Subversion and treason were once considered hanging offences in the USA.

    Respectfully submitted,


    1. How do you get those people? They just surrender willingly and give themselves up? Nothing about that type of person would suggest that happening. Most of those people, the ones you want to hang, etc.., can mobilize armies and nations against those who move against them. It’s the same human trap. We need to move past the symptoms and start addressing the disease.

  5. Some time ago I read an article that suggested there were several ‘hidden’ reasons for the ongoing attempt at regime change by force in the ME, from Iraq, Libya through to Syria and eventually Iran. It wasn’t just about geopolitical issues like oil and gas pipelines or ‘democracy’ being imposed at the point of a gun, so that the ‘right’ leaders could be elected. What all these countries had in common was no central bank like the BoE or the Fed.

    I’m sure the international bankers would love to convert the Islamic system to their own benefit. How would that fit in with what you see ahead with the new SDR based financial system as you have described it on POM, JC?

    1. The SDR will assist in ensuring there is balance and fairness on the international monetary system. This will be a vital part of getting nations and regions to agree to peace and prosperity for all. Hopefully.

    2. Dear Rossa,

      In the case of Iran, a Central bank was established by the Pahlavi dynasty in 1927 which printed Iranian currency and was controlled as a government department. The bank was named Bank Melli Iran (national Bank of Iran) and later the responsibilities were handed over to the Central Bank of Iran in 1960. This bank is still doing more or less that function under the Islamist regime since 1979.

      I find the following from the Wikipedia very interesting and somewhat amusing:

      “During the Achaemenid era [ 550–330 BCE] trade boomed and subsequently banking operation expanded to an extent that Iranians managed to learn the banking method from the people of Babylon.[3]”


  6. Mr. Collins:

    I happen to agree with you, but there are more of the disorganized masses than the leaches. How do we rid ourselves of the viruses or parasites that are causing to diseases?

    Your opinions and thoughts.


    1. I’m not sure this world is meant to be rid of them. Outside of that, we do what we can, through POM and other means, to promote the inward journey and quest for self-realization. These people provide the adversity which is an important part of learning for the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of our being.

  7. Dear Fellow POM Members:

    Below are comments from another recent post there are very applicable to Mr. Collins’ present post.

    There are small areas of disputed and stolen lands bordering on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea that is represented by a flag containing two wide blue stripes. The wide blue stripes on the flag are located horizontally across the flag; the first at the top and the second at the bottom.

    The wide blue stripe at the top of the flag represents the Euphrates River that originates in eastern Turkey and flows in a southern direction through Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris River to empty into the Persian Gulf.

    The wide blue stripe at the bottom of the flag represents the Nile River which consists of two rivers; the White Nile from central Africa and the Blue Nile from Ethiopia. The Nile River flows in a northern direction through the Sudanese desert into Egypt and then ends in a large and wide delta before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

    There is a total sum of a clock wise rotational flow of water in these two remote rivers with the Euphrates River flow south and the Nile River flowing north. There resides a notable occult symbol of Saturn and Babylon in the center of the flag representing the predacious financiers and nefarious organizers that stole the lands and are the causes of great mayhem on this planet. The same evil miscreants claim a historical blood line claim to the area, but genetic analyses determined their origins derive from the large geological area located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and not eastern Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, or the Arabian Peninsula

    The ultimate goals of these cults of evil miscreants and their ilk are to culturally, economically, physically, socially, control all of the areas between the Euphrates River and the Nile River. Since 11 Sept 2001 these same evil miscreants have be using the goyims in the US Military and the US taxpayers to accomplish the goals of their blood oaths by unleashing Satan’s illegitimate twins; death and destruction. As such, all conflicts in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and northern and eastern Africa must be viewed from these perspectives and declared goals.


  8. Perhaps war could he replaced with understanding and compassion for our fellow man and what he believes.

    The Vatican seems (at least at the surface) to have made a decent move in this direction back in 2015 when the pope announced Jews don’t need christ to be saved.


    War is violence and violent acts cannot replace violence. Like JC says the world seems to be set up to allow for people who have not found their way yet. And those people seem to be here for the trials and tribulations or adversity for those who choose to rise above the mass mind set of war and many other things. The hard part appears to be remembering that we are all human beings, we’re just being at different levels of being.

