Christians Being Burned Alive – FB Deleting Video

Facebook is deleting this video in posts and even in private messages between users.  I’ll embed it here on my site for as long as YouTube keeps it up.  This is important video which our mainstream media will never show us.

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    1. Heather, it’s obviously Northern Africa somewhere. This has become a pretty common occurrence unfortunately. Very sad and horrifying.

  1. I made myself watch this. Without independent/alternative sites such as yours, we wouldn’t stand a chance at knowing the truth. It’s hard to believe how many people are still asleep and believing what they are being fed by the liberal-left media. Thank you, JC, for your hard work, insight, and efforts to keep us informed.

  2. This is all we can expect from the “Toxic Influence” of a Marxist cabal. BBC proudly announcing the news that nobody in reality needed to know or could care less about:

    “World Hijab Day”…!!!

    Google and Facebook now have more intelligence information than the NSA!! Should this be allowed to continue, or a military takeover of their facilities should be considered, since they are competing with the government funded intelligence! Is Internet/Google now a strategic asset or not. Obama regime were thinking that…a decision is needed fast.

    One has to remain, Google or the NSA, take your pick!

      1. Thank you Dineen for the question you raised, it is a good question which is best answered by the new Admin of President Trump and his security advisors team,. So my answer would be, yes there is an infringement in the area of privacy as a whole and even the bigger question is Who, should be in charge of the information that Google and FB hold on people. Is it theirs, ours or the governments!

        As a Google user, I get a monthly report of my activities and where I have been as in countries and cities, which is a bit unnerving. Google and FB are actually selling such info on our spending, social and commercial activities. In the UK GCHQ and in the US NSA does all of that, plus much much more, which we will never know about!

        There is therefore a grey area where these two entities merge and from that point, the idea of “intelligence” from a classic standpoint takes another meaning altogether. Traditionally, and from the ancient times, it was the ruler’s agents and their minions who gathered information on citizens gossips, market prices, vices etc. etc. However, it seems now privately owned entities such as Google and FB are quite capable of such activities without our consent, or the governments.! The question is whether they are entitled to such details of us all or not, and what guarantees are there that they will not share such info to entities that may be are against us as individuals or as a nation.

        I understand that the very idea of “Privacy” does not exist anymore, and the gradual emergence of “computing of all things” will ensure zero privacy for all! We all have seen how the influence of Email exposure aka “hacking saga” can bring individuals such as HRC down, for which I am happy for which we should be grateful. However the question is a general one that needs to be somehow addressed regarding how much info can and should the privately owned corporations can infringe in our lives.

        Having said that, the previous world Liberal governance model aka NWO was all about the increasing influence of private corporations and joining with the governments against the population at large. I am sure you know this is also known as Fascism whereby the government works with government as one entity or in concert. The elements in this equation that has no protection is always the individual and the continuation of Google and FB’s access to our private lives should be of a serious concern.

        Also, traditionally the classic role of the Kings was to protect the people against the oppression of the land owners in the old world, now that paradigm has shifted somewhat but the landlords are the Apple, Google and FB’s helped by the government and the people are still us the normal everyday folks.

        Also, the valuable commodity of our era is “Information” which both the government and the private corporations are after, so yes there is a competition, in my opinion as to the ownership of it and much and many other aspects regarding the very idea of Information being controlled by entities without our consent, and for other reasons than “Security” of a nation which likes of NSA are responsible for…

        1. I apologize Dear DineenJ, I meant to say “The Internet of things”, rather than “computing of all things”…too many jargons to remember and a small brain. lol
          Thank you

  3. Is the pedigree of this video known? Are there more details available? The YouTube notes do not offer very much information.

    1. That’s it. There are many other videos on YouTube with Christians being burned alive. There is no reason to doubt this as it is obviously a video of people being burned alive and burning is a favorite torture inflicted upon Christians in other places of the world.

  4. How do we know that it’s Christians being burned? Or Muslims doing the burning? Just because a caption says something doesn’t mean it is so,.. it could be some African tribal ritual for all we know… when Hitler started the invasion in Poland he used a video showing 2 Polish prisoners killing two German soldiers in instigate the justification for invasion. In truth it was two Germans dressed as prisoners shooting two Poles dressed as Germans and it was shown in every cinema in Germany. No one even asked “how did the Cameron happen to conviently be there?”!! We have to be very careful in what we label or believe to be true. No one in that video showed any sign of their religion, not by a bible, a cross, a beard, clothing – very difficult to say what that was really all about – except to say, whatever it was, it was extremely disturbing…

    1. The word is ‘camera’ not Cameron.
      Burning people alive is also used against witches, black magic and performed in other occultist rituals, sacrifices etc.
      Please add to my post, or as a reply, thanks. YSK

      1. Don’t know ‘which ritual’ that would be John, it’s not something I spend time researching – but I do know burning people alive has existed for centuries…

  5. This is disgusting and very dangerous!! You have eloquently described countless times how such self-destructive acts by Muslims would serve as the destruction of Islam in the long run on the road to the New World Religion.

    I occasionally travel to Europe, but have been facing increasingly unfriendly attitude because I’m Turkish and mainly because of the terrible&violent&stupid policies of the Turkish government. I also see, in Turkey, a more hostile attitude to EU and NATO, with many labeling them as a Christian club. Such labels and attitudes create only more antagonism and with the rise of conservative movements in Continental Europe, following Brexit and Trump’s election, it appears to me that a wider inter-religious and intra-religious conflict will be unavoidable on the road to 2020, draining the political,economic and cultural resources of not only the ME countries, but Europe, Russia and US as well before a trans-religious movement is proposed by an arbitrater(Vatican). You mentioned the importance of Jerusalem and its future status and it perfectly suits this role.

