No Death but Transformation of the Dollar (FREEPOM)

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And More Insight on Philosophy of Metrics Purpose

It would appear others are now picking up on the importance of the G20 Summit this September in Hangzhou, China. I have been discussing this summit for some time and gave it particular attention in a post back on June 15, 2016.

Silver Doctors is running a piece titled Jim Rickards: Sept 4th G20 Meeting to Signal End of Petrodollar? The article is apparently built around the August subscription newsletter of Jim Rickards, and is supported by Tweets from the friendly Willem Middelkoop, both of whom are well-versed on the SDR and have also contributed large amounts of material towards understanding monetary reform.

How the Cultural War Fooled the Left

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A Synthesis between Opposing Extremes

By JC Collins

The ongoing rise of a new modern nationalism across the global and political spectrums is serving the purpose of the international banking interests. The social justice warriors and leftist politicians who have suckled on the socialist nipple of division and fragmentation have been betrayed by the very same people and organizations who originally funded the fake cultural war.

The very same governments and non-governmental organizations who orchestrated and implemented everything from the feminist movement to the recent transgender conditioning are the very same interests who are promoting open borders and mass immigration. These policies are fast undoing decades of cultural and socioeconomic interception (CSI).

For those who said it would never happen….I give you the M-SDR

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BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDED: Why I’m Afraid of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

By JC Collins

While I was driving through the Rocky Mountain Trench and pondering the North American Craton reader Mark Schoenfelt was digging up some interesting facts on SDR-denominated financial instruments. But before we get into SDR’s I need to talk about the Craton, as I’m bursting at the seams with disproportionate excitement on this geological wonderment.

Just off the Pacific Coast lurks the Cascadia Subduction Zone. This is where the Juan de Fuca plate is pushing underneath the North American plate. The zone is locked (not sliding past one another) and massive pressure is building up across the 1000 km stretch of the fault. Running from Northern California to the furthest tip of Vancouver Island, the Cascadia Subduction Zone is set to produce one of the largest earthquakes in recent memory.


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Risk Increases with Desperate Turkish Coup Attempt

By JC Collins

In the months leading up to the Western-backed coup in Ukraine it was widely being reported that the government in Kiev was strengthening economic and geopolitical relations with both Russia and China. The situation for Ukraine was precarious as building strong ties with the larger Eurasian zone offered benefits above and beyond remaining exclusively in the sphere of the EU and America.

First SDR Bonds Issued from US & BRICS

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Opening the Market for SDR Securities

By JC Collins

The broader role of the SDR as a global reserve asset will allow America to reduce its position as the sole world banker. This diversification of credibility surrounding the USD denominated “high quality” financial assets will work towards the common goal of re-balancing the world monetary system.

Remembering the Real Global Currency Reset

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EU Return to National Currencies Confirms More POM Thesis

By JC Collins

Since the BREXIT vote there has been a growing call within EU nations for a return to domestic currencies and the re-establishment of sovereignty. Both France and Italy have been openly expressing the need of returning to national currencies in order to increase manufacturing and revive their economies, while other EU nations are beginning to recognize the need for greater domestic monetary autonomy.

Will a New Gold Bear Market Begin This October?

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SDR & Renminbi Bond Markets will feed Yield Hungry Private Investors

By JC Collins

The recent surge in gold is great news for precious metals investors. But the question remains on how long this trend can last. The reality of increasing financial market and banking volatility cannot be denied. This instability has long been predicted to establish the precedent required to shift the international monetary system towards a multilateral framework.

The Globalization of Central Banks

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The move to the multilateral system requires the broader integration and coordination between central banks and institutions such as the IMF and BIS, with governments giving up more of their financial autonomy in regards to financial regulation. The alternative is a deepening and continuation of financial instability, which is now beginning to become more entrenched as deflation and a growing liquidity crisis.

The Elites Are the Slaves (FREEPOM)

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Tipping the Pyramid of Self-Punishment

By JC Collins

This discussion will present the reader with an alternative consideration of the hierarchical structure of the world. It will challenge the belief systems of most and plant seeds which will lay dormant until such a time that each individual will shine light on them. Our own personal definitions of the world and punishment will transform and provide us a new method of filtering the experience of existence.