Iran is the First to Dump the US Dollar – Starting March 21, 2017

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By JC Collins

It’s being reported on RT that Iran will be dumping the USD as of March 21, 2017 in response to Trump’s travel ban. This falls in line with our thesis that the Trump doctrine will be used as the tool to implement the transformation of international monetary system and the subsequent geopolitical changes which such a multilateral framework would entail. It should be considered that other nations will take similar actions for varying reasons. This should include today’s statements by the Trump administration that Germany has been manipulating the value of the euro and accusing both China and Japan of “planning money markets” by devaluation. A cascading waterfall of such occurrences will create the international demand to use something other than the USD as the global reserve asset. The SDR stands in the wings waiting.

The Philosophical Politics of a New Republic

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Bringing the Just Man Back into World Politics

By JC Collins

“Until political power and philosophy entirely coincide… cities will have no rest from evils,… nor, I think, will the human race.”
(Plato, the Republic 473c-d)

The “Just Man” was a core theme of the Republic, a series of dialogues written by Plato in 380BCE. Book two of those writings puts forward the suggestion that the “Just Man” who is considered by the world to be “Unjust” is in fact more fulfilled and living in alignment with wisdom than the “Unjust Man” who is considered by the world to be a “Just Man”.

It is in essence a debate between whether the “Unjust” life is better than the “Just” life or vice versa. It was argued that the only reason men would be just is because they are afraid of the costs and punishment of not being just. Injustice with impunity was presented as the case for the “Unjust Man” to be happier than the “Just Man” because the “Unjust Man”, through acts of injustice, could obtain riches and favor in the world which the “Just Man” could not do while in service to justice.

Trump Is About to Hammer the Federal Reserve

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By JC Collins

Back in October of 2015 I wrote a post titled De-Fang the Federal Reserve – The Conspiracy on How the Fed is Being Integrated into the Multilateral Framework. It served as a summary of how the Fed acted as the global central bank almost from its inception in 1913 and how this would change in the lead up to a multilateral monetary framework.

The Short-Lived BRICS Era Ended and No One Noticed

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Could there be a new alliance between Russia, Canada, and America?

By JC Collins

Last year I ran down a mental rabbit hole when I considered a possible scenario where Russia and China could enter into a period of conflict. This conflict was based on border disputes and a possible re-alliance between China and America. Anglo-American strategists would obviously take advantage of natural and legacy points of tension between the large Eurasian powers, but after a few days of consideration I dumped the idea as being illogical.

Introducing the Republican Party of Canada

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It’s started. The Republican Party of Canada website is up and running and we will be starting the process of registering with Elections Canada. This is a monumental undertaking which will require party officers, members, auditors, volunteers, and those willing to help spread the word about renewing Canada’s political and economic sovereignty.

Canada Must Ban George Soros Foundations Now (FREEPOM)

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And Should Canada Dump the Monarchy and Become a Republic?

By JC Collins

It’s of paramount importance that Canada and other nations cut off foreign funding to civil society groups and foundations which operate within their borders. These foundations and organizations represent outside forces which have ulterior motives and agendas which may not always, if ever, be aligned with the needs of the people.

One such foreign “philanthropic” organization is the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation. This foundations sole purpose is the promotion and expansion of the liberal-left international agenda meant to reduce national sovereignty, fund and support massive migration, such as is taking place in Europe, and the promote the mandate of open borders.

Trump Just Dropped the First USD Bomb (More to Come)

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It’s only a matter of time before the letters “S” and “D” and “R” are uttered from the lips of Donald Trump

By JC Collins

“Our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.”

This statement comes as no big surprise to the readers of Philosophy of Metrics (POM).

The next big move in the multilateral monetary transformation has begun. With one simple phrase Donald Trump has set in motion the necessary framing for the USD to begin devaluation against the currencies of its major trading partners, with China being the core focus.

“The dollar is too strong” he said before adding “Our companies can’t compete with [China] now because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.”

Trump’s Own Deep State

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The Evidence of New Petroleum Politics & a Great Deal for America to Provide China with Crude

By JC Collins

The evidence is clear. A shift in the petroleum world is taking place.

With all the talk of the US Deep State and its attacks upon Donald Trump and his incoming administration everyone has failed to observe that Trump himself has something of a deep state supporting his strategies.

From the first moment his candidacy was announced there was a deep and broad strategy in place which included everything from the use of Twitter to the provocations against other nations and existing trade agreements, as well as how to overturn the elite media. The fact that everything the existing American establishment threw at him didn’t stick should be evidence enough that something more powerful and organized was operating behind the scenes.

Consolidating the Right in Alberta – A Grass Roots Take on the PC Party Leadership Debate (FREEPOM)

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Unraveling the Liberal-Socialist Agenda Close to Home

By JC Collins

This article is a more granular analysis on the regional politics in my home province of Alberta, Canada. Some readers around the world may not find it as interesting as our usual material related to the international monetary system and subsequent geopolitics. But I would suggest that it is relevant in that it is reflective of the larger international “right” oriented “new modern nationalism” which is unraveling the broader liberal agenda.

The approach I’ve always taken to politics is that I reserved the right to withhold my vote until a time in my life when I felt the level of knowledge and wisdom required to make informed and reasonable decisions had been met. Around the age of 40 I began to feel like I had reached this mystical level of political enlightenment and began to ponder on the broader realities of life in Alberta, and Canada as a whole.