POM EXCLUSIVE: The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War (FREEPOM)

Counter-Intelligence, Atomic Bombs, Operation Paperclip, and the Liquidation of the British Empire

By JC Collins

The day was dull and mild when I stepped out of my truck last January in downtown Edmonton.  It had just snowed, the wet sloppy kind, and I splashed my way across the street and entered the Tim Hortons coffee shop on Jasper Ave.

The night before I had received a comment on the site which started with PLEASE DO NOT POST.  At the time there was no way for interested readers to contact me direct without submitting a comment.  The message was very concise and stated that there was information I could use regarding the Bretton Woods Agreement.

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Predictions of a Sept Crash Fade (FREEPOM)

Also see updated information in today’s post titled Potential Path Forward on Fed Rate Increases – Sovereign Wealth Funds, Reserve Diversification, and Capital Flows

But Dreams of a 2015 Rate Increase Remain

By JC Collins

With the announcement by the Fed today of no interest rate increase, the hopes and fears of a September crash recede into the background noise from which they came.  What we can expect is the same slow grind of deflation and modest volatility leading into the fall and winter months.  Though nothing the Fed said today would indicate that a rate increase is off the table for 2015, and could still take place in December.

The international demand on the Fed not to raise rates was coming from all sectors and regions, including the Bank for International Settlements, IMF, World Bank, China, and various other central banks and institutions.  With a level of domestic justification for a rate increase, quantified by previous Fed statements on inflation and employment levels over the last few years (all of which have been reached), it can be assumed that the lack of international justification and support influenced today’s decision.

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Are You Ready for the IMF Governance Crisis? (FREEPOM)

By JC Collins

Back in May I published a piece titled China Gold Deposits to the IMF – The Lima Accord and Gold Valuations.  In that post we reviewed how the gold repatriation which has been taking place is in fact a reversal of the gold which was deposited with the Federal Reserve during the establishment of the USD structured system at Bretton Woods in 1944.

With the arrival of a new monetary framework, countries will need to transfer their gold deposits from within the dollar based system, to the multilateral based system.  This system is being structured around the International Monetary Fund and the SDR asset.  And like during Bretton Woods, gold deposits are about to be consolidated once again, this time within the multilateral framework of the IMF itself.

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US Dollar Will Devalue by 20% to 30% (FREEPOM)

Interest Rate Increases & Continued Gold Devaluation

By JC Collins

I’m just going to come right out and state it with absolute clarity.  Gold will continue to depreciate.

Not only that, but the Fed will continue with the planned incremental interest rate increases which are set to begin at any time now.  The normalization of monetary policy is considered impossible by many analysts and economic commentators. This is mainly because the larger play, being the transformation of the monetary framework, is not fully understood.

The incorrect assumption is that the US dollar will be replaced as the international reserve currency by the Chinese yuan, which in turn will cause the USD denominated assets (Treasuries) in the foreign exchange reserve accounts around the world to be “dumped”, leading to a flood of dollars coming back to American shores and causing the ever-threatened and often-predicted hyper-inflation.

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