31 thoughts on “Sally Kohn Admits “We” Created ISIS and Destroyed Nations”

  1. Thank you JC I have a question, Is this “thing” a man or a woman…or another from the 56 genders available on Facebook?! …and, is the man with beard the ventriloquist?! Strangely enough, the bearded man looks like a woman with beard…very odd!

    1. Now that is funny, I do not care who you are that is funny, almost shameful lol (as in politically correct) and also the shortest post you have ever made. Almost as if you have a curt sense of humor.

  2. Why am I picking up on a pattern of POM becoming a news site or does a couple of post hardly designate a pattern. And or does this pattern have anything to do with our blog boy taking a run at the King.

    Or am I just in a bit of a mood? Still and all I for one would hardly mind if the POM became more of the more it could be. I feel the site expanding into places it has in the past hesitated to go. From the start I believe that this has been JC’s site and that he would use it to teach and learn. I now think the site has taught JC a sum of some things he needed to know and has lead him to a confidence he needed to develop his Republican Party of Canada.

    There is a lot going on here at the POM, more than meets the eye lacking discernment, and even more than the eye with it. The SDR as a scale of balance on a table so sideways that JC himself has to enter the den to get a clear look at the mechanics working the locks that balance the great ships of of commerce and state.

    I for one encourage the princes of philosophy to join with the kings towards a different world.

    1. Peter, you have a way with words friend. POM is in the process of being overhauled for a better look and increased functionality. News site? Likely not. But there may be some more video type content as I get the Philosophy of Metrics YouTube channel up and running and begin to coordinate and integrate both POM and the RPC.

  3. Hi Peter, I wonder if it’s wise to consider the occasional “miscellaneous” items as an “intermission” as in a cinema or the Reset button on an Iphone.

    Our minds has a tendency to get bored with repetition so the occasional seemingly unrelated items may serve as the cold bucket of water that makes us to pay attention.

    Gurdjieff the Caucasian mystic had a habit of starting his lectures with a total silence for a few minutes whilst looking at the attendees faces with intent each, with a sudden scream, “Wake Up” call. He believed, this brought the attention of his students into here and now, when he would start his talk!

    I also believe that having a laugh or to be shocked at the mindlessness that surrounds us, may help us to pause and shift gears to possibly understand events and motives better. Monotony in even the most noble acts prevents us from absorbing the Truth.

    On the other hand, this site attracted me in the first place because the postings by JC has a “mercurial” element which I recognize and appreciate, and to me that is the essence of wisdom. …I hope the teacher gives me a good mark for praising him…lol

    1. Full stars and a humble acceptance of your support. Thanks for all your contributions and insights.

      1. Thank you JC, It is indeed an honor for me to be able to express my thoughts and ideas on this wonderful site. I learn from you as well as everyone who writes and comments on POM.

        This site is the real University that people should attend after they graduate, as the real learning begins here.

        Grateful JC for you wisdom and knowledge.

    2. carpe-diem, you continue to blow up my mind on a per-diem basis.The mystical Gurdieff’s attention getting minutes of silence have been incorporated into second level toastmaster techniques, pared down to 30 or 40 seconds of scanning the audience from one end to the other, making eye contact with all for the slightest of a second, then nodding one’s head as if to say, yes I’m pleased with you. The first time one does this it feels phony. From the second time on much less so,as one learns to speak to crowds the technique becomes a connection point, and grows to you shouting , HELLO. For myself I would always say, Hello,,, I am Peter T. Moline, for those of you out there that do not know me, those that do can clue you in.And then without a seconds hesitation go straight into whatever text I had prepared for the occasion. Be it ‘I first had the great pleasure of meeting or experiencing this person or that product, blah, blah, so on and so forth. I know of what and and where I speak, or I speak not at all.

      carpe, I suggest you and all the others that could not muster a response to my big old ‘FUCK YOU’ concerning the people burning people post, are now just finding the courage to take a nibble at my heel. It’s ok I forgive you, I understand, sometimes the intellect over rules the heart when we are trying to be smart.

      Unlike me you have no way with words, because you use words to further your cause, where as the spirits of the word use me to further their meaning.

      1. Hi Peter, Thank you and no, I thought some silence may be best after a stormy motion. I don’t think, and as far I have discovered reading the many people who write and share their thoughts and ideas on POM, there are none that were upset and traumatized about the disgusting and sick burning on the clip that JC posted. However, everyone of us human beings regardless of where we come from have their own unique and perhaps distinct way of dealing with trauma.