    J.C, maybe I’m wrong on this(and I hope I am), but I fear Trump and other leaders serve as one side of the dialectic posing(despite how noble their intentions could be) as the defenders of Christian civilization which opposes the useful idiots of so called Muslim warriors fighting for a caliphate that is promised but will never be delivered to them. The conservative movements in Europe&US as well as the violent Islamic leaders&countries could be blamed for the conflict and used to absorb public’s anger, before a new political&economic structure emerges that is neither liberal nor conservative and coincides with the New World Religion. I could be projecting my internal deficiency right now but I think also fits your timeline from SDR to bancor as well. Or maybe, I’m just projecting my internal deficiencies.

    1. Thank you Safenet, Very well said and yes, there seems to be an agenda by the Islamists internationale aka Pan-Islamist movement driven by the hidden hands to bring about a “change”! Whether the intention is the annihilation of all three Semitic/Abrahamic beleif system or not, there seems to be patterns which may indicate an intention that includes a change of some sort to the triad Abrahamic faiths…possibly a merger!

      The recent call by John Kerry to Israel regarding abandoning Judaism and becoming Secular, is possibly a telltale sign of an intention to remove Judaism also which is the root beleif system of both Christianity and Islam.

      1. Thank you too, carpe diem, for your very valuable contributions too, particularly regarding the Christian history of Iran, it was truly an eye opener and I hope to expand my knowledge of it. As for the merger of three religions, URI(United Religions Initiative) is a stepping stone I think, as it comprises other religions as well.

        I am also itching for the continuation of J.C’s Antichrist Series, and I always remind myself his presentation of this struggle between Islam(which uses moon based calendar,representation) and Christianity(using sun based calendar, Christ representing sun).

        1. Thank you Safenet, I appreciate your kind words and it is your kind and encouraging words that become a source of inspiration to me and I am sure for everyone at this noble community that our JC has created which is a truly chivalrous act.

          In a much larger context, the concept of Anti-Christ that has elements of eschatology existed in the Zoroastrian beleif system of the ancient Iranian as a more Positive name of “Saoshyant”
          This beleif system to various degrees was carried by almost all the Iranian tribes scattered in Western Europe, Eastern Asia and to the North of the Caspian sea. and concept such as a Saoshayant. As we have discussed before the Iranian tribes are the Sarmatians, the Alans, The Scythians, the Sogdians and many others. You can find more details by searching for “Iranian People” and “Iranian languages”.

          Here is the definition of the word Saoshayant and he is actually the “Hero” who will be sent down by Ahura-Mazda to save humanity to spread goodness to mankind:

          “Saoshyant is a figure of Zoroastrian eschatology who brings about the final renovation of the world. The Avestan language name literally means “One Who Brings Benefit,” and is also used as common noun.”

          Regarding the Lunar calendar of the Arabs and the Semitic people in general, Iranians have always maintained their Solar calendar and the Sun was the the revered element of the Iranian beleif system that later became Zoroastrianism. The following excerpt from the Wiki piece explains this well:

          “Although the earliest evidence of Iranian calendrical traditions is from the second millennium BCE, predating the appearance of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster, the first fully preserved calendar is that of the Achaemenids. Throughout recorded history, Persians have been keen on the idea and importance of having a calendar. They were among the first cultures to use a solar calendar and have long favoured a solar over lunar and lunisolar approaches. The sun has always been a symbol in Iranian culture and is closely related to the folklore regarding Cyrus the Great.[2]”

          Timekeeping has forever been utterly important to Iranian civilization and the use of the Iranian Calendar algorithm to work out to several minute fractions of a second the correct hours of the 4 equinox calculations. I have been told that NASA uses the Iranian calendar in precise calculation. Omar Khayam my very favorite mystic poet who was also a mathematician reformed the Iranian algorithm for calculating the Iranian calendar in 10th century a couple of hundred years after the Arab invasion and occupation of Iran and enforcing their unworkable and faulty “Arab Lunar Calendar”:

          And finally NASA ‘s use of the Persian Calendar from excerpt of NASA’s web site:

          “The Persian Calendar, also known as the Iranian Calendar, is made available in a similar fashion for it is the most accurate of calendars. These calendars are included for the millions of people who use them regularly.”

          With such monumental contribution to humanity, Iran was made to become and a poor, corrupt and fanatic country…now you will know why it had to be destroyed by the Pedophile, Pizzagate, Spirit cooking fan club, Liberal and Demonically possessed murderers!

          1. Thanks carpe-diem,when I search for a link between Iran and Christianity, I also come across the religion of Mithraism, named after the Persian god of Mithra which had a large following in Roman Empire. Some see it is a precursor to Christianity, many others oppose this by labeling it as a competitor to Christianity. This could be a sensitive topic and only the well-informed and well-versed should opine, but the interaction between the two is undeniable.
            From wikipedia:
            “The Romans regarded the mysteries as having Persian or Zoroastrian sources. Since the early 1970s the dominant scholarship has noted dissimilarities between Persian Mithra-worship and the Roman Mithraic mysteries. In this context, Mithraism has sometimes been viewed as a rival of early Christianity[9] with similarities such as liberator-saviour, hierarchy of adepts (bishops, deacons, presbyters), communal meal and a hard struggle of Good and Evil (bull-killing/crucifixion)”

            “Mithraism rose to prominence in the 3rd century A.D., though its roots extend much further back. It emphasized courage, integrity, and moral behaviour, and became very popular with soldiers of the Roman army. With its focus on a saviour, sacrifice, and rebirth, it was also a serious threat to early Christianity. It was exclusive to males, who rose through its seven levels by means of fearsome initiation ceremonies.”

