The Days of July – BRICS Still Seek SDR Solution

IMF Reforms and the 70th Anniversary of Bretton Woods

By JC Collins

UN Troops

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, otherwise known as the Bretton Woods Conference.  The conference ran from July 1st to July 22, 1944, and implemented such global institutions as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.  So it is very fitting that the BRICS institutions are now being mandated during the same dates 70 years later.

As detailed in the last post, BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements, the BRICS countries have established the New Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) to be centered around the United Nations for “systemic legitimacy”, the same as was facilitated in 1944.

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BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements

Convergence and the International Development System

By JC Collins


Let us finally put to the rest the conspiracy theory which stipulates that the BRICS countries are about to overthrow the international banking cabal or elite.  Whether intended or not, those promoting this scenario are propagating the usage of one of the weapons of the weak, namely gossip, utilized by the organized elite in the form of conspiracy theories.

As was covered in the post What Are Conspiracy Theories, the method by which the small organized elite attempt to modify the social and economic practices of the larger disorganized masses is by usurping one of the so-called weapons of the disorganized masses and turn it against them for full socioeconomic manipulation and conditioning.

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The Dongs Revaluation is Imminent

By JC Collins

Happy Vietnam

The currency of Vietnam is called the dong and has been pegged to the US dollar for a very long time.  The dong has been devalued consistently over the last 4 decades to facilitate the exportation of dollar inflation.  Within the country the dollar is predominately used and loans by local financial institutions are predominately denominated in dollars.  But all of this is about to change.

The Vietnam Business Forum has been working on methods of stabilizing the Vietnamese dong and its Macroeconomic Policy Working Group (MAG) has just released its recommendations and they are dramatic to say the least.

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The Next Eleven

By JC Collins


The expectations of the BRICS Development Bank being in direct competition with the World Bank is the largest argument made to support the case of the overthrow of the banking cabal and the implementation of a multipolar world leading to chaos and a huge surge in the price of gold and silver.

It has been my contention all along that the division between east and west has been illusionary and that all countries and financial institutions are reading from the same script as written by the Bank for International Settlements.

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The Emerging Multilateral

The Purpose of QE Was to Fund the New Financial System

SA New

We have reached an agreement that, in the current conditions of capital volatility, it is important for our countries to have this buffer a so-called “mini-IMF”- a financial organization which could quickly react to capital outflow, providing liquidity in hard currency, in particular in US dollars.

The above quote by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov is very telling of the structure of the emerging multilateral system.  The term “mini-IMF” was not used by accident.  It was intentionally stated in that manner to accurately reflect the micro role the BRICS Development Bank will take in the larger macro SDR supra-sovereign currency system which will be fully implemented by 2018.

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Mammon Money and Modernization

By JC Collins


Does modernization feed money printing or does money printing feed modernization?  Or do they both feed each other through an invisible process of mulching and chewing?

The modern method of money creation which is personified in our debt based system is little understood by the masses.  There are many reasons for this but  none more obvious than the fact that the disorganized masses are not educated about the esoteric nature of money and how the alchemical process of turning nothing into something is a secret formula hidden from all but a few.

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