        I am also unsure as to why and how you came to the conclusion that anyone has been taking a “nibble at your heel” Peter. I am certain you have taken this completely the wrong way. I am old enough, now in my mid 50’s to know not be resentful or nasty with people who share high ideals and are good natured, well informed and wise. Why would I do that to you or anybody else, Peter? I am sorry, I think you have misunderstood me and my comments.

        I also have no cause other than seeing abundance, loving-kindness and seeing people around me and everywhere happy, fulfilled and content. That has been my aim since my early 20’s. So, no Peter, I can assure you that I had no bad or negative feelings or intentions regarding your comment whatsoever, but you are free to interpret what I wrote earlier, or not! In fact, with English being my second language, I often search for certain words, such as slangs and colloquial local terms that people use, in various English speaking countries, from which I had the fortune of having lived in 3 of them.

        I have to admit, I have to read your particular posts a couple of times since I feel you have a lot to say and your writing style is far more complex than mine, and my range of vocabulary is probably not as good as a native English speaker, but I love etymology of words and that helps me a great deal to find the meanings of terms often.

        Regarding Gurdjieff, I have to admit I am a big fan of this unique man of enigma and I had the fortune of meeting few of the “remarkable men” that admired his work, in my early years as an initiate of an Iranian Sufi order. So we share more than you thought perhaps.

        Anyway, I do hope if you felt the slightest that I was in any way unkind or rude to you, I sincerely seek your forgiveness and I want you to know that there was no motives or any bad feelings whatsoever on my part.

        I wish you a wonderful Saturday my dear friend.

  4. Silly and happy trigger me again, my apologies, I must correct the following which I meant to say:

    “there are none that were NOT upset and traumatized about the disgusting and sick burning on the clip that JC posted.

    Getting Age and bad eyesight are not a blessing, my apologies again to everyone, Thank you. lol

  5. My carpe-diem, no person could deny your obvious heartfelt response to my crudely crafted remarks and I for sure, not only accept but more so, am trying to gain understanding into your recognizing the deep state of the trauma I find myself in. The wonderful insight and gentle manner you use in identifying and defining not only mine but the collective trauma of the world we inhabit, is a testament to a person of some intriguing character.

    My carpe-diem you have also encouraged me to explore the sense of trauma that I believe has taken a holt of not just the US but also the world since the day we were subjective to witnessing our beloved JFK having his head blown off, on the TV. It is my opinion the Zapruder film was a bought and paid for clip that was meant to be viewed tens of thousands of times and now with our current technology puts us in the back seat along for the ride with Lady Jackie, and have the vibration of murder, blood, skull bones and brains spattered across the collective clothing of our very souls. I summit we have never gotten over it. Add to that the film and I do mean a filthy film of our 9/11 day, an never a person brought to justice. Yeah,a trauma induced, with a far to long rage, lies barely beneath the surface of a amazingly kind and forgiving world.

    My carpe-diem, I have only forced myself to watch one video of people cutting other peoples heads off, I’ll say the murderer used a extremely sharp knife. And the poor soul having his head cut off surrendered as a lamb led to it’s inevitable slaughter. The eerily calm of the scene affects my to the core of my very soul, and causes me to question what manner of man would I be.If by the fell clutch of circumstance I should find myself on bended knee, would I become calm and pray for the soul of the person about to cut my head off and kill me, would I sit in a fire being burned up from the feet and do the same? Or would I rail against going gently into the good night?? I do not know.

    My carpe-diem, it hardly matters, I’m 70 and live a life of quiet contemplation(only troubled by how my garden will grow) so I am a odds on favorite to die a peaceful death either in my own bed or one rented from a hospice. Unless I hop on a plane and haul ass to some conflict zone I’ll be betting and giving good odds it is going to be an easy in easy out life of me. I was “born in the USA.” in 1946, to a middle class life, all kind of option was there for the taking, just don’t get any better than that.

    My capre-diem, I’m not sure at this point where I want this post to go and feel as if it has one as far as it can, except to say, I’m sorry for going over the top in the postings I put up in the last couple. I’m sorry, I have no more to say.

    1. Dear Peter Moline, Thank you so much for sharing such personal feelings and emotions and you have also encouraged me to be more open about how I feel about the world we are living. After All, we all are living on ONE spaceship that is our home.