            “Mithraic observances differed from traditional paganism in that services were held communally, followers sitting on benches either side of a narrow nave leading to an altar. As befits a religion springing from the slaying of a bull, sacrifices were common in mithraic observance, as were shared meals of wine and bread, particularly on the festival of the 25th of December. These latter two observances smacked of mockery to early Christians, who may well have sensed in Mithraism a serious rival. When Constantine the Great legitimized Christianity in 312 A.D. the Christians spent a good deal of energy knocking down everything mithraic in sight.”

            From another source:
            “Conspiracy theorists the world over look at major financial centers for signs of secret societies. Long before IIluminati, Masons, or even Templars had instituted their secret handshakes and hidden brotherhood, ancient Rome had its own secret societies.Mere blocks from the financial epicenter of the London Stock Exchange in the center of the city of London lies the reconstructed remains of a Roman temple to the god Mithras, whose mystery cult was known to exist all over the empire.”

            “Mithras is similar in name to Mithra, a Zorastrain angelic being, and Romans associated Mithras with Persia, and hence Zorastrianism. However, modern scholarship refutes the direct link to Zorastrianism. The Roman deity, Mithras, was worshiped as the god of the sun. The temple remains are Roman in origin and contain other artifacts relating to Roman deities including Minerva, Mercury and Bacchus.”

            “The location of this temple to Mithras is hardly surprising, as the City of London is roughly in the same location as the Roman settlement in Londinium, on the banks of the Walbrook”

            And finally,

            “Bloomberg’s new European headquarters in London will be located on one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites – a temple dedicated to the Roman god Mithras. As stewards of the ancient site and artifacts, Bloomberg is creating an innovative museum experience that will change the way we encounter archeology.”

            Very very interesting, maybe that could partly the explain the obsession of supranational bankers or those behind them with London, or more specifically the City of London.

          2. Thank you Dear Safenet, You are a true researcher and I feel your passion just by reading your eloquent writing. I believe the only way each one of us can be freed from the nonsensical events around us in our world, is to understand the history for ourselves. It is important that an awakened person to conduct his/her search for the Truth since our history is so terribly revised that we now have become confused and fearful. Where as understanding the motives, movements and real causes of change in our collective history, will open to us a new vista of possibilities and potentialities in terms of how things will pan out in future. History for sure is a repeat of the past events and we can not get away from the signs and symbols that our ancestors left for us in books, monuments, and more importantly the way they thought about the universe and it’s cosmology and its beginning.

            As you mentioned Mithra or (Mehr) in Persian is the ancient Iranian god of “Contract” and as such hand-shake was the participation in a mutual action, on a much lower levels, in a day to day or business setting. Mehr or means “Loving-Kindness”, Love, Grace or Blessing in old Persian as well as the contemporary Persian. Mehr also has another meaning in Persian, that is “The Sun”, referring to Sun God, and it’s manifestation, the Fire. Hence the Zoroastrians were regarded as “Sun Worshippers”!

            Mithra’s symbolism always involves the Bull known as “Evakdat” or “Ovagdat” that is the “Primordial Bull” the life giver. The significance and symbolism of the Bull is an Aryan as well as Indo-European one and. In India, the animal is treated with highest respects and any traveller will notice the gentleness of this creature that Hindus rever and only drink her milk.

            Also, the story of the “Golden Calf” by the Israelites when Moses leaves his people to go to speak to his god for 40 days, when he finds out that in his absence, his followers made another golden calf (Baby Bull!) with their gold trinkets, is all signs that the Bull was regarded by people of the ancient world as a revered being! I would like to suggest that perhaps this story alone may indicate that the Moses was attempting to dissuade his people from the “Bull” worship which is an Indo-European mythology. This is just an idea off course and I have no way of proving it.

            As they say the proof of the pudding is in eating, in this case “Digesting”. If you notice the following paragraph is clearly an indication of the Cultural Marxist dominated academia who have tried endlessly since the early 1970’s by wiping any references and connection between Iranian civilization to the Western civilization! Whereas any sane and rational person can clearly see the connection between the Mithraism having an ancient Iranian roots and what was practiced in the Roman Empire mostly underground, amongst the Military class and soldiers. What is omitted here is the large number of mercenary army that Rome employed were from the Alans and Sarmatians who were legendary soldiers and fighters, and as we have discussed, both Sarmatians and Alans were an Iranian Tribe!

            “Since the early 1970s the dominant scholarship has noted dissimilarities between Persian Mithra-worship and the Roman Mithraic mysteries.”

            The Mithraic temple in the city of London where Bank of England is built upon was the cult of Mithra that majority Roman officers who occupied Britain established, who were associated to an Iranian tribe. The name of cities in England where I lived for a very long time as well as the modern English language is full with the remnants of the Iranian speakers and occupiers of Britain, who were also known as the Romans! The word, Shire for a city or province is “Shahr as in contemporary Persian. Castles such “Beeston” in Cheshire has the exact style and architecture of the Sassanid castles and the name is of Iranian origin, which mean, “Twenty Columns”! I leave the links for the two castles for comparison purposes but there are more and better photos elsewhere:



            I think the other contender to Christianity was the Iranian philosophy known as Manichaeism, you may wish to study that too. Mani the man behind this dualistic view of the world as opposed the monotheist, explains to us that evil exists and is real. Mani’s beleif is the continuation of the Zoroastrian system that discusses the world as a cosmic and continual battle of dark vs Light. This explanation was seen as an enemy of the Christian monotheist system and had many followers in Europe (Cathars) and in Asia by many people such as the Sogdians (another Iranian and Indo-European people in contemporary in Central and East Asia!)

            “Manichaeism has a plausible explanation of the reason why evil as experienced in the world is substantial and virulent. As such, it compares favorably with the Augustinian Christian view that evil is non-being or non-substantial. However, its cosmic dualism of God and Satan is unacceptable to any monotheist who believes in one supreme God of goodness.”


