Prompt & Serious Outlook for VND

By JC Collins

News coming out of Vietnam and China today defines the restoration of the relationship between both countries.  Terminology such as “promptly restore, stabilize, and develop” and instructions to “seriously implement the agreement” are very telling of the sense of urgency felt in Vietnam.

In the post “The Dong Revaluation is Imminent” we covered how the State Bank of Vietnam and Vietnamese government, through the MAG Working Group have advertised their intentions to remove the dong from its fixed exchange rate with the US dollar.

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News Feed Added to Site

I’ve added a News Feed tab to the top Menu bar.  The intent is to update with news stories which are in some way relevant to the discussions and essay topics which we cover.  I’ll do my best to update hourly and daily but there will be gaps at times where my work takes precedence.   – JC



The Fall of Man’s Logic

And Why There Will Be No Hyper-Inflation in America

By JC Collins

In Northern Alberta the leaves are already beginning to turn yellow as they begin their cyclical pattern of death and rebirth. The morning air is becoming cooler and the smells of autumn wrap themselves around me as I rise each morning for the hour long drive into the mines of Canada’s oil sands.  Images of the long cold winter ahead creep into my mind with a sense of foreboding.

Leonardo Dicaprio was here last week doing research on what is most likely a work of protest against the oil sands.  Mr. Dicaprio refers to it as the “tar sands”, the derogatory and politically incorrect name which is shunned by the industry and the region.  Words are important in that they convey pre-loaded messages which are intended to extract a specific and desired response from the listener or observer.  In this sense the word “tar” is dirty but the word “oil” is necessary.

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Love Is The Answer

This human being is called Matthew Silver but is also known as The Love Man.  He spreads his message at Union Station in New York City.  What at first appears to be silliness becomes, upon deeper reflection, profound messages of what we have forgotten in the world of the physical, namely the simplicity of living life and recognizing that love is an energy. You can’t help but smile when you watch him.  – JC


Koch Bros. vs the BIS

“The balance of power has been changing. There are confrontations, economic powers emerging and consolidating and cooperating … The world is becoming both global and interdependent and needs probably different layers in that safety net.”  – Christine Lagarde

With so much happening over the summer on the geopolitical front, including increasing social unrest around the world, it’s important to look in again on the International Monetary Fund’s 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.  Obviously the United States is still delaying the required congressional approval to enact the legislation in support of the reforms. 

The G20 countries have collectively given the American congress until the end of this year to pass the legislation, which is supported by the countries listed below as well as the American Executive Branch and the Treasury.  Earlier this year the reforms were attached to the aid package for Ukraine.  The IMF reforms and IRS proposed rule change were packaged together and became part of the aid bill, only to be dropped later so the aid bill for Ukraine could be passed. 

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