    1. I’m a sucker for finding crumbs of wisdom within movies so here are a couple quotes.

      “In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them…. I destroy them.”

      ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

      That one can be mistaken to mean something violent but destroying them could also mean showing them a better way of understanding. Its also stated like this…

      “I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.”

      ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

      and here is a good one…

      “I don’t care if I pass your test, I don’t care if I follow your rules. If you can cheat, so can I. I won’t let you beat me unfairly – I’ll beat you unfairly first.
      – Ender ”

      ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

      Truth be told though within the framework of this post it would seem that some sort of banking guided social conditioning of the masses towards peace instead of war could replace war.

  9. Hi JC,
    thanks for such a thought provoking article.

    I´m not sure if I see the future of the ME with two big local superpowers, a Great Persia and a Great Israel.
    It would take such an amount of very convoluted maneuvers in every aspect (political, social, religious, economic…) apart from such a huge amount of bloodshed… that I don´t see it happening.
    Maybe I´m wrong, but that´s what I feel at the moment.

    That there will be a future regional integration of countries, of which Israel will be one of them… yes, I think that will actually happen.
    And the SDR will have a lot to do with it.

    And that the two biggest powers of the region will be Israel and Iran, I also agree with that.
    But I don´t see huge territorial gains for any of the two. Small ones, maybe.

    Russia is trying to find a balance there through very high level diplomatic channels at the moment, and they´re not willing to loose, in the blink of an eye, the effort they have put into trying to bring a solution to the Syrian war.
    And I think Mr.Trump is on the same train as them; being a business man, he looks for deals.

    Now… here comes the trick.
    The neo-con warmongers in DC and “The City” have different plans.
    As I´m typing these lines, UK and American soldiers are entering Syria from Jordan.
    What are they going to do in that country? Fight the Syrian Army. It´s what it is.
    There is a huge amount of billions of dollars at stake, and those suckers are not willing to give war up so easily.
    As far as I´m concerned, every American or British soldier that returns home in a plastic bag deserves it, for they have nothing to do in Syria, and they´re just there to defend the interests of a bunch of sociopathic bankers.
    I would recommend to everyone here to read “War is a Racket”, the masterpiece written by Major General Smedley Butler.
    It´s a fourteen page little booklet that can be read in 20 or 30 minutes. It´s free online. An absolute masterpiece that is as applicable today, as it was when it was written back in 1935.
    What those soldiers are doing would be equivalent to a declaration of war if they did it against any other country… or if other soldiers did it in their countries.

    So, the war in Syria is far from over, and there are going to be way more deaths ahead.

    Does Israel benefit from it? You bet. They have even said that they prefer a Daesh representative in power, than Al-Assad himself.
    Israel was involved in the creation of Daesh from the beginning, and they consider themselves allies.
    You certainly have to question a lot of things about the Israeli government when your allies are people that crucify innocent civilians, chop their heads off and play football with them, and in the most radical cases, have eaten their hearts out…
    Pretty sick if you ask any rational person.

    What Ozymandias has stated about the two blue horizontal stripes in the Israeli flag, representing the Nile and Euphrates river is true.
    It comes from a specific verse in the Book of Genesis. Gen 15:18 to be precise.
    Now… here comes the clue of it all. That verse is an interpolation made by Esdras the scribe; it´s not God speaking to Abraham.
    Abraham is a fictional character that never existed, and the Bible is NOT a historical book in general.
    It has some historical specific events and characters, but all the theological aspects of it, including the theophanies, are not true.
    And why do I say that this is the clue of it all? Because unless people understand that all those religious aspects of the ME conflict are worthless, people will continue to fight and kill each other for a piece of land that has got nothing to do with any religion or god whatsoever.

