The New Khazaria

The Planned Jewish Migration Out of Israel

By JC Collins

On March 16, 2014 the Times of Israel published a little discussed pieced titled Leaked Report: Israel Acknowledges Jews in Fact Khazars; Secret Plan for Reverse Migration to Ukraine.   Just four weeks before this explosive publication, on February 18, 2014, the official and democratic government of Ukraine was ousted and a Jewish supported new interim government was appointed.  Both of these occurrences can be connected to the larger construction of a new world capital in Kazakhstan called Astana.

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The Wealth of Human Beings (FREEPOM)

A New Language for the Socioeconomics of Tomorrow

By JC Collins

Should we be afraid?

In the future humans will earn social credits based on a criterion of conformity and cultural participation metrics.  Social budgets will be structured around scalable weightings which will be segmented into individual human measurements and moving upward into municipal weightings, state and provincial weightings, national weightings, regional economic zone weightings, and ultimately into a global governance weighting framework.

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The Fragmentation of Consciousness (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

The material world is one of our greatest mysteries.  Its purpose and existence are outside of our own perceived experience but its origins come from within.  We seek to define and categorize this three dimensional world to explain the process which is happening internally.

The abstract manner in which the human mind attempts to understand the relationship between matter and consciousness is both random and structured.  The act of defining consciousness through a material process is seeded with fault and contradiction.  The act of defining consciousness as the creator of the material world offers a more fundamental understanding which is easily reconciled with our everyday existence.

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The New Christianopolis

Alchemical Transmutation of Our Existing Civilization

By JC Collins

The religions of the world no longer serve the purpose which was originally intended. Both social and spiritual enlightenment have been the tempered and unachievable objectives of religion since each individual incantation.

Social enlightenment has now found modern and non-allegorical methods of human development; and spiritual enlightenment likewise has become a weave of intermixing thought-forms which are spreading through the vast array of human civilizations with a non-coincidental sameness.

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Population Management (FREEPOM)

The Difference between Socialism and Public Trusts

By JC Collins

There is a common consensus on the increased expansion of socialism and socialist programs in nations around the world.  With this creep of social sameness come the diametric arguments from each side.

Those who speak out against the ideals of socialism are quick to point out the faults in such methods of mass governance, while others stand their ground on the need for blanket equality for all, with no matter given to level of individual contribution.

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On Trump, Geopolitical Shifts, and Wildfires (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

As I watch my home town of Fort McMurray continue to burn, and reflect on all the years I spent there, the world goes on.

May 3, 2016 will forever be seared on my heart and mind.  So much happened that day – it was my youngest sons 17th birthday, Trump won Indiana and secured the GOP nomination, I purchased a new car earlier in the day, the wildfire blew back into Fort McMurray in the afternoon – and by evening I was on the phone with my brother as he was trying to get out of town with a wall of fire behind him.

It is a fragment of time with a reflection that will remain forever.

My brother and his wife are now safe in Edmonton and it looks like his home may be saved, at least for now.  There will be the lucky ones.

The company I work for has a large population of its workforce in Fort McMurray.  All of them are now south and everyone is adjusting to the new realities and business continuity plans are being dusted off and reviewed.

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