The United Nations Transformation of the G20

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One method which has been discussed in international circles is the transformation of the G20 into the actual Economic Security Council arm of the United Nations. Such a change would align with the larger consolidation mandates of the global governance agenda and ensure all nations and institutions are speaking from the same script and implementing the appropriate policy changes.

China is pushing hard for this transformation of the G20 and the international monetary framework, as are most other nations. The United States has been the most hesitant of the group to move forward on monetary and systemic reforms. This should not be considered and unwillingness to achieve the same objective but caution in how that objective is reached and the effects on America itself.

The New Khazaria

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The Planned Jewish Migration Out of Israel

By JC Collins

On March 16, 2014 the Times of Israel published a little discussed pieced titled Leaked Report: Israel Acknowledges Jews in Fact Khazars; Secret Plan for Reverse Migration to Ukraine. Just four weeks before this explosive publication, on February 18, 2014, the official and democratic government of Ukraine was ousted and a Jewish supported new interim government was appointed. Both of these occurrences can be connected to the larger construction of a new world capital in Kazakhstan called Astana.

The Wealth of Human Beings (FREEPOM)

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A New Language for the Socioeconomics of Tomorrow

By JC Collins

Should we be afraid?

In the future humans will earn social credits based on a criterion of conformity and cultural participation metrics. Social budgets will be structured around scalable weightings which will be segmented into individual human measurements and moving upward into municipal weightings, state and provincial weightings, national weightings, regional economic zone weightings, and ultimately into a global governance weighting framework.

China’s G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group and the UN’s Agenda 2030 – Fragments of the Bancor

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By JC Collins

Without much fanfare or notice China this year launched the G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group. The purpose of the group is to reform the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This will take place through in-depth discussions on challenges facing the international monetary and financial systems, which include sovereign debt restructuring and the development of a global financial safety net along with a rebalancing of trade accounts, and the creation of a global reserve asset.

That first paragraph is loaded with information and purpose, and should be another massive wake up call to anyone who hasn’t yet accepted the reality of the multilateral monetary transformation of the existing framework.

The Golden SDR Agenda

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Additional Information on the Nanjing II Conference

By JC Collins

On September 30, 2014 I published an article titled The Coming SDR Gold Standard. It became one of the most read POM posts and was one of only a few that was republished on such sites as Zero Hedge. In April of 2015, seven months later, Lord Meghnad Desai, chairman of Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum stated the following in reference to gold being used to help stabilize the SDR:

“We could ask that gold be nominated as part of the SDR. That is one thing I think is quite likely to happen.”

To their credit the folks over at Zero Hedge published a piece on this information and referenced Philosophy of Metrics as a previous source of the gold backed SDR topic. Since that time there has been very little information.

The Fragmentation of Consciousness (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

The material world is one of our greatest mysteries. Its purpose and existence are outside of our own perceived experience but its origins come from within. We seek to define and categorize this three dimensional world to explain the process which is happening internally.

The abstract manner in which the human mind attempts to understand the relationship between matter and consciousness is both random and structured. The act of defining consciousness through a material process is seeded with fault and contradiction. The act of defining consciousness as the creator of the material world offers a more fundamental understanding which is easily reconciled with our everyday existence.

SDR Replication within the Bank for International Settlements

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There is no doubt that large monetary changes are afoot. But how those changes will be implemented is still largely unknown outside of the movement towards a broader role for the SDR. The shifting of liquidity between the US dollar and the Chinese renminbi while attempting to position an alternative international reserve asset is the fundamental challenge of our monetary and financial age.

Pacific Rim TPP and the Vietnamese Dong

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The mandates of the multilateral monetary framework are to rebalance and prevent the accumulation of large foreign exchange reserves and trade surpluses. This positions the VND well for a future appreciation. It is still the small currency that can, and I still believe in its potential as an important part of an overall and diversified FX investment strategy.

The New Christianopolis

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Alchemical Transmutation of Our Existing Civilization

By JC Collins

The religions of the world no longer serve the purpose which was originally intended. Both social and spiritual enlightenment have been the tempered and unachievable objectives of religion since each individual incantation.

Social enlightenment has now found modern and non-allegorical methods of human development; and spiritual enlightenment likewise has become a weave of intermixing thought-forms which are spreading through the vast array of human civilizations with a non-coincidental sameness.

Understanding a Single World Currency

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For those wondering about the rise of digital currencies and such, don’t think for one instance that such things are developing and being created in a separate vacuum from what I have described above. The testing of digital currencies, and perhaps even other forms of transactions, will be incorporated into the transitional methodology surrounding the development of the world currency.