      As I am getting older, I am always aware of one thing, and that is I have been poor and rich, weak and strong, happy and sad and have experienced all or most of the qualitative and quantitative attributes that one can experience so far. What remains for me, is only one thing and one thing alone, and that is TRUTH as only Truth is tru and everything is False.

      Truth, in finding who is the real driver behind all things and that includes the driver that makes me seemingly me! As such, events, faces and news to me are all the headlines, but what is going on underneath must be found in between and under all these, that is the real ACTOR or the CULPRIT!

      Therefore, the gift of nonattachment is something I have been practicing for a long time now, and I am finding that to be one of the most powerful tools for walking the path of Truth.

      Also, as the number on my dashboard’s going up, I am finding solace in the giants of mysticism as well as existentialism such as Omar Khayyam and Albert Camus and many many other noble and enlightened souls.

      Poetry has helped me to no end, in understanding and finding not an answer but to come to terms with life and all the traumas that we experience from the moment we are born.

      I want to leave the masterpiece of Saadi, the 13th century Persian mystic and philosopher whose words of wisdom and humanity adorns the entrance hall of the UN…it is a tragedy that the UN representatives see this everyday and ignore the message:

      The sons of Adam are limbs of each other,
      Having been created of one essence.
      When the calamity of time affects one limb
      The other limbs cannot remain at rest.
      If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others,
      You are unworthy to be called by the name of a Human.

      1. Carpe, how would you call politically someone that “cares for the troubles of others”?
        What would be the term in political terminology?

        1. Thank you Vasiles for your question. As an Iranian, I would sincerely hope that the Politically motivated folks in the West (or East) to “Stop” “Cares for the troubles” of my nation and my people and instead, I would like to ask you and your fellow thinkers to put pressure on the demonic Islamist terrorists that your Western governments perpetrated on my nation since 1979 under the Liberal, Trilateralist, Globalist minion of the NWO, Jimmy Carter in concert with the EU Marxist regime.

          That way, you will actually help and assist a nation of 75 million who are locked up in an Islamist prison cell since 1979 and have been raped, hanged publically and lashed for playing poker etc. etc. whilst the Islamists bankrupt the nation by sending Billions to Western Banks belonging to their masters. And that is so that the Marxist banksters of the globalist criminals club can have their lavish Spirit cooking parties where they consume the blood and flesh of the Syrian, Bosnian, Haitian children and that way they ensure the 800,000 kids going missing per year in the United States and 8 million missing kids going missing afloat.

          Please tell me where do you see any “Politics” in the above paragraph?

          Also, please tell me do you know the staggering missing kids before, and if not what not?!

          And finally, do you feel more for the underdogs of this planet, that is half of the occupants of this planet (3 Billion people!) who live on a Dollar a day…or do you feel and care for the oppression of a Lesbian Millionaire who cares for nothing and noone but her own huge EGO and her anti-human cult?

          1. The answer to my question is “humanist”. Referring to people as “it” dehumanizes them, which is always the first step in major atrocities.
            It does not mater how sordid she is, you don’t sound that great either
            apparently others love your posts, I beg to differ

          2. I appreciate his posts and the value they add to the conversations. Adding value is what it’s all about. Whether we agree or not.

    1. Thank you Dane for this valuable reminder. As a species we seem to have a large brain size but a Memory bank as small as a Guppy. No wonder we are so dysfunctional and manipulated, and no wonder that Propaganda works so well…

  6. this “thing” — as you call it — is your brother
    You will not allow yourself to progress until you learn to love “it”

    1. Thank you Vasiles, This “thing” is a FEMINIST Lesbian woman who has a hatred of the male gender, and as such they take on the worst of a male’s traits and attitudes, which I find utterly repulsive and distasteful. If you find that attractive, well good luck to you, S you are obviously as confused as the brainwashed population who were mind controlled by the Marxist regime that ruled over us all since 1945. I AM NOT!

      Moreover This “thing” has nothing but contempt and I am showing its exact opposite as I KNOW that the only language these Marxist goons know is an equal force of rejection, which as you can clearly observing, I am doing!.

      Since you are presumably living in a free country, you are equally have every right to adore and admire this “thing”, but Do not tell me what to do, how to think and how to act my friend!

      Also, You would be well advised to keep your piety and priesthood to yourself, as I have no respect for any such politically correct crap.
      Thank you

          1. Not so much. I’m afraid I’ve mistook your writings for another. I am deeply apologetic to you and the POM community.

            However, I can relate somewhat.

