One Hundred Percent of Nothing

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The Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia, AME BC, is holding its annual Round Up Conference in Vancouver this week.  One of the attendees is Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, who sat on  a discussion panel this morning for Aboriginal Engagement.

Returning to the Source

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Mornings in Vancouver are vibrant. And on this particular morning I spent some time staring out over the water of Coal Harbor. I’m here for the next few days attending a Mineral Mining Conference which is sponsored by companies such as Gold Corp, Rio Tinto, Teck, and other mining and precious metals groups.

The Shadow of Tomorrow

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When President Obama stated last night in his State of the Union Address that the “shadow of crisis has passed” it perfectly set the stage for the next phase of the CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception.  The CSI is a prolonged and multi-scripted methodology which is implemented over years and decades to engineer specific adjustments to the collective awareness of  mass populations.

The Gears Are Grinding Down

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It has become common knowledge in the mining industry here in Canada that the large oil companies began holding strategy sessions over a year ago to address this downturn in the market.  The “sustainable cost reduction strategies” were slow in coming at first but are now being developed and implemented from one day to the next.

The Fed & SDR Denominated Derivatives

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Many for so long have proclaimed the end of the dollar and a collapse of the USD system. Though the dollar will be adjusted downward at some point in the initial implementation of a multilateral system, its sustainability in a broader monetary framework will be a fundamental corner stone to correcting the imbalances which originated from the USD system itself.

China & Saudi Arabia Forcing USD Acquiesce

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Back in August of 2014, Saudi Arabia signed a multi year energy deal with its largest crude oil customer China. This energy deal was focused more on nuclear energy and solar energy as opposed to crude.  The agreement between the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy and Chinese Nuclear Energy Corporation is meant to develop domestic energy projects within Saudi Arabia worth $80 billion for nuclear and $100 billion for solar, between 2014 and 2032.

Saudi Arabia is the largest crude oil producer in the Middle East as well as OPEC.  It is also the largest consumer of hydrocarbons, with about 25% of its production being used for domestic needs.  The country would like to change that by developing nuclear and solar energy which would allow it to export more of its crude and other hydrocarbon production onto the world market.

Reversing Bretton Woods

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With so much happening on the economic front over the last few weeks its important to ground ourselves and take stock of just what is actually taking place. The continued depreciation of oil and the beginnings of depreciation of the stock markets are the result of the end of Quantitative Easing and the beginnings of the deflationary correction which will build the case for the economic transition from the unipolar USD Bretton Woods based system to the multilateral SDR based system.

2015 – A Year of Implementation

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“The G20 has so far taken significant strides in designing and launching policy frameworks in many areas. In November 2014, as the members of the G20 we have agreed on the Brisbane Action Plan and pledged to undertake about 1000 commitments that, if fully implemented, will add more than USD 2 trillion to the global GDP and generate millions of additional jobs for our citizens by 2018.