    People that take the Bible literally are morons. Lunatic morons. As simple as that.
    Some are still trying to figure out all that nonsense about the “Merkaba” and all the stuff that the “prophet” Ezekiel saw in his visions, writing tons of books about the throne of God, the Kabbalah, super angels, Metatron, etc…
    Ridiculous. If they had done their homework properly, and stopped trying to milk the gullible and stupid religious fanatics, they will know, exactly like I do, where did Ezekiel got the imagery from.
    Hint: It´s not from a vision that “God” gave him. It´s from a much more mundane place.
    And by the way, it was not original from him. He just copied something already in existence, in this very physical planet where we all are…

    The religious conflict has now derived into an economic and geopolitical one, and that´s why the only solution I see to it is that an international, supranational body, under the auspices and guidance of the Superpowers, takes command of the whole situation and serious, well meant negotiations start in order to settle the whole thing and bring peace into that region.

    So when you ask “What can replace war?”, my answer is in the above paragraph.


  10. Carpe Diem:

    Thank you for your time and the brief, but insightful post concerning Sunni and Shia islam.

    We are certainly living in interesting times. I pray daily for the health and well being of my children, grandchildren, and all of my charges.


    1. Thank you Dear Oz,

      I am glad you found my long winded response of interest. I thought by including few seemingly unrelated information, the picture may become somewhat clearer as I know everything in the near east can be very complicated. I can only blame the weight of history much like many layers of historical fossils in that part of the world. I think the best way to try and fathom the region and its problems by a multi-layered approach and considerations of relegion, history, politics and the study of history of ideas in the region of this planet when our collective civilization started!

      Wish you and everyone on POM a great day.

  11. “The big question comes when we consider whether peace or war is more beneficial to those banking and corporate interests who seem to control the flow of history. What can replace war? ”

    I think the answer may be what the Chinese have been doing in the past two decades. That is they have been making things in the developing and poor nations in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. The recent Belt and Road announcement is the Chinese Marshal plan that will create arteries which the world commodities will run through and one that will give life and will prevent the need to fight resources, at least and for now in theory!

    So the answer the question “what can replace war?”, a reasonable response may be Trade. Trade will create the necessary platform for growth as well as the creation of wealth by creating jobs. The attendance of Pakistan in China for the Belt and Road project will be a welcome news for Pakistan since the creation of the Silk Road II is going to create a million new jobs to a poor and corrupt Pakistan. Pakistan is probably the most worrisome nation in Asia as it is still tribal and the central government has no control in certain regions. The Chinese engineering companies that will undertake the building of the new roads and train tracks always are guarded by the red army guards to protect the workers against the locals.

    If you ask any person from Ethiopia, they will tell you that China and Chinese almost rule that poor but ancient and historical nation now. There are many many Chinese live in most parts of Africa and this is a method the Chinese are gradually asserting themselves through trade and migration to remote and poor lands across the planet.

    In this way, the Chinese model is a winner in the short term at least but may be a source of resentment in future! However it is a superior way to the current Anglo-American-Zionist war business model for global control.

  12. There will be war, war and more war. Always have been, always will be. If there is no reason for war, one will be made up with lies, lies and more lies. They always have been, they always will be. Empires have come and gone. Where do they go? On to the next one, always on to the next one.

    Maybe empires(I’m just spit ballin’ here) have become old hat in the historic form. Still there are those who demand the right to be running things, all things. It was said that the sun never set on the British empire, but it did, and it is setting on the world’s current empire ever how one chose’s to describe it, American empire, Anglo-Amercian, the Western empire? Hell I don’t know, call it what you want it is going, going, soon gone of it’s own glut. Isn’t that the way they all go.

    Didn’t it take the Roman empire to move on to the next one a thousand years and war, after war, after war. Didn’t it take the British empire some hundreds of years and war after war to remove any shade from it’s rule? This last iteration of empire, I guess I will just call it the Anglo empire, City of London, DC, Vatican bunch of mafias, are busy as bee’s designing a new style empire that they hope they can control with out our recognizing it for what it is before it is in place. Well good for them and good luck with that.

    It’s a funny, strange old world we live in, it seems to be built on lies for the unwashed masses, and built on very hard Machiavellian truths for the prince’s of the world. I have trouble seeing how peace can ever be achieved when I see the wars from 1941 until today, and they have been constant, all started and supported by lies, after lies, after lies. The illogic of having to prove peace can replace war before war can end, only goes to prove the insanity of what appears to be many generations of inbreeding. Crazy like foxes they are.

