New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part One (FREEPOM)

Just who is behind this Re-Organization of Civilization?

BY JC Collins

While out for dinner last night with some good friends our conversation turned to discussions around the loss of individuality in a consolidated global governance structure.  Such a New World framework carries with it the potential for human greatness and alignment, but also brings with it the threat of non-individuality, or the promotion of sameness.

This New World Order, as it has been referenced in previous official announcements, and across the wide spectrum of alternative media and conspiracy theory productions, is in fact the inevitable evolution of humanity.  The consolidation, or re-organization of civilization, is taking place throughout the socioeconomic and cultural spheres.  The mass conditioning and social engineering which has been taking place since at least the late 1800’s is building the architecture of this new world.

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Are Emerging Markets about to Switch US Treasuries for SDR Bonds? (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

The first issuance of SDR denominated bonds in the Chinese market is being implemented by the World Bank.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The World Bank, the great bastion of the western banking elite, will be providing SDR bonds specifically for the Chinese market. This is a major defeat for all of those who repeatedly promoted the idea that wealthy interests within China were attempting to overthrow the western banking structure or implement a competing system.

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It’s a Kudatah Y’All (FREEPOM)

Incompetence Breeds Corruption

By JC Collins

As we enter into the final stretch of the Presidential election in the United States it’s worth taking a look at the space which exists between competence and the complete lack of any competence.  The older I get, and the more I learn about how the world works, the more I realize that incompetence abounds on unimaginable levels.

But it’s not only incompetence, it’s the excuses and misdirection’s to hide incompetence which push everything into the realm of the unbelievable.  A case in point is the endless re-cycling of Pentagon budgeting and operational incompetence.

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Migration and Social Disintegration (FREEPOM)

The Subversives – Schemes of Western Policymakers

By JC Collins

The purpose of open immigration policies which western leaders have enacted are meant to support and continue the mandates of those same western leaders as well as align with the objectives of global governance.  These leaders and their political mandates are left leaning.  The objective is spreading socialism across the cultural and ideological spectrum’s.

World socialism is meant to expand with the mass immigration from undeveloped cultures and nations into the developed cultures and nations where they will vote for the leaders and policymakers who opened the gates and encouraged the immigration.  The elected leftist governments of the developed host cultures and nations have schemed and spread socialism within their own regions as a method of aligning with the larger socialism which is being constructed within world institutions such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

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