SDR Supplemental: VND or VNN? IQD or IQN?

Applying Logic to Currency Sustainability

By JC Collins

Also see Why the Vietnamese Dong Will Reset


The world is willing to restructure the monetary system through the International Monetary Fund but has plans in place to by-pass the western dominated institution if the U.S. Congress does not pass the 2010 Code of Reforms.

China and other BRICS countries are calling for a new monetary system to be implemented through the I.M.F. but are also developing a workaround so that the world economy does not completely collapse when the U.S. dollar finally hits the point of hyperinflation.

Officials with The People’s Bank of China and the Chinese government itself have repeatedly called for expanded use of the SDR system through the I.M.F.  As I’ve stated before, this is the preferable path forward with the least amount of disruption to the world economy.  Contrary to what many American’s may think, this path will also cause the least amount of disruption for their lives as well.

The alternative will lead to further economic warfare and the threat of social collapse.

When analysing patterns one looks for commonality, redundancy, and single points of origin.  When applying logic to the Global Currency Reset and Great Consolidation, we find a single point of origin in the I.M.F. 2010 Code of Reforms which are being held for ransom in the United States Congress.

There is high probability that the ransom situation is a part of the Hegelian Dialectic Triad and will eventually be passed when the timing is right.

The purpose of this post is not to repeat what I’ve said in previous posts but to build on one specific point.  I have received many questions in regards to the currencies of Vietnam and Iraq, being the VND and IQD.  The questions have pertained to the so called replacement currencies which are being referred to as VNN and IQN.

I have heard nothing of such ticker names but would like to put forth the following theory.  Let’s suppose that the ticker symbols VNN and IQN were indeed leaked out from certain sources. Now let’s assume that these “new” currencies will replace the old currencies.  The only way that will happen is if the old currencies, the VND and IQD, will be demonetized and taken out of circulation.  And I would reason that the only way these currencies would be demonetized is if Congress did not eventually pass the I.M.F. 2010 Code of Reforms.  This would force the world to activate its plan to work around the I.M.F. and the U.S. dollar.

Said in plain straight talk, if Congress does not finally pass legislation to support the 2010 Reforms and restructure the I.M.F. Executive Board, than the rest of the world will deflate away as much of their sovereign debt as possible and then demonetize their currencies, let’s say the VND and IQD in this case, and issue new currencies which will not be pegged to the dollar.  These currencies in theory could be the VNN and IQN.

Holders of VND and IQD will make very little if the currencies are demonetized.

The world is putting much pressure on the U.S. Congress right now to pass the Reforms.  Iran is pushing naval forces into the Atlantic almost to the American maritime borders.  While Chinese naval forces are pushing further into the Pacific and closing in from the other side.

Many of you are following the banker “suicides” and gold market and currency market manipulation.  These are clear signs of changes on the horizon.  If the Reforms are passed than the manipulation will act as the catalyst for currency revaluation and sustainability.  If the Reforms are not passed, than we will watch all the currencies collapse and sovereign debt will continue to eat away at our everyday lives.

Just today protestors in Bosnia burned down the presidential palace.  This is exactly what we have predicted here at  Continued problem/reaction/solution dynamics.  It’s going to be a long year of fluctuating currencies and sovereign debt default threats.  But I predict that before it’s over the U.S. Congress will in fact pass the Reforms and will begrudgingly retreat from its dominant role in world affairs, just as the British before it.

Let’s see what will fill the vacuum this time.   – JC Collins

5 thoughts on “SDR Supplemental: VND or VNN? IQD or IQN?”

  1. JC,
    As usual, quite fascinating! If the US Congress is holding the Quota Reforms for ransom, could this be to what Obama was really alluding when he referred in SOTU (a fortnight after Congress voted against Quota Reform) to using Executive Orders to move things forward?

  2. Regarding these IMF reforms, I see in previous articles you mentioned that they include “quota increases”. Does that mean the IMF is pressuring the U.S. to cough up more money than its current 17% share? If so, why would it be in the U.S. interest to pay more and yet get less voice.

    Also, in this article you mention that:
    “rest of the world will deflate away as much of their sovereign debt as possible and then demonetize their currencies”.

    When you say “deflate” above … do you mean default? Or did you actually mean to say Inflate rather than Deflate?

    And what do you mean by “demonetize their currencies”?
    If their currencies weren’t to be used for money then what would these countries use instead? And are you referring to currency use inside a country by its own citizens or use between countries to settle international dealing?

    Foreign Exchange markets are handled at present by the FX markets via the worlds largest banks. True they apparently are manipulated to a degree, but even so, the present scheme is vastly different than having a single institution (IMF) be in control of Currency Rates. Just think of the huge increase in size & scope the IMF would have to undergo, and with the consent of all the countries involved.

    All that to be done\being done in secret?
    Quite difficult to pull off I would imagine.

      1. It’s in the interest of the U.S. to play ball with the international community and the I.M.F. because their debt is unsustainable and they require the worlds help for a soft landing as opposed to a collapse.

        Inflation and deflation are two sides of the same coin and the terms in many instances are interchangeable. Deflating away debt and inflating away debt are also two sides of the same solution coin. Think of it as the world turning away from Keynesian Economics as opposed to continuing to embrace Keynesian Economics in the form of SDR’s.

        See here:

        And here:

        And also see here for a history of demonetized currencies:

        And I would also suggest you start reading the published material on the I.M.F. website itself, as well as the public comments from central bank executives and government officials from around the world over the last few years.

        And don’t forget to watch the video I posted today of the interview with Willem Middelkoop.

        I can go on and on. There is no secret my friend. Only ignorance to the obvious. – JC

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