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Important Update from JC

Corporate Hedging, Alternative SDRF Compositions, 401k Service, and PoM Membership

Following the announcement of the SDRF strategy 5 days ago, there has been a tremendous amount of interest and requests for additional information. Some of the initial feedback had a lot to do with the minimum start-up amount of $10,000.00, and how to make the SDRF more affordable for those who don’t have the means for the setup.

I’m pleased to say that we have been able to reduce the minimum start-up amount to $5000.00.  This has been made possible with the help of Jim Comiskey of Archer Financial Services based in Chicago.

In addition, we have offered expanded SDRF strategies based on alternative SDR compositions.  These options can be viewed at:

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Announcing the SDR Futures Account

With RMB Depeg and Gold Backing Protection Strategies

By JC Collins

It is with great excitement that I introduce the world’s first SDR based financial product which is available to the average retail investor.  The SDR Futures Account, or SDRF, functions outside of the systems of the global institutions and central banks, but is based on the framework and diversification of the SDR.

Over the last few months Matt McBride and I have been working on a method by which the average investor could protect their wealth during the multilateral transition which is taking place.  The concept was to base a method of wealth preservation on the same principles of diversification which the central banks and international institutions are planning on using themselves.

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