America’s Karma and World War Two Gold Theft

And the Gold Recovery Attempts of the Korean and Vietnam Wars

By JC Collins


This essay serves as an Addendum to one of my previous posts titled “China to Purchase the Federal Reserve”.  The article itself has generated a lot of interest and many questions.  Such things are not easy to prove and take book length discourses to fully understand and grasp the complexity of not just the process, but also the history behind it.  Such are the expectations of pivotal events.

Let’s back track 100 years to 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve.  The Fed was set up as the central bank of the United States.  It has a 100 year mandate (there are questions about extensions) and quickly went to work printing money and building up the American war machine for World War One which began the very next year.

The hidden purpose of World War One was the take down of one of the two last monarchies in Europe.  The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a “dual monarchy” created in 1867 as an agreement between Hungary and Austria for the purpose of defense against the onslaught of revolutions initiated by banking powers.  These revolutions started with the French Revolution as a means to overthrow Europe’s monarchy’s and plant the design of the modern state in the minds of the people.  The form of government and banking systems that spewed forth from this injustice slowly crawled from country to country, digging its roots into the industries and cultures of the conquered lands.

The second monarchy was Russia.  Also by design, the bankers created dismal economic conditions within Russia which in turn, through propaganda, was blamed on the Romanov royal family.  This, as we know, led to the Bolshevik Revolution and the installation of the synthesis to democracies thesis, communism.  See my previous post for a brief explanation on the usage of the Hegelian Dialectic.

The bankers quickly went to work in Austria on a plan to economically destroy Germany and build it back up as the Third Reich.  Similar patterns were unfolding in Asia with the rise of Imperial Japan.

World War Two officially began in September of 1939.  Like World War One, there was a hidden purpose.  This time it was the theft of gold held in both Europe and Asia.  The lands conquered by both armies were stripped of their gold reserves which were then sent back to the vaults of the western banks.  Most of this gold eventually ended up in Fort Knox as both official and unofficial gold deposits of the Federal Reserve System.  There is plenty of information available on Nazi Gold to satisfy the inquisitive mind so I will not elaborate here.

Gold Storage

Once the gold hoards were shipped west, America finally became embroiled in the war to help clean up the debris left over from the bankers gold theft.  This afforded the bankers another opportunity to earn great returns as they funded both sides of the war and literally made a killing.

But the Japanese did something unexpected.  They hid some of the gold in the tunnels and caves of the lands they conquered in Asia.  The bankers quickly caught on to this scam riding under their scam and became furious enough to drop two atomic bombs on Japan.  Fat Man and Little Boy aside, the bankers never got the gold and it was quietly moved into other locations.  Most likely it never stayed in one place for too long.

Not to be deterred, the bankers continued to build up their war machine into the American military industrial complex and set it loose upon Korea and eventually Vietnam in search of the Yamashita Gold.

There are many reasons why the bankers wanted this gold.  Traditionally gold moves towards regions that manufacture and the western world was modernizing with manufacturing as the driving force.  In order for manufacturing to continue increasing, it needed funding.  Funding came from the debt creation system that put money into circulation.  In order to print more debt, somebody needed to hold it.  The U.S. could not hold all the debt within the country because it would cause too much inflation.  As such, inflation needed to be exported to countries with markets which had been “engineered” specifically to import that inflation.  Obviously the people of these countries suffered the inflation through poor living standards and working conditions.

Note:  This is exactly what has been happening and will continue to happen in America as manufacturing has fled its shores too cheaper markets.  The gold soon followed and the living and working conditions have been getting poorer and poorer for the majority of average Americans.  This is the karma which is being exacted upon America for endless war and debauchery.


The history of our world and its wars is the history of the movement of gold.  From ancient Babylon to today, gold is the backbone of development and economic security.  Anything you hear different is simply propaganda spewing forth from the feces spigots of television sellouts who are milking an almost empty system before discarding the carcass upon the heap of history.