    There seems to be a awful lot of people they need to get rid of, having them kill each other by the thousands of millions isn’t working, we just keep on coming on, hell we are all over the place. Still war seems to be the best method to keep us busy until the more effective soft kill programs kick fully in.

    So yeah, there will be war. Israel and Persia will play their parts as will all the nations of the world. Unless we quit believing and retelling all the lies.

  13. Pursuant to the recent comments of Yoav Galant, Israel’s Housing and Construction Minister and a retired Israeli Defence Forces General, not everyone associated with the present leadership of Israel believes in a “Great Persia”.

    His comments have all of the signs of another false flag in the making.

    SOURCE: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-16/israel-minister-time-has-come-assassinate-bashar-assad

    I would not be surprised to hear of massive deployment of US ground troops in Syria in the near future.

  14. The One Belt One Road initiative by China conjures thoughts of the Berlin-Baghdad railway. The Germans saw this land route as a way of bypassing British domination of the seas, which would have taken them decades to rival, if they ever could, and unsurprisingly the British saw it as a threat to their hegemony. And here we are in the 21st century with what appears to be a rehash. JC lays out a path for managing the transition to a new global system through cooperation, and I may be a cynic, but humanity doesn’t have great track record when it comes to working together for the greater good.

    ‘According to Morris Jastrow in “The War and the Baghdad Railway,” the railway, which should have functioned to bring nations together as a medium for exchanging ideas and merchandise, was a primary cause of pulling them apart, leading them to mutual destruction.’

    Attempts to destabilise Russia via Ukraine policy and sanctions etc., curtail Iran’s ambitions via Syria and potentially undermine China via North Korea and a policy of containment suggest the Anglo axis are either attempting to maintain their 200 year global hegemony, and history shows they will take it to the wire, or are vying for some real leverage as the global pie is set to be carved.

    China’s recent announcement was discussed on the Keiser report today –


    And with regard to the article, here’s an Israeli minister behaving with typical hubris –


  15. During an argument between the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Peres said that Israel’s policies of continued violence might “turn the US against us”.

    To which, Sharon is reported to have retorted:



    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, (IAP News)

    “When viewed from a historical perspective and from the current states of affairs in the ME since the end of WWII, the US’ wars on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria and Iraq, the war on Yemen, the process of regime change in Egypt, must be assessed and viewed in relationship to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East.”

    It therefore follows that America has been and still is fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq under the controls and directions of Zionist. (aka; NeoCons in the USA) If the comments by Ariel Sharon are true, then Jews rule America (and most of the world) by proxy. I appears that politicians in the USA and in western Europe have been and are bought and paid to NOT oppose Zionism.

    General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years
    SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw

    Cui Bono? Follow the money!

    Notice exactly which country located on the eastern shore of the Med Sea and in the ME that is rarely discussed in the lame stream medias unless it is a “victim”.

    Notice who controls the lame stream medias.

    Also, notice exactly which country on the eastern shore of the Med Sea and in the ME that has not been bombed and destroyed by the USA or suffered massive infusions of Muslim refugees as has all of western Europe. The bought and paid for politicians in all NATO (aka; USA) controlled countries are intentionally destroying the respective European cultures with massive influxes of Muslims.

    1. Hi Oz,
      yes, Israel (well… not Israel itself… or the Jewish people in general for that matter), but the ones who rule it, is/are a big issue on trying to solve the ME problem.
      They still rule themselves by the flippin´ridiculous Old Testament… unfortunately.

      They are masters when it comes to propaganda, the absolute and total masters, so they have achieved what they wanted: for the entire world to feel sorry about them, due to their history.
      This is not the place or time for me to develop this idea… maybe in a future post.
      It could very well be when JC writes the one he mentioned some weeks ago about the Rothschild´s and who could be above them.

      Anyway, it happens that due to what I do for a living, I have been very lucky and privileged to have access to certain archives and very, very powerful people, which I will, obviously, not mention.

      What I will recommend you for now is to read a book called State of Terror, by Thomas Suarez.
      I know you´re gonna like it.
      If you, or anybody else for that matter, can find a serious flaw on what is written there… just let me know.
      I will make sure (on the possibilities that I have at hand) that the archives are reopened again.
      That is, if the Jewish authorities are as opened as they were before for that.

