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Stock Markets, Dollar, Gold, and Commodities

By JC Collins

Now that the Dow has posted the biggest quarterly gain since 1933 you would think the constant jibber jabber surrounding imminent doom would settle down. The fact that 1933 was the year when America’s recovery from the great stock market crash of 1929 began could be telling of additional upward movement in the months and years ahead.

New Age Socialism and the End of Debt-Based Money Creation (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

It is widely expected that the current trend of money creation cannot continue indefinitely without a much larger collapse of the world’s monetary and financial systems. The act of creating money is perhaps the biggest problem facing the international community today. The ability of banks to create money from deposits and inject the highest percentage of that money into the financial markets, as opposed to the real economy, needs to be corrected as the multilateral framework emerges further.

Competitive Currency Devaluations

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How the SDR and Regional Reserve Funds Could Prevent Mayhem

By JC Collins

There is a growing uneasiness that competitive currency devaluations could become the norm in the months and years ahead as nations struggle and fight for the top spots in the global economy. This potential is real and would have prolonged and undesirable effects on the international financial system. Which is why there has been a multilateral framework being developed for years now.

This framework is being structured around the SDR of the International Monetary Fund and a multicurrency reserve system which will facilitate the creation of both regional currency units and regional reserve funds, with the IMF and SDR at the apex.

Fundamentals of Multilateral Investing – Lesson Three

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In Lesson Three we will further review Financial Intermediaries, which serve the purpose of bringing Savers and Users of Capital together. We will broaden our understanding of why it is important for China to further develop its RMB denominated Financial Intermediaries for the purpose of creating Efficient RMB Capital Markets to work alongside USD denominated Capital Markets.

The Transmutation of the International Monetary System

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Further Confirmation of the POM Thesis

By JC Collins

Ever since reading the George Soros book called The Alchemy of Finance I have accepted the fact that there is a deeper meaning and understanding to the process of financial transmutation. The quest for the Philosophers Stone, which is the corner stone of all alchemical pursuits, ends in failure for so many because the journey must be one which is directed inward.

Could there be Purchasing Power Parity between the Major Reserve Currencies?

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By JC Collins

The point of diversifying the large accumulation of US dollars in the foreign exchange reserve accounts of central banks around the world is to reduce the risk associated with the dollar itself. With so many countries holding large amounts of these dollars, the risk of all nations holding such large volumes of one nation’s currency is problematic.

When the geopolitical world was dominated by the United States and its partners in Europe, the case for using one sole asset as the international reserve currency was easy to make. Though there were many economists who spoke out against the systemic imbalances which would develop from such a unipolar framework, the political support was not there to make the necessary changes.

Nationalism and a Multicurrency Reserve System

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Trumps continuous use of the catch phrases “they’re going to pay” and “bring jobs back” are in essence expressing the same concept. As the USD depreciates the framework and methodology described above will begin to reverse. The US dollar will be allowed to depreciate as a multicurrency reserve system begins to take effect. This will likely be a re-balancing between the USD, the euro, and the Chinese renminbi.

Trump and the International Banking Interests (FREEPOM)

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“Trump is likely selling the multilateral monetary mandates through a CSI (Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception) program of increased nationalism. This is how America accepts its own international and domestic restructuring. The complexity of this engineering should make us all think a little harder. I will be writing more on this soon.”

Just what is Monetary Policy Reform?

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The US political establishment understands that the dollar will need to depreciate and that this will bring back factories and jobs as American made goods become affordable once again. This will boost domestic growth and lower the debt-to-GDP ratio.

And the Economic Collapse Subsides Once Again

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Now with the Baltic Dry Index taking off like a rocket, iron/ore prices spiking, copper spiking, crude spiking, US jobs growth higher than expected, and volatility worldwide decreasing, it would appear that the first Fed rate increase has been successful.