World Taxation on the Agenda

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China Proposing International Tax System at September G20 Meeting

By JC Collins

Most of us have never heard of the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. The very name and phrase itself evokes an instant literary repulsion and peanut butter mouth. It is through such unattractive complex working groups and non-profits that the multilateral monetary transition is being engineered and implemented. Western media and financial experts pay little, if any, attention to the broader SDR framework and international taxation developments.

New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part Two (PREMIUM POM)

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The Geopolitical Triad of the SDR

BY JC Collins

With the recent coverage of Zbigniew Brezinzski’s article titled Towards a Global Realignment we are forced to revisit some of the past material which we have presented here on POM. The fact that this one article confirms the geopolitical realities surrounding the multilateral SDR monetary transition which we have been discussing should convince the most hardened sceptic.

New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part One (FREEPOM)

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Just who is behind this Re-Organization of Civilization?

BY JC Collins

While out for dinner last night with some good friends our conversation turned to discussions around the loss of individuality in a consolidated global governance structure. Such a New World framework carries with it the potential for human greatness and alignment, but also brings with it the threat of non-individuality, or the promotion of sameness.

Are Emerging Markets about to Switch US Treasuries for SDR Bonds? (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

The first issuance of SDR denominated bonds in the Chinese market is being implemented by the World Bank. Let that sink in for a moment. The World Bank, the great bastion of the western banking elite, will be providing SDR bonds specifically for the Chinese market. This is a major defeat for all of those who repeatedly promoted the idea that wealthy interests within China were attempting to overthrow the western banking structure or implement a competing system.

Economic Crisis in China?

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Anglo-America Tightens Grip on China before Important G20 Summit

By JC Collins

Interests from within the Anglo-American establishment have been busy promoting the script of economic collapse and crisis in China. George Soros and other western interests in recent days have been projecting influence through media and banking channels regarding an imminent crisis in China. It is also suggested that this crisis will kick-start changes and reform to the international monetary system.

The Enlightenment of Muhammad by the Transformative Sun

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Merging Lunar Islam with Solar Christianity

By JC Collins

The form of the Christ as the Sun God is positioned in direct diametric opposition to the form of Allah as the Moon God. Much like Christian culture uses a sun based calendar and sun imagery, Islamic culture uses a moon based calendar and moon imagery. The esoteric relationship between the Sun and the Moon seeks harmony through the transmutation of spirit and matter.

It’s a Kudatah Y’All (FREEPOM)

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Incompetence Breeds Corruption

By JC Collins

As we enter into the final stretch of the Presidential election in the United States it’s worth taking a look at the space which exists between competence and the complete lack of any competence. The older I get, and the more I learn about how the world works, the more I realize that incompetence abounds on unimaginable levels.

But it’s not only incompetence, it’s the excuses and misdirection’s to hide incompetence which push everything into the realm of the unbelievable. A case in point is the endless re-cycling of Pentagon budgeting and operational incompetence.

Worldwide SDR Inflation & the Centralization of Reserves

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A Pre-Text for the Future World Currency

By JC Collins

Over the last three years I have written extensively about a broader use of the SDR and the implementation of substitution accounts to diversify foreign exchange reserves and reverse the accumulation of reserves denominated in US dollars. Now that this reality is beginning to emerge it is worth looking at what the next curve will be and what we can expect as it unfolds in the coming years.

The Demand for an External Economic Shock

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The Constitution of the SDR

By JC Collins

Though things may appear stable during the dog days of summer, let’s not be fooled into thinking that the volatility will not come. But also keep in mind that the volatility which I discuss is in no way meant to represent a full on market crash or collapse of the dollar. It will be just the right amount of instability to demand acceptance of a broader use of the SDR and a level of supra-sovereign monetary policy across the international monetary system.

The World in 2030

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China, Vietnam and India Middle Classes Explode – US Middle Class Shrinks Further?

By JC Collins

With the ongoing international monetary reforms and new governance policies which are building towards the United Nations 2030 Agenda, it is worth taking a closer look at how the world in the year 2030 may look from a socioeconomic perspective. The rise and fall in the percentage of the middle class per total population measured against the increase and decrease in percentage of global GDP can paint an interesting picture from which some geopolitical predictions can be made.