New Age Socialism and the End of Debt-Based Money Creation (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

It is widely expected that the current trend of money creation cannot continue indefinitely without a much larger collapse of the world’s monetary and financial systems.  The act of creating money is perhaps the biggest problem facing the international community today.  The ability of banks to create money from deposits and inject the highest percentage of that money into the financial markets, as opposed to the real economy, needs to be corrected as the multilateral framework emerges further.

Most readers understand that the multilateral monetary framework is being built around the broader use of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund.  The SDR is a basket of national currencies which was first introduced in 1969, but has since went through frequent transformations on weighting and composition.

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The Transmutation of the International Monetary System

Further Confirmation of the POM Thesis

By JC Collins

Ever since reading the George Soros book called The Alchemy of Finance I have accepted the fact that there is a deeper meaning and understanding to the process of financial transmutation. The quest for the Philosophers Stone, which is the corner stone of all alchemical pursuits, ends in failure for so many because the journey must be one which is directed inward.

The Prima Materia, which is the main ingredient of the Philosophers Stone, is not a physical substance but the formless void of life itself, which is consciously or unconsciously molded to the desires of the individual.

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Trump and the International Banking Interests (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

Reader and friend Michael recently asked the following question regarding the Trump movement and its possible purpose.  I’ve included the question and my response for general consumption, as I think there will be many additional questions and concerns in the coming months.

Michael asked:

“Trump is a Zionist controlled by Israel. Total PSYOP, along with Sanders. This is their reverse phycology trick on getting all the pissed off Americans thinking they are getting the outlandish renegade outsider. They are laughing at everyone who is buying it. If they were really scared of Trump, they’d have a near media blackout on him. Right?”

My response followed: 

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The Implosion of American Culture (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

This article was originally posted on December 3, 2014.  

Update: The Trump for President movement, and the massive backlash against the political establishment which is feeding that movement, could very well be the implosion of culture which was suggested in the article re-published below.   

In the original piece I stated the following:

“As use of the dollar levels off and begins to recede into the blend of multilateral currencies, the culture that grew up around it will also recede and implode back into the place from where it originated.”

It is no wonder that the Trump movement, and its fragmentation of the American establishment structure, is turning into a nationalist movement, as that is exactly what would be expected as the power base in the world begins to be shared among other major players.  Trump states that other countries will have to “pay their share”.  This is exactly what a shift in the international power base would entail.  

Global socioeconomic consolidation will be packaged and sold through a campaign of nationalism.  Trump could very well represent America’s “fall of the Berlin Wall” moment.  – JC

Original Article:

It was widely expressed by the mainstream media of the time that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall could not have been predicted. In hindsight, the stagnation and drop in oil prices should have been the obvious signs that a dramatic change was coming. And when the USSR began to borrow from western banks, the fix was in.

Western banks is something of a misnomer, as no bank, or conglomerate of banking interests, can exist separate and independent of the larger international banking structure which has been built throughout the the 20th Century. Stagnate growth and the deflationary oil prices which began in 1986 acted as fine toothed methods of transferring wealth from the social trust within the Soviet Union, forcing banks within the USSR to borrow from western banks, which was in fact an exchange of assets amongst financial institutions.

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Just Around the Corner – Economic Collapse or Economic Miracle

By JC Collins

The end of the current economic model is often predicted across wide spectrums of internet based forums and news sites.  At times it appears the only thing that can, and will, ever happen is absolute anarchy and the collapse of everything we know and hold dear.

Every negative news story, be it a drop in the stock markets, lower interest rates, bond spreads, volatile credit markets, and many more, are all taken as the honest-to-god truth that a catastrophic economic crash is just around the corner.

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Here Come the SDR Bonds (FREEPOM)

A Part of the Solution to the Problem of Global Growth

By JC Collins

Over two years ago now I began a series of articles titled SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods.  The ten post series focused on the SDR and its eventual evolution into an internationally traded asset. There was very little information out there at the time on this future transformation of the IMF’s Special Drawing Right currency, and POM broke new ground on many of the facts, trends, and methodologies behind the transition to a multilateral monetary framework.

Each month more and more information and confirmation of the POM thesis emerges which further validates much of what has been presented to readers for over two years.  The latest validation comes from the G20 Communique from last weekend’s summit in Shanghai.

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