The Greek Betrayal and Pan-European Solidarity

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It has now become common knowledge that the promises made by the new Greek Syriza government have been broken. The voting population of Greece were fed a steady stream of propaganda on how Syriza was going to stand up to the Troika, or trifecta of the European Commission, European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Economic Ground Zero for Canada

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After the collapse of oil prices and home valuations in 1986 the oil sands mining town of Fort McMurray became a semi-desolate place of reduced expectations. One of the two mining operations went on strike and I remember the workers picketing on the highway near the site access.

Development Goals of the New World Order

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For lack of a better term, the European banking structure is about to be gutted and the direct management of the system will be given to the European Stability Mechanism. This statement is not made flippantly or without regard to the facts and macroprudential policies which are being implemented globally.

War & Petroleum Reserves

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In the interest of analytical balance, we would do well to consider the possibility of war strategies when it comes to the global stockpiling of petroleum reserves.  In the years leading up to the German invasion of Poland, the world witnessed dramatic decreases in the price of oil as well as massive increases in petroleum inventories, especially as the Texas fields began to produce.

BRICS SDR to Bailout Eurozone

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The different angles of geopolitical and macroeconomic events are beginning to coalesce into the direct 90 degree turn which will shift the global financial system in the direction of the multilateral architecture. The apparent movement away from the USD unipolar structure towards the multilateral framework which is being implemented in stages is becoming more visible with each passing day.

The Shifting Script

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With the first month of 2015 in the books, the year, thus far, has met the expectations of the volatility which has been previously discussed amongst us here on the site.  So many readers and contributors have written and shared links to massive amounts of material that it leaves very little for me to write myself.