The Mole Inside the Bank for International Settlements

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Winning Back Control of America was Only the First Step in Trumps Grand Plan

By JC Collins

Taking control and transforming the systems of the world is no small undertaking. A clear strategy would need to be implemented which could leverage the existing frameworks while encouraging the enemy (the existing power establishment) to develop and implement the additional frameworks and mechanisms which you would later hijack and turn to your own advantage.

The status of the United States on the international stage is indisputable and undeniable. Both its economic and military prowess assures that whomever controls the gears and levers of power within the American establishment has the ability to direct and steer the course of world events.

And It Begins….

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Trump Treasury Secretary Mnuchin tells the IMF he expects a “frank and candid” exchange rate analysis. POM readers will not be surprised by this development. Article can be read at the following link:

The Last Days of the Cultural Civil War

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By JC Collins

Do you think a cultural civil war is fast approaching? Do you feel like the vast differences between the left and the right ideologies in our western cultural are reaching a critical point? Is our cultural now so divided that bloodshed is the inevitable outcome and solution to put it all back together?

If you think the answer is yes than you haven’t been paying attention and your entire life has been spent in a state of semi-comatose cultural indifference. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But how could we have been in a war this whole time and no one noticed? Where are the victims? Which side is winning? Where and when have the major battles been fought?

Islamophobia – The Real Need for Electoral Reform in Canada

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The Difference between a Republic and a Democracy

By JC Collins

Proportional representation is the cornerstone of all Republics and ensures that the powers of sovereignty are vested in, and exercised by, the people through that very same proportional representation. This differs from the majority representation in a Democracy where a 49% (or less) minority of the population only have rights that are granted to them by the ruling false-majority.

Outside of this fundamental difference a Republic and a Democracy are the same. Simply put, a Republic ensures the sovereign representation of all individual electoral voters while in a Democracy sovereignty is held in the group or elected false-majority which can at times amount to 30% of the electoral voters.

Educated vs Uneducated Voters – The Unavoidable Truth on Cultural Segregation and a Changing Political Demographic

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By JC Collins

An ideal Republic demands an informed population which can serve as an electoral body of critical thinkers. Past educational programs within distinct societies and civilizations have been tasked with providing this body of critical thinkers.

As is the case in previous eras, civilizations which transition through various stages of socioeconomic development invariably pass through the obvious periods of enlightenment and heightened culture only to bottom out when civilization reverses and a period of non-critical thinking and mob mentality controls the mechanisms of governance and power.

Reducing American Influence Over Global Institutions

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The Trump Doctrine and the Promotion of Free and FAIR Trade

By JC Collins

It would appear that even International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde is picking up on the Trump language and doctrine when she recently stated that “the IMF has always been a supporter of free and fair trade”. This comes as no surprise as the Donald Trump Presidency has in essence hijacked the international process through its strategic take-over of one of the world’s largest economies and contributors to the Funds financing arrangements.

A New Masonic Reformation

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The Lodge System is Broken and Needs a Philosophical Renewal

By JC Collins

The much studied transformation from Operative Masonry to Speculative Masonry in the 16th Century should hardly be referenced as a “reformation” in the traditional sense of the word. It was more of the assimilation between parallel and complimentary centralized governing mandates which were meant to spread the ideals and advantages of a self-professed system of fabricated elitism.

The International-Left has infiltrated the Domestic Right

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The Right Needs to Take Back Control of the Right

By JC Collins

Whether we consider the diametrical political ideologies of left and right as a fabrication of unseen powers or the mere chance of human choice and opinion has little bearing on the unfolding realities which are shaping our world. The opposing positions of left and right exist and are being used to transition mass populations around the world towards a tightly woven socialist governance framework which is interconnected through monetary and financial think tanks, media and propaganda organizations, educational curriculum’s, foundations, unions, NGO’s, charities, and those in the financial world with resources to fund such activity.

The Trump and Renminbi Negotiations

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By JC Collins

When Donald Trump labels China as a currency manipulator there is more to that broad accusation which should be considered. The obvious truth to economists and those who seriously study such matters is that China has been working hard to prevent the renminbi from depreciating as opposed to implementing monetary policies which directly encourage or force renminbi devaluation.

Is this the Path to Trump’s Middle Eastern Peace?

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The Original “Seven Countries in Five Years” and the Seven Nation Trump Ban

By JC Collins

“Jerusalem’s only rational and historical choice is to link up once more with the Christian community of Lebanon.” – Trump Foreign Policy Advisor Walid Phares writing in a 1997 paper.

Ten days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 a member of the Joint Staff told General Wesley Clark that the United States was going to take out seven countries in five years. The countries were listed as – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. This story and the subsequent history which unfolded are well known to most readers.