            It was 2012. Well before coming across this website. I came across something very similar to this article:

            It’s the picture that infuriated me. I cannot tell you how mad it made me. This picture made me SO ANGRY:

            I was working in the mines at the time. 3 weeks on 1 week off. At the camps we have very small cabins. They come with a bed. A desk. A very small separate room with a shower and toilet. BUT – that desk has internet. In that environment I started to search for information. Clearly, everyone wants to search for the truth. Within the confines of those early ‘truth seeking’ parameters I found that image:

            ..that ridiculous cartoon image that Mr. Netanyahu had used on an international platform [..at that time..] to illustrate how close Iran was to condemning the world to war.

            I cannot tell you how angry I was.

            SO THEN AND THERE I bought a ticket to Iran.

            I remember telling my family. Hahaha, they were terrified. Probably rightly so, I only gave them a weeks notice.

            [short version of this story–]
            I left my homeland. Arrived in Dubai for the transition to Tehran. Boarded the waiting plane for Tehran and was fortunate enough to sit next to a Iranian National. I may be one of the few who was lucky enough to enjoy an incredible and miraculous stay. That said. Wow. It was 2012. I stayed in Isfahan initially. I then stayed in Tehran. I was treated so well it brings me to tears.

            I don’t know what it all means. My experience of the PEOPLE in Iran was nothing like what I was exposed to via the media.

            I loved Iran.

  7. Thank you Dear connectedto, My apologies to you for assuming you were a fellow countryman of mine, but it is believed that no person from another land can come to Iran and not leave a part of their heart there.

    When Alexander of Macedonia successfully conquered the last King of Achaemenid (Darius III) and occupied Iran, he fell in love with Iran and the mild manners of her people. He married an Iranian Princess and ordered his generals to follow suit. It is said that he crowned himself as an “Achaemenid King” as he found Iran the superpower of the ancient world he conqured to be a land of highly cultured people since he knew the Achaemenid Kings had always exercised tolerance and justice was the strong element of their benevolent rule for 220 years. Alas, Alexander died only 10 or so years after conquering Persia and his Generals divided the lands between themselves and the next dynasty arose from that campaign, the Seleucids. Sadly the ensuing years after involved much carnage and warfare between warring generals and a general collapse of their power and a general loss of the high cultures that was cultivated by under Achaemenid kingship.

    Iran is the real China box and the enigma of this world and the ancient Persian carpets that the world know and admire it’s beauty in their regional variety contains codes, signs and symbols and more importantly an ancient message for all mankind. In the past 2500 years of human history, no decision whether a peace treaty or a war declaration has been proclaimed, without the leaders that were Not standing on a Persian carpet! This is not an empty claim since every palace and court in Europe, Russia and elsewhere always had an ornate and soul-elevating design of a Persian carpet. The elements of “Paradise”, a Persian word, are designed into the Persian carpet that recreates a nature that is peaceful and just beautiful to look at. The very concept of “Pixels” is an old invention of the ancient Persians which we now take for granted, and to this day the value and design precisions of any carpet is measured according to the number of the knots that the carpet contains per centimeters. It seems, as we study history that our ancient ancestors invented everything as the building blocks of our world and all we are doing is rearranging them in each generation!

    In your future travels, if you happen to visit the delightful Russian city St. Petersburg, you will find the oldest Persian rug in the world at the Hermitage Museum and palace complex. This rug was frozen in ice for 25 centuries and from the patterns, the identity has been directed to Persepolis, South Central Iran, where the ancient capital city of the Achaemenid Empire is located. I leave a link to this delightful and ancient rug:


    On a personal level, Iranians are renowned for their kindness towards outsiders and “Guests” foreign or local. If you wrote a travelog or even made any films and photos on a blog, I would be delighted if you would share them! Very nice to meet you and I wish you a wonderful day!

    1. I really wish I had left an online record of my journey, it had been my intention. Conversing with you carpe-diem has brought back so many memories. Thank you very much. I miss the friends that I made.

      I’m looking forward to reading more of your comments.

  8. Thank you connectedto, I enjoyed reading your comment also and hope we converse more in future. I watched a couple of travelogs by two young Polish ladies who travelled in Iran which I found interesting. There seems to be plenty of clips on YT with Europeans and North Americans and their experiences of travel in Iran.


    Wishing you a great day.

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