      Having said this, I would like to add that it´s not Israel´s only “fault/guilt”.
      TPTB, both in DC and “the City”, are equally to blame.

      And yes, I hate TPTB with a passion.

      1. Hi DavidB,

        I just did a search and the fourth item of the search came up with the following link.


        “They are masters when it comes to propaganda, the absolute and total masters, so they have achieved what they wanted: for the entire world to feel sorry about them, due to their history.”

        The game appears to be, Changing of reality! This is blackmagic and the game is always rigged against you and for the manipulator of reality. I can see where the Left got hold of this psychological technology!

        I can think of another story, the biblical story of “Esther” which is a hellenic/Parthian era romance story which is adopted in the beleif system of 70 percent of the population of this planet. There is simply no historical or archeological record of this nonsensical story but it does a good job of propaganda! I am amazed that grown up adults believe in such nonsensical stories!

        The link above, made me go and get that book actually so thank you for the recommendation. Wish you a great day,

        1. Hi Carpe Diem,
          thanks for your comment.

          Below is a total demolition of Hoffman (straight out of the horse´s mouth), who, by the way, is a Zionist bully used to disrupt academic meetings in the UK.
          A scumbag, in other words.

          Btw, yes, the Book of Esther is a good example of a blatant, though very successful lie.
          You´re totally correct.

          Enjoy the book man :))

          Here we go.
          It´s Suarez comment on Hoffman´s one on the book itself.

          I am the author of this book.

          First, to explain: Amazon requires that a review include a “star” rating which, as the author, I don’t want to do. So to cause the least influence, I am giving my book three stars.

          Before I respond to Jonathan Hoffman’s critique, I will use this space to point out, for the benefit of those reading the book, a serious error that Mr. Hoffman overlooked. On page 263, four lines from the bottom of the main text (not footnote), “like Haifa” is a misprint. It should read “unlike Haifa”. My understanding is that this (and a few less egregious typos) are being corrected in the US edition, and the eBook.

          I will now briefly address Mr. Hoffman’s specific points, in order.

          Mr. Hoffman wrongly claims that my book omits the 1929 Hebron massacre. I bring his attention to page 46, where this Palestinian terror attack, and its sixty-seven Jewish victims, is indeed cited.

          Mr. Hoffman cites Uri Milstein’s version of Deir Yassin, which is similar to that recounted by the Israel Ministry of Defence (in Kister, Irgun). These accounts are however wholly at odds with contemporary accounts and most modern scholarship, and even if true, fail to explain the wholesale slaughter, amply recorded by early eyewitnesses.

          Page 10, the source is Weizmann’s own signed letter, in the National Archives (Kew). This, contrary to Mr. Hoffman’s claim, is cited.

          Page 13, regarding UN Resolution 181, Mr. Hoffman cites only my Introduction, where I lay out my book’s purpose and methodology. The evidence, which includes British and US intelligence documents, is explained in detail in the appropriate section of the book, Chapter 7.

          Pages 15/16, Mr. Hoffamn is dismissing what is amply recorded in UN records and by human rights organisations, and indeed what can be witnessed first-hand by those who can penetrate Israel’s siege of Gaza. The author was there in early 2009, after the Cast Lead attacks.

          Page 25, nothing to comment; Mr. Hoffman’s dismissal of my argument is simply that it is not true.

          Page 27, as regards the WZO and the 1938 Evian conference, the WZO was against the conference for the reasons explained, and this remained a constant with Zionist organizations. Mr. Hoffman appears to be parsing the difference between attending, vs sending a representative.

          Page 28, as regards Ben Gurion’s infamous words about the Jewish children in Germany, no, it was not a single quote out of context. First of all, his actions consistently lived up to those words; secondly, I cite the first-hand testimony of Hagana member Hanna Braun, that Ben-Gurion repeated and meant this.

