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Consolidating the Right in Alberta – A Grass Roots Take on the PC Party Leadership Debate (FREEPOM)

Unraveling the Liberal-Socialist Agenda Close to Home

By JC Collins

This article is a more granular analysis on the regional politics in my home province of Alberta, Canada.  Some readers around the world may not find it as interesting as our usual material related to the international monetary system and subsequent geopolitics.  But I would suggest that it is relevant in that it is reflective of the larger international “right” oriented “new modern nationalism” which is unraveling the broader liberal agenda.

The approach I’ve always taken to politics is that I reserved the right to withhold my vote until a time in my life when I felt the level of knowledge and wisdom required to make informed and reasonable decisions had been met.  Around the age of 40 I began to feel like I had reached this mystical level of political enlightenment and began to ponder on the broader realities of life in Alberta, and Canada as a whole.

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The Take Down of George Soros – Part Two

How Iran is the Hinge for Middle East Peace and the Complete Unraveling of the Open Society

By JC Collins

It is telling of the path forward that Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will be traveling to my home town of Fort McMurray, Alberta on January 12, 2017.  The purpose of her visit will be to meet with members of the oil sands industry and have a private dinner.  When we add this to the fact that the former CEO of ExxonMobile has been selected as the Secretary of State in the Trump administration, and the open statements supporting the final approvals of the Keystone XL Pipeline, it becomes obvious that Canadian oil will be playing a major role in the energy strategies of the United States.

What many don’t know is that American oil companies domestically produce light crude and require a steady source of heavy crude to create a blend for the refineries along the gulf coast.  Much of this heavy crude comes from Saudi Arabia with about 2.8 million barrels a day coming from the Canadian oil sands.

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The Subprime Attack on the Weak (FREEPOM)

Trump Represents the Organic Evolution and Organization of the Masses

By JC Collins

African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, and all Americans which make up the composition of the disorganized masses need to read and understand what has been written here.

The existing political platforms which both the Democrats and Republicans have maintained and utilized for generations are no longer effective.  In reality, the differences in the platforms are illusionary.  The establishment has carefully crafted the perception of variation and choice, but the masses should consider both platforms to be a part of the same machinations used to divide and conquer, while transferring wealth from the bottom to the top.

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Risk Increases with Desperate Turkish Coup Attempt

By JC Collins

In the months leading up to the Western-backed coup in Ukraine it was widely being reported that the government in Kiev was strengthening economic and geopolitical relations with both Russia and China.  The situation for Ukraine was precarious as building strong ties with the larger Eurasian zone offered benefits above and beyond remaining exclusively in the sphere of the EU and America.

As reported in this Global Times article on January 21, 2014, less than one month from the start of the so-called “Ukrainian Revolution”:

“…Ukraine has paid back Russia economically.  Yanukovych signed 14 cooperative agreements in December with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  According to these agreements, Russia and Ukraine will carry out large-scale industrial integration projects.  Russia also has opportunities of investing in Ukraine’s industrial system.”

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On Trump, Geopolitical Shifts, and Wildfires (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

As I watch my home town of Fort McMurray continue to burn, and reflect on all the years I spent there, the world goes on.

May 3, 2016 will forever be seared on my heart and mind.  So much happened that day – it was my youngest sons 17th birthday, Trump won Indiana and secured the GOP nomination, I purchased a new car earlier in the day, the wildfire blew back into Fort McMurray in the afternoon – and by evening I was on the phone with my brother as he was trying to get out of town with a wall of fire behind him.

It is a fragment of time with a reflection that will remain forever.

My brother and his wife are now safe in Edmonton and it looks like his home may be saved, at least for now.  There will be the lucky ones.

The company I work for has a large population of its workforce in Fort McMurray.  All of them are now south and everyone is adjusting to the new realities and business continuity plans are being dusted off and reviewed.

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Regional War, Crude Production, and a Depreciating Dollar (FREEPOM)

How the Collapse of the House of Saud could salvage the Global Economy

By JC Collins

This is a follow up to the article titled “Are We on the Eve of War – Is the US Leading Saudi Arabia down the Kuwaiti Invasion Road?” published on February 9, 2016.

Saudi Arabia could quickly find itself on the wrong side of international geopolitics.  The course which could lead the Kingdom down this path would be a combination of refusing to cut oil production in an effort to boost the value of crude, and the strategy which it has implemented along with Turkey to overthrow the Assad government in Syria.

Dealing with the conflict in Syria first, we see that both Saudi Arabia and Turkey have pushed the world’s powers into a position where war between Russia and NATO has become a real possibility.  Such a conflict must be avoided at all costs.  The regional ambitions of both countries have collapsed in front of the continuous military onslaught from the joint forces of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, along with the Syrian government forces themselves.

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Aloha from the South China Sea (FREEPOM)

Chinese Capital Outflows and the Buying of American Business Interests

By JC Collins

Early last year the Chinese government threatened the United States with funding and arming Hawaiian independence activists who want to restore the islands’ constitutional monarchy.  The story passed with little fanfare until just days ago when the Chinese made a comparison between setting up defensive arms on the man-made islands in the South China Sea, to the US establishing military facilities on the Hawaiian Islands.

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