            I conclude with this notion that the transformation of the Duality of the world order as we are in the midst of i.e. from a unipolar world of the Marxist (Ahrimanic) NWO, who have displayed all the markers and hallmarks of the dark and sinister forces to The rapid transformation from the to a Bipolar and possibly Multipolar spread of power in our planet is possibly a sign of the return of the Light. I wonder if true Gnosticism is in our midst. I wonder and pray for better days and condition for all mankind, May Ahura Mazda the true and Noble Lord of the Light be our Guide and deliver us from the darkness that club of Ahriman has perpetrated on us all…I pray for better days.

  6. Is there any specific, valid evidence that shows these are Muslims burning Christians for being Christians or there is an agenda here?

  7. Very disturbing JC. The one guy just sitting while he catches flame feels like the burning was a welcome relief from the brutal beatings leading up to the burning. It’s as if his God was with him in that moment.

    The ignorant hatred is very disheartening. The thought that someone could be instigating it is enraging.

    If we look back into African slavery it’s been said in the Christian world that these folks were endentured to fellow tribesmen and sold for the debt they were working off. Perhaps another angle to add to the pot of reasoning.

    Seems no matter how we look at it though it boils down to that human division we used to talk about and or someone intervening to insight that division.

    Perhaps there is hope. Seems there could be an underground Christian movement in Iran.

    Wonder what happens when humanity can no longer be divided?

    1. Hi Dane, There is actually a strong Christian movement in Iran in fact, but the Islamist regime is far more concerned with the return of Iran’s own Indo-Aryan beleif system of Zoroastrianism which is the actual fire underneath the deathbed of Islam in Iran! After 1400 Iranian national psyche is resentful of Islam and extremely hateful of Arabs for the carnage through which they forced converted Iranians through different tactics and deadly plans. Historical memory of any average Iranian is 2500 years old as though Cyrus the Great was the last king who was deposed by the Islamists. The cultural endurance of Iran as the first world Empire and as a cultural and civilizational identity is staggering and shows how a nation that has been through death and back has it’s very ancient mythology of pre-historical narratives and a world’s only mythological book all written as a poetry book, of Shahnameh “Book of Kings”. written 1000 years ago. Any average Iranian can pick up this book and read it with ease, whereas the 15th century English or German is totally incomprehensible for any English speaking person today. What frightens the ISlamist Occupiers of Iran, is these powerful cultural tendencies and the Mullahs know this very well, that they can be brought down at a drop of a hat, this has happened in Iran and this time it won’t be that last! This time, will be the very last time for Islam at least in Iran and all lands under Iran’s ancient cultural influences.

      Despite what history book often written by the Marxist Western Professors and their Islamist minions, Iran did not become Muslim instantly, as many wars and uprising took place as late as 15th century when the Safavid dynasty forced converted Iranians from Sunnism to Shia and at that time there were still around 400 Zoroastrian temples operating, as well as many Christian churches and a large Jewish Iranians. All of these non-conformed Iranians to Islamic rulers, had to pay higher taxes in order to survive under the cultural Marxism that Islam is everywhere ever since it’s inception in the hot sand of the Arabian peninsula. As we discussed here before, Islam is incapable of any kind of reformation and at its seed, it is a reactionary and revolutionary movement that educates and seeks to bring down the authority it is under.

      Today in the Qom Seminary Shia schools in, Mullahs learn Buddhism as well as Zoroastrianism up to very advanced level as if they are to be trained to be a “Mobed” Zoroastrian priest, all so that they know how to figure out to break it apart. However, the endurance of Iran and Iranians, is a tough nut to crack for any non-Iranian to crack, that includes the Arabist Imperialism Muslim “scholars”. It is important to consider, Iranians speak their Indo-European language, Persian totally intact whereas other nations such as Egypt, Morocco and other Islamised lands. Up until the invasion of the Arabs to the Sassanid powerful Persian empire in 7th century, Iranians had their own unique alphabet known as “Pahlavi” but with the arrival of Arabs and the domination of the Imperialist desert people, the written language of Iran adopted the Arabic alphabet. In the 1930’s there was a movement to either return to the PAhlavi script OR to use LAtin letters as The Turkish Nationalist leader Ataturk carried out, as a means of separating the Arab and Islamic influences. However, the great project of the Turkish Republic of Kemal Mustafa Ataturk and his counterpart, Reza Shah PAhlavi is now defunct but in the case of Iran, there is a great deal of hope that the 70 percent of the population of Iran the young and under 35 will ensure a secular Iran as the rejection of Islam was speeded up by the 37 years of rule by Islam. I think the same happened in Russia vis a vis Marxism, and the immunization is now complete.

      It seems, Islam and its sibling Marxism have an identical genetic makeup and both deadly viruses, but once a nation gets it in its bloodstream, the patient will either be killed OR a total IMMUNIZATION will be the result. The function of the two said dogmas are identical to a biological virus in the regard…

      Iran was actually became a Christian Kingdom 1500 years ago for a short period, which you may read more about here:

      1. Excellent contribution. That’s why I love our site. I can post something like this video and it leads into all sorts of conversation and new learning.

        1. JC I am so grateful to you Thank You, and please consider me as your faithful student and I am an admirer of your wisdom, knowledge and sense of Justice which your nation will be privileged to have you as her First President, and if I could I would support and help you to lead your nation in any which way I could. I can’t vote for you but you have my vote since I am not a Canadian.

          This site I consider as a one of the few and sane islands and refuge of safety where common sense and logic rules instead of historical and cultural revisionism, utter lies and mental trauma perpetrated on us all as we are witnessing on a daily basis on our fake news MSM MArxist outlets.

          We need Just and Wise, Philosopher Kings as our leaders since we are better than that to be ruled by the mob in suits and nice ties. Yet, I am feeling with every atom of being that humanity is at a cusp of a massive transformation for better and a new magnificent renaissance is ahead of us. But there are bloody battles ahead which we must not lose site of.