Gold is on the move once again.  In a big way.  Much of it going to the Chinese government and the People’s Bank of China.  Things have increased even more dramatically in the last few weeks as the Shanghai Gold Exchange has had 159 tons of gold withdrawn since January 1st. The JP Morgan gold vault has seen 44% of its inventories depleted just in the last 4 days.  Let’s not forget that the JP Morgan vault is now owned by China. Where is this gold going?

China has been setting up gold vaults throughout Asia. Vaults will not sit empty for long.

The new economic system being slowly implemented through the I.M.F. with the support of China is paying greater attention to the geographical locations of central bank gold vaults.  These locations will be in the ASEAN members as well as mainland China.  Some of the countries importing gold into central bank vaults are Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The gold which was stolen is being returned.  It took a world war to get the gold but there will be no war to get it back.  It’s already moving.  This deserves repeating, there will be no major war over this gold movement.

In the near future the Comox will no longer price gold as the Shanghai Gold Exchange will set the fixed rates along with the I.M.F. SDR framework agreements. Gold trade settlements will be structured in SDR’s but managed through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.  From there we drop another level to the RCEP, or Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, comprised of the ASEAN members as well as Japan (no war with China), South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

In a future essay I will be focusing on the re-emergence of Vietnam into the global economy.  But for now I’d like to bring notice to the fact that their economic growth is astounding with a middle class that is swelling and an economy that is attracting huge investment.  Vietnam has the lowest unemployment rate on the planet. Samsung is moving its factories into Vietnam.  Russia has signed an agreement with Vietnam to build a $28 Billion oil refinery, the second largest in all of Asia, with more to come.  Even Starbucks is getting into the Vietnam craze.

Hanoi vietnam city

The Vietnamese people hold 300 to 400 tonnes of personal gold.  That is equal to or greater than the gold holdings of Great Britain. The State Bank of Vietnam is planning on converting this gold into dong deposits with the intent of strengthening the currency.  Add this to the gold that will be imported into the vaults of the central bank through the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and you have the makings of a very strong regional power.  I would suspect that Vietnam will become a contributing member too the BRICS Development Bank and the SDR compositions for the region.

A long way Vietnam has come from the American military onslaught and attempted Yamashita gold theft.  It’s almost fitting that the small country and its people which were bombed and killed by the Federal Reserve military machine will now be the partial holder of the official gold that once sat within the hollowed walls of the now empty Fort Knox.

Could this be the ultimate triumph of Confucianism over Platonism? The shame of the Asian Confucian cultures once subjected to the western idealism of Plato. And now the guilt that the west must feel as the karma is balanced.

And now the Federal Reserve System is almost dead, as the Chinese pick at the bones of what was once their tormentor.  The new Federal Reserve will issue the U.S. foreign bonds in the form of SDR compositions.  These bonds will be for international use only.  The Trans Pacific Partnership will be the pipeline for these international SDR’s as they are spewed forth from the Federal Reserve.  The allocation will be structured around the SDR basket compositions as I’m detailing in “SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods”.

The internal U.S. dollar will be issued through the Treasury.  Guess who will purchase these bonds?  If you guessed your pension fund, then you’re on the right track.  The timing of the MyRA announcement was not coincidental.  Nothing is.  – JC

21 thoughts on “America’s Karma and World War Two Gold Theft”


  2. Armies only move for economics (economics being the extension of our survival instinct) and gold is at the apex of economics. Everything else, land, oil, human labor, are simply just the spoils of war. History makes a lot more sense when these fundamentals are understood.

    How do you know my theory is absolutely true?

