Happy New Year and First Anniversary

And Remember to Slay Your Own Dragon

By JC Collins

It is one year since I started this blog, with no real idea or plan on what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it.  Naturally my own thoughts and processes began to materialize within the body of writing, and with each new reader and commenter the blog began to take on a life of its own.

After 12 months of consistent writing, posting, and responses from readers, PoM (an abbreviation you all have termed) now belongs to all of you just as much as it belongs to me.  It has become a place for intelligent debate and consideration of the views of others, with only myself falling short on the consideration end.

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The Engineering of Global Public Goods

By JC Collins

No analysis of the current macroeconomic and geopolitical situation in the world can be thoroughly complete without considering the role of Global Public Goods, or GPG.  In contrast, private goods are considered to be produce, bread, televisions, etc.., items that are purchased individually for the enjoyment and consumption of the individual solely.

As opposed to Global Public Goods, there are “local” public goods, such as police departments, health services, fire and hazardous response departments, and public utilities, such as water, electricity, and natural gas.  An argument can be made for the determination of “national” public goods, such as the RCMP here in Canada, or the FBI in America, and even the national banking sector as represented by each nations central bank.

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The Brotherhood of the Snake – Part Two

By JC Collins

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Through the haze and detachment Edom watched as the devil figure proceeded toward the center of the room.  The head was that of a goat with twisted horns and blood red eyes.  The hooves were dark and stained.  The rest was that of a large naked man with no discernible genitalia.

The room became heavy with desire and the restless panting of sex fueled longing descended on the participants. Wichita began to remove Edom’s clothing while positioning herself on his lap.  Their mouths met and he was overcome with the madness of skin hunger as he pulled her dress up over her slender body.

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USD Needs Yuan in the SDR Basket

By JC Collins

The international monetary system is inherently unstable, and the process to shift from a unipolar to a multi-polar system is well underway.  The transition itself will take considerable time to fully implement and we are now somewhere between the first and second stages, with a third stage scheduled to be completed in the coming years.

The unipolar USD framework which forms the base of the international financial system today is built on the accumulation of USD assets in the foreign reserve accounts around the world.  One of the transition requirements for the multilateral framework is to mitigate the demand for these foreign reserves and to implement a method of diversifying the existing accounts.

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The SDR Purpose of BRICS

By JC Collins

Global markets are showing increasing signs of instability and there are serious concerns about risks to international liquidity building across the spectrum.  Exchange rate volatility is deepening with the Russian ruble leading the way and the systemic contagion is spreading around the world, from European and Western banks to stock market crashes in the Middle East.

Oil continues its descent into the $30 to $40 dollar range with a strategically timed announcement by OPEC today, at the peak of the turmoil, stating it will not meet again until June, 2015, ensuring continued instability and lack of confidence in the energy markets.

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IMF and G20 Moving Forward on Plan B

The year is coming to an end and as expected the 2010 IMF Quota and Governance Reforms have not been passed through the US Congress.  True to her word, Christine Lagarde has been quick to respond to the lack of movement on the reforms and has issued a press release.

Things will now begin to escalate across a broad spectrum, with instability in the USD expanding and global stock markets adjusting dramatically.  We can also likely expect increases in the valuations of gold as the liquidity crisis deepens and global money seeks liquidity outside of the dollar.  The propaganda promoting US instability will increase internationally and the script stating alternative sources of liquidity must be utilized will begin to be distributed to global media outlets.

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The Barbarians at the Gate

By JC Collins

The amnesty issue and immigration reform are symptomatic of the larger implosion of American culture and the transition away from micro empire to macro empire. In order to fully understand the scale and scope of what is transpiring on the socioeconomic and geopolitical spheres one must gain a deeper understanding of how the current situation and dynamics have been engineered and orchestrated.

All empires have been built around monetary policies and they crash alongside the corruption of those policies. In regards to the current state of world affairs, the transition away from one economic framework to the emergence of another represents the larger transformation of empire which is taking place in the world today.

The characteristics of the international monetary system since the early 1970’s can be defined as desperate attempts at maintaining the USD’s valuation. Whether contrived as an act of socioeconomic engineering or a reactionary position is somewhat irrelevant as the world now stands on the steep slope of transition away from a dollar centralized system.

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