The Invisible Hand of the Disorganized Masses and the Application of Pre-French Revolution Conditions in the Modern World (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

The comments this week coming from the so-called elite referencing the ignorant masses have manufactured an aggressive response. The mainstream media have not picked up on these comments but the alternative media have been on the cultural front lines with well strategized talking points.

It should be noted that I have often referenced the disorganized masses in previous posts. This phrase stands in contrast to what is being referenced with the term ignorant masses. Disorganized would suggest non-ignorance with a lack of focus and intent. Ignorant simply means that the masses are too intellectually inferior for advanced comprehension.

Re-Introducing Gold to the International Monetary System (FREEPOM)

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How the IMF and China will transform the SDR

By JC Collins

As a follow up to the post yesterday titled China and Greenspan on a New Gold Standard it is worth exploring in more detail some of the fundamentals of such a new monetary framework. It is evident that a broader use of the SDR will be mandated in the coming months. This is now beyond dispute as the official communications from the G20, IMF, as well as central banks and other international institutions, are all openly discussing an expanded SDR.

China and Greenspan on a New Gold Standard

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Could a Surprise Move Add the Precious Metal to the SDR this October?

By JC Collins

It is being reported today that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has called for a new gold standard. Greenspan, who contributed his far share to some of the monetary challenges which the world now faces, first planted this seed last year. In an interview with Bloomberg today the former chairman stated the following:

SDR Event Horizon

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USD Liquidity Insufficient to Meet Growing Crisis Liquidity Requirements

By JC Collins

With so much happening in world markets on the heels of the BREXIT vote we are left to speculate on the problem, reaction, solution methodology surrounding the broader expansion of the SDR. It is common knowledge and accepted fact throughout the central banks and international institutions that the Special Drawing Right is being re-engineered to provide additional global liquidity in the event of another crisis. Only the profane and completely ignorant can continue to deny this reality.

Bank for International Settlements to Offer SDR Products and Services

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Acquires Direct Access to Renminbi Onshore (CNY) Market

By JC Collins

While giving a speech to the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI) on June 20, 2016, Peter Zöllner from the Bank for International Settlements provided additional information on the multilateral monetary transition and the rise of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) as a supra-sovereign reserve asset.

How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump

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At no time in the history of the modern world and politics has an anti-establishment candidate been given so much media attention and free airtime. The negative reporting of Donald Trump by most media is scripted as such. The cognitive dissonance which is developing surrounding the Trump mandate and transformation of America is a strategy which began decades ago in the 1980’s when Donald Trump first began to canvas our television screens.

The Long-Anticipated Dollar Depreciation

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Foreign Selling of US Treasuries Most Since 1978

By JC Collins

It’s not a coincidence that the People’s Bank of China officially stated a few months ago that they would further open their domestic bond market to qualified foreign institutional investors. This would include commercial banks, pension funds, and other financial institutions. The announcement came the day before the G20 meetings in Shanghai and marks another transition point for the multilateral monetary framework.

It is now being reported that the foreign selling of US Treasuries in the month of April has been the highest since 1978. That is a substantial statistic which warrants further consideration. The outflow in April was $76.4 billion.

America After the Fall (FREEPOM)

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A New Economic Reality Emerges in the Autumn

By JC Collins

On September 4th and 5th China will host a G20 Summit in the city of Hangzhou. The Hangzhou Summit represents the end of the old economic order and the birth of a new economic order. It marks the major transition point between the USD-based monetary framework and the SDR-based multilateral monetary framework.

The factual nature of this transition is bookmarked within the publications of international institutions and central banks around the world. The alignment on mandates and policy reform harness the financial momentum which has been developing alongside the growing imbalances in the international monetary system.