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The Antichrist Series (FREEPOM)

Part One – The Case of the Missing Eye and an SDR Denominated UN

(Part one of this series is being offered for free to all readers.  Subsequent installments will be subscription only.)

“Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor” – Jimmy Carter writing for Foreign Policy on August 4, 2014.

The theme of an Antichrist and false messiah (anti-messiah) is one that runs through all the religions and belief systems of the world.  The western Christian world is well-versed on this figure and his evil rise to power as foretold in the Bible and subsequent prophecy.  But what we don’t understand is that this figure is also represented in all the religions and cultures around the world, and has been for a very long time.

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Real Education on the Edge of Civilization (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

“Every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.” – John Dewey, 1897


As a summertime child I would squash bee’s in-between my hands.

Fade from silence.

The school bell rang and like Pavlov’s dog the student masses shuffled forth.  Lacking scholastic enthusiasm I begrudgingly dragged a well-worn Star Wars backpack which banged and bopped off the heels of equally worn Star Wars runners.   Groups of students weaved and dodged through the halls and doorways towards the waiting lessons and learnings which were meant to educate us and prepare us for the real world which awaited just around the corner of childhood.

Or so we were told.

The gruelling chore of having to sit still in a hard plastic chair for multiple hour long classes throughout the school day was a living hell on earth.  Nothing about it spoke to my inner spirit and inquisitive brain.  The whole well-engineered curriculum of segmented and fragmented learning pulled my mind apart in opposite directions and retarded the universal process of becoming which I felt attempting to develop inside me.

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The Solar System as a 4 Dimensional Lens Consciousness (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

It can take a lifetime to find the right words to describe something.  The seed of an idea or construct enters into the mind and lays dormant waiting for the waters of wisdom and patience so it can begin the process of becoming. This becoming has no end and no beginning.  It is the expansion of awareness and the realization that there is no other truth than the ever existing moment.

This moment continuously folds and unfolds into and out of form.  Much like the single days of our lives fold and unfold into and out of the form of our larger lifetime.  The act of consciousness and material manifestation remains largely a mystery to the mass organization of human thought.  From the moment we are born the shapes, smells and textures of the material world draw us further into its hard and constricting embrace.

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The Sun Always Shines on TV (FREEPOM)

Pride, Politics, and the Massive Corruption of Existence – Understanding the Clinton Persona

By JC Collins

All the teachers called me smiley.  Everyone called me smiley.

All the teachers called me smiley and it filled me with much happiness and warmth.  Grade two was like that.  It was about as far from death as you could possibly imagine.  Preparation for your eventual passing was never a part of the daily planning of an eight year old.  The magical realm of early childhood was only just then giving way to the first cold shivers of something you thought existed in some far away future world. Innocence still remained at the farthest edges of its horror, out of touch, but soon within reach.

Smiley. Hmmm.

Pride used that simple strength of joyfulness against me.  I became proud to be called smiley and pride entered inside me and began its inevitable devouring of all the things which shined there.  It does that you know.  Pride.  The greatest of all the sins.  It turns our most loved strengths into our most hated weaknesses. It is a force onto itself which we seldom give notice.  We are damned when we give it free reign.

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New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part One (FREEPOM)

Just who is behind this Re-Organization of Civilization?

BY JC Collins

While out for dinner last night with some good friends our conversation turned to discussions around the loss of individuality in a consolidated global governance structure.  Such a New World framework carries with it the potential for human greatness and alignment, but also brings with it the threat of non-individuality, or the promotion of sameness.

This New World Order, as it has been referenced in previous official announcements, and across the wide spectrum of alternative media and conspiracy theory productions, is in fact the inevitable evolution of humanity.  The consolidation, or re-organization of civilization, is taking place throughout the socioeconomic and cultural spheres.  The mass conditioning and social engineering which has been taking place since at least the late 1800’s is building the architecture of this new world.

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No Death but Transformation of the Dollar (FREEPOM)

And More Insight on Philosophy of Metrics Purpose

By JC Collins

It would appear others are now picking up on the importance of the G20 Summit this September in Hangzhou, China.  I have been discussing this summit for some time and gave it particular attention in a post back on June 15, 2016.

Silver Doctors is running a piece titled Jim Rickards: Sept 4th G20 Meeting to Signal End of Petrodollar?  The article is apparently built around the August subscription newsletter of Jim Rickards, and is supported by Tweets from the friendly Willem Middelkoop, both of whom are well-versed on the SDR and have also contributed large amounts of material towards understanding monetary reform.

POM readers and subscribers will find nothing new in the Silver Doctors article but could find the use of the phrase “September 4, 2016 will be the day the dollar died” to not accurately reflect the process of monetary reform which they have read about here. I have long contended that the “death of the dollar” script is not a full interpretation of the unfolding negotiations surrounding the international monetary system, and should be considered with caution.

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The Elites Are the Slaves (FREEPOM)

Tipping the Pyramid of Self-Punishment

By JC Collins

This discussion will present the reader with an alternative consideration of the hierarchical structure of the world.  It will challenge the belief systems of most and plant seeds which will lay dormant until such a time that each individual will shine light on them. Our own personal definitions of the world and punishment will transform and provide us a new method of filtering the experience of existence.

The common consensus would have us accept the reality of elite demographics which control the wealth of the world and direct the flow of historical events.  The evidence supporting the existence of such elites is overwhelming and fits within the human expression of instinctual survival.

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