          As we all know, in every renaissance, our human species returns to our collective ancestors for guidance and wisdom since the era contained less noise and more purity of thoughts and ideas were in the making. Therefore, why I keep writing about the study of the real history of the ancient Indo-European people which my nation Iran is at its core. This is also why immediately after 1979 takeover of Mullahs the Western universities stopped all fundings for “Persian Studies” and replaced study of “ancient Near East” with “Islamic Studies!!! This was no accident, since those who were planning their onslaught which we are witnessing today new fully that dismembering the legacy of Iran from the European civilization will assist their demonic plan to destroy what is the Western Civilization. The degenerate and false Hollywood movies as the 300 and many others, was also a method of choice and part of the plan to disturb and cut off the historically and culturally correct narrative of all the European people by setting them against their own ancestors in West Asia, i.e. the ancient Iran. since 1979 around 20 Million Arabs were imported to Iran, so what is happening to Iran is the blueprint for other Western nations and this is never ever mentioned by any news outlet. I know, most “educated” folks from Western Universities are no more educated that the folks who clean up the classrooms and empties the bin. You can talk to them experience this utter ignorance. They will only display a retarded arrogance and a sense elitist ridicule which the Marxist Professors have taught them. Education is now a Mind Control apparatus and nothing more where students are made to be poor and in debt with nothing tangible to show for the 4 years sentence at these Mind Control paid prisons….it keeps the demonic professors in their cushy tenured posts though!

          We have also discussed the various European tribes that are of Iranian origin or closely associated now scattered in Western European and Iberian peninsula, that are Alans, Sarmatians, Scythians, Thracians etc. and even the Saxons! These are a surprise to many but many do not know that majority of Greek people were in Anatolia as well as Central Asia and the present Afghanistan (Chorasan). We are prevented to understand the Greeks and Persians were the only high cultures in the ancient world and there was mutual respect between the two people. According to Herodotus, Persians and Greeks could even “converse”, meaning they were far more intermingled people than we are led to believe.

          Greece is sadly made to be a bankrupt nation and Germany, France and Britain Are all invaded now by non-Indo Europeans in order to make the final deadly blow to the Indo_european people for good. I can go on and on about giving you all facts and figures but I stop here.

          But I leave you with this article regarding all I wrote above and the role of Cyrus in shaping the Modern United States and how much we do not know as opposed to how wise, well educated and switched on the American founding fathers were on their own ancient ancestors in West Asia as well as Europe …Our history is nothing bad a bad tasting soup fed to us since before WWI at least, no wonder we are all sick and angry!

          1. Hi JC, I think this site belonging to Dr KAveh Farrokh regarding the legacy of Cyrus is very interesting, but I thought the following Excerpt regarding the “International Trusteeship for the city of Jerusalem” was discussed that is to make Jeursalem a Vatican-like city state for all faith, which has been prevented since the end of WWII:

            “In the aftermath of WWII, the United Nations created a Partition Plan for Palestine which called for an International Trusteeship for the city of Jerusalem. This plan was never given the chance to be implemented. In essence, the blueprint to create two states, with Jerusalem under UN auspices as a religious center for all faiths, was thwarted before it could be realized. Unfortunately for both Arabs and Jews, as well as the world at large, we have all lived with the tragic result.”


          2. carpe-diem. thanks 4 the Cyrus link, I came away from it with a James Brown, ‘hardest working man in rock and roll,’ to a Donald Trump, ‘hardest working man in US politics.’

            That being a sliver of what the link itself provided,was enough to trigger a real thank you for all you do for the POM. Just saying for what it is worth.

          3. Thank you carpe-diem in learning about Cyrus I can see where those cool persian movies from childhood stemmed from.

            In the link from Dr. Farrokh this…1945’ish plan for an International Trusteeship for Jerusalem sounds a lot like JC’s account of the 1944 Bretton Woods when the Bancor idea was hijacked. Interesting how a Russian element (Stalin) is involved here. Wasn’t a Russian element involved in the Bretton Woods double cross also?

            “In the aftermath of WWII, the United Nations created a Partition Plan for Palestine which called for an International Trusteeship for the city of Jerusalem. This plan was never given the chance to be implemented. In essence, the blueprint to create two states, with Jerusalem under UN auspices as a religious center for all faiths, was thwarted before it could be realized. Unfortunately for both Arabs and Jews, as well as the world at large, we have all lived with the tragic result.”


  8. I’m afraid JC is right. The problem is it doesn’t even matter that on this particular video muslims burning christians or not. Muslims think that non muslims (dhimmi) are inferior to them. I saw yesterday a video posted by a veteran US marine about what the muslims would do with an american.

    But you can find plenty of videos where young turks or other muslims in Germany harrass german children, because they are not muslims.

    It is written in the Quran and the Sunnas the muslims should rule the world an they have to fight the infidels, who should become their servants.
    I think islam (the word means btw submission) is not compatible with every other religion in the world, therefore I think there will be a rough backlash from the christian (Israel included) countries. There is a large chance in MHO that the backlash will be a war between these countries.
    I even think that according to the Hegelian dialectics the attitude of the muslims toward christians is the “thesis”, the backlash will be the “antithesis” and according to the result there will be a “synthesis”, which could result the reformation of the islam.

    Im sorry for my english, I hope it is understandable what Im trying to say, Im not a native speaker.

    1. That’s interesting because in Nigeria witchcraft allegations are often made against Christians and churches. To them Christians are witches.

  9. Whether this video is new or old, real or faked, it is meant to inflame (if you’ll pardon the expression) tensions in those watching it to provoke a reaction, which it clearly does. It doesn’t matter what religion or beliefs those being burned have. This practice is barbaric whoever the perpetrators are and needs to be eliminated.

