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The Take Down of George Soros – Part Two

How Iran is the Hinge for Middle East Peace and the Complete Unraveling of the Open Society

By JC Collins

It is telling of the path forward that Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will be traveling to my home town of Fort McMurray, Alberta on January 12, 2017.  The purpose of her visit will be to meet with members of the oil sands industry and have a private dinner.  When we add this to the fact that the former CEO of ExxonMobile has been selected as the Secretary of State in the Trump administration, and the open statements supporting the final approvals of the Keystone XL Pipeline, it becomes obvious that Canadian oil will be playing a major role in the energy strategies of the United States.

What many don’t know is that American oil companies domestically produce light crude and require a steady source of heavy crude to create a blend for the refineries along the gulf coast.  Much of this heavy crude comes from Saudi Arabia with about 2.8 million barrels a day coming from the Canadian oil sands.

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Introducing POM Multilateral Investment Strategies (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

With so much written and documented regarding the multilateral monetary transition, and the reality of such a transition becoming more apparent by the day, many readers have begun asking for detailed information on multilateral investment strategies.  As with the POM thesis itself, I will approach this request with nothing but the most committed of efforts, with a strong focus on getting the information as accurate and honest as possible.

The personal wealth of readers is something which I do not take lightly, as our wealth is the accumulation of our time and labor. Knowing how hard I work on producing the virtual library of information which is available on POM, I do not intend on providing distorted information which others will use to invest and protect their own time and labor.

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China’s Rate Change is Preparation for Widening of Trading Band

By JC Collins

There are multiple things going on with the recent announcement from the People’s Bank of China to reduce the daily reference rate of the renminbi against to USD by 1.86%.  The most obvious factor which we need to consider is that China is preparing to widen the trading band.

China’s State Council itself announced on July 24th that they would be widening the trading band against the USD from 2% to 3%.  So the move yesterday by the PBoC should not be a big surprise when we consider the level of strategy taking place between China and the United States in regards to the multilateral transition.

Back in March I published a post titled When Will China End the Dollar Peg, where we reviewed the process which China will follow on its path to having their currency added to the SDR basket composition.   In that piece I stated that China will in fact widen the trading band in the lead up to the SDR decision, or right after.  As stated, this was recently confirmed by China’s State Council.

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Warning on Scams (FREEPOM)

Dinars, Chinese Elders and Dragon Families

By JC Collins

The importance of this post stands apart from the majority of the material on POM.  The relevance and timing of this information corresponds with the evolution to some of my own initial assumptions and the full application of logic.  The post itself will be made available free to all readers in the hope that the information will get to those who need to hear it the most.

Every day tens of thousands of people around the world fall victim to financial and investment scams.  These schemes are complex and use official sounding words and documents to provide a sense of legitimacy.  Daily conference calls, website forums and groups, and creative writing pitches, are used to create an environment of false future prosperity.  The storylines constantly change and shift about in order to avoid any end result or conclusion where riches are awarded.

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Important Update for Members and Non-Members

By JC Collins

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as the site transitions to a subscription service.  There have been a few glitches with the registration process but all seems to be working fine now.

Second, the large library of information which has accumulated on POM over the last year and half is slowly being converted into the new format.  Initially this information was transferred under the Premium Content section, and I have since been making the required adjustments to have these articles listed under Free POM.

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Announcing the SDR Futures Account

With RMB Depeg and Gold Backing Protection Strategies

By JC Collins

It is with great excitement that I introduce the world’s first SDR based financial product which is available to the average retail investor.  The SDR Futures Account, or SDRF, functions outside of the systems of the global institutions and central banks, but is based on the framework and diversification of the SDR.

Over the last few months Matt McBride and I have been working on a method by which the average investor could protect their wealth during the multilateral transition which is taking place.  The concept was to base a method of wealth preservation on the same principles of diversification which the central banks and international institutions are planning on using themselves.

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Chasing Ghosts

The Prison of Our Mind

By DeeJJ

It is perceived by both the rent seeking elite and disorganized masses that there is an eternal enemy that lies beyond our control. It is labelled in various ways depending on the belief structure of the current society. Within the construct of religion, for example, the enemy is presented as a daemon or devil; a heartless evil creature that has the power to lure those of weak virtue into acting on more primal impulses such as murder or promiscuity. The stakes are high in the battle of good vs. evil, with the soul elevated as collateral. This creates a continuous push and pull within the mind, knowing what is moral, ethical, and righteous while being tempted by mammalian motives.

Both good and evil are mirrored in our external world due to conflicting desires and programming within the human brain. The reptilian stem, which controls our automatic functioning, allows the body to survive in harsh situations and environments. It evolved with the ability to direct the human body away from external threats while preserving the continuity of our reproductive nature.

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