De-Fang the Federal Reserve (FREEPOM)

The Conspiracy on How the Fed is Being Integrated into the Multilateral Framework

By JC Collins

Sometimes the complexity and level of artisan skill required to engineer the multilateral monetary framework is staggering.  The socioeconomic and geopolitical shifting which takes place behind the closed doors of think tanks and international institutions would make for intriguing spy-like novels on par with the tales of John le Carré.

Such stories would be reminiscent of the old movie the House of Rothschild where skullduggery and manipulation were used to increase the sovereign debt of European nations.  The leaders and Kings of Europe refused to borrow money from Mayer Rothschild and in turn Napoleon conveniently escaped from exile on the Island of Elba in February of 1815 and began to wage war upon Europe again.

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Vietnamese Dong Appreciation & East Asian Exchange Rates (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

Every once in a while we need to take another look at the Asian currency situation, and in particular the Vietnamese dong.  Long-time readers will understand that the appreciation of the VND is something which I have focused a lot of time on in the past.

When I first heard about the potential of the dong appreciating, the field was trashed with so much misleading and unproven information that it was hardly worth the effort to read and consider.  But there was something about the VND that struck a chord with me and I began to dig deeper and analyze the real potential of such a thing happening.

Over numerous posts I presented this analysis and probability of the dong appreciation.  The study of the Asian Currency Unit (ACU) and forthcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) trade agreement created a sort of validation of something larger happening in East Asia regarding currency appreciation.

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Seven Confirmations of Seven POM Trends in Seven Days (FREEPOM)

And it’s Only October

By JC Collins

“Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves richer – except, of course, for the pigs and dogs.”  – George Orwell, Animal Farm

Seven important stories emerged in the global media over the past week which further confirms the analysis presented here on POM.  Though timeframes and specific data points may vary and fluctuate, such as interest rate movements, the overall trend is moving along the multilateral path which has been defined and discussed here through thousands of pages of research and laborious writing.

It was presented here back on March 25, 2015, in the post When Will China End the Dollar Peg that China would in fact be moving towards ending the peg which it manages against the US dollar.  In that post I stated the following:

“One of the biggest questions which we need to consider as the world moves closer to the full implementation of the multilateral financial system is when will the RMB end its managed peg to the USD?  Now that the official request has been made to the International Monetary Fund, for the yuan to be included into the SDR basket composition, it is only a matter of time before the ending of the peg occurs.”

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