  10. The Arab Spring or in this case the American Spring is now underway. Riots are being instigated on so diverse an issue that the majority of the population don’t know which way to turn and everyone is purposely confused to the larger issues and agendas going on from this. We were warned about this years ago, that the Arab Spring was a rehearsal for the main event, America, and then the world. Bill

  11. World wars 1 and 2 where, mainly Christian against mainly Christian. I thank JC for helping us to see the larger agenda that has been going forward since recorded history and before. Bill

    1. This video is a few years old , some have titled it Christians burning Witches alive others say it’s the Islamic terrorist group Boko Harem burning Christians alive . Regardless of who is doing the it , It’s a despicable display of human depravity

  12. The world is a dangerous place to live, not only because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who watch them without doing anything about it.

    Albert Einstein

  13. The nihilists (paid mercenaries) and the atheists have been unleashed in the middle east, the activists, the agentur (those in the ski masks who turn up at peaceful protest who cause all the damage and violence) are rampant in the UK and US and who make the news headline, with not a cop in sight,(cops only seem to pepper spray and use batons on true peaceful protesters) sounds like Albert Pike’s letter about 3 world wars. Bill

    1. Although Pike’s letter to Mazzini is easily dismissed as conspiracy theory, something about this passage haunts me. It lurks like a spectre in the back of my mind when examining the situation in the middle east and its tangled web of alliances.

      ‘The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.’

      Of course the passage goes on to elude to the implementation of a new religion.

      As for the video, the sheer incompetence of the perpetrators is most disturbing. Mindless savagery.

  14. JC, this post and the 34 or so responses to it,trouble me all but to my core. The subject matter, people burning other people for whatever reason, has somehow on the POM become a matter of thousands of words in statements of some debate of politic/philosophy at this point without a single word of, oh my God those poor people. Not a word on this site about shock or even surprise concerning man’s inhumanity to man, WTF, we are witnessing people burning people here, where was it done,can you proof who did this to who, and this is why it was done, and not a word of prayer or any other form of human compassion, well fuck me to tears, fuck me running and fuck me any way you want, I won’t say fuck you because that is not in my nature, but if I could take this run on sentence to it’s conclusion, I dare say those prime words on the tip of my tungue, would soon leave my lips. Just me, I’m saying a prayer at this moment .

  15. Isn’t it terrible what fear does to humans? Whether its religion, superstitions, or just plain barbaric ignorance, fear is our collective problem. Religion certainly gets the nod for its roots and power solely based on fear.

    I question my own optimism when this type of stuff surfaces, but the last thing any of us need is “philosopher kings” as our leaders. We dont need any leaders, especially ones based on hierarchal structures. We need circular “leadership” where everyone takes part instead of leaving it up to others.

    Its also dangerous to suggest the NWO types have had their day and are about to be replaced (as has been the case in a few comments here)because their “replacements” all have ties to the same old characters. Its just more “left hand right hand” Fear continues to be the driving force and the same old patterns keep repeating giving us the same old results. At what point to we choose to become our own leaders?

  16. Hi Dane, I am personally not so hot on WWII but I have heard a lot of stuff by reading and listening to various interviews of people who were either involved or are historians of the subject. Needless to say, much of the WWII is still and to this in a shroud of mystery and certain events and individuals who we do not even know or heard of as the operatives of the era will be revealed in another several decades. Some files are still subject of secrecy and the figure of 150 years, for releasing the material is no exaggeration! One character of the era is a Mr Harry White Dexter, who was in helping the Bretton-Wood documents. This gentleman turned out to be a Soviet agent and once discovered, he died of a sudden “Heart Attack”, nudge nudge wink wink!! It seems the double-crosser was deleted by whomever supporting his cause (in the US!) and either sides had ways to remove somebody like Dexter White in fear of exposure.
    I do not know exactly why and how the Soviets pulled out but perhaps, they were given something in return so they can carry on playing the bogeyman or the antagonist in the post-WWII saga!

    The often historically revised Wikipedia’s summary may be a good start:

    “Harry Dexter White, was responsible for passing Treasury plates for printing Allied military marks in occupied Germany to the Soviets, who thereupon printed currency with abandon,[35] sparking a black market and serious inflation throughout the occupied country,[36] costing the U.S. a quarter of a billion dollars.[37] However the alternative explanation is that Treasury officials feared that denying Soviet use of the plates in their occupation sector would endanger postwar cooperation.[35]”

    The passing of the US treasury Plates to the Soviets, in actual fact is possibly one side of the story. The real story, is the US Dollar bill which were US treasury owned plates were handed to Soviets and in this regard, the Soviets were assisted even before 1945 by the US government as sending cash to them in such huge quantities was deemed unsafe possibly. The Soviets were helped enormously by the US corporations during the war in actually handing them over the blueprints of the Airplanes, cars and trucks. The well known DC-3 codenamed Dakota a brilliant and maneuverable plane was made also in Russia. The Soviets named this plane “Lisunov Li-2”.

    What I think is the best to see history in any era, it is best to see the entire thing from a wholistic approach. By that I mean we must look for signs and “Omissions” as well as the role of the occult in shaping our history and without this, it may be impossible to understand the roles and actions that has ever taken place. To see the “connections” and meeting points f ideas, terms, symbols in general helps to see the bigger picture always. I apologise for bringing up Iran over and over again, but as you notice the Omission of the very name of “Iran” is very very questionable indeed. The omission of Iran from history books as well as in degradation that the Islamist occupiers of Iran have carried out in shaming such ancient land and the birthplace of what was later coined as the Western Civilization Whilst the aggrandizement of Islam which is the diametrically opposed element to Iran and her history are all telltale sign of the intention of everything that has gone on in the last almost 40 years which we have discussed here many times.

