SDR Gold Standard

The Coming SDR Gold Standard

How Gold Will Be Added to the SDR Basket Valuation

By JC Collins

Sometimes what at first appears to be conflicting information is anything but, and what was originally considered to be opposing forces or ideals can quickly become unified for the greater good.

There has been much discussion and division over whether the world was moving towards a multilateral super-sovereign reserve currency by way of the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund or towards a new gold standard by which all currencies would be valued once again on gold.

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The Ancient Mystery Plays of Today

By JC Collins

Man learns through a process of pattern recognition which is determined by both linear and non-linear aspects of reality.  Reality in and of itself is largely determined by what patterns we choose to observe and keep on file.  This conundrum is not as complex as it would first appear.  And complexity as a definition is not categorically found to be either positive or negative.

The first step in understanding the complexity of reality and its patterns is to accept that matter is a product of consciousness as opposed to consciousness being a product of matter.  What this means is that mind, being consciousness, is not created by the physical organ called the brain, but the brain is manifested by the mind consciousness which exists outside of the controls and restraints of the physical world.

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The Business Deal of the World

Was Europe Traded for the Middle East?

By JC Collins

The geopolitical strategy at play in the proxy resource wars between the east and west has shifted once again with the US strikes on Syria.  The response by Russia and China over this unilateral move by America will likely be very telling of the larger strategy at play here.

So far the response has been muted with only statements of slight disgruntlement, such as Russia stating that the US strikes violate Syria’s sovereignty.

The arrival of the Chinese naval ship into an Iranian port a few days ago very well could have been pre-positioning in preparation of the US strikes.  This would mean the China knew the strikes were going to happen which in turn means a geopolitical business deal was arranged between them and America.

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Reflections of Perceptions

By JC Collins

In the year 1981 at the age of seven I sat next to the record player listening to Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton while reading Three Billy Goats Gruff.  It was my favorite story as a child and in later years I would come to recognize the attempts of the three goats to cross the bridge in order to reach the greener and richer hills on the other side as a symbolic tale of masonic initiation.

The lush fields on the other side of the bridge of course represent man’s attempts at completing a journey to obtain everlasting life inside the physical immortal body.  The troll represents man’s carnal and beastly nature which must be overcome in order for the journey to be completed.

Little did I know then that the story had planted a seed in my mind in reference to three’s which would later blossom into wonderful stems of esoteric knowledge woven into perennial patterns.

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World Empire

The Rise of the World Empire

By JC Collins

Gold can account for value deficiencies in fiat currency and make adjustments for inflation on a larger macro scale when there are no other alternatives, and only to the extent which real value and purchasing power is maintained.

In historical times when the wealth of the world moved into gold because currency debasement led to the collapse of the sole regional empire, the masses were left with no viable alternative.

Historical examples from antiquity are of financial systems which started as gold coinage and were later debased with copper and other metals. When these systems ultimately and inevitably failed, the people economically migrated to the things which they knew, such as gold coinage and production.

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Separation of US Treasury and Federal Reserve Begins

H.R. 24 ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Passes in House

By JC Collins

With all of the other economic and geopolitical events which are taking place this week we can now add the passage of the Audit the Fed bill in Congress.  The bill was overwhelmingly passed with a margin of 333 to 92.

Congressman Ron Broun issued the following statement:

“Today’s passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer towards bringing much-needed transparency to our nation’s monetary policy. For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy – controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy. While in recent years, the Fed has been granted a greater role in overseeing the regulation of our financial system, current law specifically prohibits audits of the Federal Reserve’s deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy. This lack of accountability and transparency has led to grievous consequences – and it must end.

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China Gold Exchange Launches Tomorrow

By JC Collins

This site has attracted some of the most intelligent readers on the internet.  Most of them relentlessly search for updated information and confirmation of the probabilities which we discuss here.  When stories break I’m usually provided a link well before I find it myself or other blogs pick up the story and run with it.

One reader who has been with me from the beginning, deejj87, sent me a link last night from Reuters stating that China has advanced the launch of the renminbi denominated Gold Exchange by 11 days.

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