Solutions to Fragmentation (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

“So how do you stop the fragmentation within yourself?”

This question came from reader Alex B regarding the post The Problem of Fragmentation. The answer is dependent upon the individual and is reflective of our relationship with the whole. Another way of considering this dynamic would be through understanding our relationship with ourselves – ourselves being a reflection of the whole.

What Was Before Can Never Be Again

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How New Worlds Emerge from the Devolution of Old Worlds

By JC Collins

It’s with a sense of ease that I’ve always shared parts of my personal life with the readers of POM. These moments are sporadic and I attempt to time them to align with larger and more macro concepts. The most profound lessons which we learn in life are the ones applied and superimposed over our own personal lives. As such, our own conceptual perception becomes manifested through the influence of non-conceptual and non-perceptual abstracts.

Reader MP contributed two comments a few days ago. The focus of MP’s concern was that the SDR was constructed around the values of fiat currencies. The worry was that this would make the SDR another fiat asset and allow for a broader abuse of power as the monetary world further consolidates.

PBOC calls for broadening use of IMF’s basket of reserve currencies

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The transformation of the International Monetary System (IMS) from the outdated USD denominated unipolar framework to the multilateral framework is progressing as expected this year. An April 17th article from The BRICS Post gives updated information from the People’s Bank of China as well as the International Monetary Fund. One of the initial goals of Philosophy of Metrics was to describe and predict this transition. At this point I believe this goal has been achieved. There is no sense in rehashing the words of the article, so it is reprinted below for convenience. This is just the beginning. – JC

Integration between East and West Multilateral Banks

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Massive Infrastructure Development Projects will Require Joint-Funding

By JC Collins

A recent announcement by the President of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) should put to rest any lagging rumors and theories which proclaim opposing monetary policies between East and West.

AIIB President Jin Liqun said Wednesday while attending an event in Washington, “I would say a huge amount of chemistry has already been nurtured between the AIIB and the World Bank, the AIIB and the ADB.”

The Externalization of Scripting

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One answer has to do with the coming US dollar depreciation. It is my prediction that the dollar will see around a 30% depreciation against the currencies of its largest trading partners. This depreciation will be the effect of changes to the international reserve framework. These changes will be focused on rebalancing the foreign exchange account reserves between multiple currencies, which will now include the Chinese renminbi. But the SDR will also play a role in this rebalancing.

The Problem of Fragmentation (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

The Whole of the World is fragmented.

The problem of fragmentation is worth further consideration. The terms separate and division could also be used interchangeably with fragmentation as both would be considered the effect, or consequence, of fragmentation. For the purpose of this discussion we will focus on the root cause – fragmentation.

In understanding fragmentation we begin to glimpse the endless expanse of Wholeness. This Wholeness is fragmented into infinite shards of limited possibility. Using the term infinity will bring to mind the outer expanse of the universe. But this need not be so.

The Trump Mandate – Unwinding the Bretton Woods Monetary Experiment (FREEPOM)

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US Dollar Depreciation & the Return of American Exporting

By JC Collins

This article was originally posted on August 6, 2015. The Trump Mandate part of the title was added to reflect the stated positions of the Presidential Candidate and how certain aspects of those policies are aligned with the process of unwinding Bretton Woods. Such early policy indicators as having EU countries take on more of the funding responsibilities of NATO, others countries participating more than the US in their own defense, and reworking existing trade agreements, are all aspects of unwinding Bretton Woods, which was centered around using the USD as the international reserve asset. – JC

The Bretton Woods monetary framework has been segmented into opposing eras. One era began in 1944 when the USD was established as the international monetary unit used to balance trade. This period lasted until 1971 when the Nixon Shock removed the gold standard component of the original Bretton Woods and set the stage for Bretton Woods 2, which began in 1973.

Rent-Seeking & the Self-Limiting of Corruption

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By JC Collins

Rent-seeking is a term which brings up various images in the human mind and often has multiple definitions depending on the socioeconomic position of those using the phrase. For our purposes there are two definitions which we will consider as the basis for the term rent-seeking.

One, the act or process of using one’s assets and resources to increase one’s share of existing wealth without creating new wealth.

Two, the act or process of exploiting the political process or manipulating the economic environment to increase one’s revenue or profits.

Makes Me Angry – This Abuse of Peoples Trust

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Reader Justin posted the following comment and question a few moments ago. The question itself, and my response, are worth a quick small post. This is an important issue which we need to draw more attention too. An organization of the masses will only take place when we arm ourselves with facts and discard fallacies. – JC

Full Validation of the POM Thesis (FREEPOM)

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These announcements will fundamentally change the arguments and positions which the alternative media has taken regarding international monetary and financial matters. So damning are these confirmations that it is a wonder if many of the other sites and personalities will even be able to continue spewing forth the fantastical scripts which have served to spread much fear and confusion.