    The tools to destabilize any nation have been documented, and the most favored one for an industrialized nation is “Deindustrialization”, this was to Iran in 1979 and it is being carried out now to the United States of America. You will also note that the original plan by the allies to turn Germany into an agrarian society and destroy its factories and remove all the technical people from Germany. The barbaric Soviets did this same and exact thing in Poland and the massacre of 22,000 best and brightest Polish men and women in Katyn, Poland is an example of cold-bloodedness that demonically possessed human beings are capable of. The intention of the Soviets was non other than to Kill the best and brightest of the independent and great nation of Poland all so to remove any possibility of this nation to rise again. However, again the monsters who carry out such nasty, psychopathic murders, do not realize that there is such things as “Randomness” in the order of the universe and that all actions come back with a reaction, plus the interest!

    Also, In understanding the role of the hidden hands in the WWII, I believe Dr Anthony Sutton an English born scholar who worked for the Hoover Institute is the most reliable source for obtaining many details of the era. I include his excellent interview that was made a few years before his death in the late 1970’s:

    1. Dang, thanks carpe-diem. Again you’re hitting the mark. Here is an attempt to convey what I’m seeing.

      The details of the post can be read here (great read by the way)

      I’ve tried to break it down as basic as possible in order to try to show the possible pattern lying beneath.

      The note:

      In Washington Lord Halifax
      Once whispered to Lord Keynes:
      “It’s true they have the money bags
      But we have all the brains.”

      “4. How did White’s role as a Soviet spy factor into the content of the note?”

      “The fourth question is somewhat more problematic and will take some explaining, as I am proposing that Harry Dexter White was behind a master counter-intelligence plan to maneuver the world’s most powerful countries, including Great Britain and the Soviet Union, into accepting, and ratifying a Bretton Woods framework which was structured around the US dollar as opposed to the bancor, the unit of account which was recommended by John Maynard Keynes.”

      The wiki on bacor:

      “The bancor was a supranational currency that John Maynard Keynes and E. F. Schumacher[1] conceptualized in the years 1940–1942 and which the United Kingdom proposed to introduce after World War II. This newly created supranational currency would then be used in international trade as a unit of account within a multilateral clearing system—the International Clearing Union—which would also have to be founded.”

      And Dr. Farrokh’s page:

      “In the aftermath of WWII, the United Nations created a Partition Plan for Palestine which called for an International Trusteeship for the city of Jerusalem. This plan was never given the chance to be implemented. In essence, the blueprint to create two states, with Jerusalem under UN auspices as a religious center for all faiths, was thwarted before it could be realized. Unfortunately for both Arabs and Jews, as well as the world at large, we have all lived with the tragic result.”

      It just seems that a similar pattern lies beneath the actions of both events.

      BW = Bretton Woods
      PP = Partition Plan

      BW: At Bretton Woods the world was seemingly going in the direction of the bancor as a solution to international trade. The bancor utilized a multilateral clearing system.

      PP: In the same timeframe the Partition Plan for Palestine called for an International Trusteeship for Jerusalem. Similar to a multilateral type structure in that it serves all equally.

      BW: Bancor was never given a chance because what happened instead was a single currency linked to…(then gold, now oil)? was used as the solution to international trade which seemingly serves one nation.

      PP: This plan was never given the chance to be implemented. In essence, the blueprint to create two states, with Jerusalem under UN auspices as a religious center for all faiths, was thwarted before it could be realized.

      BW: Single currency path lead to many other nations in the world paying for the single currencies inflation. Also the Triffin Paradox comes into play with this path.

      PP: Unfortunately for both Arabs and Jews, as well as the world at large, we have all lived with the tragic result.

      Since England and an American seems to be at the center of both events during the same timeframe it just seems they may have some connections. BW: Harry D. White and PP: George C. Marshall

      Funny back then Hitler was making a run for ruling the world and was stopped. Today its Soros et al.

      So who had the money bags and who did have the brains? Oh the insanity of it all. lol.

      1. This is great Dane, Thank you.

        I loved this last paragraph you wrote which sums things up pretty well:

        “Funny back then Hitler was making a run for ruling the world and was stopped. Today its Soros et al.”

        I think the following 3 minute clip of the Psychopath in chief Herr Soros has explains who he really is and how he feels no remorse in cheating his fellow Jewish brethren and sistern and taking their property away. The question to ask is, why he has never been arrested and tried by Israeli government, after all they went after josef mengele and many other Nazi’s half way round the world, but Georgi is roaming around as the messiah of the cult of NWO and nobody is bothering him!

  17. Hello Dane, Following the discussion on the WWII’s history and how things have been kept hidden from us all, I listened to this incredible interview of Cliff High who is a studies the trends from a Linguistic perspective.

    In case you have little time to watch the entire 47 min. long interview, I can absolutely recommend even the first 7 minutes which he discusses the upcoming events this year, 2017. There are so many events coming that it will be perplexing for everyone. The content of his talk, corroborates extremely well with everything that our JC has been writing about on POM.

    I can therefore recommend this mindblowing interview regarding what is coming down the line in 2017:

    1. Thanks carpe-diem I’ll check it now before the Super Bowl. Its funny every time I watch a video you link it starts somewhere into it already. This time 7 minutes, another previous was half way through.

      The video links I’ve posted are most likely doing the same thing so I hope folks rewind them to the beginning. Just an FYI.

    2. Good video carpe-diem it sure does line up with what has been discussed here on POM. Its amazing how well JC sees it and expresses it. Best subscription….ever!

    3. I think I’ve found it. Down in the comments of the post I linked JC made a comment about

      “The Marshall Plan was implemented in 1948, and was the American plan to rebuild Europe, which included Germany.”

      So what happened in Israel with not implementing the Partition Plan was most likely part of enacting the Marshall Plan (an American plan to rebuild Europe).