          Page 28 (does he mean 122?), my evidence for Rabbi Herzog’s kidnapping campaign is Herzog’s own account (preserved by the British). This is repeatedly cited. Corroborating the timing (but which I do not rely upon for details), I cite a NY Times article. As for the Zionists’ sabotage of President Roosevelt’s plans for safe haven for European DPs, there are a few sources, but I rely on the first-hand account of Morris Ernst, the aide who Roosevelt sent to clinch the deal. Similarly, “rescue for its own sake” never being a part of Jewish Agency policy is amply cited from US Zionist, and Jewish Agency, leaders.

          Page 68, regarding the Patria, Mr. Hoffman cites the Jewish Agency explanation, which I also do. He however ignores the core point: the Agency was willing to risk killing hundreds of Jewish survivors – which it did – in the cause of the settler state. Inescapably, the Zionist project was more important than the DPs. As for the “suicide” cover-up, there is no mystery there: Mr. Hoffman can go buy a used copy of Koestler’s Promise and Fulfilment (1949), that are among the sources I cite that spread the lie. Why Mr. Hoffman claims I cite no evidence is incomprehensible – this sort of thing is not even controversal.

          Page 78, Evidence for the Jewish Agency’s opposition to Jews joining the Allied struggle is carefully cited in British and Agency records. If one claims that this evidence is wrong, then one would have to explain the Jewish Brigade.

          Page 79, As for Hunloke’s quote, I am a bit baffled. I was quoting Hunloke. There is also ample corroboration of his words, but, well, I was quoting Hunloke.

          Page 120, Mr. Hoffman disparages the excellent Israeli historian Yosef Grodzinsky and wrongly attributes to him my source for the Herzog kidnappings. My source for the Herezog kidnappings was Herzog himself, as I cite, not Prof Grodzinsky (who I cite for other matters).

          Page 211, Mr. Hoffman disparages Professor Norman Finkelstein, and simply dismisses him by saying that he has no credibility. There’s nothing to which to respond.

          Page 257, Jewish Agency opposition to the Marshall Plan is explicitly cited from Agency records, and as late as mid-1948 from the NY Times.

          Page 276, Mr.Hoffman could be correct in saying that the Israeli Foreign Ministry quote was “made by someone not connected with government” (though that would seem a bit odd).

          Page 282, regarding the destruction of the Jewish community in Iraq: As for post-1948, British, US, and Zionist sources (all cited) disagree with Mr. Hoffman. And if he were correct, he would then need to explain Israel’s bizarre behavior in leaving the Iraqi refugees cold, starving, and homeless after forfeiting their Iraqi citizenship. As for the 1941 incident, I don’t understand Mr. Hoffman’s point. I cite this incident, that Iraqis were believed by some to be responsible, and that the British were thought by others to be responsible. Among those claiming it was a British false-flag operation were Lehi (the “Stern Gang”), and it is strongly insinuated in British documents I had declassified.

          Page 286, no, Cook is hardly the only source for Mizrahi newborns scandal, and the ‘settling of scores’ issues is used by Israeli officials, hence my citing it (e.g., Haaretz, 11 Sep 2012, in which Israeli diplomats are told to use this device).

          Page 286, as for UN Resolution 194, I assume (since there was no explanation) that Mr. Hoffman is referring to the usual catch that it empowered those refugees who wish to return and live in peace – and Israel, seizing on the final four words, has decided on Palestinians’ behalf that they do not wish to live in peace. Sorry, this is an immoral argument.

          Page 291, note that Mr. Hoffman says that I cite Chris McGreal “in support” of this instance of rape, and then proceeds as though it were THE source. Mr. Hoffman is surely aware that my source was the Israeli (and Zionist) historian Benny Morris, not Chris McGreal. McGreal is cited in reference to how the media played the story.

          By the way, Mr. Hoffman is correct in stating that he attended my book talk at SOAS. He and his accomplices disrupted the meeting, refused to heed security (who he intimidated by yelling “ASSAULT”), and ultimately brought our talk to a grinding halt.

          I will not respond to comments to this posting, nor to the unjustified attacks on the two endorsers on the back cover of the book.

