Transforming Sovereign Debt into Economic Growth

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From the Industrial Revolution to the Intelligence Revolution

By JC Collins

There are numerous studies which support the correlation between the onset of the modern banking system and the origins of the Industrial Revolution. Sovereign debt expanded under the British Empire at a faster rate than any other nation or region after the establishment of the Bank of England. This increasing debt accelerated the Industrial Revolution and gave birth to the modern world in which we live today. Further reading on this can be found here.

China Exchange Rate Reform Will Coincide with Phase Two of CIPS

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SWIFT and CIPS Sign Memorandum of Understanding

By JC Collins

Last October the China International Payment System (CIPS) went live. The initial phase of the CIPS platform included the direct participation of 19 banks, of which 9 were foreign institutions, and another 176 banks which were indirectly participating in this alternative to USD dominated SWIFT.

The Dollar and World on Oct 2, 2016 (FREEPOM)

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Internet Control Passes to the United Nations

By JC Collins

We are only 12 days away from the effective date of the new SDR. Coincidently this is also the date when the United Nations takes over control of the internet. The US Administration has controlled the internet since its inception through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This control will now be passing over to International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which is administrated by the UN.

Depreciating US Dollar will Strengthen SDR Denominated Assets

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Understanding O-SDR, M-SDR, R-SDR and Substitution Accounts

By JC Collins

Moving forward the US dollar will begin to experience depreciation bouts which will eventually see the valuation drop by 20% to 30% against the currencies of America’s largest trading partners. This strategy by western monetary authorities, in alignment with international monetary authorities, will begin the process of managing the large amount of debt which has accumulated from the dollars role as the primary international reserve asset.

The IMF and Asian Monetary Fund Development – G20 Official Communique

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By JC Collins

On August 25, 2015 I published a post titled Meet the Asian Monetary Fund, in which the following was stated:

“In May of 2013 the Fed began to openly talk about tapering QE and this led to more uncertainty and revealed broader fears associated with the normalization of monetary policy. It became increasingly apparent that the region (Asia) would need to implement the required new initiatives before the Fed began to normalize the monetary policies and begin to increase interest rates, as this would lead to a massive capital outflow from the region.”