Will a Trump Treasury Create Onshore (Domestic) and Offshore (International) Dollars?

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Modeling the China System and How Best to End the Jamaican International Monetary System

By JC Collins

Most consider Bretton Woods to be the monetary system which is in use today, or at least a corrupt version of that system. But in fact the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates ended in 1971 when Nixon closed the convertibility of gold. What took its place was called the Jamaican International Monetary System.

This little known name has its origins in monetary negotiations which happened in Jamaica in 1976. Attempts had been made since 1971 to re-arrange and renegotiate the framework of the international monetary system. A loose agreement built around the US dollar once again emerged and the global imbalances continued to compound and expand.

The End of Dollar Inverse Correlation

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The Crash of the House of Saud and a New International Energy Alliance

By JC Collins

The role of the US dollar as the main international reserve currency puts it in an inverse relationship with energy commodities and other assets. This inverse correlation functions as a safe haven method for investors. When economic uncertainty is high, such as the collapse in crude prices, investors will pull money from crude stocks and put it into the dollar. In this situation the dollar acts as a safe haven and goes up in value as crude is going down.

The Mystery of Truth – Information Power and Its Controlled Distribution

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A Comparison between the Gutenberg Printing Press and the Internet

By JC Collins

Perhaps the intent all along has been to swamp the masses with so much information that it causes a sort of cultural shutdown and avoidance of truth. Drowning out the sound of truth in the modern age would require something like the internet to work alongside the mainstream media in order to ensure the masses never stumble upon what has been hidden right in front of them.

The Risk of Genocide against the Liberal-Left (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

All throughout the western world this demographic is beginning to take back control of its civilization. From the BREXIT vote to the election of Trump, and other populist movements throughout Europe, the conservative majority, composed of all races, sexes, and religions, is beginning to move in unison. The disorganized masses are organizing and all the tools at its disposal will be used to halt the liberal-left offensive.

Is the dollar exchange rate regime about to break?

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Apple Manufacturing iPhones in America, Ford Not Moving Factory, and the Dollar at Record Highs – What Do They Know?

By JC Collins

Is the dollar exchange rate regime about to break?

Contrary to the pre-election propaganda, the financial world did not end on November 9, 2016. Much like with the BREXIT vote, the opposite happened and markets reached new highs and everyone started to agree on re-negotiating trade deals and making new alliances.

The Purpose of Life

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Adventures in Death and Self-Discovery

By JC Collins

There is a method on how to move through life which is passed on through family, heritage and religion. As children we begin to learn this process of life and the art of living from those around us. Everyone has advice to offer on life and the onward march of choices. Do this? Don’t do that? You better think things through before making decisions. It never ends.

Along with these opinions comes the promotion of fear surrounding death. The level and intensity of fear is varied throughout cultures and religions, but the one common theme is that death is something to be avoided. Death very much has a negative connotation from which our own personal identities build up an avoidance of the obvious things that can lead to death.

America May Demand SDR Substitution

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Trump to Make Case that International Role of the Dollar is Detrimental to American Interests

By JC Collins

Since the election of Donald Trump last Tuesday the markets have been on fire. The Dow is at record levels, gold is crashing, and the Chinese yuan is depreciating. But how long can this keep up?

An appreciating USD does not work in the benefit of the US monetary authorities. Nor does a depreciating renminbi work in the favor of China. Both will further enhance the trade deficit challenge which America faces and the trade surplus challenge which Beijing faces. The twisting tension which builds between both extreme ends of the spectrum will cause deeper instability in the international monetary system.

The Take Down of George Soros Has Begun

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How a Rogue Alliance Betrayed the Rothschild’s and attempted to hijack the One World Government

By JC Collins

Update 2: Two months after I wrote this article it is being reported by Bloomberg that Hungary, the home nation of George Soros, will be banning NGO’s funded by Soros foundations. This follows the actions of Russia to outlaw the Open Society Foundation and other Soros related charities. The country which George Soros was born in is turning against him. His funds are beginning to lose money. The tide is only beginning to turn against him.

Political Consolidation

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The New America and the De-Fragmentation of Cognitive Dissonance

By JC Collins

A pattern is beginning to emerge in the first days after the election. The reactions by the Democratic Party and liberal left regarding the election results have taken on a new and problematic pattern. This pattern is one of desperation as the full nature of what just happened begins to sink in and those in the American establishment have their control framework threatened for the first time in centuries.

End the Abortion Holocaust (FREEPOM)

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Future Shame & How the Liberal-Left Destroyed Both Itself and the Establishment

By JC Collins

One of the greatest tragedies in Western culture has been the acceptance of rampant abortion. Seldom do I speak out about my own political opinions, but the Liberal-Left and its socialist drive to destroy democracy and capitalism must come to an eventual end.

With the election of Donald Trump, and the Republican control over the House of Representatives and the Senate, with at least one, maybe more Supreme Court Judge Nominations on the horizon, the coming years will provide the first opportunity in many generations to reverse some of the most genocidal and culturally destructive policies which have been implemented.