    1. Thank you chocolate,

      This sounds like a “Jesus Christ Superstar” franchise musical but the difference is We have lived through it all. Jokes aside, Trump despite being subject to a constant attack by his opponents will be one of the greatest “Leaders” of the US if not the world and anyone who has studied the very concept of Leadership will see the very traits that makes a great leader. Alsa, when such person is alive he/she will be subject to ridicule and insults.

      However, the events that we will all witness in the next 12 months and the transformation that I can only call Humanity version 2.0, will be so incredible and so world changingly profound that it won’t surprising to watch “Donald Trump Superstar” in poetry, music, musicals since he is the embodiment of the Alpha male archetype which in the indo-European mythology is known as the “Hero”.

      Hero or the Alpha Male who is the God of “Protection”, something the degenerate Liberalism/Marxism Feminists are so hateful about…Protection of the weak is the task of the Hero, and this Archetype is in all of us, female and male and our task to save our species to be that Hero and admire the Hero…

      1. Dear Carpe-Diem:

        I am so glad that you enjoyed the video. My father was my hero and he guides me everyday from the grave, and I am 62 years old.


        p.s. music by protomen

        1. Thank you choclate, May your dear father be blessed and like you I lost my father a few years ago, and yes, our ancestors are our guardians and they are the watchers into our world. When we cross the twilight zone, hopefully we will be the watchers of our children and our future siblings too.

          Wish you blissful day Jack.

          1. Dear Carpe-diem:

            You touch me very deeply with your words. Such kindness is so rare in this world of banal and unspeakable horror. What shall we do?


          2. You are welcome Dear Jack, You are very kind to me, thank you.

            I guess all we can do is to be kind to those who are kind and try to persuade those who are either confused or are unkind in some ways, to find their own unique path of Loving-Kindness.

            One of the intriguing cases of confusion, which I find, and I am sure for many to be is so annoying, is when we are coerced to like or dislike something that has always been unnatural or socially unacceptable. This is the byproduct of the Marxist system of the world governance for over 80 or so years. It’s intention is to break down the moral fabric of a person or a society by making us feeling guilty and doubtful about the subject that they are aiming and attacking.

            To have “justice” in this world, it is necessary to confront evil and and employe the art of persuasion where possible, but by all means, any forms of oppression that exists in this world is due to “excessive tolerance” of people of any society.

            The nastiness that surrounds us currently is due to years of political indoctrination and moral decline, and all are there by design. Yet, the noble act of Loving-Kindness is alive and well and under a more just system, as well as more Anthropocentrism laws governing us, we should expect an improvement towards a better society and better behaviour by our young and old.

            Our current problem is partly due to the evil of glorification of money and earthly goods and destruction of the moral fabric of society, that the toxic cult of Babylon has been perpetrating on us. This seems to be coming to a close and the rest is up to us all.

            To make sure a return of high human values such as to ensure respect to elders, respect to property and a more caring and loving society a general cultivation of “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” to our youngsters through education may be a great start.

            That would be my recipe for today,

            Wish you a great day Jack,

  18. “MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — President Donald Trump on Monday accused the media of deliberately minimizing coverage of the threat posed by the Islamic State group, saying news outlets “have their reasons” for not reporting what he described as a “genocide” underway at the hands of the group.”

  19. This clip was so horrific that it affected many of us including myself, and it made me think about the dimensions of such barbarity that is going on on a daily basis, from setting fire to a Jordanian pilot locked in a cage, to hand and head chopping by human looking monsters.

    I like good movies and I am very careful about watching films that has great acting as well as meaningful undertones and narratives with historical or occult persuasions. A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a DVD of a relatively movie called, “The Island” (2005). The movie has a dystopian setting which becomes clear after about half through the movie that a sinister “organ harvesting” bank is the subject of the movie. I won’t spoil it for you if you have never seen it, but I thought for those of us who’ve seen it, they will know that “Organ Transplant” from Living persons, is one of the darkest and most sinister businesses. It primarily lives off other people’s organs, such as Kidneys, Lungs, Bone Marrow etc. and most parts are either recovered from an already dead person or…! Yes, the “…” is the very very dark and sinister part of the story.

    I came across the US based George Webb’s report on Youtube, who has been diligently untangling the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Haiti child trafficking, killings of DNC’s Seth Rich and several others who have been murdered allegedly by the Clinton gangsters. Also about other NWO related fan club groupies such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and Marina Abramovic (the spirit cooking witch).

    George Webb’s report of 31 January on YT contained a report as appeared in some MSM outlets as, “Two Cleveland Clinic doctors vacationing in Iran detained in New York, then released”. These two “Doctors” were not Iranians but from one of the seven countries banned. The two were working at the Cleveland organ transplant clinic. If you put these together, you may see the patterns of a network of “Organ Transplant” tourism scheme! There’s lots of money in that, specially if the donors are young and healthy!!!

    The fantastic George Webb’s report, he desreves the best jouranlsit award there is in the universe for his outsatnding research on the dark cabal:

    In Short, “Organ Transplant” is a crime that the Islamist regime of Mullahs, the occupiers of Iran have been involved in by removing the organs of live prisoners, that have been sentenced to death by the dark satanist/Islamist justice system that has turned Iran to an Islamist hellhole whilst making huge profit by literally executing folks and selling their organs. It appears from George Webb’s report also, that the well known clinic at Cleveland is somehow connected to this demonic organized crime! It was also known that the Chinese government, does this exact barbaric act to the follower of the forbidden mystical sect of “Falun Gong” whilst the world stood watching the past 30 years!

    In this context, the NWO is nothing but a club of super rich murderers who hate humanity as a whole and the sooner they are arrested, the better for humanity. As we discussed here, regarding the NWO cult, Slavery and now human organ trafficking can be included in the list of their dark, sinister and anti-human activities.

    It seems, this rabbit hole can go far deeper than any sane person can even begin to contemplate…the web of crime is like an unending and dark cave!!

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