          Thank you,

          Tom Suarez

          1. Many Thanks David,

            These are staggering account of the deception list! I found the following regarding the Jewish Agency’s opposition to the Marshal Plan stunning, which also corroborates with something I read a while ago about the Allies plan to destroy a massive number of Germans, through starvation, as well as turning Germany from an Industrial nation to an agrarian society!
            Somehow, Churchill and Stalin were in agreement to this devious plan but some event/persons changed that thankfully.

            “Page 257, Jewish Agency opposition to the Marshall Plan is explicitly cited from Agency records, and as late as mid-1948 from the NY Times.”

            The other one regarding the Iraqi Jews is fascinating and shows that the progressive Iraqi government of King Faisal was not entirely responsible but the Zionists may have wanted all the West Asian Jews to go the newly established Israel and work, become soldiers and pay taxes…and buy the propaganda! Many left Iran but most stayed as Iran was their home for 2700 years and I know of many Iranians who left for Israel still miss their homeland that is Iran and I am sure the first generation of other lands have the same feelings about the lands they left.

            I appreciate your mention of this book which I am going order today.

    – J. Krishnamurti

    “…These divisions between nationalities, religions, classes, all this separation in oneself in which there is so much contradiction – why do we live that way? It breeds such turmoil, conflict, war; it brings about real insecurity, outwardly as well as inwardly. There is so much division, as God and the devil, the good and the bad, `what should be’ and `what is.’…”

  17. Can’t replace war. War is natural. Life needs death to live. It is easily observed in the animal kingdom. Scarce resources and territory are fought over everyday by every species. Nature is constantly at war with itself, and the death creates a balance or harmony (for lack of a better term) as each surviving species evolves stronger.

    If you look out in your backyard and watch closely enough, there is mass murder being committed all around. Birds, squirrels, snakes, rabbits all fighting for survival to not starve or be eaten. But when we walk outside we feel harmony and that we belong. Because we do.

    1. Are you suggesting that war and peace, good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate, joy and pain, science and religion, are all…..all……fragments of the one thing? Could Jesus and Lucifer exist within the same force or being? Do both serve the same un-fragmented purpose?

      Really liked your comment by the way. It caught me in the middle of another awkward thought process. lol

  18. Quick observation about your opening paragraph. The recent “leaked” intel Trump shared with Russian Ambassador about IS military plans in Syria came from an Israeli source. Not an accident considering your larger observations.

  19. I could not help but to think of this ridiculous Saudi Arabian Orb ceremony where the Arab Sheikh, Trump and Melania place their hand on the shining orb that resembles the psychoactive orb in Woody Allen’s 1970’s comedy, Sleeper…I hope they won’t get too high and make crazy decisions 🙂


    Now have a look at the actual event in Arabia:


  20. This is a mind blowing revelation by Daniel Estulin regarding Trump, the elite, the Clintons etc. etc. plus much more regarding the space colonies and beyond.
    Most profoundly, Estulin spoke of the emerging plan for the world, based on economic blocks (as well as cultural association!). The summary based on Estulin revelation is as follows:

    creation of a blocks/regions (City States!) with minimum of 600 million people, that would be about 10 regions based on the 7 Billion people.
    South America and South Africa
    Russia in two halves, Western and eastern along the Ural mountains
    East of Urals will be part of Russia, Iran and Turkey as well as the Shia dominated lands in West Asia, Parts of Saudi/Bahrain with ex Soviet states around the Caspian sea.
    Disappearance of Saudi Arabia altogether and divided as discussed by our JC. SA will be absorbed by the British Block to include North Africa also and Sunni parts of the Middle-EAst
    Disappearance of Israel as a nation states and transport of it’s citizens back to Ukraine.
    Creation of a new Israel from Ukraine. Kissinger stated some years ago that Israel will cease to exist by 2021.
    Arnold J. Toynbee, British historian in the 1960’s stated that Israel has only a life of 75 years!
    The information regarding the above begins at 25:00.


  21. Antarctica is on offer.

    At least two universities in the US offer research stay at Antarctica for research. We don’t hear much about this but Antarctica appears to becoming a place of interest for Marine biologist, biology and other disciplines. In the case of Virginia Tech, the final year students can pay $10K for 2 weeks stay and research in return for study units from their degree program and above.

    Here’s some details from VTech and UNE (University of new England):



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