  3. Totally luv this format. I enjoy your attention JC and your view on subjects. YES! Tell everyone to get physical Silver!
    You would enjoy..,search: “The Silver Stealers.” It graphs the 1900’s to date of all the schmucks that sought (haven’t won!) to lock up silver as a real money.
    Then don’t miss the fine work on boobtube titled: “What I have been afraid to blog about.” He spells out the black fed process.
    I follow every smart blog I can to mostly find a SOLUTION.
    The solution is Education of the folks that lack edication thanks to mainstream curriculum.
    You will find me at Silver Doctors posting as…”IdahoEagle999″

  4. You mention Chinese historical bonds at one point, how do the 1934 Federal Reserve Bonds, Treaty of Versailles boxes, such as the 134 B in bonds detained on the Italy/Switzerland border a few years ago play into this? Does this have anything to do with the flood of gold heading to China? Would China taking over the Fed be in lieu of payment perhaps? If China takes over the Fed, and all the underlying sovereign obligations, does that mean they get stuck with the 1875 Peru Commodities Contract 3392-181? Wouldnt acknowledgement of ANY historical bond obligations render ALL similar obligations as valid? I am fascinated, and quite a bit scared at all you are implying.

  5. Our reality is one huge psychological operation. Once TPTB have convinced us of how screwed we are the real screwing will begin.

  6. Somebody needs to get Karen Hudes to come clean and tell us who told her that my bank, Bank of Hawaii (I live on Kauai), has untold amounts of gold stashed here in the islands. She is holding out and using this ruse to give credibility to her story that she and her fellow whistleblowers will be instituting a new currency plan, and for us not to worry that America will go broke. Who’s buying her full story?

    1. Andrew my guess is that her story would have to have something to do with Marcos. It would stand to reason that he would have moved some to Hawaii at some point prior to being “encouraged” to retire there. If you are unfamiliar with my reference to Marcos and gold, a tremendous read is Dave Guyatt’s Secret Gold Treaty.

      1. I went into this site and did all they asked to be done to download the above mentioned ebook and got returned email, even tough I followed the instructions to a T.
        Did they change emails or something.

  7. She is not saying the actual gold is there in HI…only certificates for it as I understand her take. She seems a bit daffy to me, but I could be wrong.

  8. “This is the karma which is being exacted upon America for endless war and debauchery” JC

    Karma is a Universal Law that will be returned to those whom perpetrated the crimes. That being the 1%’ers not the average Joe. Joe is guilty of believing ridiculous lies and shedding his responsibility to self govern elected officials who do not up hold the laws. So this Karma is coming for the Elite and its coming now. This has been told thru students of the Ascended Masters. Karma is due to another Universal Law known as The Second Law of Thermodynamics. The more the Elite try to control the disorganized masses the more control they must apply exposing the lies and deceit of the entire system.

    Are most Americans aware of the truth about matters of world finance, wars, nutrition, disease? No certainly not. And as we see when lessons are not learned history repeats those lessons. I suspect America will travel the same path as Germany leading right up to the second world war. At some point we get to a crossroads and our fate will be determined. This time around we have this Karma returning is greater magnitude upon these dark souls and we have people that are of a higher conscious keeping a balance. Do they cancel out? I like to believe this time the good guy wins.

    1. Excellent information Matt, especially in the full document, which is 59 pages. I hadn’t read this particular paper, but it does contain some consistent information which I have also encountered. The aspect of the West funding the collapse of the Soviet Union is something I have trouble with though, as both ideologies were funded by the international bankers. It is my belief that the Soviet Union was slowly being scuttled away from the bankers and they had to implement a massive CSI to ensure that the country, its resources, and military hardware did not fall into oppositional control. The same subtle power that was attempting to transition the Soviet Union away from the bankers was the same target on 9/11, as they had also infiltrated western institutions. As such, 9/11 was another massive CSI to prevent the same group from leveraging the framework of the CSI used against them in 1991, in order to change the system from the inside out. It’s so convoluted and confusing that it takes patient steps and analysis to clear the mine field of misinformation. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a CSI operation for the purpose of retaining assets and resources. A recovery mission if you will. What was then is still in existence now.

    1. It was a reference to the $240 Billion that the article states was created in September of 1991. My reference was intended to be more geared towards the CSI collapse of the Soviet Union, it was just written incorrectly.

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