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The Brotherhood of the Snake – Part Two

By JC Collins

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Through the haze and detachment Edom watched as the devil figure proceeded toward the center of the room.  The head was that of a goat with twisted horns and blood red eyes.  The hooves were dark and stained.  The rest was that of a large naked man with no discernible genitalia.

The room became heavy with desire and the restless panting of sex fueled longing descended on the participants. Wichita began to remove Edom’s clothing while positioning herself on his lap.  Their mouths met and he was overcome with the madness of skin hunger as he pulled her dress up over her slender body.

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The Brotherhood of the Snake – Part One

By JC Collins

Even as a middle aged man Edom still dreamed of being a Viking. The large powerful Nordics who pillaged the corners of his childhood imagination still lingered in the shadowed recess of his mind. When no one was looking he would puff himself out and walk around pretending to swing an axe or sword.

The thought of razing and raping whole villages excited him. The feelings associated with pain and despair freed him from the everyday drudgery of life.

Here in the back of the limo hidden behind dark tint and smoky interior he swung his arms through the air in arc like motions, jabbing, thrusting, and splaying pretend people. Their playdoh parts and organs sprayed over the leather seats and velvet curtains.

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